Did Erika Jayne Give Her Husband's Earrings Back?

Did Erika Jayne Give Her Husband's Earrings Back?



The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been in the center of one of the most controversial scandals to hit RHOBH. Her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, is accused of embezzling millions from settlement funds for air crash victims.

The Trustee in charge of Girardi's bankruptcy case has asked Jayne to turn over her diamond earrings that he purchased for $750,000 with stolen money from a client trust account.

Did Erika Jayne Give The Earrings Back?

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were shocked to learn that Erika Jayne would have to give her husband’s earrings back, after a judge ruled she had no right to keep them. The controversial RHOBH star had been fighting to maintain possession of the $750,000 diamonds, which her ex-husband Tom Girardi supposedly purchased with stolen funds from his law firm.

According to reports, a California judge decided that Erika had no right to keep the earrings and ordered them to be turned over to a trustee overseeing Tom’s bankruptcy. The judge called the use of the funds “a crime” and said that the jewelry should be sold to help pay off Tom’s debts.

Ahead of the hearing, Erika had said she would not hand over her heirlooms without a court order. She also argued that the money she used to purchase the earrings was not stolen.

In June, however, a judge decided that she was wrong and that she must hand over the earrings to a trust account. The judge deemed that she did not know the earrings were bought using money that had been stolen from clients. The judge ruled that Erika had no right to keep the pair of earrings and that she must hand them over to a trustee overseeing Tom’s forced bankruptcy.

The judge did not rule on whether or not Erika should have to pay for the legal fees associated with turning the earrings over. The judge did, however, order that the trustee be allowed to pay Erika’s attorney’s fees if she wins the case.

Despite the judge’s ruling, Erika is still fighting to retain her prized pieces of jewelry. In fact, a lawyer for Erika is currently filing a new appeal to the ruling on the matter, hoping that he will be able to convince the judge that the jewelry is not actually property of Tom’s estate and should therefore be sold.

While many people have criticized the decision to sell the earrings, others believe that they will be a valuable asset for someone who might find them at a discount. The auction is expected to take place on December 7, and the earrings are expected to be sold for a lot less than their original price.

Some fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have taken to social media to criticize the decision, claiming that it is a huge waste of money. One fan wrote, "Erika is digging a big hole for herself right now." Another said, "Erika is evil! She doesn't give a f**k about the victims."

On the flip side, Jon Hamm has also weighed in on the controversy. The actor has shared his own views on the issue, saying that he believes that Erika should give her diamonds back and stop arguing about them.

The actor and comedian praised the reality star for her efforts to defend herself and her family, but he added that she should give up her jewelry in the name of justice. He continued, "It's just wrong to try to deprive someone of their possessions."

As for the judge’s decision to order Erika to turn over the earrings, Hamm said that she should have known that they were bought with stolen money from Girardi and should have made a different choice. He also urged her to consider the feelings of the victims and how it could impact them.

Did Erika Jayne Really Give The Earrings Back?

In recent months, Erika Jayne has found herself at the center of several dramas. Between a long-term feud with her RHOBH costar Garcelle Beauvais and ongoing legal battles with her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, she’s always at the forefront of the latest controversy.

Amid all of that, it’s no surprise that Erika’s jewelry collection has come under scrutiny. A bankruptcy trustee has filed a lawsuit demanding she give back the $750,000 diamond earrings she was gifted by Tom. The pair was allegedly bought using money that was stolen from clients of his law firm.

According to a report by Radar Online, Erika has refused to give the earrings back — but the bankruptcy trustee is still planning to sue her for punitive damages. She could face up to $5.4 million if she doesn’t comply with the trustee’s demand.

The earrings, which are worth an estimated $1.4 million, were reportedly bought with money that was allegedly stolen from clients of Tom’s law firm. As the judge who oversees the case explained in court documents, the funds in the client trust account were meant for victims of a drug called Rezulin, which is linked to cancer and other serious health issues.

But while the trust fund was set up to provide assistance to clients who suffered from Rezulin side effects, it also included some money that paid for expensive items, including the diamond earrings. A California judge ruled that Jayne has no right to the earrings because she’s not a client of Tom’s former firm and the funds in the trust account were never meant for her.

Despite a ruling that Jayne was not a client of Tom’s, she has maintained her innocence in the ongoing legal battles between the two of them. In fact, she even claimed on her podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, that she’d never known about her husband’s alleged misdeeds until after his disbarment.

At the same time that she was battling the trustee, Erika also faced a new lawsuit. In November 2020, a judge in Chicago seized her husband’s assets after accusing him of embezzling $2 million from the families of Lion Air Flight 610 victims and mishandling other funds. Ultimately, he was placed in a conservatorship with his brother Robert Girardi acting as the effective conservator of his person and estate.

In the meantime, Erika’s legal team is preparing to appeal that decision. As Radar previously reported, attorney Evan Borges has argued that the court should not make Jayne hand over the earrings because she was aware that they were purchased with a mix of client funds.

Borges argues in his brief that the law doesn’t require Jayne to return the earrings because she has no legal or equitable claim to them. Instead, the money in the trust account was meant for people who were affected by the medication, so it should go to their beneficiaries.

But Borges’ argument hasn’t gotten much traction on the court. A federal appellate court recently ruled that the trustee had a good reason to want the earrings, and that Borges doesn’t prove that Jayne “committed the act of conversion” by refusing to turn them over.

bethenny frankel erika jayne

Bravo Tv Star Makes Disrespectful Comments About Bethenny Frankel's Dead Boyfriend Dennis Shields

Bravo Tv is the premier American pay television network that offers an engaging and diverse menu of original programming, targeted at the 25-54 age range. It features more breakout stars and critically acclaimed series than any other cable network.

The network reaches its unique audience through every consumer touch point, on-air and across all platforms on-air, online and on-the-go. As the leader in multi-dimensional programming, Bravo Tv delivers a superior experience to its highly engaged, upscale and educated viewers.

Bethenny Frankel Addresses Erika Jayne’s Disrespectful Comments About Her Dead Boyfriend Dennis Shields!

