Google Map Trends: Local sales network

Google Map Trends: Local sales network

Google Map Trends: Local sales network of Coronavirus updates

Learn about how Google Map Trends will be updating coronavirus updates on Google News platform.  Also, Google Map Trends will offer Color-coding features and how it works to help get a local sales network. When you are out and about, Google's local sales network has evolved with new coronavirus updates. While individuals try to protect themselves from the coronavirus, it has become easier now for the public. With the new Google Map Trends, you will be able to quickly determine the hot zones of the coronavirus in your area. To clarify, Google has announced on September 23rd that with the new Google Map Trends update, people will soon understand the number of cases in any location. An update for Google Map Trends has been announced.

Google Update:

Google is finalizing a new way for its users to bring the local news about the COVID-19 pandemic to its Google news application. The new Google News app will offer you the latest coronavirus update. There will be a dedicated coronavirus update section that will show you the reopening of business, schools and community centers, public transport, and ways to help the needy families near you. 

As a result, more than one million people turn to Google Map Trends for essential and authentic news about the coronavirus update.

The product manager of Google Map Trends stated that the user would access the data layer with the new top right-hand corner tab Called COVID-19 info.

This feature will enable Google Map Trends users to easily see the colored-coded map based on the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people. Along with this, Google Map Trends users will see whether the numbers are increasing or decreasing. however, internet marketplace platforms like Allconnect connects you and millions of other people to the best deals on the internetTVhome securityelectricity, and more.

“Allconnect helps you shop for your home services easily and which is why Allconnect does their best to fulfill your home service shopping needs, give your local sales network and you access to learn more about these services. Since the spread of COVID-19, people have been eager to understand what's taking place during the pandemic. It might even surprise you to find that twice as many Americans are getting their news from social media than ever before." (Gadsden, 2020) Read more about Allconnect here.

Same as Allconnect, Google connects you to the best of its services to serve you with the best. Google takes good care of you. With the new Google update, Google News gives your local sales network to explore more about coronavirus update and the people affected by Covid-19 near you. Here's how the Google Map Trends Coronavirus update will work for you.

How the Google Map Trends update Show the Coronavirus update on the app:

Here’s how Google Map Trends will be updating Coronovirus update on Google News platform and how the Color-coding helps you distinguish the density of new cases in an area:

- Grey: Less than 1 case

- Yellow: 1 - 10 cases

- Orange: 10 - 20 cases

- Dark orange: 20 - 30 cases

- Red: 30 - 40 cases

- Dark red: 40+ cases

Stated by American online publisher Sarah Perez at techcrunch.com, the coronavirus data will be accessible in all 220 countries and territories that Google Map Trends currently supports. The data will be available at the city level; however, it depends on the number and data which is currently available in a particular country according to the reports.  

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Google Map trends

How will Google News use the Coronavirus update data?

Google news will be conducting data from several sources, including Johns Hopkins, The New York Times, and Wikipedia. These websites get the latest information from local and intergovernmental organizations. Subsequently, the Google search web search engines list the relevant sources when any user is searching for any coronavirus query. 

Update: The new Google Map Trends feature is set to make its entry on Android and iOS phones in the coming week.

How Google Map Trends works to show the Coronavirus update on the app:

  • After the update, open Google Map Trends.
  • Tap on the layers button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Now click on “Covid-19 info”.
  • Here you will see a seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people in your area.
  • A label will represent whether the number of coronaviruses is trending up or down in your area.

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Coronavirus update on the app

Myths about Coronavirus:

  • We should be aware of the coronavirus. Many people have this myth in their mind that the cold weather and snow will kill the virus. There is no reason to believe that the cold weather or snow will kill the coronavirus.
  • As antibiotics do not work against viruses, only bacteria. Antibiotics should not be used to treat this virus. However, you might receive antibiotics in the hospital because bacterial co-infection is possible in many cases. 
  • The coronavirus cannot be transmitted through goods manufacturers in China or any other country. 
  • Eating garlic to save yourself from coronavirus is a myth. However, eating garlic is healthy for you, as it contains some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence that garlic saved someone from the coronavirus.


Have you updated your Google Map Trends app yet? If not, then update the app and get a local sales network about coronavirus update in your area. Save yourself and others from COVID-19. To sum up, keep following the social distancing rules whichever place you visit. Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. However, many people have this mindset that the coronavirus has vanished away, but it's not in reality. Wear a mask when you are out and about. If you know someone who is affected by the virus, keep the distance from him/her. If you like this article, feel free to share with whomever you care about. Keep your friends and family safe from this deadly virus.



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