Eddie Murphy Makes Witty Remarks About Will Smith at the Golden Globes 2023

Eddie Murphy Makes Witty Remarks About Will Smith at the Golden Globes 2023


What did Eddie Murphy say about Will Smith at Golden Globes 2023

Did you know that Eddie Murphy made some witty remarks about Will Smith at the Golden Globes? What did he say about "the slap?" And what advice did he give to aspiring actors?

Eddie Murphy jokes about "the slap"

The 80th Golden Globes 2023 was held on January 10, 2023. It was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, California. Presenters included Jamie Lee Curtis, Quentin Tarantino, Ana de Armas, and Billy Porter.

The event was hosted by Jerrod Carmichael. He started things off with a joke about Will Smith, a man who has been banned from attending Academy-sanctioned events for a decade.

Carmichael then announced an award for the best portrayal of masculinity on television. Not to be outdone, he also made a joke about Rock Hudson, who struggled to come out as gay.

He even went on to reference the slap incident that happened last year during the Oscars. Several people responded to this and others were disappointed in the slap joke.

One of the most popular slap jokes during the ceremony was from Eddie Murphy. In his acceptance speech he joked about Will Smith's slap at the Oscars.

Apparently, he also made a joke about his wife. And he had a funny one about the "definitive blueprint" for success.

Finally, he credited Come to America actor Eddie Murphy for inspiring him to get into comedy. While not everyone appreciated the joke, some said it was the most important one.

There were many more, of course. However, this article is about the most notable ones. Hopefully, the rest will be as entertaining as the one Eddie Murphy stole the show with.

Unfortunately, there is only so much humor you can get out of a slap. Some people are tired of it. Others have a high tolerance for it. So, they might not be the ones to call the slap the biggest joke.

Still, it is nice to see that Eddie Murphy used his time on stage to make some jokes about his famous slap. That is a true testament to his talents.

During his award presentation, Eddie Murphy even offered some words of wisdom to new artists, creatives, and dreamers. But of all the things he said, the most memorable was his joke about Will Smith's slap at last year's Oscars.

Despite the controversy, the Golden Globes did what it is supposed to do. Eddie Murphy joined Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Meryl Streep on the list of lifetime achievement award recipients.

Eddie Murphy's relationship with Will Smith

Eddie Murphy and Will Smith may have had a strained relationship before, but at the Golden Globes 2023, the two actors made up for it. It was Eddie Murphy who poked fun at the actor's encounter with Chris Rock during last year's awards.

During the ceremony, Murphy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work in "Beverly Hills Cop." He also earned a nomination for his performance in Dreamgirls. Known for his comedic roles, he has been in show business for over four decades.

Eddie Murphy has received a number of honors throughout his career, including a Primetime Emmy, a Grammy, and an Oscar. He's appeared in films like the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy, Shrek, and the Nutty Professor franchise. In 2007, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role in Dreamgirls.

Aside from a stint on Saturday Night Live, Eddie Murphy has had a varied career. His filmography includes the Shrek series, the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, and the upcoming rom-com, You People, with Kenya Barris.

As a part of his acceptance speech, Eddie Murphy gave some advice to up-and-coming artists. Among other things, he shared a blueprint for success, prosperity, and peace of mind.

During his speech, Eddie Murphy mentioned that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at last year's Oscars. He went on to apologize for the incident. Afterward, Smith was banned from attending all Academy-sanctioned events for 10 years.

In November, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock. However, he failed to realize that Rock's slap was due to alopecia. After the incident, Smith attempted to explain his actions on The Daily Show.

When he presented the award to Smith, Eddie Murphy made sure to mention the incident. He also joked about the number of children he has. This prompted a rapturous laughter from the audience.

While it's unclear how much time the slap took, it did trigger a number of thoughts and debates. Ultimately, it wasn't clear whether Murphy was joking or making an effort to support Smith. But it's safe to say that his jokes weren't the best way to go about it.

Eddie Murphy's speech at the Golden Globes

When Eddie Murphy gave his speech at the Golden Globes, he reminded the world of a few of his famous quips. He also provided advice to young creatives and a few pointers to keep in mind if you are trying to break into the entertainment industry.

While the Golden Globes don't award Oscars, it's still fun to see celebrities and artists receive honors. Eddie Murphy was honored for his career, and for his contributions to the world of entertainment.

In his speech, Eddie Murphy offered three tips to help up-and-coming performers. The first, he said, was to make sure that you don't mess with Will Smith. And the second was to remember that there is no substitute for a good joke.

For the third, Eddie Murphy pointed out that there are a few different things to consider when it comes to success in the entertainment industry. One is that you have to have a blueprint. Another is to have a plan for longevity. Finally, you need to be able to apologise when you screw up.

As far as the other things that he mentioned, he gave a shout-out to a lot of his fellow actors. He also praised the work of many producers. However, he did not mention the other awards he's received.

Eddie Murphy has been in the industry for over forty years, and he's earned a few accolades along the way. In 2007, he was nominated for his performance in Dreamgirls. He won for the same film the following year. Now, he is starring in You People on Netflix.

His other honors include a Grammy, an Emmy and Primetime Emmy. His filmography includes a series of comedies, including Beverly Hills Cop, Dr. Doolitle, Shrek and Coming to America.

He is also known for his role in the Nutty Professor franchise. He has 10 children, among them Christian and Eric. Aside from his acting career, he's a producer and a comedian.

His performance at the Golden Globes was a highlight of the night. He was given an honorary Golden Globe and a Cecil B. DeMille Award. After his speech, he received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Eddie Murphy's advice for working in the industry

Eddie Murphy's advice for working in the Golden Globes 2023 is to "mind your business". He has had a long and successful career, and is a good example of how an up-and-coming actor can succeed. During his speech, he referred to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars last year, and made a joke about it.

He also gave three simple rules to achieve success in show business: keep the name of Will Smith's wife out of your mouth, stay away from "the slap", and pay your taxes. After his speech, he received a standing ovation.

At the end of his speech, Eddie Murphy gave advice to up-and-coming actors. Despite his many years in the industry, he is not afraid to admit that he was still learning the ropes when he started out.

