Gabriela Below Decks Sailing Yacht

Gabriela Below Decks Sailing Yacht


Gabriela below decks sailing yacht is a beautiful boat that can take you on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean. But the story of the boat is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a lot of challenges, some miscommunications and a whole lot of passion.

Relationship with Wes O'Dell

During Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, Gabriela Barragan butted heads with fellow crew member Ashley Marti. She also revealed that she had been dating Below Deck alum Wes O'Dell for months. Afterwards, she left the show without saying goodbye.

Now, Wes and Gabriela are still going strong and have not yet revealed whether or not they're married. But their budding romance seems to be getting more serious. And now, the two have even shared an exclusive photo with Monster & Critics.

While Bravo may not be airing any more episodes of Below Deck, the two stars are still going strong. Wes and Gabriela have both been vocal about their love for each other, and they seem to have a strong relationship.

Both have their own Instagrams, and while Gabriela has kept her relationship out of the limelight, Wes has posted stories on his social media pages about their relationship. He even hinted that he had a crush on Jessica Albert, who appeared on Below Deck Season 9.

The first time Gabriela and Wes met, they worked together on a sailboat in the Bahamas. After the two became friends, they started dating. According to Gabriela, they met when she was a student at the University of North Texas.

Since then, they have dated for a few months and continue to go strong. They have both made it clear that they are sweethearts, and they're looking to make their relationship last.

Apparently, they've been making it work for several reasons. The main reason is that they've gotten to know each other and appreciate each other's career. For one, Wes has been supportive of Gabriela's career. Likewise, she's noticed that he's very patient and willing to help her out when she needs it.

In addition, Gabriela and Wes have shared an interesting gift that has helped to solidify their relationship. It's a bracelet with a horseshoe attached to it. Basically, a horseshoe is a symbol for openness.

Even though Below Deck has not aired any new episodes for several months, the couple's relationship appears to be growing. However, it's unclear if they're pursuing a romantic relationship, or simply focusing on building their careers.

Miscommunication with chef Marcos Spaziani

During the third season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Gabriela Barragan had a major conflict with chef Marcos Spaziani. In the end, Gabriela resigned her position as second stew. She had trouble dealing with the stress of the job. It caused her to snap at her crewmates. This resulted in some of the crew members getting into a heated argument with her.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Bravo in the US. The show follows a crew of yachting staff as they go on charters. Some cast members are involved in romances.

As the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season progressed, Gabriela began to doubt her role as the second stew. After a misunderstanding with Chef Marcos Spaziani, Gabriela decided to focus on her mental health.

Gabriela was the second stew on Parsifal III. However, she and Ashley never communicated, which led to some mistakes. They also didn't work well together. One of the reasons for this was the stress of working on the boat.

Eventually, Gabriela's negative feelings toward Ashley started to affect her performance. During a charter, the team felt that they weren't ready for guests. She made a number of mistakes that resulted in her lash out at other crewmembers.

While filming the season, Marcos Spaziani had a head injury. He lost a piece of scalp, as well as a chunk of hair. When the doctor examined his head, he cleared him of serious injuries. Fortunately, no stitches were needed.

After a week off, Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned to screens in February. The show's third season is scheduled to air on Monday nights at 8pm ET/PT. Fans have been enjoying a more mellow season, with a less dramatic cast. Previously, the show had two castmates walking the plank.

Despite the drama, Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are excited for the new season. Fans are especially happy to see the lighter cast. The show returns on Monday at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo. There will be a reunion special in the future.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs every Monday at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo in the US. It is also available on Hayu in the UK.

Feelings of isolation from her co-workers

The best way to test this is to get out there and do it yourself. Whether you are on the hook for a hefty premium or just trying to keep the cat away, there is no reason to turn a blind eye to the perks of being a sea captain. You can even make it your own with a bit of ingenuity and a little legwork. The best part is, you probably won't even know you're doing it! This may be the only time in a while where you're actually afloat. In fact, you're likely to spend most of your time tucked away in your cabin.

Luckily, you can make the trip of a lifetime a pleasant one. As long as you have a healthy dose of swagger and a bit of finesse, there's no reason why you can't succeed. Not to mention, you might just get to see your kids more often. So, make a date and go have a whale of a time! Afterward, be sure to treat yourself to the sexiest meal of your life!

Passion for diversity in the yachting industry

Creating diversity in the yachting industry is a passion project for She of the Sea founder Jenny Matthews. Since its inception six months ago, She of the Sea has become a global platform promoting diversity in yachting. With more than 40 companies signing its pledge to make yachting a more diverse business, the initiative has become more than just an informative online space.

In the superyacht industry, diversity and inclusion initiatives are essential to foster a culture of communication and creativity. These strategies can increase employee engagement and the wider talent pool, and can also improve social cohesion.

While the industry is a traditionally male-dominated one, there are more women making an impact. Some of these include Allison Dawson, a Human Resource Management graduate from Indiana University. She has a background in a variety of different events. A passion for diversity and service has led her to dedicate her career to the yachting industry.

Allison's commitment to diversity is also evident in her role as Chief Officer of a yacht, ensuring guests have a memorable experience. She has combined her intimate knowledge of the yachting world with an expert understanding of the sustainability landscape.

There are many ways to encourage diversity and inclusion in the yachting industry. The key is to establish clear boundaries and practices. This will ensure that employees feel valued and welcome. As a leader, you can also use long-term commitments to help change the culture of your organization.

One way to start is to look at the current issues in the industry. For example, a survey by Facebook found that 59 percent of consumers would be more likely to purchase from a brand that stands for diversity in their ads. Similarly, 71 percent expect that brands will promote diversity in their online advertising.

In addition to establishing diversity goals, organizations can work towards fostering a more inclusive workplace culture by training team members in a number of areas. Luxury Learning, for instance, offers dynamic workshops and one-on-one help.

Another example is adaptive sailing programs. These programmes are designed to create more inclusive environments for people who may be disabled.

