Himawari Uzumaki:

Himawari Uzumaki:

Himawari Uzumak

It takes place when Himawari turned 12 years old, while Boruto 14 years old. Naruto is the seventh hokage and Hinata is his wife. Such a beautiful family, but of course not everything goes according to plan, right? When finally the world is in peace, one man can really destroy it. So, what do you think when the Akatsu...

Boruto Reveals How Similar Naruto and Himawari Are

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime wasn't focused on either Boruto or Naruto - instead, Himawari Uzumaki got to take center stage. The episode, "Himawari's Ninja Trial Session", sees Naruto's daughter take part in a trail session for her possible studies at the Ninja Academy. In the new era of peace, Himawari's path doesn't necessarily require her to pick up a sword and shuriken, so even though people expect Naruto's daughter to become a shinobi, Himawari decides to test that destiny out for herself. In the process, we come to learn that Naruto's daughter may be more like him than his son is! )How to Draw Himawari Himawari (kanji:向日葵, hiragana:ひまわり, katakana:ヒマワリ) is the Japanese word for sunflower. (Source:Uzumaki From Narut

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