Facebook Marketplace: Find Listings for Everything

Facebook Marketplace: Find Listings for Everything

Facebook Marketplace: Find Listings for Everything

You can find listings for everything from electronics to furniture. Facebook Marketplace also has a built-in payment system. And both the buyer and the seller can choose to make money as an installment or as a lump sum.

450 million people already visit “buy and sell” Groups on Facebook each month. And now the company is launching a whole tab in its app dedicated to peer-to-peer shopping. (Source: techcrunch.com)

How to Sell Stuff on Facebook

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Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace where you can sell new. Or used items with Facebook friends, however, if you are an individual, not all the listings are public. Some of them are on behalf of friends or relatives, or on behalf of companies on nationalized or on an international basis.

Facebook is an important tool for brands who are interested in selling their products to targeted audiences. (Source: www.bigcommerce.com)

Shop on Facebook

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Facebook Marketplace makes it easier than ever before to bring your old stuff in your online garage sale. For example, if you want to sell your old drill or your old vacuum cleaner. Simply select it in the search bar, and you'll see all the offers in your area for it. Ending your unwanted items in the hands of someone you trust is free, easy, and environmentally friendly.

Facebook Marketplace for Online Shoppers

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When you’re looking to sell an item on Facebook, the first thing you have to do is find a good spot.

Below are examples of e-commerce platforms Facebook Marketplace is partnered with. (Source: www.bigcommerce.com)

A New Marketplace on Facebook

If you have a cool item or service you would like to sell on Facebook but don't have the time to manage inventory. Or the space to store inventory, this might be your answer. The benefits of selling on Facebook are vast for both the buyer and the seller. The seller gains the opportunity to set up shop on the largest social media platform with the most engaged audience in the world. On the other hand, buyers gain the opportunity to find new products at home.

Facebook Marketplace

Free classified ads are unlike anything else with thousands of new listings posted each day. Discover interesting things to buy and sell with informative ads from local sellers and nationwide companies. Prime members can make their sales with no fees and no minimum sales requirements. Marketplace items are listed in Facebook Marketplace, shop on Facebook for a products e-commerce site, Facebook's iOS app, and iOS Messenger.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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Find people who are looking for what you have to offer by creating an ad. An ad costs $5. The people who like it get to keep the item for 1 day before it goes to auction. If no one likes your ad, no one gets the item, but you will get the $5 back. If someone does like your ad, a Happy Moments sticker goes by in their feed. And they get a pop-up letting them know the item is in the auction.


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