When he first made his way onto the comedy scene, he appeared on Saturday Night Live. His standup specials "Delirious" and "Raw" followed. In addition to his acting, he has become a music producer. Currently, he has a three-picture deal with Amazon Studios.

On the red carpet tonight, he was dressed in a black suit with black glasses. The actress who introduced him was Jamie Lee Curtis. She called him a charismatic, talented performer. And as Murphy left the stage, he got a standing ovation.

Before the awards show, he went on a walkabout with his fiancee Paige Butcher. They both wore coordinated black ensembles, and each had earrings resembling the other.

When he was given the award, he thanked his family and his associates. Afterwards, he offered three pointers for aspiring performers: stay away from the slap, pay your taxes, and mind your business.

In his speech, Eddie Murphy reflected on his four decades in the industry. He thanked his associates, his family, and his team. For the Golden Globes, he wore a classic black suit.

Throughout his career, he has made movies ranging from blockbuster films to duds. As a result, he has been nominated for six Golden Globes. One of his best performances was for Dreamgirls, where he won an Oscar nomination for his singing.

What Is Mega Millions Drawing Tonight 2023?

what is mega millions drawing tonight 2023

When you're looking for ways to get some cash, you may be wondering about what is Mega Millions drawing tonight. You're not alone. In fact, there are several different lottery games you can choose from. Some of these include the Powerball, Megaplier, and even annuity options. Whether you're hoping to win the jackpot or just add to your savings, there are a few things you should know about these games.

North Carolina

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game that is drawn twice a week. You can play it in 47 states, including North Carolina, where tickets are sold in many gas stations, stores and online. This lotto game also features the Megaplier option, which multiplies non-jackpot winnings by up to two.

The odds of winning the jackpot are very low. In fact, the chances of winning are one in 302.6 million. If you win the jackpot, you can choose to receive the prize in cash or annuity.

To play Mega Millions, you need to select five numbers between 1 and 70. Each drawing, a gold Mega Ball is rolled out from a drum. There are nine ways to win the prize, but the best way to win is to pick the correct Mega Ball.

In order to make your lucky pick, you'll need to pay $2. Depending on the state, the ticket may or may not come with an optional "Megaplier" feature.

Mega Millions is an exciting game that can make you a multimillionaire. However, if you don't win, the jackpot will be paid over 29 years.

It's hard to say whether or not the odds of winning the jackpot are low because of a lack of sales. On the other hand, the odds of winning aren't as bad as they used to be. Those changes were made to improve the appeal of the game and increase ticket revenue.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a record amount. As of October 14, it has passed the half-billion mark. And if no one claims the prize, it could go as high as $1.4 billion.


The Mega Millions drawing tonight is set to make history. This will be the third time that the jackpot has hit $1.1 billion. With the odds being so high, the chances of winning are great.

This jackpot is now the fifth largest prize in the history of the game. The Mega Millions is played in 45 states, and the odds of winning are one in 302.6 million. To win, players need to match all five white balls.

Ticket prices are $2 per line, and the jackpot can be won in nine ways. Almost all winners choose the cash option. However, there is also an annuity option for those who wish to take the money over 29 years.

Mega Millions drawings take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 11 pm Eastern Time. Tickets can be purchased in 45 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Some states, like Alaska and Hawaii, do not offer the game.

You can find the Mega Millions results on the official website. You can also visit the YouTube page to see the live drawing. In addition, you can watch the drawing on WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. It's possible that the drawing could be interrupted by a show or regular programming.

In the Mega Millions drawing tonight, the winning numbers were nine. They were: 03-20-46-59-63.

During the drawing, four other $1 million tickets were sold in New York, Florida, Maryland, and California. These tickets matched four of the five white balls, but did not match the Mega Ball.

There were no winners in the Mega Millions drawing on January 10th. It had an estimated jackpot of $940 million.

Megaplier feature

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game. Players select five main numbers from a pool of 70, and one Mega Ball number from a separate pool of 25. The jackpot is a minimum of $20 million. It is paid out in 30 installments. In addition to the jackpot, Mega Millions offers a second tier prize of $1 million.

While the Mega Millions jackpot may seem too good to be true, there are many other ways to win besides simply matching all six winning numbers. One of these is the Megaplier feature. This optional add-on to the basic ticket can multiply non-jackpot winnings by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times.

Unlike the Power Play, the Megaplier does not affect the overall odds of winning, but instead increases the potential value of your prize. However, it is also an expensive option, costing an additional $1 per play.

For starters, you must select a Megaplier number from a pool of 15 balls. You may select the Megaplier yourself, or have it generated by the machine. Once you have selected your Megaplier, you will need to deposit funds into your account. If you have won the jackpot, you can collect a cash payment, or take an annuity.

Lastly, you can also choose to use the optional Power Play feature. Similar to the Megaplier, the Power Play will multiply your non-jackpot winnings by ten. To play with the Power Play, you must buy a ticket from a lottery retailer.

Whether you are playing online, in a retail outlet, or have won the jackpot, the Mega Millions lottery is a fun way to increase your chances of winning.

Annuity option

If you win the Mega Millions lottery tonight, you have a choice: take the money in one lump sum or spread it out over thirty payments. The jackpot is estimated at $1.537 billion. Each year, your payments increase by five percent.

Annuity is the preferred option if you have money troubles, or if you want a more stable income for the future. It also reduces taxes on future earnings.

Depending on where you live, you will pay state or federal taxes on your winnings. However, some states do not tax lottery winnings. Using the annuity option means that you don't have to immediately pay taxes. In addition, annuities can be passed on to heirs.

The first annuity payment would be worth $36.7 million. This amount is based on the federal top tax rate of 37%. A second payment would be worth $30 million.

While the cash option offers a lower payout than the advertised jackpot, it can be a better choice for experienced investors. It also allows you to invest your winnings right away.

When choosing the annuity option, you must take into account how the government will treat your payments. You can calculate your payout over the years using an annuity calculator.

The first annuity payment is a lump sum, followed by 29 annual payments. The annuity is a safe option for people who don't have much experience investing. Also, annuities protect you from spending your entire prize at once.

The annuity payment schedule for Mega Millions can be found here. You can also find out the annuity payment schedule for your state.

