Derrick Jaxn and His Wife Video

Derrick Jaxn and His Wife Video


derrick jaxn wife video youtube

Derrick Jaxn is an internationally acclaimed dating and relationship expert who has amassed a large online following. He has authored multiple books and regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel encouraging men to treat women fairly.

Recently, however, he was caught cheating on his wife Da'Nia Jackson. This has left many fans stunned and baffled.

Da’Naia Jackson

Da'Naia Jackson is an Instagram star and the wife of YouTube relationship expert Derrick Jaxn. She holds a degree from Tuskegee University, serving as a stay-at-home mom while supporting her husband with his business endeavors.

She is a Christian and says their faith is at the core of their marriage. Though it hasn't always been easy, they've persevered through many difficulties together and remain united in faith.

They're renowned for their love and respect for one another, which they demonstrate on social media platforms. Indeed, the couple enjoys a large following online with many followers who regularly post pictures of them looking amazing.

Recently, however, their relationship took an unexpected turn. After years of marriage, a scandal nearly tore them apart.

In 2021, Candice De Medeiros came forward and claimed she'd been sleeping with Derrick multiple times. Additionally, she claimed to have been inside the home he shared with his wife and children.

In response to the scandal, Jaxn's wife posted a video on her YouTube channel where she answered all inquiries about why she chose to remain with him despite his affair. She explained that initially she left him when she discovered he was sleeping with another woman, but changed her mind after witnessing an evolution in his personality.

Da'Nia's video went viral and received a lot of criticism from viewers. Some even questioned her outfit and overall appearance, but Da'Nia quickly replied that she wears "Holy Girl Summer" attire because it makes her feel powerful.

This was an incredible statement from a wife who has experienced so much loss. Despite all that had been thrown at her, she found the strength to take back her husband and rebuild their relationship.

She has been incredibly supportive of her husband and has encouraged him to reflect upon his actions after the scandal, leading him to take steps towards improving his behavior. Additionally, he apologized for his past misbehavior and is striving to make amends. Ultimately, they hope to rebuild their marriage and embark on a new chapter in their lives together.

Marley Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn has earned a reputation as a relationship expert, but it has been revealed that he had an affair with Candice De Medeiros. Rumors of their engagement made headlines and led to further investigation into their relationship.

She claims she and him began an affair in August and September of last year. They exchanged texts, even spent their birthday together. Additionally, both sent each other over $1,000 during this period of time.

After her revelations, social media went into a frenzy. People questioned her and her husband about their relationship, calling them hypocrites. Additionally, she claimed she had difficulty dealing with the situation due to her deep-felt love for them.

She revealed that she had shed many tears during this period. Despite feeling heartbroken and frustrated, she did not want to lose her marriage or family.

She ultimately decided to forgive her husband and move forward with her life. Now a housewife, taking care of her daughter while supporting her husband in his entrepreneurial pursuits, she has found peace within herself.

Da'Nia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn have been happily married for over half a decade. They got engaged in November 2016 and married the following January of 2018, welcoming Marley into the world before their union.

Her husband is an American "relationship guru" and author with over 700k subscribers on YouTube. He describes himself as an expert on relationships and has authored seven books.

He has also created videos on his YouTube channel that discuss love, romance and how to deal with failed relationships. Estimates place his net worth at approximately $1.5 million as of 2021.

His wife is a homewife who takes care of their daughter and supports him in his business pursuits. Together they expect two more children to complete their family.

In addition to her work as a YouTuber and author, she is also an accomplished photographer. Furthermore, she runs her own blog called The Jaxn Files.

She is a devout Christian who believes in God. She enjoys listening to music such as Blur, OutKast, D'Angelo and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


After four years of marriage and two children together, the couple is still going strong. Although their relationship hasn't always been easy, they remain fiercely committed to each other.

Relationships can be tricky and painful at times, but when someone you love puts their happiness above all else, it can be the most beautiful thing in the world. You will do anything for them and put their needs first - whether that means giving up something important to yourself or making sacrifices for their sake.

