Entertainment Careers for Entrepreneurs

Entertainment Careers for Entrepreneurs

There is no scarcity of entertainers' careers in the entertainment industry; however, the problem arises when they do not get jobs and real adequate opportunities to showcase their talent along with finding different jobs. Another problematic issue for entertainers is being able to get united with their audiences and fan community. Future Starr is one of its kind and unique entertainment online marketplaces that provide individuals the platform to establish their own online business. Whether it is in movies, dancing, magic, playing games, ballet dancing, etc. Future Starr company creates an atmosphere to express your talent while earning a living from it. Our platform help creates a credible way of being free from a job. Future Starr gives entertainers a platform for people who wants to pursue new entertainment career endeavors. For example, actors, extras, or talent site acting groups, have the opportunity to reach out to their audiences to help market and drive sales along with helping them to build their online film reputation. We have a category of talent choices for you to upload your company profile to market and sell your presence.


TV & Video Cast Wanted


Whether you are in search of an actor, a millennium actress, or tv/videocast opportunity; the acting industry has created endeavors for some of your favorite movie stars to be successful and appear on Grammy award movies. There are many locations and ways to start a movie career. For example,  in-house studio, a professional studio, theater play auditorium, etc.

Become an extra! Whether you are an entertainer, actor, or extra, it still comes down to hard work.  Sometimes you may even have to play politics to become that next famous movie star. Your goal is to be the next best actor of all time. This means a lot of individuals who do have great acting talent, usually get an unfair chance either from lack of income or lack of network opportunities. The chance to become the next Hollywood Star is low.  So, do you stop and give up on your dreams? Your dreams should never end. You can always re-invent them.


Every person's dream is to appear on TV or establish new entertainment careers in front of a successful company. For example, Yahoo News is known for providing the best academy actor awards, and news updates from superstar celebrities. If you are a high-paying actress, you stand a good chance of getting the latest updates from the site. Not just on Yahoo, but with other outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. There’s a slim chance of coming across this type of opportunity. However, you can position yourself into this reality by setting up your online business through Future Starr’s platform and upload your best acting skits, and set the price of your preference based on the hard work you have conducted in the studio. You can build a streamline of revenue from starting your own business/company. Future Starr has an alert feature on our site where buyers can give you awards for your product even if does not meet their expectations.  Because it’s you the Seller they are rewarding and not the product. All it takes is for one product to go viral and you can blow up and make sales at the same time. Future Starr's systematic turn-key strategy could create good potential for you to position yourself with any network. Getting the publicity you have always dreamed of.

Turn Your Talent into an Online Empire


Actors sign up! Entertainers sign up! Magicians sign up! Film Directors Sign up! Running a digital business does not have to be hard. Future Starr has the resources you need to set up and hire potentially hire employers to work for you. No matter if it’s in the advertising industry or television industry. Our Talent Marketplace is here to help drive sales of your products. If you are a Buyer looking to support the best actors online, Future Starr is the place for you to create a free account and purchase from talented entertainers. Buyers, it’s free to sign-up and begin shopping through all the talent we have to offer in our Talent Mall. The Talent Mall allows you to select which talent categories that best fit your interest. Begin browsing through some amazing independent and talented entrepreneurs who are looking for your support. Future Starr also offers a quick production, actor, entertainer, etc. search option on the homepage if you are looking for a specific entertainer.

Build Up Your Reputation

Sign up with Future Starr’s web and mobile application and boost up your reputation with new followers. Our extensive marketing and well-built marketplace will also help you build your brand presence and online business/company. Create your profile and portfolio, save time, money, hassle, putting in the legwork by going offline reaching to agencies hoping to get your future career started. Use your skills, promote your products on social media, build an online reputation, improve your internet skills, and start building your brand. Use Future Starr as part of your hobbies that make money.


Be your own boss-Join hands with Future Starr, establish new hobbies that make money, sign up on our application form. Start the process of being your own boss! Whether it’s in music, cooking, or sports. We will authenticate you as a star in the entertainment industry as well as help you to retain a loyal fan population. Be innovative, be creative, work for yourself. Enhance your marketing tactics. It’s time to get rewarded for your hard work.