To win the Mega Millions jackpot, you can buy tickets in any of the 45 states that sell lottery tickets. Tickets cost $2 each. They can also be purchased online.

Chances of winning

The Mega Millions jackpot is now over $1 billion. That's the fifth largest prize in lottery history. However, the odds of winning the Mega Millions are still low. You have a one in 302 million chance of winning.

In order to win the Mega Millions jackpot, you must match all five white balls. This includes one gold Mega Ball.

Since no one has won in 22 straight drawings, the odds of winning have increased. They now stand at 1 in 302,575,350.

As of October 2018, the Mega Millions jackpot has been unclaimed. Although, this has not stopped the game from being active. It is expected to continue to remain active.

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. Each ticket costs $2. You can purchase up to 10 consecutive drawings. If you win, you have 180 days to claim your prize.

The MEGA MILLIONS(r) drawing is held every Tuesday and Friday night at 11:00 p.m. ET. The drawing features a gold Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. These numbers are drawn from a pool of 70. Added to the odds of matching the numbers from the first pool, you have a one in ten thousand chance of winning the jackpot.

When you win a MEGA MILLIONS jackpot, the money will be shared among all jackpot-winning plays in all participating lotteries. Any prize money not claimed within the 180-day period is placed into the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot pool.

According to Professor Bruce Torff, a mathematics professor at Hofstra University in New York, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are one in 302,575,350 to one. However, the odds of getting hit by lightning are one in a million.

Where to Watch Arsenal Vs Newcastle on Tuesday

where to watch arsenal vs newcastle

If you are looking to watch Arsenal vs Newcastle on Tuesday then you will be pleased to know that there are many ways to watch this match. Depending on your preference you will be able to choose between watching it on the TV, via streaming services or even a combination of the two.

Premier League leaders arsenal face newcastle on Tuesday

A goalless draw between Newcastle and Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium has the potential to have a huge bearing on the race for the top four. The two clubs have a combined 11 wins and a draw over the past eight matches in the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta's side was in the ascendancy for most of the game. They did manage a good run of luck when Gabriel Martinelli's header was tipped over by Nick Pope in the first half.

After a promising start, Arsenal started to regress. Dan Burn and Ray Paretr were given their marching orders, while Craig Bellamy was red carded.

The game saw 17 shots, including a number of long range efforts. Although the game drew a blank, there were several notable moments. One of them was a superb run by Bukayo Saka down the right wing.

Despite the match ending in a drab draw, Arsenal kept their lead at the top of the table with eight points. It means Manchester City will need to win their next game against Chelsea if they want to keep it.

In the end, the match was more of a dogfight than a battle. Both sides had chances, but it wasn't the most impressive performance by either.

For the most part, Newcastle pressed hard for a victory. Their meanest defence in the league meant that it was difficult for Arsenal to break through.

On the other hand, a lack of flair showed by Arsenal made it more difficult for them to win the game. This was particularly evident when Nketiah missed a chance with a low cross from the left.

The draw is a significant achievement for Newcastle, who are in excellent form and in third place in the table. It's also the first time since January that the teams have shared a goal.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the place to watch Arsenal vs Newcastle on Tuesday evening. The two sides are due to meet at Emirates Stadium. It is expected that the game will begin at 7.45pm.

This match is one of several Premier League TV schedule matches that will take place this week. There are also matches scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Some of the matches are carried by Amazon Prime and other select matches will be available on Sky Sports Football. You can live stream the matches through the Sky Go app. Alternatively, you can sign up for the Premier League subscription service.

Arsenal will be without Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Jesus. However, Callum Wilson should be back from injury. In fact, he could even start. Meanwhile, Matt Targett is missing.

Mikel Arteta will be looking to revenge his defeat by Newcastle last May. He was on target for the Magpies, who were 2-0 winners. But the hosts were unable to break the Arsenal defence.

Whether or not Newcastle can keep their title chances alive will depend on how well they perform in London. They have only lost once in the league this season and are unbeaten since August.

In contrast, Arsenal have won five straight games and are seven points clear of Manchester City. A victory on Monday night will extend their lead at the top of the table.

In the Premier League, Arsenal are the only side that have won every game they have played at home this season. They also have the longest unbeaten streak in the competition. And they've scored more goals at home than any other team.

Newcastle, meanwhile, have been a stout nut to crack this season. Their unbeaten run includes a 0-0 draw against Leeds, while they also managed to hold a 2-0 lead over Bournemouth.

Streaming services available

If you are an Arsenal fan, you will want to be able to watch the upcoming Newcastle United game. With Arsenal securing a top spot in the Premier League, this fixture is an important match.

After an impressive start to the season, Newcastle have lost just one league match and are currently third in the table. In fact, they've won ten consecutive games. And they are unbeaten in the top flight since August.

The only loss Arsenal have had this season came at Manchester United in September. However, they have won five straight matches and have a seven-point lead over Manchester City.

In addition, Arsenal have never lost a game at home this season, which makes this a stern test for Newcastle. In fact, the two sides have not clashed in the regular season since last May.

Whether you decide to watch the game live or on TV, there are a few streaming services you can use to enjoy it. First, you can use ExpressVPN, which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It offers excellent speed and device support.

Next, you can try fuboTV. The service offers free trials to all subscribers. You can use this on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. To watch, you will need to set up a new email address.

Additionally, if you are overseas, you can use Netflix. This service allows you to watch Hollywood movies and other sports events. But, you will need a credit card to use.

Sling TV is also a great option, especially for a free trial. Though, you won't be able to watch the entire match.

Alternatively, you can try Sky Sports. They're the biggest player in the UK and will broadcast the game.

Xhaka gets his feet in a tangle

Granit Xhaka's foot was hurt during the defeat at Newcastle on Monday, but he was still able to give his all. He is crucial for Arsenal and the Emirates Stadium as the Gunners go for a third straight win.

Xhaka has anchored Arsenal's midfield since Mikel Arteta took over from Arsene Wenger. After scoring seven goals in two games since the World Cup, he is expected to be in the line-up against the Magpies.

