Ciara Bravo - A Look at Her Career in Movies and TV Shows

Ciara Bravo - A Look at Her Career in Movies and TV Shows



Ciara is a popular name in the world of movies and television shows, and she has a long history of success in the entertainment industry. You've likely seen her in movies like "To the Bone" and "Big Time Rush." Here's a look at her career and some of the things she's done in the past.

Life path number 11

If you have a liking for movies and television shows, chances are you've come across Ciara Bravo. She's one of the many female stars in Hollywood. In her heyday, she starred in a number of high-profile movies and shows. Most notably, she played the role of Ellen in the movie To the Bone. Her other credits include playing Giselita in the Open Season franchise and Charlie Brown in the movie Penguins of Madagascar. Besides acting, she's also a voice actress.

Like most celebrities, she's attended a lot of workshops and classes, but there are some traits that seem to define her. For example, she's a very clear thinker. However, she's also very prone to fetishization. This can be an issue, but it doesn't have to be.

She's also an avid reader. According to a recent study, her reading list includes a number of books written in Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. Aside from books, she also loves to watch anime, especially ones based on kung fu movies.

She's a bit of a perfectionist. However, she's also a great organizer. The following are some of her defining characteristics:

One of her best traits is her enthusiasm for new endeavors. While she may not be as bold as her peers, her enthusiasm will pay off in the long run. Taking on new roles will help her develop her confidence. Similarly, her desire to be part of a bigger family will help her create a supportive environment.

Early life

Ciara Bravo is a famous actress in the United States. She is known for her role as Emma Chota on the TV series Red Band Society. However, she is also known for her appearance in several other TV shows and movies.

Ciara was born on March 18, 1997 in Alexandria, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Tammy Bravo and Mike Bravo. Her parents are both successful businessmen. They own Executive Transportation Services, Inc Limo Service in Newport. She has two siblings. One is younger brother Jaxon and the other is elder sister Rikkel.

In her young days, she was fond of horse riding and shopping. Ciara also loved to go to the local farmer's market. This helped her decide to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

At nine years of age, she had already acted in some commercials. By the time she turned 11, she had become well-known for her role on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush.

As she grew up, Ciara started taking acting classes and joined various workshops. Her first paid project was the Frog princess commercial.

Ciara has also voiced numerous characters. She played Melissa Bing in the movie Swindle and Giselita in the anime Open Season 3. The Penguins of Madagascar (2012) is another animated film she appeared in.

Early career

Ciara Bravo is an American actress and voice actor. She is a native of Kentucky. Her parents are Tammy and Mike Bravo. Ciara was born on March 18, 1997. At the age of 9, she started her acting career.

During this time, she worked on commercials and small movies. By the age of 11, she had also been involved in voice acting. In addition to acting, she studied art history at UCLA.

When she was 18, she decided to leave college and move to Los Angeles. It was there that she met an agent at the county fair. He was impressed with her talent and signed her to a three-year contract with Nickelodeon.

The actress then auditioned for the show Newport Aquarium. After her tape was accepted, she went on to work on two short films.

Ciara has done voiceovers for animated television shows like Kinect Star Wars: Girly Vader and The Penguins of Madagascar. As a child, she appeared in several short films, including Washed Up and The Cafeteria.

Before she became an actress, Ciara enjoyed shopping, hanging out with friends, and horse riding. She also liked going to the farmer's market.

At the age of 21, Ciara was able to land a role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She has also voiced characters in other animated projects.

Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush is a Nickelodeon series about a band of kids. It follows a storyline involving four hockey players from Minnesota who are transformed into a boy band. They also learn that success comes with dedication and hard work.

Originally broadcast on Nickelodeon, Big Time Rush ended its run after four seasons. But the show launched the careers of many of its cast members. Logan Henderson, Carlos PenaVega, Kendall Schmidt, and James Maslow have achieved major success since the show's end.

Ciara Bravo has appeared in various television movies and short films. She has also voiced several animated projects. Among her biggest roles so far is her role as Katie Knight in "Big Time Rush".

The actress also played a heroin addict in the teen drama "Red Band Society." This role was a huge hit and earned her a Young Artist nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series: Supporting Young Actress.

In addition to her roles in teen dramas, Bravo also voiced a number of cartoon characters. She also has appeared in commercials for Newport Aquarium and Playhouse Disney.

Her role as Katie Knight in Big Time Rush helped boost her career. While on the show, she starred in two short films and a music video for Natasha Bedingfield.

Red Band Society

The actress Ciara Bravo has been working in the film industry for over a decade. She has been involved in a number of exciting movies and TV shows. Some of her popular roles include Katie Knight on Big Time Rush and Emma Chota in Red Band Society.

She is an American actor, born on March 18, 1997 in Alexandria, Kentucky. Ciara's family is from Kentucky. As a child, she began modelling and singing in front of cameras. Initially, she wanted to be a documentary filmmaker. However, she had to put her dream aside in order to pursue her acting career.

When she was eight years old, she was spotted by an agent at the county fair. After that, she auditioned for different roles. At nine, she was cast as a model and voiceover artist on various Disney Junior shows. Later, she got a part in the Disney Channel series Big Time Rush.

Several other movies and TV shows followed. In 2009, she starred in the Ron Howard thriller Angels & Demons. Since then, she has worked in films and television shows such as Neighbors, Big Time Rush, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Long Dumb Road.

To The Bone

Ciara Bravo is an American actress, who was born on March 18, 1997 in Alexandria, Kentucky. She has starred in many TV shows and movies. Her first acting appearance was on Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" in 2009. After that, she moved into the film world. Several of her films include The Cafeteria, Open Season, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Washed Up, and Red.