In a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne made some incredibly disrespectful comments about Bethenny Frankel’s dead boyfriend Dennis Shields. The remark left fans and Shields’ family members feeling uneasy.

According to Page Six, Frankel and Shields dated for years before their relationship went public. They married in 2016, and Shields died of an apparent overdose in 2018. He is a father to Tyler, Darien, Zachary and Kelsey.

Although Frankel and Shields’ chemistry was always tumultuous, the couple eventually reconciled. They even began dating again in 2021.

But a year later, Shields was accused of embezzling $500,000 from his clients. It’s been a scandal that has led to several lawsuits against him. In addition to a fraud suit, Shields has also been accused of aiding and abetting the embezzlement.

It’s no secret that both Frankel and Shields are struggling financially. However, they have maintained that their money problems are nothing to do with one another.

Now, though, it looks like that may not be the case. As a matter of fact, Frankel is responding to Erika Jayne’s remark about Shields in a pretty scathing manner.

In the May 19 episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked Erika if she was aware of any rumors prior to Tom Girardi’s embezzlement scandal that he owed people money. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star responded that she had no idea, and she didn’t even hear about the rumors until they were brought to light.

On that same episode, Frankel was a guest and talked about her divorce from Shields. She said that she heard he owed money to his clients before his embezzlement scandal hit, but it was “a little too early for me to say I think that was true.”

Frankel cited her divorce from Shields and the fact that she had a family of her own to support. She explained that she didn’t want to be in the same situation as Shields because of the stress and grief he was going through.

Nevertheless, she went on to say that her ex’s remark about Shields was not something she would ever repeat. She added that she would never say anything negative about her dead ex-fiance to his children, and she would only comment on the topic if it was necessary to help them in some way.

While Bethenny has been a vocal advocate for divorce and family law, it’s no secret that her relationship with Shields was tumultuous at times. As a matter of fact, she reportedly wanted to file for divorce from Shields before he passed away in 2018.

However, Bethenny wasn’t willing to wait until the very end to get her revenge on Shields. Instead, she took to social media to make her feelings known to fans.

Bethenny Frankel Responds to Erika Jayne’s Toxic Comments About Her Estranged Husband Tom Girardi!

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne ruffled some feathers when she said Bethenny Frankel had told her her husband Tom Girardi owed people money! According to Bethenny, this is not the first time she’s heard these rumors.

Regardless, Frankel was not impressed and took to Twitter to call out her former co-star for the toxic comments she made. She wrote, “I am so tired of the way Erika acts on RHBOH & I don’t care to keep going down this path! She is just being a cold, callous woman!”

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a reality franchise where cast members of varying cities around the country permit cameras to follow them and their families for months at a time. The series typically features a group of wealthy women who are portrayed as being extravagant, glamorous, and entertaining.

The premise of the show is that these women are competing for attention by inflating their wealth and luxury lifestyles. They often do this by hosting extravagant parties, traveling to exotic locations, and shopping for designer clothes.

When it comes to the finances of these women, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that the majority of them aren’t as rich or successful as they make themselves out to be. In fact, it is very possible that many of them are in debt and relying on loans to fund their extravagant lifestyles.

In particular, one of the biggest issues affecting this season’s Housewives is Erika Jayne’s finances. She is currently embroiled in a lawsuit that is stemming from her ex-husband, Tom Girardi’s, alleged financial scams. The lawsuits are a result of Girardi’s allegedly mishandling of settlement funds intended for burn victims and plane crash survivors.

This scandal is making its way across the nation as it’s being investigated and brought to light. During an episode of the show, Andy Cohen asked Erika if she had ever heard any rumors about her husband before he got involved in the scandal.

After saying that she didn’t know what she was talking about, Jayne responded by stating that she “always hears that [her husband] owes people money.” She then went on to add, “I always thought he did because Dennis Shields says so,” but he died in 2018.

As for how this comment will affect the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show’s executive producer, Andy Cohen, has been speaking out in support of Jayne. He previously shared his thoughts on the issue in a post on his own Twitter account, writing that the former pop star is being taken advantage of by her ex-husband and he wants to help her deal with it.

It’s a very unfortunate situation for the women involved, but it’s also a reminder that no matter how wealthy you are, there is always something going on in your personal life that can cause you to go into debt. Thankfully, there are also people like Bethenny Frankel who have the ability to help those in need.

Bethenny Frankel Reacts to Erika Jayne’s Disrespectful Comments About Her Estranged Husband Tom Girardi!

Earlier this week, Erika Jayne got into a heated conversation with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement scandal. During the interview, Erika questioned Bethenny’s stance on Tom’s legal issues and alleged that she had no idea that he was hiding funds from his former business partners until they filed a lawsuit against him.

While the episode was entertaining, it also rubbed salt in the wound of Bethenny’s stance on the embezzlement scandal. It seemed that Erika was trying to save her ass by putting all the blame on Tom and throwing out any adulterous, control freak mumbo jumbo that she could think of so that she could get a quickie divorce and not be liable for his debt.

The fact that Tom’s business partners are filing a lawsuit against him, and the fact that there was an embezzlement scandal at all, is bringing much-needed dimension to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise! However, the storyline is also causing some major tension between the cast members.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Bethenny Frankel explained that she was not happy about Erika Jayne’s comments regarding Tom’s legal issues on Watch What Happens Live. “It’s not something that I am comfortable discussing with anyone,” she said.

She added, “I don’t want it to be a personal issue. That’s a very private matter between the two of us.”

It seems like she was speaking in an incredibly dismissive tone and that her attitude was simply not in line with how the other Housewives would treat their spouses. This is especially disturbing given that her estranged husband Tom Girardi is a very prominent figure in the franchise and he has been on the receiving end of some very toxic behavior from his ex-wife Erika.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Erika and her husband Tom have been fighting for years over their wealth and assets. After their divorce in 2020, they were both found to have significant assets, including a $189k engagement ring.

The reason that this is so important is because a lot of people are speculating that Tom has been using their money to support his extravagant lifestyle. This is especially true considering that he has also been accused of stealing over $315,000 from his former business partners and retaining them for his own gain.

