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Dichen Lachma

Dichen Lachma


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Dichen Lachma is a young and relatively unknown actress who has won international recognition for her work on a number of films. She has been praised for her roles in the films Trauma, Welcome to Germany and Le Temps Des Choses. She has also starred in the American television drama Lie to Me. On October 16, 2014, Lachma's latest movie, "La Garçonne," was remade with her in the lead role.

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A young woman long isolated by her efforts to regain a normal childhood after the brutal sexual assault she endured as a child has a chance encounter with a handsome young sex worker who she quickly falls in love with, but she has no idea who he is and struggles to trust him when she soon discovers that he is also a sentient and completely autonomous artificial being.

Unlike most actors who have to suffer through years of very small roles before getting their big break, Dichen Lachman came out the gate swinging. In 2005, Dichen made her first on-screen appearance and also landing a role in the popular series Neighbours. By the end of her time on the show, she had appeared in over 100 episodes. Word of her talent quickly spread and doors began to open for her. In addition to becoming popular in Australia, Dichen also became a star all over the world and she hasn’t looked back since. Now her resume can compete with almost anyone’s and she’s ready to show even more of what she can do. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Dichen Lachman. (Source: tvovermind.com)

Altered Carbon


Dichen Lachma is a Canadian film and television actress and singer.

Unique in both talent and charisma, Dichen Lachman is one of those women who can seemingly do it all. The mother, wife, actress, and self-appointed house keeper plays Reileen Kawahara a tough-as-nails woman in the hit series “Altered Carbon”. Imagista was lucky enough to catch up with Lachman and get to know this amazing woman a little better. (Source: theimagista.com)


She is from Los Angeles and she has never been to Africa. But with a Master of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, the goal is to do her part in steering the world towards a future free from disease.


She is married to actor Maximilian Osinski. They got married in 2015 and she gave birth to their daughter the same year. (Source: www.thewikifeed.com)



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