Before becoming an actor, she was an elementary school student. She studied at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati. From there, she enrolled in the Dallas Institute of Film & Television. Eventually, she was discovered by Bryan Leder. In 2009, she was cast in a major television role, playing Katie Knight on the Nickelodeon series "Big Time Rush."

After that, she played Meg Murphy in the movie Jinxed. It was also her first starring role. Now, she will star in a new movie, To the Bone.

To the Bone follows the story of a young woman who struggles with anorexia. The film is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Nico Walker. Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves also star.

Bravo also has a co-starring role in the YouTube RED series Wayne. She was a guest star on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Is Below Deck Or Below Deck Med Better?

Have you ever wondered if it's better to be below deck or below deck med? If you haven't, you may want to find out. In fact, some people are saying that below deck med has made them feel healthier than they used to. It's a good thing, too.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain is a Florida native who started her career in the yachting industry. After working as a third stewardess, she climbed up the ranks and eventually became the chief stew on the Below Deck sailing yacht.

Her no-nonsense attitude and dry sense of humor made her a popular addition to the crew. She also worked as a philanthropist and author.

In 2007, Chastain joined the below deck as a stewardess, but she soon rose to the chief stew position. During her tenure, she traveled through Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

She left the show in February 2020. Chastain has since worked as a podcaster, author, and radio host. However, she's still a fan of the franchise.

Kate has had her fair share of drama with the crew. Aside from the usual bickering, there were moments where Chastain didn't agree with her male crewmates. One such incident was a heated argument with Ashton Pienaar in Thailand.

Kate was a member of the first Below Deck crew. In fact, she joined season two, which was filmed in 2014. The cast of the original series included Ben Robinson, onboard chef.

Below Deck was a hit worldwide. It featured nonstop parties and fiery disagreements. Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the show from airing in its ninth season. But the Mediterranean spinoff is back in action.

Below Deck Med is available on Peacock, and episodes can be watched a week in advance. Subscribers need to be at least 16 years old.

Aesha Scott

If you're watching Below Deck Down Under, you may have noticed that Aesha Scott has become a popular member of the crew. She's known for her infectious smile and positive attitude. She's even a fan favorite.

Aesha Scott is the chief stew on Below Deck Down Under. Her popularity has grown since the show's inception in 2020. As a native of New Zealand, she was thrilled to join the franchise's crew.

Aesha's bubbly personality and wit have made her a beloved member of the Below Deck crew. She has also developed a strong sense of humor and is a great leader. The crew is often called upon to respond to charter guests and keep the ship running smoothly.

In addition to her role as chief stew, Scott is also known for her knack for cutting cheese. Her calming presence on the boat has helped ease tension between the crew members.

Aesha has a lot of interesting stories to share with fans. For example, she has dived in the Great Barrier Reef. And she's been working on boats for eight years.

Before joining the Below Deck crew, she was a back-up stewardess on Below Deck Med. However, she made a splash during seasons 4 and 5. During Season 5, she became the third stew.

Aesha is in a relationship with fellow Kiwi Scott Dobson. They started dating in 2020, but they've since split their time between their home in New Zealand and Colorado.

Jessica More

A fan favorite from Below Deck Mediterranean, Jessica More recently announced she is expecting her first child. She revealed the news on Instagram Stories. In the weeks since, her former co-stars have been congratulating her on her pregnancy.

She also mentioned that she's looking forward to a reunion. Her Instagram Stories have offered up an assortment of emojis in celebration of her newest arrival. It's no secret that Jessica loves to swim.

She also is a big fan of scuba diving and snorkeling. Among her many other interests, she's also a reader and a poet.

Jessica's love of the water started when she was a kid. She grew up in Southern California and Florida. The beach was her playground.

Although she spent some time working in the music industry in Los Angeles, she eventually decided to take the plunge and give yachting a try. She's enjoyed visiting new places like Mykonos, Phuket, and Bali.

During her time on the boat, she got into a bit of a boatmance with deckhand Rob Westergaard. However, they parted ways when the season ended.

This isn't the first time Jessica has mentioned she's pregnant. While she hasn't confirmed her baby's identity, she did reveal that she's expecting a girl. So far, she's chosen the name Charli Ella. Earlier this year, she shared a photo of herself wearing a crochet bikini at the poolside.

Tumi Mhlongo

Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Down Under have been the focus of a lot of drama this season. Both shows are known for having a bunch of crazy personalities. Despite this, they have also managed to create some great episodes.

The second stew on Below Deck Down Under, Tumi Mhlongo, is South African. She works on the Thalassa yacht. She started out as a deckhand on the vessel. Her work ethic and skills at table decor made her an excellent choice for a crew member.

Before joining the Below Deck crew, she worked in hospitality. She earned a bachelor's degree in visual communications. During her time in the yachting industry, she has had several opportunities to show off her talent as a table decorator.

Tumi has a unique personality that is hard to ignore. Not only does she have a knack for interior design, but she has a can-do attitude. It's no wonder she's a favorite among Below Deck fans.

When she first joined the charter, she noticed the lifestyle of yachting. Tumi is passionate about eradicating racism around the world. She loves meeting new people and making friends.

On a personal level, she shares a lot of deep concerns with her community. She also enjoys dining out, hanging out with her friends, and going to new restaurants. However, she's not a fan of being pushed around by other crew members.

Rachel Hargrove

'Below Deck' is an Emmy nominated show that follows the adventures of a super yacht crew as they sail the Caribbean. Rachel Hargrove was the chef on the show, and the fans loved her. She was known for her witty comebacks and raunchy humor.