Daisy Below Deck - A Look at the Ups and Downs of a Sailing Yacht


If you are looking for a story that will get your feet wet and give you a taste of what it is like to cruise in a sailing yacht, Daisy Below Deck is the perfect place to start. This new series is set to debut on ABC on October 29th, and will focus on the adventures of a group of friends, including the Chief Stewardess, Ashley Marti, and her husband Gary King.

Ashley Marti

If you've ever watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Bravo, you've probably heard about Ashley Marti. The deckhand and stewardess made a name for herself throughout season three. She has a lot of fans, and it seems she might have some staying power. However, the former Below Deck sailing yacht captain says she won't be returning to the franchise.

Ashley Marti started off her yachting career on the east coast of the United States. After a couple of years, she decided to move to South Florida and pursue a more rewarding career. She worked for major organizations, including FOX Sports, Abercrombie & Fitch, and San Diego Seals. In addition to working in the yachting industry, she has also visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

As the season progressed, Ashley Marti began to chase after First Mate Gary King. This caused some tension on the yacht. One night, the pair were caught drinking together. They ended up sharing a steamy kiss in the hot tub.

Eventually, the two argued. Marti accused her co-star of not doing her job properly. This was a controversial move, and many fans thought it was a sexual assault. Although Marti had no proof, she got the blame.

Several crew members complained about her absence. Marcos Spaziani was the only crew member to defend her. He said it was because she was too busy to attend the reunion. Andy Cohen didn't take kindly to her absence.

Despite her absence, Marti did leave a lasting impression. Her promotion to the third stew in Below Deck Sailing Yacht's season 3 was a big deal, but not for the reason that fans believed.

Chief stewardess

Daisy Kelliher is the chief stewardess of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. She is an Irish-American with a net worth of between $1 Million and $5 Million. Her grandfather was an Olympic sailor in the 1960s. And her mother is from Valentia Island.

In season 2, Daisy and Gary had a contentious relationship. However, they reunited for a hot tub makeout session. That, along with a tense tip meeting, put everyone on the defensive.

Before joining Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher worked on sailing yachts for nine years. Her family was also involved in the Dun Laoghaire Yacht Club. They were inspired to pursue a career in marine by their parents.

Kelliher was born in Ireland in 1988. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Aside from sailing, her grandparents also owned yachts.

In the first two seasons, Daisy Kelliher was accompanied by Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. The pair faced numerous conflicts within their department. It's safe to say that Daisy Kelliher was a dynamic and confident chief stew. She is a real star.

Following the departure of Kate Chastain, Below Deck Med has struggled to find a new chief stew face. Currently, Natasha Webb is the new face. While many viewers love her, there are also those who do not.

Natasha Webb has also earned backlash for her behavior. Some viewers feel that she does not have the necessary sympathy for her team. Meanwhile, others dislike her friendship with chef Dave White.

Below Deck Med Season 7 is full of drama. Some of the crew is struggling with the demands of guests, while the captain is trying to fix a broken sail.

Reunion with Gary King

If you have watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 then you are no doubt curious about Gary King and Daisy Kelliher. Their relationship has gone through ups and downs. However, this season of the show brought a new dynamic. They even got a little physical.

This reunion will air on Bravo Monday, June 27 at 8 p.m. You can watch it online on Peacock. During the episode, Andy Cohen will ask Gary King if he's ever had a playboy moment. He'll also explore the relationship between Gary and Daisy, which is probably more interesting than the show's usual hijinks.

For example, they did indeed make out in a hot tub. In fact, it was one of the more notable moments in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. The crew was surprised by their performance.

In addition to the hot tub kiss, Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are curious about other alleged romances. Gary and Ashley briefly hooked up when Gary was drunk. And Gabriela Barragan and Scarlett Bentley are also said to be involved.

Aside from the aforementioned rumor, a lot has been made about Ashley Marti. She's been accused of inappropriate pursuit of Gary King and causing Gabriela to leave. Although she has yet to deny these charges, she has been hit with a barrage of vitriol on social media.

Meanwhile, Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 will begin filming in July 2022, with a partial shoot at Portisco Marina in Sardinia, Italy. Marcos Spaziani will be present. It's unclear whether or not Below Deck Above Average will be part of the cast.

However, based on Daisy Kelliher's Instagrams, it looks like she and Gary have reunited.

Reunion with Barnaby Birkbeck

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 has been full of epic spats and love triangles. Some of the crew had hookups throughout the season. The reunion episode airs on Monday, June 27 at 8/7c on Bravo. We're hoping that we'll get a glimpse of the new charter guests!

This reunion season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht features a bunch of former cast members. We'll also see some returning stars. There's even one cast member who we don't know all that much about. That's Barnaby Birkbeck. He joined the Parsifal III crew mid-season.

The show's first mate Gary King has been known to flirt with most women on the yacht. However, he's not ready to commit to a relationship. Nonetheless, he continues to woo most women on the yacht with his charm.

As the below deck sailing yacht season 3 comes to an end, we will be getting a chance to see the last night of the charter. The crew is on their way to the picturesque port of Hvar. They're excited for the day off. But they're also worried about the safety of their crew and their new charter guests.

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher is Irish. She comes from a family of yachties. Her grandfather sailed for Ireland in the 1964 Olympics. Aside from her family, she has a friend named Dani. Her third stew Alli Dore is a bit eccentric.

It's no secret that Barnaby Birkbeck has an impressive clientele. President Barack Obama is just one of the famous faces he has worked with. Another one is Sydney Zaruba, who has been sailing since childhood.

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 finale featured a lot of tension between the chief stew and the first mate. When the charter was over, Parsifal made its way back to Croatia.

Below Deck Adventure

Below Deck is an addictive and popular franchise that follows the trials and tribulations of charter guests on superyachts. It is considered one of the biggest hits for streaming service Hayu. The franchise has become so popular that it has spun off its own television show in Australia. This year, the franchise is making its return to New York City for BravoCon.

