How Below Deck's Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After Hooking Up With Bosun Ross McHarg And Katie

How Below Deck's Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After Hooking Up With Bosun Ross McHarg And Katie


How Below Deck s Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After

How Below Deck's Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After Hooking Up With Bosun Ross McHarg And Katie 

Alissa Humber of Below Deck often feels like Sandy Yawn will never listen to her when they have disagreements. That is why Alissa took such offense at an argument between the chief stew and herself on their last episode.

Alissa shares an exclusive Below Deck sneak peek in which she calls out Sandy for being delusional and discusses her addiction issues and arrests.

Stew Hayley De Sola Pinto

This season has seen its fair share of drama, from Captain Lee Rosbach's abrupt departure to Stews Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb's famous feud to the arrival of Captain Sandy Yawn. But one person on board has managed to keep things in perspective--Stew Hayley De Sola Pinto.

The reality TV star hails from Cornwall, England and has been on the show since before May 2020. She's been dating her boyfriend for two years, and they often travel together.

She has a deep-seated passion for travel and adventure, having explored many countries worldwide. Additionally, her love of animals has seen her help many dogs find their forever homes.

Her social media pages are filled with pictures of her traveling and spending time with family. As an auntie to little Harlow Laine, she frequently showcases pictures of her on Instagram.

Hayley loves to travel and explore, but her true passion lies in food and culture. On Instagram, she loves sharing her favorite recipes and experiences with her followers.

She currently resides in Helston, Cornwall with her boyfriend after dating for over two years. As a committed couple, they enjoy traveling whenever possible.

She makes an excellent host and boasts a big personality. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the yachting industry. Most importantly, she's friendly and loves to socialize.

Bosun Ross McHarg

Alissa Humber Expresses Her Real Thoughts About Captain Sandy Yawn After Dating Bosun Ross McHarg

Alissa Humber, second stew on Below Deck, has been at the center of some intense drama this season. After having an illicit encounter with Bosun Ross McHarg during a crew night out, she has caused major friction with other members of the boat.

The bosun, who is new to Bravo series, is known for his flirty behavior and has already caused much controversy this season. Additionally, he enjoys drinking heavily and has been known to party hard.

On the show, Ross displays a strong connection with Katie Glaser; however, it seems like Ross struggles with commitment. On Below Deck season 10 in a sneak peek clip, Ross confides in his bunkmate Fraser Olender about why it's so difficult for him to resist hooking up with women.

He acknowledges his romantic difficulties are related to a past relationship with Elizabeth Frankini, another Below Deck Season 8 alumni.

Ross McHarg is a British-born Bosun who has been employed in the yachting industry for over 15 years. As an accomplished and knowledgeable yachtie, his passion for sailing and travel has never wavered.

Before entering the yachting business, Ross had been a ski instructor in Europe. But after years of skiing on snow, he developed an affinity for sailing.

His passion for sailing led him to become a bosun, and it's his expertise that he brings to Below Deck. With 12 years of experience under his belt working on boats and leading a team, he knows exactly what the job requires.

He loves to travel and meet new people, believing that being on the move helps him develop as a person and discover his true interests.

He is passionate about yachting and loves meeting new people. Additionally, he's an accomplished swimmer who takes pleasure in water sports. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor's degree in marine science.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender

If you've been following Below Deck Season 10, then you know the crew has experienced plenty of tension throughout this charter. Chief stew Fraser Olender has had to assume an array of responsibilities this season, resolving conflicts between Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber while managing two new additions to the boat - chef Rachel Hargrove and second stew Tyler Walker. He must also manage these individuals effectively.

Despite all these difficulties, Chief Stew Olender appears to have picked up some tips about managing a crew from Captain Sandy Yawn. A recently released midseason trailer suggests they'll be having an intimate talk about how he can enhance his management style.

We know the drama between Captain Sandy and Chief Stew Olender won't let up, so we expect them to keep getting into it. In a sneak peek for Below Deck Season 10 Episode 12, Captain Sandy confronts Chief Stew Olender publicly, ordering him off the boat with orders not to speak.

According to Us Weekly, the England native had difficulty connecting with Captain Lee Rosbach's replacement; however, she also managed to teach him some valuable lessons about himself. Specifically, she sat him down to help him prioritize his tasks and emphasize just how much work still remained ahead.

He's still learning, but he's making progress. As the first male Chief Stew in Below Deck history, he wants to take his role seriously.

Recently, Fraser spoke candidly about his role as Chief Stew and its responsibilities. He acknowledged being nervous about taking on such a demanding position, yet felt honored to have been given this chance.

He expressed gratitude to his boss for helping him recognize both his strengths and weaknesses in the role, which enabled him to better lead the interior team. Furthermore, he noted that he's learned how to be patient with and listen to those on board. Moreover, he expressed enthusiasm about welcoming in new members to their team, hoping they'll work well together.

Captain Sandy Yawn

Alissa Humber of Below Deck is not a fan of the show's captain, Sandy Yawn. She doesn't appreciate how she has treated her crew and her own feelings towards her aren't good.

Yawn's fans on Below Deck believe she lacks respect for her crew members or their work ethic, plus she doesn't like how she treats their families and finds it difficult to communicate with them.

On Below Deck's 10th season, captain Lee Rosbach has been injured and replaced by Sandy Yawn. As the season has progressed, however, their relationship has taken an unexpected turn as they've often clashed throughout.

On one episode of Below Deck, viewers witnessed Sandy getting into an argument with chief stew Fraser Olender over something he said. She became enraged when he advised charter guests to pack their bags before breakfast so they could make the most of their time on board before departing.

Sandy thought he was hurrying them off the boat without taking responsibility for what he had done. He explained his reasoning, but Sandy told him to stop talking and go to his office.

After the fight, Alissa Humber of Below Deck had some unkind words for Sandy and regrets them. Later that day on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she revealed that if given the chance she would take back those remarks.

Alissa says her behavior was regrettable, and she has since changed her opinion regarding the Below Deck boss. Furthermore, she pledged to work harder to retain the support of her crew members.

Rachel Hargrove and Sandy, the other crew members on Below Deck, seem to have a mutual understanding. Rachel knows how to get food out for guests on time and she gets along well with everyone else on board.

Fraser Olender of Below Deck has some issues with Yawn. He believes she is not as 'frazzled' as she claims and also has some issues with her over service.

On the latest episode of Below Deck, Olender and Yawn have a disagreement regarding their interior team. It appears that Olender is having difficulty leading his group due to personal issues he is struggling with; however, he denies this is the case.

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