Below Deck is still on the air and a new season is set to premiere October 9. In a recent Instagram post, Rachel said that she is single and is working on a new charter yacht job. However, her outspoken personality will create drama even after leaving the show.

The 'Below Deck' franchise has been criticized for its treatment of women, particularly its lack of diversity. Season 7 of the show had some great moments, but it also had some less than stellar ones.

One of the highlights of the latest season was the promotion of Joao Franco from lead deckhand to bosun. While he is a popular cast member, he also has a slew of dissenting opinions.

For example, one of the best seasons of the show was season 4 of Below Deck Med. While the show's popularity has grown over the years, the series has had its fair share of drama and dramatized events.

In addition to the usual suspects, Rachel and Vincenzo broke up after a little too much time apart. Several cast members have spoken out about the discrepancy between what Bravo pays them and what they actually earn.

Kyle Dickard

Earlier this week, Below Deck Adventure star Kyle Dickard was arrested in Florida. He was tackled to the ground and charged with resisting an officer without violence. This incident prompted many fans to call for his firing.

Dickard's arrest came shortly after he reportedly created a ruckus at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. Dickard was caught by security guards after he ran onto the soccer field during a match.

Dickard has a long history of legal troubles. He was arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in November 2022. The police claim that Dickard offered money to the officers in exchange for letting him go.

On Below Deck Adventure, Dickard has been one of the most infamous crew members. His behavior has been so outrageous that most of the crew members have taken issue with him.

Dickard is a party animal who loves to travel. In fact, he has visited numerous countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Canada, and South Africa.

Dickard also hobnobs with celebrities such as comedian Jeff Ross and UFC champion Colby Covington. He has also been accused of making racist remarks. However, he recently opened up about his past legal issues.

According to court documents obtained by People, Dickard allegedly attempted to bribe authorities to release him from jail. Several offers were made to the authorities to give Dickard up for $300. Dickard then chose to get sober.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4

below deck mediterranean season 4 charter guests

In Season 4 of Below Deck, the crew of the Mediterranean takes a trip to Italy, Spain, and Greece. While onboard the vessel, they meet a host of charter guests, including Hannah Ferrier, Aesha Scott, Anastasia Surmava, Adam and Joao, and Jess. These guests will all be a part of this season's action. They also have their own unique stories to tell.

Hannah Ferrier and Aesha Scott

Aesha Scott and Hannah Ferrier have a good relationship and are great friends. The two were charter guests on Below Deck Mediterranean season four. Their friendship has endured and they remain close.

Aesha started out as a deckhand before advancing to an interior role. Aesha Ross is a fun-loving stewardess who loves parties and flirting with hot guys. She enjoys diving excursions.

In addition to her role as a stewardess, Aesha is also a health consultant. Her experience working on yachts and her passion for health have allowed her to develop a great relationship with the crew.

While Aesha will be joining a new crew in Season 5, she has made a name for herself on the Bravo series. She's a bubbly New Zealander who is very knowledgeable about her job.

As the season premieres, Aesha is preparing for her return to the Below Deck Med franchise. She will have to deal with some tough charter guests. However, she plans to make the best of her time on board.

Besides Aesha, the charter guests of Below Deck Med season four include Johnny Damon, who is expected to reunite with his wife Michelle. Jack Stirrup, who is expected to welcome his first child Phoenix in April, will be another guest. They are expected to arrive in Ibiza.

Aesha's dream team counterparts are former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and Third Stew Anastasia Surmava. These women are very savvy when it comes to the yachting industry.

Adam and Joao

One of the highlights of Below Deck Mediterranean season 3 was the appearance of charter guests Adam Glick and Joao Franco. Both of these men have previously been seen on the show, but they are back this season. This makes their relationship a bit more complicated.

Conrad and Hannah's relationship has been slowly developing for the past few episodes. They start to get closer and the two start to share more time together. However, there are still a few things that are keeping them apart.

Conrad starts to feel like a support system for Hannah. But he is distracted by other aspects of life onboard.

The crew is dealing with the aftermath of a difficult night on the boat. When the boat strands, they are stuck in heavy winds. Meanwhile, Sandy is being questioned by a guest who has serious concerns. He is also worried about his relationship with Hannah.

Hannah reaches the point where she is struggling to maintain her job and her relationship with Conrad. She is upset when she is challenged by Kasey.

As a result, she puts her feelings on the line. However, she is not sure whether she can keep her relationship with her new lover a secret.

In the end, she ends up deciding to choose between her lover or her work. On the other hand, Conrad starts to show signs that he may be interested in Hannah.


Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 has seen charter guests make an appearance. Despite the crew being elated at the prospect of meeting new people, some aren't thrilled to see former guests.

Jessica More, the newest addition to the interior team, has been the target of some fans. She made a splash by telling her crew that the last group of charter guests had been tipped off about their visit. A lot of people believe this was an esoteric statement, but her claims did get a response.

Meanwhile, below the surface, Kiko is struggling with her first off-boat excursion. The rest of the boat races to mitigate the damage. Hannah and Rob try to keep frustrations at bay, but they are not the only ones.

Jess has a medical condition and she isn't happy with the way she looks in the group photo. She also wants a promotion. However, she doesn't receive one.

In other news, Captain Sandy has a hard decision to make. After a complaint from one of the charter guests, she's forced to give them an ultimatum.

It's the end of the charter season, and the rest of the crew has their work cut out for them. While Malia, Rob and Tom have gotten to know their new interior team members, it's still a tough task to manage a crew of six with a handful of demanding charter guests.