Derrick Jaxn was renowned for his short YouTube videos offering advice to help men improve their relationships with women. His advice was mainly tailored towards Christian men, and he amassed an online following of one million devoted fans. Additionally, he published several books on the topic.

His fame was swiftly destroyed when he was caught cheating on his wife. Candice De Medeiros, his mistress, had multiple affairs with him and is believed to have even shared a bed with both of them.

Soon after his wife discovered about his affair, she filed for divorce from him. In addition to asking for lump sum alimony and full custody of their two children from him, she also sought full financial restitution.

She even derided fans who criticized him for his infidelity, labelling them "keyboard warriors". The video went viral on social media and has since been viewed millions of times.

Her response to those who criticize others is a fiery one, as she advised them to stop wasting their time. She urges people to be honest with themselves and stop passing judgment on other people's lives.

In her video statement, the former stay-at-home mom lashed out against those who question her marriage in public, calling out those online who have harassed and spread false stories about it on social media. She promised to continue fighting for her family as she has done in the past.

In her video statement, she lashed out at those who have been defaming her and her family for three years. She warned them that continuing to spread lies and rumors about her would bring about their downfall.


Derrick Jaxn, a 31-year-old relationship expert and author of several books and videos, has amassed an international following on YouTube and Instagram. His Christian perspective on relationships has helped many people improve their connections by using strategies he believed strengthened their bond with themselves and one another. Furthermore, Jaxn wrote a book about love and dating which helped him reach an incredible number of followers around the world.

He enjoys a large social media following and his fans appreciate his candid approach to dealing with relationship difficulties. Unfortunately, he is unhappy about Da'Nia Jackson's infidelity.

According to reports, the couple began dating in 2012 and got engaged two years later. They have a daughter together and reside in Atlanta. Their relationship has always been openly documented online; they've shared their story with thousands of fans since.

In 2020, Candice De Medeiros came forward with allegations of an affair she claimed to have had with Jaxn. She claimed he took her on a luxury vacation to Miami and brought her to his home in Atlanta where he lives with his wife and child. Additionally, he sent her expensive gifts totalling over $1,000 during the course of their relationship.

Tasha K's popular YouTube channel then made the alleged mistress' claim public. She claimed receipts showing thousands of dollars spent by Jaxn on her.

She claims he told her he was divorcing his wife, as evidenced by boxes in his house. However, she has since left him, filed for divorce, and is back with her husband.

After the scandal, Jaxn released a video on his YouTube channel to apologize to both his wife and fans for cheating on her. He acknowledged having sex with other women outside the marriage, and then begged viewers for forgiveness.

Social media users have expressed their disbelief and disapproval of the alleged infidelity, with some even creating memes to mock him. Many fans have even created memes mocking his wife, asking why she still with him. He appears to be working through it and hoping to rekindle their relationship again.

derrick jaxn birth chart

Derrick Jaxn Birth Chart

Derrick Jaxn is a relationship expert who boasts millions of YouTube subscribers on his channel. Additionally, his writing career has seen great success, leading to the publication of multiple books.

Derrick Jaxn, 32 years old and raised in a single parent household by his mother who battled life-threatening illnesses while working multiple jobs, inspired him to reach for success.

Birth chart

Derrick Jaxn is a social media celebrity with an impressive fan base on both Instagram and YouTube. His vlog testimonies often deal with relationships and romance, and he also serves as an author and self-love ambassador. Married to Da'Naia Jackson, Derrick has one daughter.

Born in Alabama as the youngest of four siblings, he spent his youth growing up in a single-parent household. His mother worked multiple jobs to make ends meet but always made time for her children despite her hectic schedule.

After graduating high school, Jaxn attended Tuskegee University and earned a bachelor's degree in science. While there, he founded a non-profit mentorship organization to serve teenagers in his community.