He has a key role to play for Arsenal in their first match of the season. The Gunners are still chasing a place in the top four, and they need to beat Norwich City to do so. They are two points behind Tottenham Hotspur, but have one game to play.

Xhaka played 90 minutes against the Magpies. But he was sent off after the break. That riled the Arsenal boss. However, the German gave his all.

The midfielder was critical to Arsenal's performance, dictating play from a deep position. He hit the woodwork twice, and also hit a shot into the side netting.

Newcastle were a well-organised team that kept out Arsenal. And they were rewarded with a goal in the 87th minute. Bruno Guimaraes scored the winner.

With only one game left, Arsenal are in the final third of the table and in need of favours from Norwich to get them into the top four. This will be a tough game.

In the first half, Arsenal controlled most of the play. Pepe set up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for the opener. Odegaard had a shaky first half. Ramsey was a bit of a liability in the right-back role.

Gabriel Jesus was a nuisance in the box. Jesus' free-kick hit the side netting.


A 0-0 draw at the Emirates Stadium was all that could be salvaged from an ill-tempered match between two teams in search of their first win of the season. Newcastle were making the most of their numerical advantage while Arsenal were not doing much of note.

In the first half, Newcastle created a number of decent chances and did not convert. The best one came in the final minute of the half when a header from Joelinton was deflected wide. Fortunately for Newcastle, their keeper Pope was on hand to save it.

There were other notable moments in the game, like Bukayo Saka's fantastic run down the right wing. But Saka's effort was no match for keeper Nick Pope. And a shot by Eddie Nketiah in the closing moments looked like it might have won it.

Meanwhile, it was Gabriel Martinelli's clever pass that almost gave Arsenal the lead. After being slipped through by Xhaka, he hit a left-footed shot from just outside the box that scuffed just wide of the left-hand post.

The first goal was a bit of a surprise. It was the first time in a game between the teams that Arsenal took the lead. However, it didn't last long.

The most impressive display from Newcastle was their defence. They were able to keep the ball away from the attack and keep the majority of the possession. At the other end of the pitch, the midfielders posed a constant threat and their arrivals at the right flank continued.

Another key moment was when the assistant VAR (Victim and Restitution Administration) spotted a free kick in the Arsenal penalty area. This was the first time this season that this system was used and it was a major step in the right direction.

What Time Is The Arsenal Vs Newcastle Match?

what time is arsenal vs newcastle match

The Premier League leaders Arsenal will be facing off against the team from Newcastle United on Tuesday. Whether you're watching the match live or on TV, you'll want to know what time is the Arsenal vs Newcastle match, as well as what to expect from the game.

Arsenal vs Newcastle United kick off at 8pm on Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event

If you are looking for a Premier League match to watch on Monday evening, then you will want to catch Arsenal vs Newcastle. This is a game that will be shown on Sky Sports in the UK, and you can also stream the game via the Sky Sports app. The game will begin at 8pm GMT.

Both teams are coming off defeats in the last week, with Newcastle losing to Manchester City while Arsenal lost to Tottenham. It is therefore likely that both teams will be looking to get back to winning ways.

Arsenal have now won five of the last eight games they have played away from home, and a victory against the Magpies would give them an impressive nine points in their quest for the top four. They are still seven points clear of Manchester City, who are next in line.

In other news, Gabriel Martinelli is in contention to return from injury. He is a doubt for this match, while Rob Holding has been sent off in the last round of North London derbies.

There are also a number of injury worries at Newcastle. Jonjo Shelvey is out with a calf problem, while Ryan Fraser is injured. Also, Thomas Partey and Pablo Mari are not fit.

With the international break over, Arsenal have two matches on their agenda, and will be looking to win both. A victory over Newcastle will take them within reach of third place in the table, and would leave them three points behind the fourth-placed Manchester United.

Arsenal will be looking to extend their lead at the top of the English Premier League table when they face Newcastle on Tuesday. The Gunners are seven points clear of rivals Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, though they are still nine ahead of United.

Both sides have enjoyed fine form this season and have plenty of games in hand. They also have to contend with a tough festive schedule, including visits from Liverpool and Chelsea. However, a victory could mean a decisive edge over both clubs in the race for fourth place.

Although Arsenal had a great chance to move 10 points clear at the top of the table, they could not find a way past a resolute Newcastle side. In fact, the Gunners haven't won a league game against the Magpies since a 2-0 triumph at St James' Park in May.

Mikel Arteta's side had the better of the opening half, and could have added to their tally early on. Gabriel Martinelli had two headers omitted, while Eddie Nketiah's volley was blocked.

In the end, it was Joey Barton's ferocious volley that ensured a win. Not the easiest feat to pull off, but the Englishman pulled it off.

Newcastle have been on a roll in recent weeks, having gone unbeaten in their last eight league matches. Their defensive record is among the best in the top flight. But they failed to make much of their many chances, and failed to score in the match.

Arsenal vs Newcastle United team statistics

Arsenal and Newcastle United have met a number of times in the past. The two teams have faced each other on 29 occasions so far, with the last game in the Premier League ending in a 0-0 draw.

Despite the game not being a classic, the two sides had a few good chances to win the match. Alexis Sanchez did lift the ball over the Newcastle defense to give Welbeck a good chance to score, but his volley lacked the oomph to be deemed a true goal.

However, it was a Jack Colback free-kick that proved the most telling goal of the night. The ball was teed up perfectly for Perez, who turned it home in style.

As well as the goal, there were also some other noteworthy accomplishments from both teams. Newcastle kept the ball in their possession for most of the match, while Arsenal's work rate deteriorated after a strong start.

The first period was highlighted by a double save from Newcastle's goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny. He denied Yoan Gouffran and Papiss Cisse in the process.

It was only later in the game that the match wore out its welcome. A late penalty claim from Jack Colback was thwarted, but the free-kick was a good indication that Newcastle are improving under new boss Eddie Howe.

Another notable achievement was a resurgent performance from Hector Bellerin, who provided an impressive display of energy.

Arsenal vs Newcastle United absentees

With eight points separating the two teams at the top of the table, Arsenal and Newcastle United will clash in the final match of the Premier League season on Tuesday evening. It is a match the Magpies will not want to lose and the fans are eager to get another top-notch performance.

