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Smurfs start their lives as blueberries, right before Gargamel pulls them out and changes them into blueberries again. This is the same way almost all Smurfs start their lives. There is only one odd Smurf that is blue and white and doesn’t have a speck of black in him or her.

Director Raja Gosnell is currently shooting Sony Pictures’ The Smurfs in New York City and Hank Azaria was spotted today in character as Gargamel. You can check out the photos below! (Source: www.comingsoon.net)



An anthropomorphised character from the Smurfs comic book series created by Pierre Culliford, J. L. Corto, and Romano Scarpaci. He is known for his habit of consuming anything he can catch either to eat or to turn into gold dust or have his own way by creating machines to steal Smurfs.

Oh no! Clumsy Smurf has been captured and is locked up in Gargamel's lair from Mega Bloks! Help rescue him from Gargamel's evil plot with the other Smurfs. Recreate Smurf adventures with the villain of the iconic series, Gargamel, and his cat Azrael. Capture the Smurfs and then get them out of trouble, or have your Smurfs foil Gargamel's evil plans! Gargamel performs alchemy and brews potions i... (Source: www.megabrands.com)



Gargamel is a fictional character created by Peyo. He is the villain in the Smurfs comic book and animated television series.

Freudian Slip: Gargamel accidentally refers to Papa Smurf as "Papa Diamonds", trying to hide what he is really after. (Source: tvtropes.org)

Papa Smurf


The Smurfs are a series of comic strip and animated cartoons created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo and published in a magazine named "Spirou" in 1959. The comic follows the lives of Smurfs and their cat, Puchy. The Smurfs live in a village called Smurf village founded by Papa Smurf. The Smurfs are small and white creatures who, despite their size, are very skilled in different professions.

Four Smurftastic stories all featuring the arch-enemy of the Smurfs, Gargamel! In 'The Smurfnapper,' which is also the first appearance of Gargamel, a Smurf is kidnapped by the evil wizard, who wants to use him as an ingredient in a potion. It's up to Papa Smurf and the rest of the smurfs to break into his lab and save their friend without ending up as a treat for Gargamel's cat Azrael. Also featuring 'The Smurf Not Like the Others' and 'The Smurfs and the Little Ghost.' (Source: www.comixology.com)




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