Georgia Mountain Coaster OR

Georgia Mountain Coaster OR

Georgia Mountain Coaster


Smith Mountain Lake nestles against the Appalachian Mountains, and when the backdrop for an acquaintance's family outing needs a setting, a boat ride is what you offer. With it's hundred-foot cliffs and a hundred-foot drop, the ride itself can be fairly thrilling. Whatever the history of the lake, the ride's attraction is sufficient to draw crowds every summer weekend.


The Georgia Mountain Coaster is built on part of the mountain on the southwest side of town. After loading a sled, the sled moves slowly up to the top of the mountain and then begins its curving, circling, downhill ride. The screams and shouts of the riders come down echo along the mountain. Interestingly, if a sled on the track is moving more slowly than others, the sleds behind it are held up until the slower sled gets down. It’s planned that way so every rider has the ability to go as slow or as fast as desired without taking the fun away from another.

Built in 2019, Helen’s 1-mile steel rail system offers year-round fun. Designed by Wiegand Sports, the Georgia Mountain Coaster is meant to mimic a ride-along Gelmerbahn, Switzerland’s unique Alpine Rollercoaster. Sights include Helen’s hillside, the lush Chattahoochee National Forest, and any wildlife brave enough to show face near the soaring coaster. (Source: northgeorgialiving.com)


Have you ever been to Georgia Mountain Coaster before? Share with us your experience in the comments section. Or if you’re looking for more information about this alpine coaster, including current hours of operation, click here to access the website or Facebook Page. om Alpine roller coasters are different than the roller coasters found in theme parks in the U.S. Each sled runs individually and can take up to two people. While the sleds can run a maximum of 27 miles per hour, each comes with a handbrake that the rider can control. (Source:nowhabersham.com))


The Georgia Mountain Coaster is located on the hill at 8409 South Main Street in Helen. Park in the free gravel parking lot or take a quick walk up from the stairs on Main Street (across from Paul’s on the River)! peak season) and has lights along the track for exciting weekend night-time rides. Prepare for a slow climb up the hillside, followed by quick descent down towards Helen’s S Main Street. YouTuber joeboy68 shared this cool video of the wooded ride through the trees (note how it speeds up considerably in the last half of the track!): (Source:gamountainsguide.com))



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