As expected, there will be some injury problems on the day. The Magpies are missing their only fit striker, Alexander Isak, and Jonjo Shelvey. They also have a number of long-term absentees in the squad.

Arsenal's biggest missing player is Gabriel Jesus. He is not expected to play due to an injury. Other players on the sidelines include Reiss Nelson, Paul Dummett, and Emil Krafth.

Newcastle's injuries are not as bad, with only Paul Dummett and Matt Targett expected to miss the game. There is also the possibility of Joe Willock dropping out. This would allow Joelinton to return to midfield.

On the other hand, the Gunners have only picked up one clean sheet on home soil this season. Despite this, they have scored 17 goals and conceded nine. Their goal scoring ratio is not as good, though, as they have averaged 2.6 goals per game.

While the Magpies have had a solid start to the season, they have suffered from a poor transfer window. They have made a number of signings this summer.

The Magpies are currently third in the standings, just behind Chelsea and Liverpool. But they have won nine of their ten games in the Premier League this season.

Arsenal vs Newcastle match highlights

Arsenal and Newcastle have not drawn in the last five meetings. The two sides will be wearing their home kits in this match. So let's take a look at the highlights.

Firstly, there are changes in the middle of the pitch. Unai Emery has brought in Nicolas Pepe, Dan Ceballos and Luiz. And while the midfield is a lot different from the one in which Arsenal beat Brighton, there is a similarity.

Secondly, there were some good performances from the three home players. Granit Xhaka made a lot of running. Bukayo Saka was industrious. He played a great ball through the lines.

Lastly, there were two great chances. Eddie Nketiah and Martin Odegaard both went close. But neither side could quite put it to bed.

During the first half, Arsenal enjoyed a lot of possession. Their goalkeeper Nick Pope was impressive. Despite this, Newcastle had numerous chances.

There were no penalties. It was a very exciting game to watch and there were many highlights. However, the most important highlight was that it was the first time in the history of the Premier League that Arsenal have won a match on their home pitch.

The other notable tidbit was that Eddie Nketiah has now scored in each of his last eleven matches in all competitions. Those results have put him top of the charts.

At the same time, the Arsenal side had their chances. They looked the more potent side, but failed to make much of their opportunities.

Arsenal vs Newcastle match schedule

The two sides will go head to head at the Emirates Stadium in London on Saturday evening. Newcastle will be hoping to move into the top four, whilst Arsenal are looking to maintain their perfect home record and extend their lead at the top of the table.

Newcastle have kept 10 clean sheets this season, but have only scored 32 goals in their 17 matches. They haven't scored a goal in their last nine games in all competitions.

After an impressive start, Arsenal failed to find the quality to put the ball past Newcastle's goalkeeper. In the first seven minutes, the Gunners had five shots on target. Granit Xhaka's strike was saved, while Gabriel Martinelli's header flashed wide.

It was also the first time Arsenal had failed to score in a Premier League match this season. A lack of composure, poor set piece chances and a poor finish saw the visitors fail to take advantage of their best chances.

Despite the defeat, Eddie Howe's side showed their worth against a strong Arsenal side. Newcastle's defence defended superbly and Nick Pope's legs kept them in the game.

While it was a well-earned point, Newcastle's performance against an Arsenal side that has won all seven of their home games this season was a disappointment. They will need to show more in future matches.

Newcastle had a chance to equalize when Gabriel Martinelli sent a header just over the crossbar from a free kick. Joelinton's header also failed to take advantage of a good opportunity in the first half.

What Channel is Arsenal Vs Newcastle on Today?

what channel is arsenal vs newcastle on today

The Premier League continues with a game between Arsenal and Newcastle. After the first half of the match ended with no goals, the game continued with no changes to the scoreline. With the Premier League title in the hands of Arsenal, the game was a draw.

Arsenal have never lost to Newcastle in the Premier League and are looking to extend their lead to double digits in January. The two sides haven't played since May, but have enjoyed a successful home run against each other.

If you are unable to watch the game live, you can watch it on the Sky Sports website or app, or on other channels around the world. It is one of the many matches on the Premier League TV schedule this week.

If you don't want to pay for a subscription, you can catch the match for free on the Sky Go app. You can also watch in-game clips on the Sky website.

In addition to the league, you can also watch the FA Cup. On January 10, Newcastle play Leicester in the quarter-finals. This will be the first competitive game for the Magpies under Steve Bruce.

Newcastle have a strong defence, conceding just 11 goals in the league. They have also kept 10 clean sheets in the premier league this season.

Arsenal have won five games in a row and are seven points clear of Manchester City in the table. However, they have dropped points in the last few matches. With a win, they could extend their lead to eight points.

Arsenal will be without Reiss Nelson, Gabriel Jesus and Alexander Isak for the match. Long-term absentees include Emile Smith Rowe and Paul Dummett.

Newcastle, meanwhile, will be without Matt Targett and Jonjo Shelvey. Fabian Schar is serving a two-match suspension after he picked up a concussion in Switzerland.

Newcastle vs Arsenal is scheduled to be on the Sky Sports Main Event. A pre-match build-up will begin at 7.45pm.


Newcastle United are on a six-match unbeaten streak in the top flight. They sit third, and have a tough match against Arsenal on Tuesday. The Magpies will need to take points from the Emirates Stadium to remain in the title race.

Newcastle are also without a host of key players, including Jonjo Shelvey, Paul Dummett and Emil Krafth. There are also a few injury worries. Loris Karius is in doubt after his short-term contract expired.

On the other hand, Eddie Howe's side have two goals in their last six games. They could have cracked Mikel Arteta's armour. But a 0-0 draw may not be as damaging as a 2-0 defeat at St James' Park in May.

Hopefully, the players will be in full training. Chris Wood and Callum Wilson might be called into the squad. However, it is very likely that the XI will be unchanged.

Mikel Arteta's side will be aiming for a return to winning ways against Arsenal. He may stick to a similar attacking combination. Or, he could revert to a 4-4-2 formation. It would give them a chance to break down Arsenal's stout defence.

Newcastle are currently unbeaten in the top flight since August. They have conceded only 11 goals and are arguably the stingiest defence in the division.

