Goofy is a cow

Goofy is a cow

Goofy is a cow

Do you know how to tell cows apart from horses? You might end up making a funny mistake if you're not extra careful.

Although this dog vs. cow debate wasn’t entirely new in 2019, that time around it was supposedly supported by an “investigative article” published in 2012 by the website Reel Rundown. While that article did contain some factual information regarding the history of the Goofy character, which is likely the reason why some people have accepted it as a truthful account of Goofy’s supposed sordid past, it is peppered with exaggerations, speculation, outright fabrications, and was clearly written with humorous intentions.


Reel Rundown presented their argument as if they were uncovering a vast Disney conspiracy theory aimed at covering up Goofy’s unsavory bovine heritage. In the introductory section, entitled “Goofy Is Not a Dog — The Cover Up,” the author argued that Goofy was actually a foreign-born cow and that Disney was forced to conceal this fact due to the political climate in the 1930s.Goofy has always been thought of as a “dog with human features” according to Disney’s Mouselinks.

However what the Disney establishment isn’t telling you is the goofy is really a cow. To be specific an Aberdeen-Angus Cattle. A fact that Disney would love to cover-up considering that Goofy’s national origin is anything but American. In 1939 with American nationalism at an historic high, Goofy’s true heritage could have created a huge scandal for Disney. A Scandal that would have finished Goofies [sic] career just as it was starting to take-off.” (Source: www.snopes.com)


Goofy’s love interest in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse is Clarabelle the Cow. The on-screen chemistry is obvious. Disney often couples characters with the opposite sex of the same species. Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisey [sic] both follow this pattern. So why would the writers at Disney have Goofy and Clarabelle coupled up?While it’s true that Goofy and Clarabelle Cow were once an item, this is not proof that they were the same species of animal.

Clarabelle was the sometimes girlfriend of Horace Horsecollar, who was a horse and not a cow, and the Disney universe includes multiple examples of inter-species couples: Ben Ali Gator, for instance, woos Hyacinth Hippo in Fantasia; Jessica Rabbit (a cartoon human) has a rabbit husband in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have an ongoing (if one-sided) relationship in the Muppet canon.Outside the Disney universe, Bimbo, a cartoon dog, was the occasional love interest of Betty Boop (a human female), and of course, Tillie Tiger once planted a kiss on Elmer Elephant: (Source: www.snopes.com)



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