Fast and Furious Casts

Fast and Furious Casts

Fast and Furious Casts

Fast and Furious

The Fast and the Furious (also known as Fast Five). Is an American action crime thriller film series featuring Dominic Toretto racing for a $100 million heist on a prison convoy.

Whether you're a die-hard Fast & Furious fan or you just really love Vin Diesel, there's no denying that. The Fast and the Furious franchise has delivered quality action films for the past two decades. The success isn't just due to the stunts. The chemistry between the characters (and actors) makes the series compelling. But there's an unexpected sense of heart that may be from the real-life bonds made over the years. (The heartwarming sentiments after Paul Walker's death and the reappearance of former cast members in sequel after sequel speak to that.) But just how far have they come from their first Fast and Furious film? We're tracking down the original cast members and our favorites throughout the series for a look at The Fast and the Furious stars (Source:www.esquire.com)


Fast and Furious Casts

This year, 8 Fast and Furious films are being released. The eighth installment, Furious 8, is set to release this April. The fourth installment, Fast and Furious 4, released in April 2009, which kicked off the film franchise. The first three films were released in 2005. The newest installment, Furious 7, cost $250 million to make and made $350 million dollars.

Shortly after the premiere of The Fast and the Furious 6, Paul Walker was tragically killed in a car accident. The actor, who was in the midst of filming Furious 7, posthumously appeared in the film. There's even a subtle nod at the end of F9 that the O'Connor character might return in future iterations. (Source: www.esquire.com)


The 9th Mission is a film released in 2001. It was the last of the flagship films in the popular Fast and Furious franchise, and is the ninth film overall in the series. It follows Dominic Toretto and his crew as they track down a stolen fuel truck. And faces off against agents of the CIA or the FBI. Again, a film in the popular Fast and Furious franchise.

This is the first film since Fast & Furious not to feature Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs. While Jason Statham appears as Deckard Shaw in the mid-credits scene. Jordana Brewster reprises her role as Mia Toretto after not appearing in The Fate of the Furious. While Sung Kang returns as Han Lue, who is revealed to be alive. And Lucas Black returns as Sean Boswell. Shad Moss and Jason Tobin reprise their roles as Twinkie and Earl Hu from Tokyo Drift. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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