However, the 2-0 defeat against the Magpies ruined Arsenal's chances of Champions League qualification. That's despite a spirited performance. Areta showed plenty of frustration in the build-up, but also a few sloppy moments.

A win for the Gunners would have pushed them ten points clear of Manchester City, but they have missed a few opportunities to close the gap. Nevertheless, Arsenal are on course for a top four finish.


If you are looking for a match today to watch, then you should check out Arsenal vs Newcastle. These two clubs are battling for the top four of the Premier League. Each team has a great deal of strength in all positions. This is especially true of Arsenal.

The two teams haven't met since Newcastle's 2-0 home win last May. This game will give each team a stern test.

Both sides are riding high in the table. However, Newcastle have played more games than the Gunners. They have not lost in the league since August. While Newcastle is sitting third, they are only two points behind Manchester City. With the match coming up, they will be hoping to stay in contention for a place in the Champions League.

Both sides will be without a number of key players, but it's unlikely that they will pick up any injuries. Mikel Arteta and Gabriel Jesus are expected to start for Arsenal while Jonjo Shelvey, Alexander Isak and Reiss Nelson will be out for Newcastle.

Newcastle have been unbeaten in the top flight for thirteen matches, and they are looking to put a halt to their streak. Despite having a slender lead over the team in second place, Liverpool, they will be determined to maintain their grip on the title.

Eddie Howe is the manager in charge of Newcastle. He has never won a point as an away manager at Arsenal. But this may be the year he finally does it.

The two teams will kick off at 7:45pm. BT Sport will broadcast the game, and there are a number of other channels that will also show the match.


If you are looking for a place to bet on the Arsenal vs Newcastle today, you can visit Bet365. They have a strong presence in the UK and in many other countries around the world. In fact, they are the largest online betting company in the world.

With a win against Newcastle, Arsenal can take a huge step towards qualification for the Champions League. While they are still chasing defending champions Manchester City, they are now one point ahead of them.

Newcastle are still without a win since August. However, they haven't lost in the Premier League in five matches. And they haven't lost to Arsenal in eight years.

The two sides last met in the 2010/11 season, when Newcastle beat the Gunners 2-0. Now they face off again in the new year.

The match will be broadcast on the Sky Sports Main Event. It starts at 7.45 pm. You can live stream the game on NOW or BT Sport via your computer or mobile phone. Also, select matches are also carried on Amazon Prime.

The game is likely to be contested by three players, but it is likely that Callum Wilson will start for the visitors. He has returned from injury.

There are no clear injuries, but the side are expected to be without Emile Smith Rowe, Reiss Nelson and Alexander Isak. That is why you should expect the Gunners to be the favourites to win.

On the other hand, Newcastle are not without their own problems. In addition to Matt Targett, who is suspended, they are still without Rob Holding. But they have managed to hold Liverpool at half time.

There is still an outside chance that Newcastle will be relegated. The side are nine points behind Arsenal, but they have a game in hand.

Premier League leaders Arsenal vs Newcastle 0-0 draw

Premier League leaders Arsenal and Newcastle United played out a goalless draw at Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night. It was the first time that Arsenal have failed to score in all competitions this season and left them just eight points clear of second-placed Manchester City.

Both sides were on the back foot throughout the game. The only real chances came in the first half. Joelinton's diving header failed to find the target from close range after a flicked-on corner.

In the first seven minutes, Arsenal had five shots at Nick Pope's goal. Bukayo Saka forced a brilliant save. Granit Xhaka had two attempts at the goal.

In the second half, it was the turn of Newcastle's defence to frustrate the Gunners. Saliba had to thwart Chris Wood twice, while Gabriel Martinelli's header flashed wide.

Newcastle have not conceded a competitive goal since defeating Southampton in November. Their defensive record in the league this season has been the best of any side in the division.

A number of yellow cards were awarded, including six for Newcastle. However, Mikel Arteta was not happy with the way the officials handled the situation.

Despite the scoreline, it was a disappointing performance from Arsenal. They had a number of chances to win but could not break through the stingiest defence in the division.

Mikel Arteta and his assistant had some ill-tempered exchanges on the touchline. He was particularly angry after being denied a penalty in the closing moments.

It was a frustrating Christmas period for Mikel Arteta. He had a good chance to go 10 points clear at the top of the table but saw his goal denied.

Hopefully, this 0-0 draw against Newcastle will not detract from Arsenal's title hopes. They still have a chance to make it to the top four, though.

What Time is Arsenal Vs Newcastle United This Weekend?

what time is arsenal vs newcastle

If you want to watch Arsenal vs Newcastle United this weekend, then you'll need to know what time the match is. The good news is that it is pretty simple to find out the time. You can either use the time and date provided on the website of the game's official website, or you can just look at your local news.

Arsenal vs Newcastle United

Arsenal are top of the table at the start of January and will have a very tough test against Newcastle United. They travel to the Emirates Stadium in North London on Tuesday and will take on a team that is unbeaten in the league since August.

In their last match, Newcastle drew 0-0 with Leeds. But with seven hours of football passed without a goal, the Magpies are still in the game.

The game will be live on Sky Sports and is available on the USA Network and fuboTV Canada. You can also stream the game on Sky Sports Main Event and Premier League GO.

Arsenal have not drawn in five matches against Newcastle. Mikel Arteta will be out to get revenge for his team's 2-0 defeat at St James' Park in May. He will probably stick with the same XI against the Magpies.

Newcastle have the stingiest defence in the top flight this season. But their threat from set pieces is causing them problems.

After playing six games, Newcastle have picked up just two goals. However, they have kept 10 clean sheets.

Eddie Howe's side have had to settle for a goalless draw against Leeds, but he will be delighted with the result. If Arsenal can manage to win, it will put them eight points clear at the top of the table.

Arsenal are looking to continue their impressive streak of home wins against Newcastle, having won the last five meetings in North London. Several key players are missing, including Gabriel Jesus and Reiss Nelson. Despite their absences, however, the Gunners are still the favorites to win the match.

If Mikel Arteta sticks to the winning combination, Arsenal will be in good shape. However, he could still be forced to choose between a number of possible substitutions.

