Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui, also known as the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy, is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero. She is a part of Class 1-A.

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Frog: Tsuyu's Quirk allows her to do anything a frog can do such as: hopping long distances, jumping, sticking to walls, extending her tongue, which can lift an entire person's body, up to a maximum of 20 meters, ejecting / washing her stomach, secreting toxic, sticky liquid, and camouflage. However, when she is in cold environments for too long, she is unable to use her Quirk and goes into hibernation.

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My Hero Academia Cosplay Gets Into the Spirit With Cheerleader Froppy

My Hero Academia has helped to introduce some of the biggest superheroes in the world of anime, with Shonen fans finding plenty of like in the adventures of the students at UA Academy, with Froppy, the girl with a Quirk that gives her the power of a frog, recently receiving some new Cosplay from her brief days as a cheerleader. Joining her fellow heroines in cheering on the other students that were a part of the Sports Festival, which saw heroes battling against classmates in a bid to gain the attention of agencies, Tsuyu wasn't afraid to show her school spirit.

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Ochaco Uraraka Tsuyu Asui Fondo de pantalla HD | Fondo de Escritorio | 1920x1152 (Source: www.pinterest.com)



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