Be Your Boss!

Future Starr is a platform for individuals that are looking for hobbies that make money. After you upload your profile on the portal, fill in the credentials, for example, name, city, email, and location. You can make edits to your products for your industry or even share your products on other social media platforms. You can have access to top interested vendors and get connected with valuable audiences through the power of Future Starr's presence.


We cannot guarantee your success. Success is only determined by the person's work ethic and determination. Our page can ensure a solid establishment for interesting aspects for people in your area, nationwide, or globally. In this day and age, we encourage all talents to showcase their talent and maximize their growth.

Work Online or Offline

You have the opportunity now to market and promote yourself online or offline. Sign up and fill out our application form now! Make your movies and start selling them. What makes Future Starr different from other platforms is our technology. Our infrastructure has custom-built resources to help you create your online business selling digital products from home. We help individuals turn their talent from likes, posts, or shares, into sales and revenue. Start selling your talent! Set up your account as a novice put in the work, and become the next fortune 500 company. At Future Starr, we visualize your bright future.

 Entertainment careers

Entertainment careers are highly depending on the quality of talented employees. The job employees do help human resources with creating a team to improve the workforce. However, not everyone is comfortable working a 9-5. The world is changing now. Future Starr gives individuals a platform to start a process of producing their work. You travel from any city you want and run a business from your laptop or mobile device. Work remotely and earn more is our ultimate goal for entrepreneurs. If you are interested in joining us, you can use technology to be at the center of the constantly changing business market. Ask for consent from a business consultant before you decide to start your own business. Setup a business profile, include animation to help market your brand. Make sure your content is clear and concise. In the entertainment industry in which many operations are performing, producers need to start writing scripts on a page, create good content, if they want to work on stage. Stage entertainment content is highly recommended for creating a compelling play, series, or movie.

 Entertainment industry

Entertainment companies have their own office where they work on legal terms, handle finance, find work, accept proposals that are responsible for the market industry. The marketing industry is responsible for administrative affairs. Accept cookies from old customers; stay updated with the companies current scenarios. Select your career according to your choice, country, and vision  Start earning from your passion for the entertainment business. Vision yourself in starting your own entertainment company.


Job Vs Ownership

In the future, you should keep in mind, if you want to do a job you need to back it up by putting in the work. Start a job and work for someone else or work for yourself and establish ownership. You Decide! When applying to a job, you have to state your skills in a resume, apply for different jobs, schedule an interview, wait for a phone call hoping to get a job. As a business owner, you can set up your business plan, get a business license, get a start-up funding, and get more freedom working for yourself. You can become an owner in any industry such as sports, teaching, book writing, fitness, and many more. Apply for more and more jobs or work for yourself. You Decide!

 Check to see which skills are the best fit for you. Manage your finance and start your own business are take the easy approach by finding a legal job. Jobs these days are very hard to find. Future Starr is establishing a new business approach to the economy. People work several jobs just to keep the bills paid. We are helping people re-transition their thought process and what they need to do in building financial freedom for their life. In New York, many people work part-time jobs but that does not mean they cannot work something else. Jobs are of different types and can be stressful especially if you have kids. Working only one job while looking for another just to find more pay is very common. On their other hand, working for yourself, you are in control of how much you want to get paid, unlike the typical 9-5 job. A human being can handle 2 jobs at the same time because one shift on the job will be in the morning and the next job shift will be in the evening. However, you lose the freedom of spending time with your kids, taking vacations, etc because the individual's time is on the job. A day job and an evening job are typically done by many people in New York, Georgia, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. New York, is known for the hustle and bustle of people, from working at different jobs to becoming their boss.

What careers are in the entertainment industry?

Many careers are in the entertainment industry such as film directors, actors, make-up artists, etc. However, you need to ask yourself a question about which platform would add value to my vision in becoming successful in these industries? Answer: Future Starr… Fill out our online application and sign up with us today!

What jobs are there in the media?

Announcers, Art Directors, broadcast, editors, photographers, filmmakers, film, and video editors, and much much more.



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