Captain Mark

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo series that features a crew of luxury yacht charters sailing around the Greek Isles. Each episode features a new group of elite charter guests that arrive with high expectations. They expect a top-of-the-line service experience, and the crew strives to provide it.

The crew aboard the Ionian Princess learns how to live and work together. But as they prepare to welcome their first guests, a surprise obstacle arrives. A fellow charter guest is hospitalized.

When the next charter guests arrive, the crew is challenged by the demands of the young guests. They also have to deal with the complicated past of two yachties.

After a night of drunkenness, one crew member is left to pick up the slack. The following day, a Cordon Bleu trained chef is ill. And after a miscommunication during dinner, the romantic hopes of a pair of galley workers are put to the test.

As the Ionian Princess approaches the Mediterranean, the crew is faced with an unexpected obstacle. Charter guests are having their last dinner on board. It's a chance for the crew to reveal their feelings. Some of them are shedding clothes, but others are confronting their loved ones.

One of the crew members is shocked to discover the stew that Bryan slept in his bunk. Another member gets a promotion. This puts a strain on the deck crew, which struggles to keep up with the demands of the group.

Anastasia Surmava

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 aired on Bravo network. It was originally filmed in France, near the Cote d'Azur. The yacht's charter guests are expected to tip the crew 15 percent of the cost of the charter.

This season, the crew has been working hard to keep the yacht clean. However, they have had some fights over taking out the trash.

In this episode, June continues to struggle to impress Hannah. She lacks experience and communication skills. During a guest excursion, the crew gets into a misunderstanding.

As a deckhand, Aesha Gibson was caught in relationship rumors. The next charter, Joao Franco was promoted to bosun. But in the meantime, Surmava was asked to cook. Her skills were not enough to convince the captain to let her serve as a chef.

Several of the below deck yachties have had meetings during filming. Captain Sandy Yawn had to find a new chef fast. He needed someone who could do the job well. After some back and forth, he hired Raquel Dakota.

Below Deck Med season 4 will also feature the return of superyacht Ajna. Charters are usually three days long. Guests pay a discounted rate. Guests are expected to tip the crew 10-15 percent of the cost of the charter.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 will air Mondays at 9 p.m. on the Bravo network. Tickets for the show can be purchased at NOWTV.

Captain Sandy

Below Deck Mediterranean is the show on Bravo that follows charter guests on mega yachts throughout the Mediterranean. The series has been airing for six seasons and has been nominated for two 2022 Emmys.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premieres on Monday, July 11, and will feature a number of high-profile VIPs. These include former Washington Commanders tight end Jordan Reed, and former L.A. Rams defensive tackle Dominique Easley.

The show's premise is to watch the crew of a luxury charter yacht navigate through the Mediterranean while trying to fulfill all of their guests' requests. It also explores the professional drama onboard.

While there have been no major spoilers, there has been a lot of drama to deal with. One such incident involved the departure of two key crew members.

Mathew left the crew for a bit of personal reasons. He said that he felt he was being unfairly treated by Captain Sandy. This led to a fight which was captured on camera. However, he later returned and completed the rest of the season.

In addition to Mathew, the crew also lost two deckhands. They included a childhood friend and an ex-boyfriend. There were also allegations of inappropriate behavior with guests on board. Luckily, the crew handled these claims well.

The new season of Below Deck Mediterranean will also introduce a couple of new crew members. A new galley chef, David White, will join the team. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva will also make an appearance in the first five episodes.

Below Deck Med - How Many Episodes in Season 7

how many episodes in below deck med season 7

If you are looking to watch Season 7 of Below Deck, then you are probably wondering how many episodes it will have. This article will help you determine the number of episodes that will be aired as well as the premiere date.

Season 7 premiere date

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality series on Bravo that follows a crew of hardworking boaters as they manage a charter season aboard a charter yacht. The series has been airing for several seasons and has garnered lots of attention during its run. A new season is coming, but no word on when.

It has been a while since the last season, but Below Deck Med is returning. A new trailer was released earlier this month, showing a lot of tidbits about the new crew.

In season 7, the captain of the yacht is Sandy Yawn, a seasoned yacht captain who has worked in the industry for over 30 years. Her personal interests include skiing and scuba diving. She's also one of the few female captains in the business.

Below Deck Med is a summer reality series that has been airing on Bravo for several seasons. A new season will focus on the crew as they work to manage the charter season. They will go to exotic destinations and face challenging working conditions.

Below Deck Med will feature a lot of romance and drama. It will also show the crew members having flings and having a little fun.

This season will be different than previous ones. Most of the crew is brand new. However, two veteran crew members are returning.

Mzi "Zee" Dempers is back, but he won't be in the spotlight. Instead, the new bosun is Raygan Tyler. He will be leading three other deckhands.

Malia White is not returning to the show. Instead, she took on the bosun role in Seasons 5 and 6. But if the trailer is anything to go by, Malia will have her hands full this time around.

Number of episodes

Below Deck Mediterranean, a reality television show that airs on Bravo, features a crew of superyacht professionals. The show follows the yacht crew on a charter voyage in the Mediterranean Sea.

The season's cast includes several familiar faces, but a few new ones are also on hand. Among them is Jason Gaskell, who appeared on Watch What Happens Live back in August of 2022.

There is plenty of action and drama on the water and below deck. After the season finale, a reunion episode will air, one week after the end of the series.

For the first time in the history of the Below Deck Med series, a woman will be leading the crew. Malia joins the team as the new Bosun. She will be tasked with navigating a demanding charter guest list while ensuring the crew has the resources to make it happen.

