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Dynamite Kid’s blog features DIY, thrifty and unusual ideas and tips, and it’s a fantastic resource for students and proud young(ish) adults who’ve just started to get serious about home and living. They are also an incredible resource for cool projects that are quirky, fun, and generally good for your karma.

best known by the ring name the Dynamite Kid, was a British professional wrestler. Trained by former wrestler "Dr Death" Ted Betley, he competed in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Stampede Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) in the mid-to-late-1980s. With his cousin Davey Boy Smith, he is also known for having been one half of the tag team The British Bulldogs. He also had notable feuds with Tiger Mask in Japan and Bret Hart in Canada. 

Thomas Billington (December 5, 1958 – December 5, 2018) was a retired British professional wrestler known under the ring name Dynamite Kid and was best known for his time in known for his work in World Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

Dynamite Kid: Dark Side of the Ring – What We Learned

Last week’s edition of Dark Side of the Ring took a deep, unsettling dive into the life of Grizzly Smith and his children. This week, the show shifted gears toward British professional wrestler Dynamite Kid. Many fans will best know him as one-half of The British Bulldogs alongside Davey Boy Smith. From Stampede Wrestling to All Japan Pro Wrestling to the World Wrestling Federation, the real-life Thomas Billington has been regarded as an innovator in wrestling. However, his personal life proved to be anything but inspiring. Here is what viewers learned from the episode aptly titled The Dynamite Kid. (Source: lastwordonsports.com)

Dynamite Kid Trained at the Snake Pit Under Ted Betley.

It was here where he learned, undertaking serious punishment. Mick Foley believed this contributed to Dynamite’s approach. A young Mick Foley, who regarded Dynamite Kid as one of his heroes, faced the established British Bulldogs in a tag team contest. Foley recalled taking a serious hit from Dynamite. As a result, Foley’s jaw was dislocated and he couldn’t eat solid foods for 3 weeks. (Source: lastwordonsports.com)

Michelle Billington Was Married to Thomas Billington.

Michelle is the sister of Julie Hart, the ex-wife of Bret Hart. Julie was protective of Michelle, almost in a motherly way. Michelle first saw Thomas Billington in the ring with Hart. Thomas and Michelle would get to know one another, sparking a relationship. She was 18 when they were married. Thomas was scared to hold their eldest daughter, Bronwyne, seeing her as delicate. Their youngest child is their daughter, Amaris. Both daughters spoke on this episode. (Source: lastwordonsports.com)

By the 1980s, Dynamite Kid Was a Top Performer.

In addition to Stampede Wrestling, he was a star in Japan, including All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In the latter, his work with the original Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama, was highly regarded, due to the quickness and execution of the matches. Mick Foley recalled discovering this work, as a young fan, on VHS. At his short stature and size, Dynamite Kid had to overperform, even at the risk of his own body. (Source: lastwordonsports.com)



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