Entertainment yahoo news

Entertainment yahoo news


Yahoo! was established by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s. In 2000, it was the most popular website worldwide. Usage declined as it lost market share to Google.            

However, Yahoo domain websites are still among the most popular websites, ranking 11th in global engagement according to both Alexa Internet, and Similar Web.

It provides a web portal, search engine Yahoo! Search, and related services, including My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo Sports, and its advertising platform, Verizon Media Native.

Every day new sites are launched on social media to entertain people and make them aware of any type of news, like politics, current affairs, entertainment, etc. Yahoo News was created in 1996 by a software engineer named Brad Clawsie. Its purpose was to tell the audience the latest news as soon as possible.

The article came from different sources like the Associated Press, Renters, Fox News, Al Jazeera, ABC News, USA Today, CNN, and BBC News. Verizon Media-owned Yahoo news.


Yahoo Entertainment

Entertainment yahoo

From all over the world, people like celebrities and want to know about their favorite stars more and more, about their lifestyle or work.

Work of Yahoo Entertainment

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Yahoo entertainment gives you the latest news about TV, movies, all showbiz, and celebrity news. On every social media site, Yahoo launched its pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


First, we will discuss the Twitter Yahoo Entertainment account, log in and sign up there and enjoy up to 84.1k tweets about your favourite celebrity and follow the page for more fun.

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You can find there the topics you most care about sports, finance, and entertainment, etc. There are a lot of real-life stories as well like Emma Stone is a homepage editorial manager at Verizon Media (Yahoo/AOL) New York City talks about how she met her husband Adam Housley 2 years ago.


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Yahoo Entertainment also gives services on Facebook as they have above 4 million followers on Facebook who see their articles, videos, and everything. The Facebook page is basically for videos.                             

There are a lot of people who have ads on their yahoo accounts, and they earn money, for example, Alexis Shaw managing director going viral on social media through Yahoo.


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Nowadays, youth are addicted to Instagram, so yahoo entertainment also facilitates their fans on insta with daily updates.

Live updates

Now we can see live concerts, talk shows, celebrity shows and live cricket, football matches, etc, through Gold, Golf.

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Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music plays all interviews and lives music performances, special news reports from HuffPost, live events, conferences, and much more.

US Yahoo gets the latest local news and breaking live updates with the Yahoo news app.

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You can watch your favourite series on Yahoo entertainment, such as "Obi-Wan Kenobi" Disney plus series, makers conferences, build series interviews, and breaking news. The most famous series Ever After and "Family Matters ".


You can watch your favourite videos on Yahoo entertainment like new music, travel, and local videos, art, design, luxury, food, fashion, beauty, weather climate, wildlife, and much more.

Create Yahoo account

If you have a yahoo account then you can log in anytime, just put your email address with a password and start using it anytime.

But in case, if you don't have an account on Yahoo then there is no need to worry. Just open www.yahoo.com and fill-up the form.

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If you don't have any issue with your real name, then you can use your real name which anyone can see on your account, but if you don't like to tell others about your real name, you can use some other pretty name.

Don't share your most personal information with anyone and password. It will harm your privacy.

You can select groups of your choice, which you want to join.

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