dance comps online australia

dance comps online australia

Future Stars Dance Comp

The Australian Government is establishing a Future Stars Dance and Ballet Competition to find Australia’s next professional dance stars. This year’s competition will showcase the best high school dancers in the country and this year's applications are due by January 31st, 2019. The Regional Finals will be held in Sydney on February 20th and 21st before the National Finals on February 26th and 27th of 2019. Winners will be announced the following March.


PHOTO & VIDEO STUDIO PACKAGE: Rainbow Dance is proud to continue with the All Inclusive Photo & Video Studio Package for the 2022 Regional Tour! For the affordable price of $25 per dancer or $35 per family (siblings only), your studio will enjoy ALL your Regional Photos and Videos. The fee is required per dancer and will be due 14 days prior to the start of competition. Parents can access their dancers’ photos and videos inside their Parent Center online. Photos and Videos will be available 3-5 days after the completion of the competition.

SAFETY: Rainbow Dance and the hosting facility are not responsible for any kind of damage, loss or injury sustained by contestants or spectators or their property while attending any area of the venue premises. Dancers competing take certain inherent risks when involved in any physical activity. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by the performers. Therefore, upon registration to any Rainbow event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Rainbow Dance Competition, its directors or employees responsible for injuries that occur or illnesses that may be contracted during the competition event. Studio Owner/Directors agree to adhere to the Release of Liability Clause which is completed during the registration process. (Source: rainbowdance.com)


SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Admission is free and the general public is welcome to all events. Doors will open exactly 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled act. No food, drinks or smoking is allowed in the competition performance area or inside the contracted venue. All Rainbow events are family friendly functions. Please refrain from inappropriate, offensive or unsportsmanlike conduct. All participating teachers, dancers and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship. Failure to comply could result in immediate disqualification and loss of privileges to participate in future Rainbow Competitions.

: Please make sure after you complete your registration and prior to paying your competition fees all your parents create Parent Center accounts to link their media to your studio. If you have already paid and your parents link their siblings prior to the Event, the Studio will receive a credit of the difference of the media fee with the Family Package. The credit will appear in your Studio Center “Wallet”. This Media Fee credit is non refundable. If your families wait until after the Event to link siblings there is no discount given and the Media Package is billed at FULL price. ($25 per dancer) It is very important that your families sign up and link their account to your studio. Please also make sure to instruct them to download their photos and videos. We periodically have to free up space on our servers and media from past seasons may not always be available. (Source: rainbowdance.com)



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