Daisy Kelliher has spent three seasons as the Chief Stew on Below Deck's spinoff, Parsifal III. She is also an accomplished table decorator. She also has a long history in the sailing industry. Her grandfather sailed for Ireland at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Other crew members on Below Deck include Rachel Hargrove, a chef who has provided some of the show's most iconic one-liners. Also on the roster are grumpy charter guests. Guests go parasailing, rock climbing, and horseback riding.

Another notable Below Deck cast member is Ashton Pienaar, who has a reputation as a flirtatious deckhand. He's been known to mistreat his fellow deckhands. One female crew member was sexually assaulted by him.

Below Deck season 10 is set to premiere on November 21. The series will follow crew members catering to affluent charter guests. They will deal with booze-fueled arguments, onboard malfunctions, and high-rolling thrill-seeking charter guests.

One of the new characters on Below Deck season 10 is chef Rachel Hargrove. She has a chaotic energy and delivers some of the show's most memorable one-liners.

Another familiar face from the original Below Deck is Chief Stew Kate Chastain. She has a sassy personality and a passion for helping make charters successful. However, she has had a difficult time serving a large family.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion


You may have noticed that there are a few articles floating around the internet about the Above Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. This was actually a great opportunity for the sailing community to get together and share some stories. The articles cover some of the sailors who took part, including Marcos Spaziani, Kelsie Goglia, Colin MacRae, and Glenn Shephard.

Kelsie Goglia

Kelsie Goglia is new to the Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast. She has been seen working as a deckhand on Parsalfil III. Her personality and humor make her a popular crew member.

Kelsie has a love of water and travel. She's a big fan of the Los Angeles Chargers and San Diego Padres. She studied journalism at San Diego State University.

After graduating from college, she worked in the corporate world. She also held positions with FOX Sports, Abercrombie & Fitch and Major League Baseball. With her passion for the sea, Kelsie found her calling. In August 2019, she landed her first yachting job as a freelance Skipper for MedSailors.

After her sailing trip in Croatia, Kelsie changed her mindset. She decided to leave her corporate job for a life at sea. Before hopping on the boat, Kelsie worked in beautiful New York City.

Goglia's love of the water has been reflected in her Instagram profile. The account is filled with pictures of water activities and traveling. She has more than three thousand followers.

When Goglia is not on the boat, she enjoys spending time with her friends. They spend time exploring the area, partying and swimming. On her days off, she posts photos of their adventures.

Though the Below Deck Sailing Yacht show has brought Kelsie into the spotlight, she hasn't received a lot of screen time. In fact, she's appeared in less episodes than other crew members. As a result, fans have expressed a desire for more of Goglia on the show.

Glenn Shephard

Glenn Shephard is a charismatic captain and a fan favourite on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He has starred in all three seasons of the Bravo show. Aside from sailing the high seas on Parsifal III, Glenn has worked as a deckhand, a skipper, and as a stewardess.

On his own, Glenn Shepard has over two decades of experience in the yachting industry. When he isn't out on the water, he enjoys mountain surfing and traveling. He also enjoys golfing and photography. But his favorite pastime is boating and sailing.

In fact, Captain Glenn is known for his calm demeanor, even when under extreme pressure. He has hosted numerous high-profile guests and he knows how to keep his cool.

During season three of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, viewers are treated to an exciting adventure. The show's crew includes new faces and familiar faces alike. They are also exposed to the elements and pushed to their limits.

On Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Glenn Shepard isn't married and he hasn't gotten engaged. His most recent relationship is with his girlfriend Dani Jimenez. Although they haven't talked about their love life, they've been together for a while.

He has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. He resides in Palma, Spain, but he also spends time in France. Before he became a captain, he was a deckhand on a 50-foot sailboat.

Colin MacRae

Colin MacRae is a New Zealand born sailor, YouTuber, and reality television star. He joined the cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht in season two. His net worth is estimated at $1-$5 million.

In addition to sailing, Colin has a background in mechanical engineering. He completed his degree at the University of Auckland. After completing the course, he decided to leave his home country for a life at sea.

As a result of his love of sailing, MacRae found a job on a superyacht. He worked as chief engineer on several superyachts for eight years. During this time, he made several trips to Central America. During one of these trips, he and his friends visited over 25 countries.

He also made a name for himself with his confessionals. On the Below Deck Sailing Yacht series, he introduced his girlfriend to his fans. While this wasn't his first public relationship, it is his first that's widely known.

Besides his role on Below Deck, MacRae has also been featured on the Bravo series Parsifal III. During the show, he served as the captain of Parlay Revival. However, he left the boat in April 2021 to pursue his newfound relationship with Martina Alvarez.

Aside from sailing, MacRae also enjoys watching movies and video games. He has a YouTube channel with over 190,000 subscribers.

MacRae has also been featured in several advertisements. His biggest breakthrough was as a reality TV star. During his first season on Below Deck, he gained a number of fans. It's likely that he's one of the most popular stars on the show.

Benetti motor yacht St David

David is the largest yacht to appear on Below Deck season 10. Her premiere episode aired a few days ago and has already hooked many fans. This yacht was originally built by Benetti in 2008.

She is 60 metres long and can accommodate 12 people in six staterooms. Interiors were created by British design studio Winch Design. The yacht also features an outdoor cinema and a Jacuzzi.

St David is the 25th-largest superyacht built by Benetti. She is registered in the Isle of Man.

She was launched in 2008 and has traveled to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Seychelles, and Red Sea. In 2009, she was a finalist at the World Superyacht Awards.

ST DAVID is now cruising in the West Mediterranean. It is powered by twin Caterpillar Inc. engines, which generate a total of 1840 horsepower. They give her a cruising speed of 13 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots.

The yacht has a number of water toys including SeaBobs, inflatable banana boats, and electric foiling surfboards. Additionally, she has a variety of amenities, including a spa and gym.

St David is available for charter in the Caribbean and East Mediterranean. Rates start at EUR325,000 per week during the low season and increase to EUR345,000 during the high season.