With seven points clear at the top of the Premier League table, Arsenal are poised to win the title. The Gunners will face Newcastle United tonight at the Emirates Stadium. There are a number of places to watch the match live online and on TV.

Fans in Canada and the US can watch the game on Sky Sports Main Event and NBC Universo. You can also live stream the match through your PC, smart phone or tablet via the NOW app. If you don't have a subscription, you can sign up for a free trial. Alternatively, you can try fuboTV.

Arsenal and Newcastle are both in good form. The Gunners are unbeaten in their last 10 matches, and they've won two of their last four, including a 4-2 victory over Brighton on New Year's Eve. They are also in the midst of an FA Cup run. In addition, they will have two games left to play in the league.

Newcastle have lost just one Premier League game this season, and they are third in the standings. Their only defeat came against Leeds, which ended their six-match winning streak. But they have been strong defensively this season, keeping 11 clean sheets.

Arsenal are without a number of key players, however, with Gabriel Jesus, Reiss Nelson and Paul Dummett all absent. The club will also be without long-term absentee Emile Smith Rowe.

The game will be refereed by Andy Madley. It will be the first time that Steve Bruce has managed Newcastle in a competitive setting. He will also be the first manager to face Arsenal since their 2-0 home win in May.

The Magpies have lost just one of their last six matches, but they have struggled to break down teams. This is a tough test for any team. However, if they can overcome their opponents, they will be able to build on their confidence and show their credentials.


With a seven-point lead over Manchester City, Arsenal will look to make a big move ahead of their rivals in the Premier League when they play Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium tonight. This is the first of two remaining fixtures for the Gunners and they will need to win them both if they want to keep their top-four position.

The Gunners are unbeaten at home this season and are looking to stretch their lead against the Magpies. Their goalkeeping has improved significantly under the tutelage of Oleksandr Zinchenko.

After drawing a blank against Leeds United in their last Premier League game, the Magpies will be looking to bounce back against an Arsenal side that has only won one of their previous eight matches. It's also worth noting that if Arsenal wins, they can move 10 points clear at the top of the table.

The game is being televised in the UK on Sky Sports. However, you can watch the match live in the US by streaming it on fuboTV. You can get a seven-day free trial if you sign up. If you're in Canada, you can also stream the match on fuboSports Network.

The Arsenal-Newcastle match will be available to watch live in Australia via Optus Sport. Likewise, it's also being televised in Nigeria via SuperSport MaXimo 1. In the US, NBC's Peacock platform will broadcast the match. Alternatively, you can stream it on Hulu and Sling TV.

Despite the recent results, Arsenal remain a favorite to win the match. This is especially true considering that Steve Bruce has been appointed as the Magpies' manager for the first time in a competitive setting.

Match report

The match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium on Monday night was a feisty affair. Arsenal had the better of the first half, but Newcastle did well to take the game to the London club in the second.

Newcastle's goalkeeper, Nick Pope, had to save well from a low drive from Eddie Nketiah. He saved the shot with his feet.

At the other end, Granit Xhaka and Martin Odegaard both had chances. Xhaka's effort was blocked, while Odegaard's cross to the near post was unconverted.

A foul on the midfielder sparked controversy. It was the third yellow card of the game. Mikel Arteta was furious at the referee.

Mikel Arteta made his first change in the 75th minute. He replaced Joe Willock with Allan Saint-Maximin. His substitution was his first since the win over Brighton.

In the first period, Newcastle played a lot of the ball on the counter. Their goalkeeper was rarely tested. However, he was called on to save well from Gouffran and Cisse.

Newcastle's set piece opportunities were the most dangerous. They had two corners. Xhaka almost converted his first.

During the second half, Arsenal won a corner. It was headed wide. Joelinton then flashed a header wide.

After the break, the game got even tense. Jack Colback then scored a free kick, which gave the home side some hope.

But Newcastle were still struggling to break down Arsenal. Even though they slowed the momentum, they still remained in the match.

The game ended nil-nil. Andrey Arshavin had an assist for Theo Walcott's opener. Both sides had their chances, but the Gunners won the match.

Mikel Arteta complained about time wasting by the Newcastle side. He was also unhappy with the referee's decision.


In a match that felt more like a top four encounter than a clash of two of the league's best teams, Arsenal and Newcastle held their own. Both teams were well drilled in the first half, but the Magpies hampered the Gunners' attack and were rewarded with a 0-0 draw.

The Premier League leader Arsenal has been in fine form recently. Their run of seven straight wins and eight points from their last six games has put them ahead of Manchester City by eight points. But they were left to rue missed chances against Newcastle on Tuesday night.

They had five shots on target. One was an angled strike by Cazorla that was too cute to be taken seriously.

The other was a goalkeeper's double save to keep out Cisse and Gouffran. Still, the Magpies were unable to break through the unbreakable Arsenal defence.

While both teams played good, it was Arsenal who did the majority of the good stuff. The Gunners had control of the game and a decent attack.

Newcastle's defensive record was also impressive. They have allowed just 11 goals this season, the fewest in the league.

They've only lost once this season. This is a huge feat considering they're still in the hunt for a Champions League spot.

In addition to the draw, the Gunners were also disappointed not to claim a penalty in stoppage time. That would've given them the perfect chance to put the Magpies away with a victory.

As a result, the 0-0 draw at the Emirates is the first goalless draw in the Premier League since January. It's not an awful result, but it's not the greatest result in the league.

What is Arsenal Vs Newcastle on Sunday, April 13, 2012?

what is arsenal vs newcastle on

If you are wondering what is Arsenal vs Newcastle, you are in the right place. The match will be played on Sunday, April 13, 2012 at the Emirates Stadium in London. It will be a Premier League game between two teams that are currently sitting in the top half of the table, and will give fans plenty to get excited about. There are several ways to watch this game live online, and you will be able to get the match in the United States and Canada. Whether you are watching at home or on your mobile device, you are sure to enjoy this match.

Arsenal vs Newcastle 0-0 draw

When Newcastle United and Arsenal took to the field in London on Wednesday night, it felt like the two teams were playing the final chapter in their quest for the top four. While Arsenal managed to hold out for a solitary point, Newcastle maintained their unbeaten record and remain third in the table. It's the first time they've managed a draw against the Gunners this season.