He is passionate about aiding others and has made it his mission to assist thousands of people. Additionally, he has written several relationship advice books and posted videos encouraging men to treat women fairly.

His birth chart indicates he possesses an intense fire element in his personality. This energy can be highly positive and pave the way for great success in both professional and personal endeavors.

That is why it is essential for him to have a high sense of self-worth. Doing so can help him maintain personal happiness and pursue the things in life that he aspires to.

Jaxn's birth chart suggests he possesses an intuitive sense and high emotional intelligence, both of which are highly valued qualities in life. This ability allows him to form meaningful connections with people and express himself clearly.

Jaxn's energy can also be highly beneficial when searching for love. This is because her strong planetary placements in Water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces indicate she is on her journey towards finding true happiness.

His birth chart is marked by many planetary aspects, such as asteroid trines and unique Zodiac placements. This gives him a distinct identity and helps him better comprehend both his strengths and weaknesses.

Personality traits

Derrick Jaxn is a self-love brand ambassador and romance expert who has built an expansive social media following by sharing his candid opinions on love, relationships and how to nurture them. His videos, live chats and blog posts regularly reach thousands of people daily.

His personal blog, Mentally Stimulate Me, has blossomed into a lifestyle platform with millions of fans around the world. He is renowned for advocating self-love as an alternative to seeking validation in relationships. Additionally, he creates content about sensitive and often controversial issues like narcissism, rape culture, and single motherhood.

Jaxn began documenting his journey after breaking up with his college sweetheart on social media, garnering plenty of attention from viewers. Eventually, he was able to win back his girlfriend and reconcile with her; they later got married and started a family together.

He then started blogging about his painful lessons in love, which has grown into a viral movement of five million social media followers he reaches daily through videos and posts. Soon after, he released his debut book A Cheating Man's Heart.

Derrick Jaxn has achieved fame as a self-love brand ambassador and relationship expert through his videos on Instagram and YouTube. His advice on dealing with broken hearts and other love issues has earned him millions of views on his channel, while his books have been praised for their candid nature.

Recently, fans have observed some sketchy behavior from Jaxn. He's been seen with several women outside his marriage - one being Candice De Medeiros who reportedly met Jaxn on Instagram and later became his mistress. They were seen spending time together and even sleeping in the bed they share at his Atlanta home.

Another woman he dated was an Atlanta surgeon, whom he began dating before Da'Nia discovered about his infidelity. She revealed on Tasha K's vlog that she met him through Instagram but also confirmed that he and his wife had separated before they started dating her.


Astrology charts are visual representations of planetary coordinates at birth. Planets represent energies that shape us; positive or negative, depending on their position in our natal chart. Astrological signs can affect both our emotions and motivations in different ways.

Everyone's natal chart is unique, reflecting the influences of each sign and house. This information can be invaluable in deciphering an individual's personality traits, career choices, relationships with others, as well as overall wellbeing.

At birth, planets are placed in twelve astrological houses (also called signs), each representing an aspect of life. These houses encompass external behavior, material and social life, love life, work, home life and partnerships - just to name a few!

Each house symbolizes a different aspect of human psychology, from emotional sensitivity to cognitive ability. Furthermore, each sign will add color to these personality traits by amplifying them with the planetary energy that attracts it in particular. Furthermore, aspects - or geometric angles between planets - contribute further insight into their deeper significances.

Derrick Jaxn is an American vlogger and relationship expert renowned for his personal vlog testimonies on romance and relationships. His YouTube channel boasts over 630k subscribers, as well as his own website and books.

He is married to Da'Nia Broadus and they have a daughter named Marley Jaxn. As her householder, she stays at home to care for their daughter while aiding Derrick with his entrepreneurial endeavors. They hope to expand their family by having two more children in the near future.

Jaxn holds a degree in Business and Information Science from Tuskegee University, where he founded an non-profit teen mentoring group. Furthermore, Jaxn has achieved great success as an athlete, winning several national and conference football championships.