With a range of 12.0-4280 nautical miles at a maximum of 15.0 kn, she is an ideal choice for extended trips. Also, her advanced stabilizers ensure a more comfortable experience for all on board.

Marcos Spaziani

Marcos Spaziani is a Venezuelan chef who appeared in Bravo's Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. The show follows the crew of the mega-yacht Parsifal III as they navigate through the Spanish island of Menorca and serve affluent charter guests onboard.

Chef Marcos Spaziani has been in the culinary industry for many years. He attended a culinary school in his home country of Venezuela. After graduating, he worked in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Later, he launched a food truck called ML Eats. Today, he owns a restaurant in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Marcos Spaziani is also a veteran New Zealand sailor. He has been featured on the reality television series Top Chef.

In his first stint on the show, Chef Marcos Spaziani replaced Natasha De Bourg. During the season, the pair became the best of pals. Their bonding led to a one-night event. This season, Marcos Spaziani will be on board Parsifal III with Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and chief engineer Colin MacRae.

On the show, Chef Spaziani is expected to impress with his culinary skills. However, there is much more to this celebrity chef than meets the eye.

Marcos Spaziani is an impressive chef who has traveled the world to learn from some of the best chefs in the business. Not only is he a well-known chef, but he has also been on TV, appearing on "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" as well as the reality TV series "Top Chef."

While his name doesn't ring a bell, the chef's talents have already won him fans. Despite the recent announcement that he will not be returning for Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4, he has not ruled out a future appearance on the show. Moreover, his social media accounts are steadily increasing in size.

Above Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion Part Two

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three will air its reunion episode on Monday, June 27. To watch the below rated episode, you will need to sign up for a cable log-in or use a streaming service like Vudu, fuboTV, or Amazon. You can also visit the Bravo website to see a live stream of the event.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht features an 180 foot luxury sailing yacht. The cast of this spin-off show includes a variety of crew members, including Captain Glenn Shephard, Ciara Duggan, Adam Glick, Daisy Kelliher, and Paget Berry.

During season two, Below Deck Sailing Yacht was known for its steamy hookups, but it also featured a number of feuds. Among them, Madison and Georgia's relationship sparked a lot of tension. And there was the murder of crows in the mast.

As the charter winds down, the crew gets a brief respite with a day at a castle. But the crew is nervous about being judged by their peers.

The crew also gets into the hot tub. While this is a nice gesture, it's the wet and wild bubble bash that really deserves the top spot.

Another interesting moment involves the love pentagon. It's a great way to keep track of your relationships, but does it really work?

One of the crew members does the right thing and makes a romantic gesture for his significant other. However, the relationship will not go the distance.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Cast


The sailing season has finally arrived and as usual, there is plenty to see and do in the area. This year, the below decks sailing season brings us a new cast of stars, including a former world champion.

Sydney Zaruba

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 premieres on Monday, March 1. The new season will feature some familiar faces, as well as several new ones. Fans are anxious to see what the crew will be up to this time around.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a spin-off of the Bravo series Below Deck. It will take Dani's adventures to new levels. But will the crew get along?

Some of the season's highlights include the boat's first murder mystery dinner, and a romantic night out on the water. This year's contestants include a Canadian with twenty years of experience in the industry, and a young woman from New York who left her job in a high-stress restaurant to pursue a career in yachting.

The crew's miscommunication and lack of trust leads to a volatile working relationship. One department head undermines authority and another has a love-hate relationship with the captain.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 had a love triangle, which arose during filming. Alli Dore and Gary King were in a boatmance when the show ended. However, they ended up in a guest cabin together after their flirty night out.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 will feature new cast members, as well as Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, First Mate Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin Macrae. A new trailer will be released, as well as official photos of the crew.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is filmed in Croatia, and will air on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. You can learn more about the show by watching below.

While the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 cast has been engaging in some questionable behavior, they will probably get along again once season two is over.

Daisy Kelleher

Daisy Kelleher is the chief stew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. She is considered to be a sailing legend. Her grandfather was an Olympic sailor. And she has an impressive social media presence.

In season two, Daisy and Gary had an on and off relationship. The pair were on the boat during St. Barths' Bucket Regatta. However, in the teaser for Season 3 a couple of weeks ago, we saw a hot-tub makeout session between the two. That's not the first time that Daisy and Gary have shared a steamy moment together.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht has reunited Daisy Kelleher with her first mate, Gary King, for season three. Fans are eager to see if the pair will be able to make it off of the show. They have a lot to look forward to, including a lot of drinking.

Daisy and Gary's relationship was contentious in season two. Luckily, this season was easier on Daisy. While they do have a thing for each other, they haven't seen each other a lot on the boat. Still, they have been able to reconnect for the Marlou event in Newport, Rhode Island.

Despite being one of the youngest members of the interior crew, Ashley Kelleher is still a veteran. She has been in the yachting business for years.

Dani McLachlan is another member of the season two cast. She's Irish and Dublin-native. She has been in the marine industry for eight years.

When she announced that she was expecting her first child, she did not share the gender. She also did not reveal the name of her baby's father. But if you look at her Instagram, you'll get the idea.

Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux

During the second season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux started to develop a romantic relationship. While they are still figuring out how to get along, the couple conceived a daughter, Lily-Rose. But did Jean-Luc really father the baby?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season two was a tumultuous ride for the couple. They got serious over the course of the season, and their relationship was put to the test.

At the season two reunion, Dani Soares made it clear that she wanted Jean-Luc to be her baby's father. However, Jean-Luc denied he was the child's father. In fact, he said he wouldn't become a dad until he took a paternity test.

Dani Soares and Jean-Luc met on Parsifal III, where they were both crew members. The pair started out as casual friends, but they became more serious as the season went on. After filming wrapped, Dani announced that she was pregnant. Although they didn't talk about it, fans guessed that Jean-Luc was the baby's father.

When the show ended, they were still in touch. Dani even posted pictures of her baby in Australia.

