Ginny and georgia marcus

Ginny and georgia marcus

Ginny and georgia marcus

A lot of children's books, movies and games take place in the woods, but Ginny and Georgia Marcus wasn't a book, a movie or a game. In the fall of 2014, they decided to make a children's book, but the momentum took off and their creativity continued to evolve into a myriad of other content.


Ellen ends up having a meltdown outside of her house after catching Marcus smoking weed in public. Later that night, Ginny happens to notice Marcus across the road, sneaking out of his room and she’s instantly interested. After a class, Marcus introduces himself to Ginny. He tells her that her mother asked for weed off him. Maxine tells Marcus to leave her new friend alone and then reveals he is her twin brother.

At the house, and while Maxine leaves the room momentarily, Marcus asks Ginny if she’s stalking him and he walks up to her. She’s extremely nervous being close to him, but he was grabbing some weed that was stashed in her sister’s room. When Ginny leaves Maxine’s house, she cheekily gets on Marcus’s motorbike and rides it around the block. Marcus gets angry over this, but Ginny kisses him to calm him down. After the kiss, another girl arrives to pick Marcus up.(Source:innyandgeorgia.fandom.com)


Marcus and Padma talk,which eventually leads to the two officially breaking things off. Later, when Zion arrives with Ginny, Marcus introduces himself to Ginny’s dad. Georgia ends up catching Marcus sneaking into Ginny’s window and confronts her daughter about when she returns home with Zion. Ginny is in shock and states that they are just friends, but Georgia doesn’t buy it. Ginny stays up late into the night continuously texting Marcus trying to apologize, who never replies. The next morning, Georgia tells Ginny that Marcus is having a CAT scan but will be okay. Eventually Marcus does come back to his home, and Ginny watches him with despair from her own bedroom window. Ginny visits Marcus’s room and tries speaking to him, but then Padma enters. She asks Ginny if she likes him and then tells her that he’s selfish and will hurt her. As Padma leaves, Ginny tells her not to tell anyone about her and Marcus.

Marcus isn't that close with his mum. Ellen, other than Ginny, is the only person who shows concerns about Marcus however unlike Ginny doesn't express it to him directly but to her friend Georgia Miller. She is always upset about Marcus' habit of smoking weed however she herself, hypocritically, smokes it after confiscating it from him.Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 68% based on 31 critic reviews, with an average rating of 6.2/10. The website's critics consensus reads, "If Ginny & Georgia can't quite pull off its tonally ambitious first season, it's at least entertaining to watch it try." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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