So, it’s no surprise that Bethenny felt that she had to react to Erika Jayne’s comments about her estranged husband Tom Girardi on Watch What Happens Live!

It was not a good situation for Erika and her family. The fact that her husband was allegedly stealing from his former business partners was not only damaging to their reputation, but it also fueled the already-heated drama between Erika and Bethenny.


What Did Kathy Hilton Say to Erika Jayne During the Aspen Reunion?

Bravo Tv is a channel that originally focused on performing art shows and indie films, but quickly transitioned to reality TV. Its more popular programs include Inside the Actors Studio, Work of Art and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During the reunion finale, Erika Jayne made a shocking accusation about Kathy Hilton that will have fans on their toes. She claimed that the socialite used a gay slur during the RHOBH trip to Aspen.

What Did Kathy Hilton Say to Erika Jayne?

During the Aspen Reunion, Kathy Hilton was accused of using a gay slur by Erika Jayne. This isn't the first time that Hilton has been slammed for using homophobic language. Back in March, she was also alleged to have insulted co-star Sutton Stracke's assistant Joshua Roberts.

After hearing these claims, Kathy is adamant that she never used the slur and that Erika is a liar. And she has plenty of people to back her up.

In the episode that airs on Wednesday night, Kathy argued with Erika over her claim. TMZ reports that she denied the claim and said that she has no idea what she said to Jayne during their vacation. She says that she doesn't even remember saying the word at all!

According to TMZ, Erika accused Kathy of using a homophobic slur while on their Aspen trip. However, production cameras were not rolling when the slur was reportedly made!

Thankfully, there was an investigation launched by Bravo HR after the incident occurred. But, the investigation didn't come to any conclusion.

This all comes after Hilton said that she won't return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne remain on the show. She recently told reporters that she thinks they are bullies and intimidate a lot of the other cast members.

A source close to Jayne tells TMZ that she's "disgusted" with Hilton's actions, and she was compelled to call out her costar for what she believes is a "gay slur." She also pointed out that she is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In fact, she has a long history of giving them everything they want!

The latest controversy involving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has been centered on Kathy's relationship with her sister Kyle Richards. While the two supposedly remain "close," there has been tension between them since filming for the reunion.

One of the issues is that Kathy allegedly had a meltdown during their Aspen trip and shaded all her fellow castmates. She even stomped on a pair of $25,000 glasses!

During the Aspen Reunion

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion packed a punch. From the Aspen trip to Lisa Rinna's ongoing legal and financial drama, there was a lot to take in this time around. And if this season's explosive claims from Erika Jayne are anything to go by, things are just getting crazier.

One of the most shocking allegations from the episode, TMZ reports, was that Kathy Hilton used a homophobic slur during the RHOBH cast's ski trip in Aspen last year. Production cameras weren't rolling when the alleged incident occurred, so it's hard to know for sure, but it seems pretty shocking if true.

During the show's final installment, which aired on Wednesday, Kathy strongly denied Erika's claims, telling the audience that she never used the word. She also challenged the credibility of the former pop star, who has faced a lot of legal issues and financial woes.

As fans have known for months, the feud between Kathy and Lisa Rinna has gotten out of hand. The two have been feuding since the Aspen trip, when Kathy allegedly went on a tirade in front of everyone.

It's no secret that the RHOBH cast has been squabbling since the season started, but this was one of the most heated confrontations to date. The Aspen meltdown prompted Lisa to publicly rescind her offer of a friendship with Kathy, and the pair have been battling it out ever since.

While the rift between the two is getting intense, there's another side of the story that's getting plenty of attention. According to a source close to the "Pretty Mess" singer, she was upset about her costar allegedly calling an Aspen club manager a gay slur.

The former pop star is a devoted supporter of the LGBTQ community, so she was very disappointed to see Kathy use such an aggressive, uncalled-for epithet against someone she cares about. She said she was "honored to be able to stand up to her."

However, while Kathy and Erika have been embroiled in a tense feud this season, it looks like they're set to settle their differences after the reunion. The two will reunite on the show to talk about their issues, and it sounds as though this is going to be one hell of an episode!

During the After Show

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was filled with drama that left viewers feeling like they were watching the end of a cliffhanger. Erika Jayne's messy divorce from Tom Girardi, Kyle Richards' strained relationship with her sister Kathy Hilton, and Lisa Rinna's constant bullying of castmates left many fans confused as to what was going on.

On Wednesday, fans of the show were finally given a peek into what happened during the RHOBH cast trip to Aspen during season 12. It turns out that while filming this episode of the reality series, Kyle and Kathy came face-to-face with some serious rifts.

In fact, the tension was so bad that Kyle invited her castmates to a members-only club to get everyone to wind down and forget about all of the drama. That's when things went awry.

During the reunion, the cast revealed that Kathy had a meltdown and allegedly threw shade at her co-stars during the trip. According to the reports, she also stomped on an expensive pair of glasses that Crystal Kung-Minkoff was wearing.

Now, as we've learned from other reality stars, it's not unusual for a star to have a bit of a meltdown during filming. This was especially true when the ladies were on a trip together and had to be away from their families for weeks at a time.

However, Kathy's meltdown seemed to be especially hard on her older sister Kyle Richards. After the episode aired, Richards told ET that she was "confused and upset" about what happened on the show. She added that she was "really, really frustrated with her."

As for her fellow Housewives, Kyle and Lisa Rinna weren't pleased with how the show ended on a down note. Both of them had a lot to say during the After Show, and they addressed some of the drama that was happening on set.

The After Show is a chance for the ladies to talk about what they did during filming and what's going on in their lives. The After Show airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

During the Finale

The finale of Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was full of drama. As the show wrapped, Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna were in a tense confrontation that left viewers reeling. The sisters had yet to settle their smoldering feud that started during the group trip to Aspen early this year.

After Kathy lost her cool and made a bunch of inappropriate comments during the trip, she was confronted by Erika Jayne on Twitter about her alleged behavior. According to TMZ, Erika accused Kathy of saying a homophobic slur during the reunion. However, she vehemently denied the claim, and production cameras were not filming at the time.