After the show was over, Jean-Luc decided he wanted to be involved in the child's life. He told Dani he might have given her an STD. Later, he admitted that he had a crush on her.

Despite his claims, he later revealed that he might not have been the baby's father. However, Dani still believes in Jean-Luc as a romantic option. As a result, the couple has been working on their communication.

Jean-Luc is now learning how to co-parent with Dani. Although he said he wouldn't be a part of the child's life until he took a paternity check, he's taking a step in the right direction.

Captain Glenn Shephard

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 is back for a third season on Bravo. The second season featured some returning cast members and a few new ones. We'll be talking about the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, including Captain Glenn Shephard, who is known as "Captain Sandy."

As the captain of the sailing yacht Parsifal III, Captain Glenn has been in the industry for over two decades. He began his career as a deckhand on a 50-foot sailboat. After gaining experience, he was invited to work as a captain.

He has been on Parsifal III for ten years and has hosted hundreds of high-end guests. Despite his impressive credentials, he is a very private man.

In Season 2, we find that Shephard has been keeping his personal life under wraps. It appears he's dating another member of the crew, though he hasn't mentioned it publicly.

In his free time, Shephard enjoys science podcasts and movies in his cabin. However, he usually stays cool in the face of tough situations. Especially when it comes to catering to the uber-elite.

The series follows the crew of Parsifal III as they navigate the challenges of their job. They're under a strict safety protocol that requires them to remain on the boat between charters. This creates tension between the crew. Some members of the crew are inexperienced and others are under a lot of pressure.

There are always a few dramas brewing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. For instance, a drug search is cast over the final charter. Another love triangle is set in motion. But the show's most compelling moment may be when Adam and Jenna finally make their relationship official.

Dani Soares

Dani Soares is an Australian television personality who stars on Below Deck: Sailing Yacht. She appeared in season two of the show, which aired on Bravo. During the season, she met fellow cast member Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux. They became friends and began flirting. Eventually, they started talking about commitment and began dating.

After the charter season ended, Dani relocated to Sydney, Australia. Despite the move, she kept in touch with her co-stars. Several of them contacted her, including Alli Dore, Natasha De Bourg, and Daisy Kelliher.

Eventually, Dani became pregnant. The baby girl is named Lilly. In May of 2021, she gave birth to the baby. At that time, Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux was presumed to be the baby's father. He was hesitant to acknowledge this fact publicly. However, he eventually admitted to conceiving the child.

Dani Soares announced that she was pregnant in April of 2021. Many fans speculated that Jean-Luc was the baby's father, although he has never confirmed this.

When Dani and Jean-Luc were filming their Season 2 reunion, many people assumed that he was the baby's father. Nevertheless, Dani has maintained that she was going to be a single mom during her pregnancy.

Before joining the yacht crew, Dani studied nursing. Although she is a mother, she plans to continue her career as a nurse.

During her time on Below Deck: Sailing Yacht, she met and dated fellow crew members. Dani Soares has been a memorable cast member.

Currently, Dani is working on completing her studies. While she has been open with fans about her struggles to finish her studies, she has also made a few comments about her struggles with a pregnancy.

As of now, we don't know how Dani and Jean-Luc are going to handle being a co-parent. We do know that they are trying to clear the air.

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The Real Housewives of Dubai is one of the most popular shows on television. It focuses on the lives of the rich and famous living in the Middle East. As a result, it has become a hit with millions of viewers and fans around the world. One of the best things about this show is that it is available for free online. You can watch this show in HD.

The Real Housewives of Dubai

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a reality show based on the lives of a group of women who are living the ultra-luxury lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates. Known as the Billionaire's Playground, the women of Dubai learn about love and friendship while pushing their businesses to new heights.

Watching this reality series will bring you back to the era of the Arabian Gulf's golden age, when women in the region juggled the role of wife and mother while maintaining an opulent social life. It's not uncommon to see a woman in this part of the world dressed in an embellished gown and patterned hat.

This new reality show, which will air on Bravo, follows a group of women as they navigate the ultra-exclusive social scene in the United Arab Emirates. The Real Housewives of Dubai will focus on a dynamic cast of seven women, including Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan, Nina Ali, Sara Al Madani, Chanel Ayan, and Dr. Sara Al Madani.

Despite being the first international iteration of the "Housewives" franchise, it's not all glitter and glamour. Fans will find plenty of drama and fun in Dubai, as the show will show viewers the city's modern architecture, extravagant nightlife, and raucous desert culture.

Real Housewives of Dubai will be on the air on June 1. You can also watch it online. Many streaming services are available. For example, DIRECTV Stream, FuboTV, and YouTube TV all offer live broadcasts. However, these services are geo-restricted, and may require a VPN subscription. If you're planning to watch this show, consider using ExpressVPN.

In addition to the real-life events, viewers can check out a two-part special hosted by Andy Cohen.

Season 1

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a reality TV show that follows a group of wealthy women in the United Arab Emirates. It is the first international production for the Housewives franchise. With an all-star cast that includes Chanel Ayan, Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, Nina Ali, Lesa Milan Hall and the infamous Lesa Mila, the show is full of drama.

The Real Housewives of Dubai will be broadcast on Bravo. If you want to watch it live, you can do so by logging into the Bravo website. But if you're not looking to pay for cable, you can always use a VPN. There are several VPN services that you can try, and all of them offer free support. In fact, a good VPN will give you a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

On June 1st, the premiere of The Real Housewives of Dubai will air on Bravo. Fans can also look to Peacock, DIRECTV and fuboTV for online viewing. You can even download the show for free on Google Play Movies. Whether you're a die hard fan of the series or are just looking to try something new, you'll find plenty to enjoy.

Other than the glitz and glam, The Real Housewives of Dubai will prove to be an entertaining journey through the high society life of these ladies. From extravagant dinners to the wild nightlife, to the opulent osmosis of the city's rich and famous, you'll be sure to have a ball.

The Real Housewives of Dubai has been a success for the Bravo network, which is no surprise considering that it's the franchise's first international outing. As such, the network is expanding the franchise to other markets.

