Future Mlb Stars 2019

Future Mlb Stars 2019

Future Mlb Stars 2019

There’s no dearth of amazing content online, and like always, there’s no shortage of people who want to help you grow. I wanted to let you in on who I believe is a great investment for your company. Here are my four sports blog posts, done in a variety of formats—some updated and some not updated, but all good.



Who? Adley Rutschman, that's who. The Oregon State catcher is the consensus No. 1 prospect for the 2019 amateur draft and he's the most locked in No. 1 pick since Gerrit Cole in 2011, maybe even since Bryce Harper in 2010. Rutschman authored a .408/.505/.628 batting line with 34 extra-base hits and more walks (53) than strikeouts (40) in 67 games as a sophomore in 2018. He's also regarded as a Gold Glove caliber defender behind the plate. There's some serious Buster Posey potential here, except Rutschman can switch-hit. The jump to MLB can be tough on young catchers. The learning curve is steep. The bet here is Rutschman will master the big leagues quickly and emerge as the game's top catcher within five years.

Because Vlad Jr. turns 20 in March, Rays prospect Wander Franco is the overwhelming favorite to be the next Juan Soto, meaning a kid who tears up the big leagues as a 19-year-old rookie. Franco hit .351/.418/.587 with 11 home runs and more walks (27) than strikeouts (19) in 61 rookie ball games last season. At age 17, he was more than three years younger than the average Appalachian League player. Franco turns 18 in March and it is not out of the question that he could make his MLB debut as a 19-year-old in the middle of 2020, assuming the Rays let him. He's a budding star and will be only 22 in 2023. (Source: www.cbssports.com)



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