During the reunion, host Andy Cohen immediately grilled both women about what really happened during their confrontation. He questioned both whether their actions were justified or not, what caused them to lose control during the trip and how they could make up.

One of the biggest issues reportedly brewing between the two women is their involvement in an investigation that found Erika’s PR team was spreading gossip about Kathy to the media. The scandal has caused a lot of tension between the two sisters, who have not seen eye to eye since the Aspen meltdown.

In another tense moment, Kyle asked about Erika’s comments about Tom Girardi. She claimed that she “hasn’t spoken to her husband since November 2020,” and that he has been agitated because she has refused to take medication for his mental illness.

It looks like the drama is set to continue for awhile. After the reunion, fans are asking questions about what really happened during the Aspen trip and if there’s any hope for the sisters to repair their relationship.

The episode of RHOBH that airs tomorrow will feature a reunion with all the cast members, and they are going to be discussing their fallout from this season. While some fans are looking forward to watching the show again, others are not so sure.

Many of the cast members were upset about the incident that took place during the Aspen trip, and it’s no surprise why. The trip was supposed to be a fun and relaxing getaway, but the drama sparked an emotional response that resulted in the meltdown we all saw on the show.

erika jayne divorce

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi Divorce

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you probably know that Erika Jayne and her husband, Tom Girardi, got divorced in November. Since then, the pair has been thrown into a whirlwind of lawsuits and legal issues.

As the latest season of RHOBH kicks off, we’re learning more about the divorce — and how it’s affecting Erika’s life. Here’s what you need to know about her divorce, Tom’s embezzlement accusations and more.

Tom Girardi

When Erika Jayne filed for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, in November 2020, fans might have expected that their split would play out like many of the reality-TV couples who go through a tough divorce. But a series of legal dramas involving the 82-year-old lawyer and his former law firm, Girardi Keese, supplanted their marital acrimony as the most newsworthy thing about their separation.

A month after her divorce was finalized, it was revealed that the attorney had embezzled millions from the families of victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash. The money was meant to help victims recover from their losses, but instead, it was used to fund their extravagant lifestyles and pay off loans from his law firm.

Then, in May, a new lawsuit was filed against the couple for allegedly misappropriating settlement money that should have been given to families of the victims of the accident. The suit was filed by Edelson PC and several families who had lost loved ones in the tragedy, and it claims that Girardi kept "substantial, but confidential" funds from the crash and doled them out to friends and family members, including Jayne.

In the lawsuit, the firm claims that Boeing transferred "substantial" settlement amounts to Girardi's law firm, but that it was never distributed to victims. It also alleges that the former couple used their divorce to hide these funds from the families and their attorneys.

Now, a judge has found Girardi in contempt of court for ignoring a request to provide spousal support to Jayne, according to Insider. The judge froze his assets and ruled that he must pay her spousal support and legal fees.

But despite her ongoing legal troubles, Jayne says that she hasn't lost sight of her goals. She's been "assuring" her fans that she will get through this ordeal and "really trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

It's no surprise that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is dealing with a lot of stress during her separation from Girardi. But the singer says she is incredibly grateful to have her cast mates on her side throughout this ordeal.

Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne shocked fans when she filed for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, in November 2020. She and her 82-year-old husband have since been embroiled in several lawsuits, including one that accuses the couple of using their divorce to hide their alleged embezzlement from families of victims in the Lion Air plane crash in October 2018.

The allegations against Girardi and Jayne are so serious that court documents revealed that they had been accused of stealing more than $3 million from the settlement fund set aside for relatives of the victims of the 2018 Lion Air crash. The lawsuit is backed by the family of Erin Brokovich, who lost her daughter, Chloe, in the same flight.

Despite all of the negative press and accusations, Jayne told ET that she's still seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in her legal battles. She reveals that she's not only dealing with her own issues, but she's also trying to be a better person by supporting her friends who are going through similar situations.

She also said that she's been reaching out to former Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley, who's been supportive of her through her own personal crisis. She says that Medley "made an effort to reach out and make sure I was ok."

Amid her divorce proceedings, Jayne has reportedly moved out of their shared McMansion, leaving behind her own chapel. She's also started dating again, according to TMZ.

Her latest relationship is rumored to be with actor Robert Downey Jr.

The rumors are based on an article that TMZ published earlier this month, which states that Jayne has been out on a handful of dates with different men within the last month.

When it comes to her current divorce proceedings, Jayne has allegedly shifted her legal representation from her original lawyers at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP to attorney Evan Borges of Greenberg Gross. The lawyer reportedly filed papers to take over the case July 6 and has been representing Jayne since then, Reuters reports.

Legal Issues

In a recent episode of RHOBH, Andy Cohen and his friends grilled Erika Jayne about her divorce from Tom Girardi and her ongoing legal woes. The episode focused on how Jayne was allegedly involved in embezzling settlement funds intended to help the families of Lion Air Flight 610 victims, which killed 189 people in 2018.

A lawsuit filed in December 2020 alleges that Erika and Tom embezzled millions of dollars from the surviving relatives of the victims of the crash. As Us reported, the class action firm Edelson PC accused them of using money that wasn't theirs to fund "outrageous" lifestyles.

The suit was dismissed by a judge in January 2022, but that doesn't mean things are completely over for Erika. The reality star still faces several legal issues including a $50 million racketeering lawsuit brought on by Chicago-based law firm Edelson PC in April of 2021.

Another major case came to light in August 2021 when a trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of Girardi & Keese filed court documents that claim Erika owed $25 million in unpaid debts to the firm. According to those papers, she's accused of a variety of charges like racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering as well as unlawful business practice.

While this is just one part of a series of legal problems that Erika has faced over the last year and a half, it's enough to make anyone question her character on RHOBH. But she's adamant about her innocence and sees "light at the end of the tunnel."