Season 2

A group of women are navigating their way through a highly exclusive social scene. They are also negotiating relationships and balancing their lavish lifestyles.

RHODubai stars Nina Ali, Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Sara Al Madani, Caroline Stanbury, and Caroline Brooks. The series premieres on June 1st, 2022. You can watch it on NBC, DIRECTV, Peacock Premium, fuboTV, and Google Play Movies.

This spinoff of the Real Housewives franchise is filmed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and follows six women as they navigate their lives. It is the first international production from the franchise.

The reality show features the lives of these women, who are also business moguls. One woman is the owner of a thriving maternity line. Another is a former Miss Jamaica winner. Other ladies include a fashion designer, a medical doctor, and a luxury brand ambassador. These women have a lot on their plates, and they aren't afraid to put it all on the line.

The upcoming season will feature some dazzling gowns and embellished headpieces. There will also be fun in the desert, as the cast goes on a trip to Ras Al Khaimah.

During the first season, fans watched a dynamic cast of women navigate the social scene in an ultra-luxe Billionaire's Playground. But behind the scenes, there is some infighting. And there are some surprises too.

Bravo has announced that it will air a two-part reunion special in September. Season one is available to stream on DIRECTV, Peacock Premium, NBC, and Google Play Movies. In addition, viewers will be able to watch the reunion on Bravo on September 7th, at 9 pm.

Streaming services are geo-restricted due to licensing deals. However, you can watch "The Real Housewives of Dubai - Season 1" on DIRECTV, fuboTV, and Peacock Premium.

Season 3

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a new reality show on Bravo. It will focus on six women living in the United Arab Emirates. There's a new dynamic in the cast, so expect plenty of drama.

Some of the series' most recognizable cast members will make guest appearances. These include Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of New York and Leah McSweeney of RHONY. Other cast members include Nina Ali, Lesa Milan, Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, and Sara Al Madani.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is the franchise's eleventh international iteration. In addition to Dubai, there are franchises in Orange County, Salt Lake City, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. You can stream these shows for free online. But you'll need a VPN to get around geo-restrictions.

The Real Housewives of Dubai will air on Bravo from July 6 through September 7. Fans can also watch the show via a streaming service. However, the network isn't giving out much information about the upcoming season. Hopefully, more details will be revealed at a later date.

In recent years, you've had a lot of options for watching live TV and series on demand. You can even use a VPN to watch the Real Housewives of Dubai for free. Of course, you'll need to choose one that offers a strong VPN service.

If you're looking for the real deal, you should consider NordVPN. This VPN service provides a risk-free 30-day trial. With this service, you can easily change your location to watch any site or content that's geo-restricted. Also, you'll get a four-year subscription for a discounted price.

Another option is ExpressVPN. This VPN service is a favorite amongst people who want to watch shows without cable. They offer a risk-free 30-day trial and a money back guarantee. Once you've signed up, you'll need to download a dedicated app to your device.

Season 4

Real Housewives of Dubai is a new series that airs on Bravo. The series follows a group of women who live in the prestigious city of Dubai. These women are very wealthy and have business and social empires. They navigate the highly exclusive social scene, and have a lot of drama brewing beneath the surface.

Real Housewives of Dubai will follow a group of six women. Caroline Brooks, Nina Ali, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan, and Chanel Ayan will all be featured.

Previously, the franchise has had 26 spin-offs that focus on specific housewives. Most of the American installments are broadcast on Bravo, but the brand has been licensed to other networks in the United States and overseas. In addition, there are several international adaptations of the series, such as Real Housewives of Melbourne, Real Housewives of Athens, and The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Real Housewives of Dubai is set in the prestigious City of Gold, and follows a dynamic group of luxurious and wealthy women who are navigating the social scene of the ultra-exclusive Billionaire's Playground. It will be the network's first international installment.

As of now, the air date for the premiere of Real Housewives of Dubai has not been announced. However, the show is expected to debut sometime this summer. Fans can watch the series online. Some streaming services, such as Google Play Movies, allow viewers to download the episodes and watch them on their computers.

Streaming services such as Netflix and DIRECTV also provide ways to watch the series. You can sign up for a trial or a subscription to one of these services for a certain amount of time and get access to all of the episodes.

The Real Housewives of Dubai's Sara Al Madani


If you're a fan of The Real Housewives of Dubai, you're probably very interested in learning about Sara Al Madani, the famous entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the world of beauty. In this article, you'll learn more about her net worth, her career, and her experience with plastic surgery. You'll also find out what the rumors are about her upcoming surgeries.

Dr. Sara Al Madani's net worth

Dr Sara Al Madani is an American entrepreneur who has founded many companies in several industries. She is also a renowned fashion designer. Her fashion label specializes in bespoke abayas for women.

Sara is a single mother of one son. She has a number of boyfriends. There are rumors that she is dating a world-famous Italian actor, Michelle Morrone. However, she has yet to confirm any rumors.

When she was only fifteen years old, Sara started her own fashion label. As a young girl, she would buy candies for her siblings and use her earnings to fund her family's expenses. This early entrepreneurial career earned her money and eventually gave her the chance to start a family of her own.

Sara is a public speaker and has given speeches on a variety of topics. She has spoken in many colleges and institutes. In fact, she was the youngest person to be inducted into the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce.

The Dubai-based entrepreneur has a net worth of over $25 million. Her personal wealth is mainly from her career as a television personality.

Sara has been a part of the Real Housewife of Dubai show since 2012. Besides her work as a TV personality, she is also involved in the NFT business Acatraznft. Additionally, she owns villas and high-end cars.

Sara Al Madani's personal and business life is not as glamorous as it might seem. While she is a famous entrepreneur, she maintains a relatively modest lifestyle. Despite her success, she never seems to meet her family.

During her early years, Sara was a shy student. However, her father noticed that she had a bigger mind than her age. Thus, he helped her discover her intellectual abilities.