Malia is also expected to help her sister, Malia, prepare for her wedding. But it doesn't take long for her to find out that her sister has more problems than a bride.

During the first day of the charter, Malia finds herself in a precarious situation. An ankle injury puts added pressure on her, but she doesn't see this as a major issue until her anchor drags.

A new stew is introduced to the crew, but he might be more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Hannah struggles to work under the captain. Getting her feet wet in a new role is no easy feat.

The yacht's new galley chef, Dave White, is not without his own issues. His past is a mystery, and his job is at stake. He is pressed to perform and impress guests, but he has trouble with his personal life.

Reunion show

The Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 reunion show airs next week. It will be hosted by Andy Cohen, who will be joined by the crew. This reunion will include deckhands Mzi Dempers, Storm Smith, and Raygan Tyler. However, there will be no Jason Gaskell, Kate Chastain, or Natasha Webb.

Bravo has confirmed that there will be a reunion on Tuesday, November 22 at 8 PM EST. Unfortunately, they will not be able to give viewers early access. They also haven't confirmed if the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion will be in two episodes.

Below Deck Med season 7 brought viewers tons of drama, and the final episode is sure to be no different. This reunion will feature lots of tension, and even a few new twists. There will be bad charter guests and plenty of boat crashes.

Some of the biggest drama this season was centered around Natasha Webb and her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Webb was dragged mercilessly throughout the season by fans for her work on board. She was backed off by her boyfriend, and then she added an ex-boyfriend to the mix.

During the reunion, Natasha was grilled about her friendship with Kyle. Her hairstyle changed, and she showed off a shorter haircut. And she wore a mint green dress.

In addition, the trailer for the reunion show features comments from Chef Dave White about his past hookup with Natasha. He admits his mistakes and apologizes for his actions.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 has been one of the most disappointing seasons in the franchise's history. A lot of the drama was overkill.

In fact, one of the most shocking moments of the season came when Storm promoted Courtney Veale to lead deckhand. However, it seems that this romance wasn't enough to save Below Deck Mediterranean season 7.

As a result, the Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 finale airs November 14. However, the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode will air on Peacock the week after.

Crew shake-up

If you have been watching Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo TV, you have probably noticed a major shake-up of the crew this season. This year, the season began with a new cast of deckhands and bosuns. But, as the season progressed, it became clear that something wasn't quite right.

One of the first things that you notice is the number of female guests on the charter. In addition to the usual crew, there is an all-female group. Obviously, it's a bit awkward for the crew members.

On top of that, the crew also faces a difficult decision. Mzi faces a potential career setback when he finds himself getting friendly with someone on board. And, despite the fact that Courtney was a member of the interior team on Season 6, she has decided to return as a deckhand.

Then there's Joao, who faces old demons after a drunken night out. He ends up in a dangerous situation with the Sirocco anchors. As a result, he acts quickly, but faces increasing defiance from his deck crew.

Another tense moment onboard is the arrival of the third charter. This time, it brings a lively group of tequila-loving guests. However, they also bring high maintenance. And, on their final night out of the season, they're given a surprise.

The rest of the season is a mix of ups and downs. There are lots of questions about how the remaining crew will deal with the fallout of Lexi's and Mathew's fight. Plus, Travis continues to struggle with losing Jack to Aesha. Lastly, Adam rises to the occasion with his crew meals.

The crew is in a tense mood after their last charter. Some of them begin to develop crushes, while others face a difficult decision about their futures. Also, Katie feels the pressure of the guest's demands and tries to reduce the number of stews.


Below Deck Med season 7 started out with plenty of drama. Two of the crew were missing. But with a new captain and new deckhand, things are looking up. Plus, Below Deck Mediterranean has a new restaurant.

Below Deck Med Season 7 is currently on board the Talisman Maiton, sailing the Italian coast. They are preparing for a new charter. The crew has already earned $1,800 each.

Aside from the main cast, Below Deck Med Season 7 also features a return of old-time favorite Mzi "Zee" Dempers. He's been working on a new structure for the crew and has been a fan favorite throughout season 6.

In other news, below deck's female captain is still in a feud with former chief stew Hannah Ferrier. This feud has been going on since season 3, but the latest episode showed the two getting into a heated argument over who's better at laying down the law.

Meanwhile, Natalya Scudder is complaining about her co-workers being lazy and gossipy. She's also been in the spotlight for her relationship with Storm Smith. Despite this, she feels like she's in over her head. However, her boss, Captain Sandy, is giving her a second chance.

On the flip side, the crew put together an Olympic obstacle course for the guests. Although it wasn't a big hit, it was a fun one to watch.

Below Deck Mediterranean is one of the strongest charter seasons we've seen yet. The crew has been able to earn some tip money from charter guests. Those numbers are compared to Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 totals.

There was also a lot of talk about the "magic" of the BDSM. According to Kate Chastain, most of the crew members loved the guests.

Below Deck Med Season 5 - What's in Store For the Doctors and Their Patients?

how many episodes of below deck med season 5

Below Deck Med is the latest reality television show from ABC. The story follows a team of doctors who travel across the ocean to serve patients on board a floating hospital. While on board, the medical professionals encounter a variety of problems and situations. One of the main issues that the crew must face is the love between Jessica More and Rob Westergaard.

87 signs that Below Deck: Med season 5 was a sinking ship

Below Deck Mediterranean, Bravo's newest sailing yacht fable, has delivered a number of highs and lows throughout its four seasons, and fans are already looking forward to what's in store for Season 5. The show is scheduled to return for its fifth season on Monday, June 1 at 9/8c. Before it launches, we have a few clues about what's in store for the crew and their passengers.