Earlier this summer, Jayne filed for divorce from Girardi after a nearly 21-year marriage and asked him to pay her spousal support and legal fees. She also took to social media and the show to talk about a years-long affair she claims Tom had with someone else while they were married.

In addition to the divorce, Erika is currently being sued in a $50 million racketeering suit by Edelson PC for allegedly helping Girardi and Keese mishandle millions of dollars in settlement money from clients. The allegations include racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, receipt of stolen property, aiding and abetting concealment of stolen property, conversion and unlawful business practice among other charges.

Settlement Money

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been in the news quite a bit lately. She has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits for alleged crimes related to her husband Tom Girardi and his now-defunct law firm, Girardi Keese.

While she has openly discussed her legal troubles with the rest of her Bravo Tv channel cast members, there has been even more drama behind the scenes. A new lawsuit against Erika Jayne claims that she and her ex-husband have embezzled millions of dollars from settlements to victims of Lion Air Flight 610.

According to court documents obtained by Us, a class action firm called Edelson PC filed a lawsuit in December 2020 against Erika and her husband, Tom, claiming that the couple embezzled funds from settlements meant to help families who lost loved ones in the Lion Air crash. The class action also alleges that the couple are on the verge of financial collapse and locked in a downward spiral of mounting debts and dwindling funds.

However, in court papers filed Monday, Jayne’s attorney argued that the disputed funds never went to her. Instead, they went to EJ Global LLC, a company set up by the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star and her ex-husband.

A lawsuit filed by actress Christina Fulton on July 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court says that a lawyer at Jayne’s former firm, Girardi & Keese, committed “legal malpractice and misconduct.” The suit also alleges that the two lawyers diverted money from their clients to Jayne and her business, Pretty Mess Inc.

The lawsuit also claims that Jayne received a $20 million loan from Girardi & Keese’s funds, which was allegedly for settlements to victims and creditors. The suit further states that Jayne used the funds to pay for her extravagant lifestyle, including a mansion in Beverly Hills and expensive jewelry.

According to the complaint, Jayne has a long history of embezzling from clients and her businesses. She is accused of using a company named EJ Global to siphon off settlement payments for her and other clients, according to Bloomberg Law.

Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen Season 19, Episode 10


Top Chef is a cooking show that features a progressive elimination format. Each episode includes a Quickfire Challenge and an Elimination Challenge.

The winner of the Quickfire Challenge receives immunity from elimination, a prize, or another benefit for the following Elimination Challenge.

Season 19

The upcoming episode of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen Season 19, episode 10, is set to air on May 5. It will see chefs taking part in a Dinner in Zero Gravity challenge at Space Center Houston. The contestants will be introduced to the types of food astronauts eat in space, and they'll learn from Dr. Grace Douglas, the lead food scientist for NASA Johnson Space Center.

This episode is set to feature multiple guest judges and chefs who will join the regular panel of Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons. Some of the guests include Top Chef All Stars winner Melissa King, and Season 2 contestant Claudette Zepeda.

During the first part of the episode, the chefs visited Houston Farmer's Market to prepare a dish inspired by the region. They were then taken to Freedmen's Town in Houston where they explored the area and learned more about the city's history.

They then met with Executive Director of the Houston Freedmen's Town Conservancy, Zion Escobar, who took them around the neighborhood. He showed them the historic buildings and gave them a short history of Freedmen's Town, which is a National Historical Landmark.

After they've toured the area, they were then sent to the Blast Off Theater where they had a chat with flight engineers who are currently in space. They also talked to former NASA astronauts Cady Coleman, Susan Still Kilrain, and Tony Antonelli about what it's like to eat in space.

From there, they went to Space Center Houston, where they sat with the head chef and the CEO of the space center. They then got a talk from a doctor who emphasized how important it is to eat healthy when on space missions.

Then the chefs headed to a space center kitchen where they worked on preparing their dish. They were given some help from space scientists, and they were allowed to use their imaginations in the process.

The challenge was to create a meal with regional ingredients from all over the world. They used a map to find out which country had dumplings, and they used their five minutes of extra time on an Amazon Kindle Fire to look up the exact type of dumpling that they wanted to use. They then prepared a dish that included the international dumplings they created.

Episode 10

Eliminated chefs are given a chance to return to the competition with the help of head judge Tom Colicchio in the online-only show Last Chance Kitchen. It's been a successful experiment with plenty of high-profile cheftestants getting back into the game and ultimately making it all the way to the finale, including Brooke Williamson and Kristen Kish.

Episode 10 of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen will air on Thursday, May 5, at 8 PM ET/PT on Bravo. It is the first of a two-part episode and will feature a Texas-themed Quickfire challenge and a space-inspired Elimination Challenge.

In the Tex-Mex themed Quickfire round, the six cheftestants visited a Houston Farmers Market for a field trip. They then went on to a kitchen in the Houston Space Center and were tasked with making food that would be appropriate for astronauts in space. This would include restrictions like no free-flowing liquids and no crumbs that could easily stick to a space suit or get in the eyes of the astronauts.

The judges' table praised the first course of Buddha Lo's dish, and a dessert of Evelyn Garcia's dumplings was also highly commended. The rest of the competition was not quite up to snuff, with Damarr Brown's chicken gravy and rice and Jae Jung's bulgogi being particularly poorly critiqued.

Despite the challenges, Damarr was the only chef to make it into the bottom three, and he struggled with his cooking. His fried redfish was dry and his fishcake didn't bind well.

He stumbled in the space-inspired Elimination Challenge, whose theme was inspired by a moment from this season. He served a dish that was inspired by the episode in which CJ got eliminated, and he was the only chef to serve a dish based on a previous season's final challenge.

In a surprise twist, the bottom two were asked to create a dish that was inspired by an event from the past season of Top Chef. Their dishes were then judged head-to-head, with the winner receiving a $15,000 prize and their dish being used as inspiration for a new Top Chef Healthy Choice frozen entree.

Sarah Welch

In season 19's second-to-last episode, Detroit chef Sarah Welch was a surprise winner in Last Chance Kitchen. She was eliminated in a double elimination round, but she came back with a fierce will to win and went on to defeat the other chefs left standing.