After her first marriage failed, she remarried. Although Sara was married twice, she has not revealed the names of her husbands. Currently, she is raising her son Maktoum.

It is difficult to determine Sara's net worth because she hasn't publicly disclosed her assets or earnings. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available online. Some sources suggest that she has a net worth of over $1 million while others estimate her net worth to be around $2 million.

Plastic surgery rumors

There are some very big plastic surgery rumors surrounding the Real Housewives of Dubai star Sara Al Madani. While some of the shady stuff has been denied, others have been confirmed. Some of these cosmetic enhancements have even been shown on camera.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a show about women who lead extravagant lifestyles. It airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9/8c. As a result, viewers will get to witness many dramas and feuds.

One of the main cast members of The Real Housewives of Dubai is Sara Al Madani, a professional entrepreneur who lives in Sharjah. In addition to starring on the reality series, Sara has launched numerous businesses in several industries. She is also a public speaker. Her social media following is substantial.

According to her Wikipedia page, she has a net worth of over $15 million. This is more than her two former husbands combined. Aside from her business ventures, Sara has been married twice and has a son.

Sara Al Madani reportedly changed her nose structure with the help of a nose job. She has also undergone lip fillers. Other fans speculate that she received a botox or botox-like treatment to improve her appearance.

Other cosmetic procedures that are commonly done in the Real Housewives franchise include breast augmentation and Botox. Despite her impressive net worth, however, Sara Al has yet to reveal any personal details in the limelight.

Another Real Housewives franchise star who has undergone plastic surgery is Porsha Williams. She underwent a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Both procedures involved replacing her old implants with new ones.

Aside from these more visible cosmetic procedures, other Real Housewives of Dubai contestants have undergone plastic surgery as well. These include Lesa Milan Hall, Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, and Caroline Brooks. They all have undergone at least one procedure, though they are not revealing any particulars.

Lastly, there is a small group of Real Housewives of Dubai fans who are very curious about the cosmetic enhancements that Sara has had done. Specifically, they are interested in her cosmetic enhancements that have been shown on TV.

Sara Al Madani's career as an entrepreneur

Sara Al Madani is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved international recognition. Her entrepreneurship ventures include fashion, food, and technology. She has earned a large number of awards and recognitions throughout her career. These include an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Women Empowerment Certificates from Eton University.

She started her career as a designer at age 15. When she was fifteen, she opened her own company, Sara Al Madani Fashion Design. At the time, she specialized in customized abayas for women.

After graduating from Sharjah American International School, she pursued a doctorate in Women's Leadership from the American University of Eton in Manchester. She was then selected as the youngest member of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This appointment was made by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, ruler of the UAE emirate of Sharjah.

Sara Al Madani also co-founded a digital marketing firm called Social Fish. With her experience in the field, she is now the partner of the company. In addition to her involvement in Social Fish, she is the co-founder of HalaHi, a social media platform that offers personalized shout-outs to celebrities.

Sara Al Madani has become a well-known businesswoman in the UAE. As a result of her business endeavors, she has been able to achieve success as a tech CEO, a successful reality TV star, and a model. Since she has a passion for business, she has found ways to juggle work and home life.

Sara Al Madani has recently been working on a wedding-planning technology startup. The idea is to combine the world of weddings and love with the tech sector. According to Sara, she believes that the business industry has an obligation to help the millennial generation.

Sara has also been a public speaker, giving talks at colleges, universities, and community events. She is a motivational public speaker who encourages young people to succeed in their academics. She has delivered over 250 keynote speeches.

Sara Al Madani has achieved a lot of success in the Middle East and other parts of the world. She has been a major motivating force in the lives of many women.

The Real Housewives of Dubai interview with Lesa Milan

In this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Lesa Milan is confronted with some questions from her fellow housewives. Among the topics she addressed was plastic surgery.

Before joining the show, Milan was a fashion designer who also works on her maternity wear line, Mina Roe. She also recently expanded her clothing line and launched her first runway collection outside of maternity.

During her appearance, Milan wore a yellow feathered dress. She then talked about her involvement with the show and a Twitter feud. As of now, she isn't sure if she's a fan of the franchise.

Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, and Nina Ali are among the cast members. They each have their own unique auras. And they're also incredibly beautiful!

While the ladies get along well and work together, there are always disagreements. One tiff was over Brooks' intention to join the show. Apparently, Al Madani believed she could've been friends with Brooks years ago. But she doesn't have a good relationship with Milan or Ayan.

Caroline Brooks believes that Al Madani has a positive intention. But she isn't convinced she can get over her past. She says that Lesa can come across as "preachy" and preachy.

The Real Housewives of Dubai has become a hit. It's the franchise's first international installment, and the series has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. With its willingness to showcase its cast members' personal lives, the series has quickly gained a loyal following.

There's no doubt that Lesa Milan has an inspiring story. Her Jamaican roots are apparent, and her budding fashion empire is growing. However, her tiff with Caroline Brooks was a bit heated.

Some of the cast members have admitted to plastic surgery, including Tamra Judge, Brandi Glanville, and Kyle Richards. Lisa Rinna has also been accused of racism, but she has yet to respond to the allegations.

If you want to watch all of the episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai, you can visit Bravo. Or, you can download the Bravo app.


The Real Housewives of Dubai is not just a show, it is a real lifestyle. These women live life to the fullest and are not ashamed of their status. Whether they are married, divorced, single or not, they all strive to be the best they can be. This includes living life to the fullest and being active and social members of their community.

Chanel Ayan

One of the stars of the upcoming The Real Housewives of Dubai will be the Somali-born supermodel Chanel Ayan. Ayan is a talented socialite and designer. She also runs a successful talent agency and is launching a makeup line called AYAN Beauty with celebrity make-up artist Toni Malt.

Before joining The Real Housewives of Dubai, Chanel Ayan had a lucrative modeling career. Her work has been featured on magazine covers, commercials, and luxury brands. Moreover, she modeled for the Emirates airline, Piaget, and Dolce Gabbana.

