Harry Styles Quotes

Harry Styles Quotes

Harry Styles Quotes

Harry Styles

I can see how you could get dragged into the bad stuff, but I've got good friends around me, good family. I think I've got my head screwed on.

Harry Styles Quotes (13 Quotes)

Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to stardom as a member of the boy band One Direction. Styles grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, where he was the lead singer in a band. In 2010, Styles auditioned as a solo contestant for the British music competition series The X Factor, where he and four other contestants were placed in a group to form One Direction. They have since released five studio albums, embarked on four world tours, and won several awards. The group went on indefinite hiatus in January 2016. (Source: quotepark.com)

Awesome Harry Styles Quotes [80+] That Encourages to Share

wpbsuggest.com)Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter and actor. Harry grew up in the Holmes Chapel in Cheshire and is the lead singer of the group. In 2010, Harry participated in the audition selection for the UK’s “X-Factor” music competition series, where he and four other nominees set their direction as One Direction. (Source:

22 of Harry Styles' Best Quote

If you didn’t know already, Harry Styles’ birthday is coming up on February 1st, where he is turning 22! Harry is known for saying some of the strangest things sometimes, but he is also known for saying some amazing things as well. If you’re in the One Direction fandom or if you’re just a fan of Harry, then you would know that he has some of the best quotes ever. This week we are celebrating his birthday, so what’s a better way than celebrating his words too? Here are 22 of Harry’s best quotes! (Source: celebmix.com)

On Fans Being so Powerful.

“I think it’s quite amazing to see. There are a lot of people, everyone knows that they’re very dedicated on social media and go to shows and stuff like that. But it’s cool to see when you bring up really important issues, to see how people react to them and they come in and show how much they care and show how much they want to make a difference and change things. It’s cool to see the fans be so powerful in a different way. Not just voting for things or tweeting about things, it’s amazing to see them be passionate about things that are obviously really important.” (Source: celebmix.com)



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