While her track record in Elimination Challenges may be less than stellar, Welch's scrappy, underdog energy has impressed judges from the start of this season. Her unique take on sustainability and use of local ingredients is sure to stand out in the finale.

This week, the remaining chefs were tasked with cooking a progressive four-course meal that reflected their inspiration. The finalists chose a sous chef from the pool of eliminated contestants and served their meals to the regular judging panel, guest judges Stephanie Izard and Eric Ripert, and guests.

During the first round, Welch crafted a beer heart tartare with venison, smoked butter, and sourdough miso for the first course. She topped it with sourdough bread pudding made with venison jus and pork jerky for the main course.

Her dish, which she deemed "so delicious," impressed judges with its smoky flavors and a beautiful presentation. It also earned her an extra advantage in the Elimination Challenge and the opportunity to return to the competition.

For her final meal, Welch again drew inspiration from her Michigan roots and her dedication to counteracting food waste. Her plan for the dinner was to serve a “hunter-gatherer” inspired menu that would tell her story and utilize the local Tucson ingredients.

As a result, she prepared a venison and beer heart tartare that wowed the judges with its smoky flavor and sourdough bread pudding that paired perfectly with it. Her dish was a hit and earned her an additional advantage in the elimination challenge, which sent Welch to Tucson for her final cook.

After the night market challenge, Padma announced that the remaining cheftestants were going to a double elimination. Two chefs would go home, and the other two teams would have to create a tasting dish that looked exactly the same.

Jae Jung

Jung, who was born in Seoul, Korea, has travelled a lot to get where she is now. She attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York and moved to New Orleans for a few years, where she worked at restaurants like August, Domenica, Herbsaint, and Dooky Chase (via Bravo).

Now based in New York City, she started her own Korean-Cajun pop-up restaurant called KJUN, which is launching in 2021. She has also worked in prestigious restaurants including Oceana, Le Bernardin, the NoMad Restaurant, and Cafe Boulud.

She’s been a chef for over 10 years and has built her career in professional kitchens by learning and perfecting the techniques to elevate and transform her dishes. She is passionate about achieving uncompromising culinary excellence while maintaining the spirit of Southern hospitality and generosity in her personal life.

Jae’s cooking style combines her Korean heritage with a love for Cajun cuisine to create a menu that is unique and exciting to the New York City audience. She is a graduate of the CIA and has worked with some of the world’s top chefs.

As a result, Jung’s cuisine has earned her a place on American Food & Wine’s annual Best New Chef list. She also has an impressive portfolio of publications that includes her own cookbook and a feature in the New York Times.

In addition to her work in restaurants, Jung also has an impressive track record of hosting her own pop-ups. She has thrown these events in cities across the country, which have helped her to build a loyal following.

But it’s her appearance on Top Chef that’s most notable. She’s competing in season 19 of the show and is vying for $250,000 in prize money.

The competition is intense, and the chef who gets through to the elimination challenge will be crowned winner. The winner will then take home a second $250,000 check as the grand prize.

It’s up to the three remaining chefs to prove they have what it takes to make it into the final round of the competition. This week’s episode is a Quickfire that asks them to make meals that are inspired by trailblazing women from Texas. This is a challenging challenge, and the three chefs are struggling to unify their dishes.


Below Deck Down Under - Season 1 Episode 13

Below Deck Down Under is a new spinoff from the charter-yacht reality series Below Deck. It's currently streaming exclusively on Peacock Tv.

Below Deck Down Under follows the crew aboard luxury motor yacht Thalassa as they navigate the idyllic Whitsunday Islands and world-famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Season 1

Below Deck is a reality TV show that follows the lives of crew members who live and work aboard a luxury charter yacht. The Emmy-nominated series is set in tropical and exotic destinations across the world, allowing viewers a glimpse into the complex dynamics of the crew.

Season 1 sees the newest Below Deck spin-off headed to Australia on M/Y Thalassa. The series features a rotating group of charter guests onboard this stunning yacht and offers viewers an up close look at the complexities and explosive dynamics between the crew and their demanding guests.

The team onboard Thalassa is led by Aussie Captain Jason Chambers with a core crew that includes fan-favourite Chief Stew Aesha Scott and Bosun Jamie Sayed, along with newcomers Chef Ryan McKeown and deckhand Culver Bradbury. Magda Ziomek is also on board as the third stew.

Episode 1

After the success of Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck is expanding its franchise with a new spin-off. Taking on a new location, Below Deck Down Under follows the crew of M/Y Thalassa as they explore northeastern Australia.

The crew of this 181ft superyacht introduces a world of underwater adventure to charter guests on the Great Barrier Reef. But the explosive dynamics and taxing demands of the charter guests can be challenging for the crew members.

In episode 1 from Bravo Tv channel, Magda Ziomek is caught on the phone again, causing her to land in hot water. Meanwhile, Captain Jason finds shocking unfinished business that may be affecting his crew.

Fans wondered who got fired on Below Deck Down Under season 1. Now, Bosun Jamie Sayed has revealed that Magda was the first to be let go, but he was also quick to say that it could have been worse!

Episode 2

After a successful charter season, the crew on Below Deck Down Under faces another challenge. They’re going to have to deal with tidal differences while navigating a new anchorage.

Fortunately, Benny seems to be taking things easy. He doesn’t wear his helmet when he joins the crew for dinner, and he opens up about his parents passing away.

He also has a hard time flaking the anchor chain, and Jamie has to switch him out with Culver Bradbury.

Magda Ziomek calls him a “b-word” during their night off, and that’s not the only time she’s done it. It’s actually the second instance this episode, and it’s not the first time that she’s questioned his toxic masculinity.

Below Deck fans are still wondering who got fired on the Peacock original, and it looks like two cast members did get let go from M/Y Thalassa. Bosun Jamie Sayed exclusively told Distractify that a crew member left the boat in June 2022.

Episode 3

Below Deck Down Under follows crew members on a superyacht as they cruise around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. They deal with their own dramas, resolve conflicts between each other, and pacify demanding charter guests.

