Comedy store los angeles

Comedy store los angeles

Comedy store los angeles

I just moved to LA and needed a new routine. I attempted to be as healthy as possible (yoga, running, power walking, biking, etc. ), but I still needed to blow off some steam. Enter comedy!Director Mike Binder interviewed comedians about their experiences at Mitzi Shore's comedy club on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles for the series The Comedy Store. He conducted many of the interviews in The Original Room, the first stage the club ever had in 1972.


The Comedy Union is the first black-owned and operated comedy club in Los Angeles and offers both urban, non-urban, and family-friendly comics, boasting TV and movie star Damon Wayans as a regular. With a homey feel, The Comedy Union has managed to escape the too cool ‘L.A.’ vibe that most clubs have. Ticket prices are average, ranging from $5-$15, but the club offers chances to win free tickets on a daily basis. Plus, The Comedy Union stands right across the street from the legendary Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, so patrons can fill up on laughs at The Comedy Union, then fill up on wings just across the street.

Nerdist Showroom stands in the back of Meltdown Comics and has quickly become a major success, despite its indie start. The offbeat comedy house is the brain child of comic Chris Hardwick and is backed by Comedy Central, and maintains a homegrown feel even though big names now grace the stage regularly. Offering a bevy of entertainment, like improv and sketch school, stand-up, podcast tapings, art shows, and writers’ panels, the space has proven itself as a provider of a diverse and unique entertainment experience. Bonus: several of their shows are 100% FREE. (Source: theculturetrip.com)


History: The Comedy Store has had several famous comedians come to perform, but another thing that the store is famous for is that it is believed to be haunted. Several people who have worked at the store have claimed to have encountered several spirits and have had other strange occurrences. Laurie Jacobson, who worked as a waitress at the club, has written a book about the various ghostly encounters there. Several waitresses have told her about setting up tables in the show room. They claimed that, after setting a few tables, they would leave and return seconds later, only to find that all of the tables were unset.

Blake Clark and a co-worker claimed that, one night, a metal gate that had the fire extinguisher behind it would continually open and close for no apparent reason. Blake and Joey claimed that while in the basement of the store, a strange dark mist appeared; they felt that it was a bad presence, so they left. No one can explain why the Comedy Store appears to be haunted.Background: The Comedy Store is located in the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The store has had several comedic legends perform there, including Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Roseanne, Jay Leno, and Arsenio Hall. (Source: unsolvedmysteries.fandom.com)


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