During the first month of the season, the crew and their guests are treated to a number of surprises. Not only is the vessel a tad larger than expected, but it also features several other yachties who join the party.

Some of the highlights include the female captain, the return of a former sorority sister, and a pair of former rivals who are now married. Also on board is the infamous Mzi "Zee" Dempers, who helmed a previous charter boat.

In addition, the show's latest iteration will also feature one of the most enviable superyachts ever to grace the series' illustrious roster. And for good measure, it'll be accompanied by a slew of new and returning crew members.

Aside from the newbies, the crew and their guests are not without their share of misfortunes. There's also the aforementioned pandemic, which helps the course correct for its second season.

One of the more notable moments on the boat is when the stabilisers on the vessel go haywire after breakfast. It may seem like a minor quibble, but it could spell disaster for the rest of the trip. As it turns out, a damaged stabiliser is actually one of the leading causes of boat accidents.

However, for all its idiosyncrasies, Above Deck Mediterranean is a fun and informative glimpse into the life of an avid yachting enthusiast.

The romance between Jessica More and Rob Westergaard

The romance between Jessica More and Robert Westergaard in Below Deck Med has generated quite a buzz. It has been one of the most talked about budding relationships during the show's fifth season. Whether the pair remains together or not is still up for debate.

When Rob first hooked up with Jessica, they were both casually seeing someone at home. At the end of the charter season, they decided to take a trip to Bali. They ended up falling in love. But the trip didn't last long.

Before the two went on a Bali getaway, they were fighting almost every crew night. And they often got into fights over jealousy. As a result, the cameras stopped rolling on their relationship after the season ended.

However, Rob and Jessica have since moved on and are a happy couple. According to Rob, they're both "in the healing place" and they are rekindling their relationship. He has even upgraded his Instagram page to include a model portfolio.

Fans have been asking if Rob and Jessica are still together. In a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jessica revealed why the two parted ways.

She also described the relationship as a roller coaster of emotions. While it started out with a lot of hysteria, it eventually ended in a good way.

Rob was very open about his feelings for Jess, stating he was in love with her. He credited her for making him feel seen after his mother passed away. During the season, the pair got closer onboard the yacht.

But, as the season progressed, something was off with Rob. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend was texting him on the boat.

Turbulence on board the boat

Below Deck Mediterranean season five is returning to Bravo this June. This season will be set in Palma de Mallorca. A huge superyacht is going to be featured in the show.

After a rough start to the charter season, the crew hopes to end the season on a high note. However, the captain calls the crew out for a series of mistakes. They soon get into trouble with the incoming swell. The crew tries to work together to help them through the trouble.

It looks like a big surprise is in store for the crew. But when the day of the final charter arrives, it isn't so simple. Adding to the stress is a lost stabilizer and the incoming swell.

When a crew member's ankle is injured, the pressure is on. Kyle takes a fall, putting even more pressure on the interior team. Bobby, who has developed a crush on Malia, takes action. He is not alone in his pursuit.

Another challenge is a long list of complaints from a guest. Adam struggles to satisfy the guest, but feels he isn't getting the support he needs. Hannah feels underutilized by Conrad. She also struggles with the captain's directives.

The deck crew finds an interesting way to get guests on the water. In addition, they have to manage a six-person crew. And a new captain, Sandy, joins the boat.

As the crew works through the charter, there is a lot of turbulence on board the yacht. With the swell increasing, the crew must find a way to keep up with the demands of their guests. There is a complicated love triangle on board as well.

The BDSM-themed dinner and nude photo shoot

If you're a fan of Below Deck, you're sure to have noticed the upcoming season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean. In addition to the usual nonsense, viewers can look forward to seeing new charter guests, familiar faces and some intriguing personal situations. The show will air Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo and the following day on Peacock.

While the crew does their best to keep the ship running smoothly, things take a turn for the worse when a crew member suffers a serious injury. As the season wears on, crew members struggle to find their place in a crowded ship and the line of command is stretched thin.

A group of revealing charter guests arrive on the boat. Their demands put the crew through their paces. Among them is the professional dominatrix, Brett. And then there's the newest member of the crew, Reid Jenkins.

While the crew tries to make sure they're getting the most out of their time, a stern tie drifts into the cliffs. When a fellow crew member is left to pick up the slack, the night proves to be a bit more than just a fun evening.

Among other things, the crew has the pleasure of being entertained by the nudey-friendly, tequila-loving guests. They also experience the BDSM-themed dinner and nude photo shoot. This episode is sure to be a blast.

In other below-deck news, Natalya Scudder and Dave White both face a bit of a rut. Despite their obvious attraction, Dave and Natalya's relationship is a little rocky. So when an all-female group of charter guests asks for the BDSM-themed dinner and nudey photo shoot, both ladies get a little more than they bargained for.

Chef Ben Robinson and Chef Dave White

Below Deck Med season 7 was a season filled with drama and romance. Malia White, the current Bosun on the yacht, has been dating a British chef. She has also been dated by Wes Walton, and a former crew member.

Before joining the Below Deck Med crew, Robinson worked as a chef on a three-Michelin Star restaurant in the UK. He also has 15 years of experience in the industry. His cooking style involves letting ingredients shine.

McKeown is a Philadelphia native. He is a dynamic and confident chief stew. But he also has a quick temper. It's not hard to see why the interior team is having a rough time working with him.

The charter guests are demanding. They don't take kindly to a crew member being injured on the boat. In one incident, a guest is kicked in the face by a bosun. This sets the tone for a tumultuous charter season.

Natasha "Tash" Webb was another notable crew member. She had a brief relationship with Tom Checketts. During their time on the yacht, he cheated on her with someone from his next boat. However, the two ended their relationship.