The Thalassa sails through the tropical Whitsunday Islands and explores the Great Barrier Reef, with the guests taking full advantage of the luxurious amenities aboard. The charter season is a time for a lot of fun, but there are also a few challenges that the yachties must face onboard.

In this episode, Benny struggles to get motivated above deck; Jamie gets into a heated argument with Captain Jason; and Ryan and Aesha have communication problems that reach a breaking point. In the end, the crew throws a vow renewal ceremony for the charter guests.

Episode 4

Below Deck Down Under, the Australian spinoff of the hit Bravo Tv show Below Deck, is back and better than ever. Featuring a crew of hard-working young men and women who work for free on a superyacht and a rotating group of demanding charter guests, it explores the complex dynamics of a reality TV franchise that's hardly like anything else.

This week's episode finds the new crew on Thalassa settling into their roles, while Captain Jason struggles to adjust. Aesha finds herself struggling to keep the interior on track; dinner service goes awry and Jason doubts his decisions.

Then, Benny Crawley gets into a bit of a tiff with Brittini Burton over an overflowing toilet, but Jason talks him off the ledge and shows him that his attitude toward work has been improving. They bond over the experience, and it's not long before the deckhand is actually working harder.

Episode 5

If you're a fan of reality TV, below decks and superyachts, then you'll love Below Deck Down Under. The show chronicles the lives of crew members working on luxurious yachts.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the tropical Whitsunday Islands and world-famous Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Australia, Below Deck Down Under explores the complex, often explosive dynamics of the crew and a rotating group of demanding charter guests on M/Y Thalassa.

In this episode of Below Deck Down Under, the crew welcomes a Florida State University-alumni charter group who are more than ready to mingle with the crew. Meanwhile, Simone struggles to get the attention she deserves while Kevin takes matters into his own hands and undermines Kate.

Also on board this season are Chief Stew Aesha Scott, Chef Ryan McKeown, Bosun Jamie Sayed and stews Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek. If you're a fan of Below Deck Down Under, then you can catch it on Peacock in the US and Hayu in the UK.

Episode 6

Below Deck Down Under is a reality series that explores the complex, often explosive dynamics of a crew and a rotating group of demanding charter guests on a yacht in northeastern Australia. Set against the backdrop of the tropical Whitsunday Islands and world-famous Great Barrier Reef, Below Deck Down Under follows a superyacht’s voyage through the stunning Australian coastline.

On this season of Below Deck Down Under, the crew is challenged to deal with their own dramas, resolve conflicts with crew mates, and pacify ever-demanding charter guests. It’s a thrill ride of adventure and discovery, above and below the water, on M/Y Thalassa as it cruises around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and the stunning Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Chief Stew Aesha Scott and Bosun Jamie Sayed face challenges, while Ryan McKeown and Magda Ziomek must work through their differences. In other news, Captain Jason finds some shocking unfinished business on the boat. Benny struggles with motivation above deck; the crew throws a vow renewal ceremony for the charter guests; Culver breaks Captain’s one big rule; and on the final night out, everything comes to a head before saying their goodbyes.

Episode 7

On this week’s Below Deck Down Under, the crew heads to Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. While they get to explore the area’s iconic islands, they also face some harrowing challenges.

Captain Jason’s investigation of the deck team presents him with a difficult decision; Magda gets caught on the phone again and ends up in hot water.

Meanwhile, a Florida State University-alumni charter guest arrives single and ready to mingle. Simone gets out of her element working on service.

In other news, Magda has a new crush and is having a hard time dealing with laundry. Culver tries to win the “Entertainment Officer” title during a themed party; Ryan feels left out; and more.

Episode 8

Below Deck follows the lives of the crew members on mega yachts. This reality show highlights all the drama that goes on behind-the-scenes as the crew takes care of the whims of their rich and famous clients.

This season, Below Deck is going to take on the waters of Australia. The new spinoff will be called Below Deck Down Under and it’s filmed with the tropical Whitsunday Islands as the backdrop.

Episode 8 will air on Bravo Tv channel on Tuesday December 27 at 9.00 pm ET. This episode will feature the crew of Thalassa as they go on a crocodile safari in Australia.

This episode will also see Magda overstepping her boundaries with Aesha, which is just the type of thing that’ll land her in hot water. She’s also caught on the phone again, which is just another one of those things that you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your relationship with your crew.

Episode 9

In this week's episode of Below Deck Down Under, the crew goes underwater for an adventure in the Whitsunday Islands. Bosun Jamie Sayed faces a tough challenge as he tries to keep his team on track.

In addition to the charter guests, Below Deck Down Under stars Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers as well as Ryan McKeown, Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek. The crew also includes Culver Bradbury, Brittini Burton and Ben Crawley as deckhands.

Last week, tensions flared between deckhands Brittini Burton and Benny Crawley after Benny tried to make Brittini's shift as difficult as the one she dealt with on a previous charter. As a result, Jamie had to call Benny to tell him to stop his petty behavior.


What Happened Below Deck Down Under?

Below Deck Down Under is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. The show is set in Australia, where the cast and crew work in the yachting industry. This is a great opportunity for them to have the chance to travel around the country and learn about different things. There is no better way to see the country than on a sailing ship.

Jamie Sayed's career on the show

The Below Deck Down Under reality series has introduced many viewers to Jamie Sayed. He was a bosun on the M/Y Thalassa superyacht and was a part of the show's first season. After joining the show, he gained popularity and gained a large following on social media.

Before he began working in the yachting industry, he was a lifeguard and a police officer. During his career, he worked on several different types of boats. Eventually, he moved into the yachting industry, where he spent four years as a crew member.

Jamie Sayed is a social media star, blogger and television personality. As a bosun, he is responsible for maintaining the boat and its equipment. This job earns him around $5,000 a month.

During his time as a bosun, he learned how to manage a crew. Jamie has had his share of conflicts with the other members of the team. One of his biggest problems was dealing with outspoken deckhand Ben Crawley.

Despite his conflicts, Jamie remains optimistic, and his coworkers continue to admire his ability to communicate. In this week's episode, he was able to smooth over his conflict with Benny Crawley.