The game saw a number of incidents. A scuffle erupted between Mikel Arteta and Eddie Howe. There were eight yellow cards. Granit Xhaka was deemed to have been involved in a foul on Jacob Murphy, which was a controversial call. However, the VAR confirmed that the decision was correct.

Arsenal had a chance to whack Newcastle in the teeth with a volley from a flicked-on corner, but Joelinton's attempt failed to find the back of the net. At the other end, Nketiah had a decent chance from close range, only to be denied by Pope.

Neither team looked particularly impressive throughout the game. But Newcastle's defence has been the stoutest in the league this season, and they kept a clean sheet for the 10th time in the Premier League this term.

Despite Newcastle's defensive effort, they couldn't quite get their act together. Arsenal were the better side in the first half. But their performance in the second waned. They had only five shots on target.

Although Arsenal were the more prolific team in the first half, they had little to show for their efforts. Even a free-kick was not sufficient. Gabriel Martinelli's inswinging cross was headed wide. And the best opportunity for the visitors came in the 87th minute. Incredibly, Nick Pope saved Eddie Nketiah's shot with his outstretched leg.

Nevertheless, the Arsenal faithful were still licking their chops. Their frustration was a symptom of the fact that they weren't able to get the ball past a solid Newcastle back line.

The most exciting moments of the game were the penalty kicks. In the first half, Xhaka hit Murphy with a cross and the keeper was forced into action. Several seconds later, Xhaka kicked the ball into his arm, causing him to slide.

The most important goal of the game was a flicked-on corner from the left by Tomiyasu. He beat Saint-Maximin to the loose ball.

Aside from the aforementioned free-kick, the other thing to be mentioned was the penalty. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it's actually a trump card for Newcastle. Fortunately for the visitors, they don't have many substitutions to make.

It's not clear whether Mikel Arteta will start the next game. He is still recovering from a knee injury.

Premier League broadcasts in the USA and Canada

If you're looking to watch the Premier League this season, there are a number of different ways to do so. You can watch a game live on television, or you can stream it through a legal service. This will allow you to watch games from wherever you are.

Last year, the Premier League reached a total of 30 million viewers in the U.S., a massive jump over previous years. The number of American viewers is likely to increase due to the current transfer window. While many of the Premier League matches will be shown on NBC, CNBC and CBS, there are also a number of matches that will be broadcast on other channels, including the USA Network, Sportsnet and TSN.

NBC has exclusive rights to the Premier League in the United States through 2027/28. In addition to its broadcasts, the NBC Sports Group will also produce programming, including the Premier League Mornings show. NBC Sports' match commentary team is led by Peter Drury, Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux.

Premier League broadcasts on the USA and Canada will also be hosted by the USA Network and Peacock. Both networks will air four matches per week. During the EPL season, the Peacock will air a variety of matches, with a focus on big matches. Depending on the game, the Peacock will present a live stream for up to four hours.

NBC Sports' Premier League Mornings will return to studio in the new year. This morning show will feature the same edge-of-the-seat action that viewers have become accustomed to. It will air on the Peacock from 7 to 8 a.m. and then be moved to the USA Network in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Sportsnet network will carry four matches in succession on the Saturday. Two of those matches will be in the early morning, while the other two will be in the afternoon.

Another big day in the Premier League will be on Sunday. Newcastle United will face Wolves, while Liverpool will visit Everton. Manchester City will travel to West Ham to take on the Hammers. Aston Villa and Brighton will meet.

After the World Cup break, the Premier League returns to action on Friday. Fans will be able to catch Premier League action on NBC and USA Network. For more information on the Premier League, check out the World Soccer Talk Ultimate Soccer TV and Streaming Guide.

FuboTV has just secured the Canadian rights to the Premier League. This will enable the company to broadcast all 380 matches of the league throughout the season.

The contract with DAZN, which has been the only Canadian rightsholder for the EPL, will expire at the end of the 2021/22 season. Although DAZN will continue to carry the league, it may have plans to shift its focus to Europe.

Arsenal vs Newcastle vs Chelsea

Arsenal are aiming to extend their lead at the top of the Premier League to ten points with a crucial match against Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium. It's the kind of game that could either make or break Arsenal's title hopes.

Newcastle's defenders made life very difficult for the hosts, but the Gunners were unable to find the back of the net. Xhaka missed the chance to score from close range. He was unmarked when the ball whizzed in his direction, but failed to volley it to a team-mate.

A second half flurry of chances didn't add to Arsenal's advantage. Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli both wasted good opportunities before the break, while Joelinton wasted an excellent opportunity before the interval.

While Newcastle were unbeaten in the league, Arsenal have won all of their last seven games. Their opponents have only won one of their last eight outings, but the home side will be looking to improve on that.

A win for Arsenal will extend their lead at the top of the table to eight points, with Manchester City only four points behind. The hosts have a five-point advantage over Chelsea, who play at Stamford Bridge on Thursday. However, Arsenal are on a nine-game winning streak in all competitions, with their only defeat this season coming against Brighton.

Although Arsenal have won all of their games at the Emirates this season, they've lost to Newcastle on three occasions. Last time the two teams met, Newcastle beat Arsenal 2-0 in May. That may not have been the most notable result, but it was a significant achievement for the Tynesiders. They are now in a strong position for a top-four finish.

Although Newcastle had the best defence in the division, the Gunners showed a flair for the dramatic. In the opening half they had five shots at Pope's goal. Only two were successful, although they did have a decent effort towards the far corner.

Newcastle's defending is the best in the division and they've conceded only two goals in their last eight outings. The best goalkeeping performance came from Pope, who made a terrific save from an Eddie Nketiah strike.

While the Gunners' chances of scoring were limited, their workrate and organisation was impressive. As a result, they have been able to keep 10 clean sheets in the league. This is the first time they've managed to do so in eight consecutive seasons.

The Gunners were also aided by their newest recruit, Oleksandr Zinchenko, who has brought some semblance of control to the defense. For the most part, the team was in complete control of the proceedings, and it was not until a late penalty appeal was denied that the hosts' frustrations were really raised.

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