David White is another noteworthy member of the crew. His whirlwind romance with Malia White is not without its challenges. Despite their steamy chemistry during the charter season, he is criticized by Captain Sandy Yawn.

Dave is also not above putting his feelings on paper. When he finds out that Natasha is in a new relationship, he sends her a series of text messages. Eventually, his ego gets the best of him. At the end of the season, he ends up getting fired.

Adrienne Underdeck and the Below Deck Fan Club

adrienne below deck

The actress Adrienne Underdeck has become known to many thanks to her role in the television series, "The Apprentice". But her role as an American businesswoman, as well as the miscarriages she has suffered, have been a great source of controversy.

Chris "Bugsy" Drake

The crew of the mega yacht known as Below Deck has had their share of highs and lows over the past five seasons. The most recent occupants include the likes of Chief Stewardess Christine Drake, Captain Sandy Yawn, and bosun Malia White. As you might expect, these aren't the only ones with a vested interest in the vessel. Moreover, the show isn't short on stars. This has prompted the creation of a fan club. The aforementioned aforementioned and ad hoc aficionados have a tendency to brag on their crew's exploits. Having a crew with a collective knowledge of one another's shenanigans can be a dangerous proposition. To wit, the aforementioned duo could have gotten away with a few more pins than a bottle of scotch. However, their bluster has been put to the test. Aside from the aforementioned aforementioned crew members, a few stray visitors have taken to the deck to show off their own stuff. So far, no arrests have been made. On a more positive note, the show's aficionados have a jolly good time. After all, they're working at one of the world's most expensive luxury yachts in the best company you can find. With that in mind, a visit to the below deck is in order. You might even find yourself rubbing elbows with Chris "Bugsy" Drake and Adrienne below deck in a matter of hours. And that's not to mention the fun part, a cruise around the Med. Not to mention the other mishaps that might occur on your way there.

Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck has been a rough ride for Hannah Ferrier. Her departure was controversial, but she's bounced back and is currently working as a cruise director on The Real Love Boat. She's also started her own podcast called Dear Diary, You're Effed! It's not surprising to learn that she's now engaged to Josh.

When she was a below deck stewardess, Hannah Ferrier was often found with illegal drugs on her boat. Although she denied using them, she said that they were not legal. But she was fired from the Bravo franchise for doing so.

Below Deck Mediterranean has been in the news recently for a couple of different reasons. One of the most notable was a mutiny. Another was the emergence of a snarky new bosun, Malia White. Some of the crew had a problem with her. A few even complained about the way she acted.

On Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, the star of the show, Sandy Yawn, made some comments that have since been debated and even debated themselves. These included a blatantly snarky comment about a Chief Stew named Hannah Ferrier.

Several Below Deck fans took to social media to share their opinions. This petition was created by Susie Jacobs, who claims that fans are upset with White's behavior. Many of the below deck stewardess have gone on to become celebrities, with some earning more money than the average person.

Adrienne Gang is a former below deck alum who has a lot of opinions on the state of Sottocoperta. That may sound a bit strange, but she actually has some insight into the environment.

In addition, she's had some interesting encounters with guests on the below deck.

Aesha Scott is a familiar face from the Below Deck franchise. She began working on the yachting industry five years ago. While primarily a deckhand, she is also part of the interior crew, which serves food and drinks to charter guests.

In the early seasons, Aesha worked as a back-up stewardess on the Mediterranean. But now, she's moved to the Down Under. The new spinoff follows a yachting crew that takes guests to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. It's the most beautiful backdrop the show has ever had.

In addition to the main Below Deck crew, there's a three-person interior crew. They do laundry, serve meals, and cater to charter guests' every whim. Some of the crew complained about the pay. One Reddit user claimed the crew receives a $5,000 appearance fee. Chief Stew Adrienne didn't dispute the claim, and added that most cast members get paid by Bravo.

Another crew member was a New Zealander named Ross Inia. He was an interesting character because he showed a unique attitude towards American reality show craziness.

After being fired from Below Deck, Aesha returned in Season 5. When she rejoined, she was working under the returning Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. Although she had to deal with a new crew, she found a new love interest in fellow Kiwi Scott Dobson.

The two became an item after meeting on Parsifal III. However, despite the initial chemistry, they split up later on. This prompted the crew to get together for a crew night out. That's when they rediscovered their romance.

Aesha has always had a bubbly personality. But she's never been afraid to assert herself. For instance, she was very vocal about her sexuality.


If you're a fan of Below Deck, you know that the show capitalizes on friction and sexual tension. It's a spinoff of the popular yachting series, and follows the lives of the crew on their charter voyages. During the seasons, they are faced with a variety of drama, as well as breakups and divorces.

Originally, the show aired on Canadian E! network, but it soon began airing on the Canadian Slice Network. This meant that the shows were aired in the same time slot as those in the US, but in Canada.

The first season of Below Deck aired in July of 2013. It was a big hit with viewers. But the show also brought with it a lot of drama, particularly in the cast.

The first stewardess to appear was Adrienne Gang. She was the chief stew on the Honor during the show's first season. Her relationship with the charter guests and the rest of the crew was frosty at times.

In the second season of Below Deck, the chief stewardess was replaced by Kate Chastain. Her attitude towards her job was condescending, and she used a racial slur.

However, the chief stewardess' character didn't last long. When her contract ended, she got married to Andrew Danks, a chiropractor, and re-entered the yachting world.

Another crew member to leave the show was David McKay. He worked hard during the first season. His character was a good guy, but he wasn't particularly memorable.