In the first season of the show, there were clashes between Jamie and Benny. It was unclear whether or not the two would be able to repair their relationship. Ultimately, the season ended in a positive place.

However, below the surface, he is still in the yachting industry. His mother, Kathie, is a painter and sells her work. She is also in a lesbian relationship with partner Jacqui.

On top of his role as a bosun, he has a passion for writing. He has written several blogs and e-books. Additionally, he produces a podcast that features everyday people's lives.

Chef Ryan McKeown's villain label

When it comes to below deck, Below Deck Down Under's star chef Ryan McKeown has made quite a splash. His culinary prowess has been noted in a number of land and sea based projects. However, in the yachting world, he's had a hard time impressing viewers and critics.

The show has received plenty of negative feedback from fans and crew members alike. It's not surprising, then, that McKeown has taken to social media to defend himself. He has also addressed the haters and trolls that have plagued the show.

For starters, McKeown has taken to Instagram to flaunt his culinary prowess. He's opted to use a bio that simply reads "Chef Ryan" and has posted numerous photos of sky diving in Australia. Aside from that, he's only been on the show for six episodes, which is hardly enough time to establish a reputation.

In the meantime, McKeown has opted to focus on building a strong culinary team. Among them is Chief Stew Aesha Scott. She's a fan favorite, and one that the chef has been following on social media.

Not only has the chef been a thorn in Aesha's side, but the crew has had their share of issues to deal with. There's the aforementioned tussle with Captain Jason Chambers. And the chef has been known to have a bad attitude. On one charter, McKeown was accused of making tacos that didn't taste all that great.

In the end, the chef got the ax. Although, he scored some much-needed travel time to Australia.

As for what's next, McKeown has a number of land-based and sea-based projects on the go. Whether it's a restaurant or a podcast, he's looking to make a name for himself.

Jamie Culver's background in yachting

Jamie Culver is a yachting professional with a varied background. His mother Kathie is an artist who sells her work to make a living. She is also involved in a lesbian relationship with her partner Jacqui.

Aside from yachting, Jamie has other interests. He loves to travel, play lacrosse, and travel to different locations. And he is also a great listener. In addition, he is a good organizer and keeps the crew entertained.

His Stabicraft 2250 is a 6.85-meter-long vessel with a 300-hp Yamaha hanging off the transom. It also comes with a hot tub.

During his time at sea, Jamie has made friends with other yachting professionals. He has a close relationship with his parents and his older brother Trey.

Although he has a lot of experience, Jamie has yet to get married. He reportedly flirts with women. However, his girlfriend Magda is unaware of his relationship.

Besides his yachting career, Jamie has a podcast that allows him to tell his story. He has even traveled more than 100 kilometers today. The show will feature the entire Thalassa crew, including deckhands and stews.

Currently, he is working on M/Y Thalassa, which is owned by the Peacock Network. While he is still working in yachting, he is pursuing his helicopter pilot's license.

On the other hand, he's on a spiritual journey. One of his co-workers is Benny Crawley, an Australian who works in the same boat. But his relationship with Jamie has become more strained.

Other crew members include Brittini Burton and Tumi Mhlongo. Both of these women have shared that they are dating other people while on the show. They started their careers on the interior of the yacht and are now going through a personal self-discovery.

Aesha Scott's role on the show

Aesha Scott is a popular social media personality. She has a long list of friends and followers. One of her main social profiles is @aesha_jean. Her latest Instagram post shows her wearing a simple black turtleneck.

Before becoming a television personality, Aesha worked as a crew member on a super yacht. She has been traveling the world and enjoying life with a new man. The couple met in high school and reconnected years later. Their romance is still going strong, but they haven't hitched yet.

Aesha Scott first appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean in 2016. In this spin-off, she became a central character. During season 4, she sailed on the Sirocco super yacht across the French Riviera. After the show finished filming, Bugsy Drake promoted her to chief stew.

As part of her role as a Chief Stew, Aesha took charge of the interior crew. She was also known for her bawdy sense of humor. Since her debut, she has been a fan favorite.

Aesha's personal life has caused tension between the cast. In season one, Aesha fell for Jack, who was the deckhand on the boat. However, they parted ways when Jack returned to the UK. Although Aesha was devastated, she didn't give up her career. It was the best decision of her life.

Now that she's a fan favorite, fans hope that Aesha will return for Below Deck Down Under. The new spin-off is set to premiere on Peacock in March.

Fans can expect to see more of Aesha and her love life. She may even be proposed to by her boyfriend, Scott Dobson.

While fans are excited about a possible Aesha and Scotty wedding, they may not have much time to wait. Below Deck Down Under is set to air on Thursdays.

Below Deck Down Under's critics

Below Deck Down Under is a reality TV show starring the crew of a luxury yacht, Thalassa. The show takes place in the Whitsunday Islands, an island group near the Great Barrier Reef. The show focuses on the crew's interactions with their guests.

Below Deck Down Under is a spinoff of the popular Below Deck series. It airs on Peacock. This particular installment of the franchise has become a favorite amongst the show's audience. Some of the cast members have been seen on other shows, such as American Ninja Warrior Junior.

While Below Deck Down Under has received mostly positive reviews, it is no stranger to some criticism. Some fans have pointed out that the series' production values are inferior to its predecessors. Others are impressed with the way that the producers have streamlined their process, while maintaining a similar schedule.

Aesha Scott, who was the chief stewardess in the earlier Below Deck Med, will be returning to the franchise as the new Chief Stew. Other stars of the show include Bosun Jamie Sayed, deckhand Ben Crawley and Chef Ryan McKeown.

The show also has its share of drama. For example, there was a major mechanical failure in Season 1, which required a major overhaul of the yacht. In a recent podcast, Captain Jason Chambers revealed that one of the biggest surprises he faced while filming the first season of the show was the amount of drama that went on between the crew members.

The new Below Deck Down Under has its fair share of blunders, but it also has some cool feats. The most notable is the fact that the series has actually been filmed.

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