Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider


Flynn Rider is the main lead in Disney’s Tangled film. A magical Disney film that follows the princess Rapunzel as she is imprisoned in a tower by her long lost father. Until she learns how to wield her hair as her golden lock as a weapon to help her escape.

Eugene Fitzherbert (better known as Flynn Rider) is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. A swashbuckler known for his charm and quick-wit, Flynn made a name for himself as a notorious thief. In a turn of events following years of travel and plunder, however, he experienced a change of heart upon falling in love with Rapunzel. The lost princess of Corona. (Source: disney.fandom.com)


As a child, Flynn Rider lived with his true love and parents in the arabian desert. When a plot in the search for the eye of beautiful and very adventurous Princess Pademelly goes wrong. He's taken to the streets of Paris to live a life on the run with his horse, Diablo.

During the movie's production, Eugene was almost an actual Prince, like his fairy tale counterpart. He was originally intended to be a wayward prince hanging out with a group of bandits. Soon after he was designed to be a sort of "bandit prince". And was the leader of a group of rogues (the rogues themselves eventually became the Snuggly Duckling thugs). Soon he was conceived as a British farmer named Bastian, who was orphaned at a young age. And forced into a life of thievery to survive, though he hated it. Disney almost went with using the design of Bastian until his voice actor, Zachary Levi was finally cast. Directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard agreed fairly early on that Rapunzel's love interest would not be a prince, but rather a thief. This would add a comedic edge to the character. (Source: disney.fandom.com)


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