Some of the most memorable episodes of Below Deck were involving the cast. A couple of the most memorable ones involved the relationship between the chief stewardess, Adrienne Gang, and her nemesis, captain Lee Rosbach.


Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang recently opened up about her life in the luxury yachting industry. She had been freelancing as a personal chef for a few years before making her television debut on Bravo's popular reality series. In the past three years, she has married chiropractor Andrew Danks and is a proud mother of two.

The biggest reason for her success is her tenacity and work ethic. When she's not working, she likes to golf and hang out with her husband. Not only is she the show's official spokeswoman, she also regularly gives her thoughts on the show live on Twitter. And she's still involved in the yachting community.

What's more, she has her own podcast, the Gangplank Report, where she and other industry veterans discuss all things Below Deck. For the uninitiated, the show airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. and is available on demand.

There's no doubt that Below Deck is a hit with viewers. For instance, in the first season, the show made a million dollars in ratings. It also boasts a healthy fan base. One could even argue that Below Deck has one of the best casts of all time, including a bevy of wacky personalities. If you're a fan of the series, you should check out Adrienne's other projects, including the Franchise and the Honor. So, if you're looking for a good laugh, look no further.

Lastly, she may have been a fan of the TV show, but she hasn't always been a fan of the Bravo brand. Her previous relationship with the channel was rocky at best. After dating fellow Bravo alum Derek Christian for a couple of years, the two broke up.

Below Deck's Tristen Scholly

nico below deck

Below Deck is a new show on the History Channel which is about the lives of young men who are convicted of murder. There are many different types of characters, but in this particular episode, we focus on a young man named Tristen Scholly. Here are some of the things we learned about him.

Tristen Scholly's death at age 21

Nico Scholly's younger brother Tristen passed away in an accident last year. He was 21 years old.

Tristen was an elite football player. He graduated from Barrington High School in 2014. Previously, he had attended a plumbing apprenticeship program for local #130. The family business is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois. It serves residential and commercial clients.

His brother passed away suddenly on November 15, 2016. He was staying at another sibling's apartment and had been drinking at a concert. At around 2:30 a.m., he fell from a third floor balcony. A friend of his notified the police.

When he was hospitalized, doctors were unable to save him. After a 24 hour medical induced coma, Tristen died. While there is still much debate about the cause of his death, the incident was considered an accident.

Nico Scholly paid tribute to his brother in several Twitter and Instagram posts. One of the most notable was the 'Below Deck'-inspired one. Another was the 'organic' one. Similarly, he has also posted an emotional photo on Instagram.

In addition, he has been keeping Tristen in mind. As of late, he has been dating Brianna Boyer. Before the pair began romancing, they had been friends for some time. They had been seen together during various episodes of the show.

Considering that he has been active on social media, he has garnered about 1K followers on Twitter and more than 50,000 on Instagram. Of course, he is also a star on Below Deck.

The 'Below Deck' star and his brother are both Chicago natives. The former has appeared in several episodes, including season four and five. He has also worked on several cruise ships.

Tristen Scholly's relationship status

Tristen Scholly, the younger brother of Below Deck star Nico Scholly, died in a tragic accident at the age of 21. Tristen was found unresponsive in an alley after falling from a third-floor balcony. After a few hours in the hospital, the doctors told the family that there was nothing more they could do.

Tristen was staying at the brother's apartment in Chicago when the incident took place. He had been drinking heavily at a concert. His brother helped him to bed.

A friend of the victim notified the police. The cops arrived, but it was too late. However, Tristen survived the injury and was rushed to a hospital. It was determined that he had a serious head injury.

At the time of his death, Tristen was in a medically induced coma. He was sent to Northwestern Hospital where the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him.

Since then, his family has launched a foundation to honor his memory. They are providing financial assistance to the families of the deceased donor. There is also a scholarship fund available, which gives students a chance to get a degree.

Before joining the Below Deck cast, Nico was a real estate agent. During his time on the show, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Brianna Adekeye.

When the series ended, Nico returned to his hometown of Chicago. His family has been in the plumbing business for over two decades. Their business serves both residential and commercial clients.

In the wake of his brother's tragic death, Nico has learned to live a more normal life. Having gained fame as a reality television star, he has also acquired a considerable amount of money.

Tristen Scholly's lack of possessions

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Tristen Scholly's nightmare

When Below Deck star Nico Scholly found out his younger brother, Tristen, had died, he shared several Instagram posts about his brother. He also released a statement on Daily Dish. While Nico did not reveal the cause of Tristen's death, he did pay tribute to his selfless brother.

The younger Scholly brother, who was 21 at the time, died after falling from a third-floor balcony. A friend of the victim notified police after the fall.

Nico was a member of the Below Deck crew for seasons 4 and 5, but has been back in the limelight since his brother's death. The teen was in an apartment with another brother. They both had been drinking heavily and he was unable to get to the hospital.

Tristen's death came after a night of heavy drinking at a concert. The younger Scholly's brother helped him to bed. However, the young man was not able to get up again and was found unconscious in an alley.

After the incident, the family created a foundation in Tristen's name. Since then, the Foundation has been able to help transplant patients. One of the Foundation's founders is Nico Scholly.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Below Deck cast is getting ready for season 5. Nico and Briana, the couple who bonded over the pandemic in Chicago, have been reunited again, and are back to working together. Also, new members of the crew are on board.

Nico is a popular online figure. On the web, he is known as Nikocado Avocado. His popularity began when he was featured in Mukbang videos.

In addition to his work as a model, actor, and singer, Nico has also worked as a deckhand on a Bravo reality show.

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