Derrick is an aspiring author who strives to help people live life to the fullest. Through his vlogs, books and videos he strives to spread happiness and bring light into people's lives.

derrick jaxn workout

Derrick Jaxn Workout

YouTuber Derrick Jaxn is a self-love ambassador, entrepreneur, author and social media relationship expert with over 1.3 million Instagram followers.

He's been a fixture on the internet for years, offering relationship advice in short videos. However, he got embroiled in an embarrassing scandal and had no choice but to come clean about what really happened.

Strength Training

Derrick Lewis is an inspiration when it comes to his workout regimen. He blends strength and conditioning with martial arts exercises to sharpen his fighting skills while building body strength. Additionally, he utilizes cutting-edge exercise physiology and sports medicine technology in order to stay healthy and in great condition.

He also has some tricks up his sleeve, such as a well-planned diet and regular cardio sessions. What's most remarkable about his regimen is that he's still able to perform intense workouts without experiencing injury.

In a nutshell, his strength and fitness make him one of the most sought-after fighters in the business. With an impressive list of accomplishments to his name - including numerous awards, championships, and accolades from fans - he continues to look like a model on the outside!


American mixed martial artist Derrick Lewis is well known for his impressive cardio workout regimen. He prioritizes weight loss and stamina during each of his sessions, never missing any, which makes him one of the top in his field.

He began his career as an MMA fighter back in 2012; initially being quite large, but through hard work and dieting he has slimmed down to 170 pounds. Additionally, he has won multiple fights. Despite all these hardships he's overcome, his confidence never wavered - now on cloud nine due to his training regimen and diet plan.

Derrick Jaxn has become a social media phenomenon, and for good reason. His many fans eagerly await his next opponent as the fitness king enjoys the success of his remarkable transformation; now 170 pounds and looking like an absolute beast!

He began his career in strength and conditioning, but has recently added cardio to his workouts. This helps him shed pounds and keep up with his stamina. Maintaining an effective workout schedule can be tough for some people, but Derrick is one of the best at it. Additionally, he follows a cross-fit regimen as well as yoga to increase flexibility.

The fitness king is an avid CrossFit fan and hasn't missed a workout since becoming professional. Additionally, he loves lifting weights, which he incorporates into his routine for increased muscle mass and strength gains.


Derrick Jaxn is a social media star whose videos about love and relationships have gained him an avid following. He's also quite tech-savvy, sporting the latest smartwatches and gadgets. While Derrick Jaxn certainly knows his way around town, his integrity hasn't always been upheld; he has been seen in several places over his career including Vegas where Da'Nia and him have been rumored to be working together.

Weight Training

Derrick Lewis is an American mixed martial arts fighter known for his dedication to fitness. His routine involves strength and conditioning work as well as combat training. Plus, he incorporates cardio with CrossFit exercises in order to shed pounds.

Though his weight loss journey wasn't easy, he was able to successfully complete the transformation. From 170 pounds down, he is now proudly known as cardio king!

He has an adoring fan base that loves his work and is always ready to assist them in getting fit. His fitness and health tips have proven so popular that he boasts 745,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million Instagram followers.

His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He is married and has two children, as well as having his own blog and YouTube channel where he provides relationship advice.

Candice De Medeiros, a social media vlogger, has accused Derrick Jaxn of cheating on his wife. The couple has been together for over 12 years. After video emerged showing the vlogger discussing her allegations with fans, there was immediate backlash from followers.

In the past, they had a difficult relationship, yet were still madly in love. After getting engaged in November 2016 and getting married two months later in January 2017, they have two children - a daughter and son.

According to reports, the couple is trying to conceive a second child. To make this plan successful, they need to improve their fitness level and shed pounds.

Derrick Lewis not only works out in the gym but eats a nutritious diet with lean proteins and carbs. Additionally, he drinks plenty of water throughout the day and attempts to skip snacks throughout the day for improved hydration and reduced risk of injury.

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