During her childhood, Chanel was subjected to female circumcision. As a result, she experienced emotional and physical wounds. Thankfully, her husband Christopher has helped her deal with her trauma. He even took her to hypnotherapy sessions, so that she would feel better about herself.

While Chanel Ayan and her sister Iman are both natives of the Somalia region, they are now living in Dubai. They both have traveled to far corners of the world and both have achieved success in the design industry.

Unlike Iman, Chanel Ayan is a socialite who is married. She is the mother of a son named Taj. Besides being a model, Chanel is a doting mother. However, there are concerns regarding her lifestyle. It is said that it appears to be at odds with her family's faith.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding her childhood, Ayan has managed to build a successful career as a socialite. With a deadpan sense of humor and a knack for sartorial choices, she commands every room she walks into.

She has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the fashion world, such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Moreover, she is also known as the first black supermodel in the United Arab Emirates.

Lesa Milan

Aside from a successful career in real estate, Lesa Milan is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. The Real Housewives of Dubai is her latest venture. She is also the founder of My Little Makers, a company that manufactures early development toys and books. In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, she hosts a personal blog.

Despite her busy lifestyle, Milan says she makes time for the gym and keeps fit. Her Instagram feed is chock full of glamour shots. However, the most important part of her oeuvre is her family. She has three children with her husband Richard Hall.

There are many reasons to love this lady. On top of her philanthropic endeavors, Milan has a knack for launching the most cutting-edge fashion brands. One of these is the Mina Roe, a high-end maternity wear line. Although she is the chief designer of the brand, she has tapped the talents of other industry leaders to help it grow into a major force.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a Bravo franchise, and it has proved to be a powerhouse. Not only has it garnered attention on television, but it has also proven to be an enlightening look into the life of a glitzy Dubai housewife. It also has the prestigious accolade of being the first international franchise to be launched by the broadcasting juggernaut.

The show is not for the faint of heart though. Some cast members have shown tiffs. The cast of the real-life Real Housewives of Dubai will come together for a reunion this September. The reunion will air on Wednesday, September 7 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Nina Ali

Nina Ali is one of the stars of the new Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Dubai. She was born in Lebanon and moved to the US when she was four. A year later, she relocated to the Middle East with her husband.

She is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and social media influencer. Her Instagram account has over 520,000 followers. This woman loves the newest trends in fashion and flaunts some of the newest designer handbags.

In addition to her illustrious career, she is also the mother of three. She recently turned 33.

In a recent interview, she opened up about her new show and her personal life. When asked about the most memorable moment in her career, she replied, "It's not exactly what you think it's going to be."

According to her website, she has a background in art and culture. Among her accomplishments, she co-founded the Fruitcake Company, which has been wildly successful in the Middle East.

As for her personal life, she is divorced and the mother of three kids. She has also lived in the Burj Khalifa for a time.

What's more, she was a social media star before becoming a housewife. With her Instagram account, she shares her daily life with 521,000 followers.

During her first look at The Real Housewives of Dubai, she mentioned her ex-boyfriend. While she didn't name him, she did mention her relationship with Zoran.

Although the Real Housewives of Dubai is a reality TV show, it's normal for a Housewife to have drama in her personal life. They will navigate the social scene while exploring the wonders of Dubai. Their homes are decorated with bakhoor, a traditional Arab style of ornamentation.

Sara Al Madani

Sara Al Madani is a serial entrepreneur and a multi-award winner. She is also a public speaker. The Dubai native has served on the board of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has interests in the restaurant, technology and fashion industries.

In addition to running her own business, she has also been a member of the UAE SME council. Her fashion line was also showcased at the Arab Fashion Week.

Sara's first business started at age 15. Currently, she works at Cahero Holding, a company that specializes in the construction and property industries. Aside from her work as an entrepreneur, she is a partner at the HalaHi platform. This is a platform that allows celebrities to post video shoutouts.

Sara has worked as a public speaker, encouraging women in the UAE to build their own businesses. She is also a life coach. Sara has been featured in a number of news and magazine publications. During her career, she has given over 200 keynote speeches.

Despite her success, Sara has been a target of criticism. According to fans, she overextends her opinion and is often preachy. Although, Sara's onscreen personality is friendly, she hasn't shown a clear focus.

She also has a large social media following. As a result, she gets paid to speak before large audiences. That could explain her tendency to overextend her opinion and offer unsolicited advice to her co-stars.

Several of her costars have criticized her for calling herself a doctor. However, Al Madani has a doctorate degree from Eton University. This degree is an honorary degree.

If you like the Real Housewives franchise, you may enjoy "The Real Housewives of Dubai". It is a reality TV show that follows the lives of six women living in Dubai.

Caroline Brooks

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a reality television show filmed in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most popular franchises on Bravo. Aside from Caroline Brooks, the series features other women such as Nina Ali, Dr. Sara Dawson, and Iman.

On the new series, the group will grapple with tensions and longstanding friendships while learning to handle the heat. They will also work together on a project for the city of Dubai.

One of the first standouts on the show is Caroline Brooks. She is a real estate director and entrepreneur who currently lives in Dubai.

Her net worth is not known, but several estimates put it in the $4 million to $6 million range. After a divorce, she was forced to rebuild her life.

Currently, she is running a luxury beauty salon and spa in Dubai. On her Instagram account, she posts content from her Cannes Film Festival appearances, as well as photos of her 10-year-old son Adam.

She is also a working model. During her time in the UAE, she has worked for campaigns for various designers. She is the first Black supermodel for Dubai.

She is married to Munif Ali, a British businessman. They have three children.

Caroline Brooks has a "luxe lifestyle" Instagram account, but she doesn't always wear the same clothes. This is a dangerous game to play. As Brooks explains, sometimes people think things are handed to them because of her luxe lifestyle Instagram account.

Before appearing on the show, Ayan Pillott was modeling for Lesa Milan, a former Miss Jamaica. At the time, she was living in a small apartment in Dubai.

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