Chucky 2023 - Which Chucky Character Are You?

Chucky 2023 - Which Chucky Character Are You?


which chucky character are you  2023

Chucky, the psychopathic killer doll from the Child's Play franchise is back. The popular horror series from USA Network and SYFY is set to return for a second season.

A lot has changed since we last saw Chucky, and his story is more complicated than ever before. Are you a fan of the character?

Jake Wheeler

Jake Wheeler is a gay teen who is bullied at school and has a hard time coping with his mother's death. When he buys a Good Guy doll at a yard sale, his life begins to change.

He begins to see the doll's evil spirit spirit-wise and a scary bond is formed between them. When he tells the doll about his sexuality, it is very reluctant to let him go. But once it finds out that he is a boy, the relationship becomes much easier.

The relationship between Chucky and Jake becomes stronger, and it soon becomes clear that they can't live without each other. However, their love can only be maintained in secret.

When they are reunited, they fall in love, but he can't accept the fact that she is a lesbian and is afraid that she might die one day because of their relationship. He apologizes to her and tells her that he loves her, but that he doesn't like being gay.

Later that night, Lexy goes to her friend Oliver's Halloween party. She tries to be nice to him, but the party gets out of control and she is forced to stay in a closet for "seven minutes in Hell." When she eventually escapes, she goes home and asks if she can talk to her father.

She explains that she doesn't have to because he isn't there, but he still wants to talk to her. They talk for a while, but then Oliver locks them in the closet again and they are forced to go back home. When they get home, Lexy is shocked to find out that he's still alive.

They decide to track him down to figure out where he is. They try to use the codeword that she gave them, but it isn't working. They then search for the doll's phone and find out that it is actually a spy who's collecting information. They then go to the police station to ask for help finding him.

They meet with Detective Kim Evans and she helps them get the boy's information. They are then able to send him to the hospital. She also helps them to find out what he is doing and where he is going. She tries to convince him that he isn't a bad person, but he refuses to believe it. When they are able to find the person who sent him, it turns out that he is a scout that was hired by a corporation to take down Jake and Devon.

Andy Barclay

Andy Barclay is the first child who was possessed by Chucky and has appeared in several of the Child's Play movies. He was portrayed by Alex Vincent in the first two films and Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, and Chucky 2023 (in which he reprises his role).

In the original Child's Play movie, he was stalked by the killer doll for four years. After his mother was institutionalized for supporting his claims of a "live" Chucky, he moved into the foster care system and eventually found a new home with his foster sister Kyle.

But in Curse of Chucky, Andy is left scarred by the end of the film and is unable to deal with the fact that his former enemy is now an adult. Despite the trauma, he continues to keep Chucky's severed head in his home, hoping that his retribution will bring Chucky's evil actions to an end.

While living with Karen, Andy's mother, he develops a friendship with Falyn, who is fascinated by the broken Chucky she has in her house. They are later joined by Pugg, who is also very curious about the twisted Buddi bear that is able to curse and pull off some of the most creative pranks possible.

However, when Tiffany's truck drives by the house where Andy lives, it accidentally breaks down. When Jake, Devon and Lexy find out that Andy is a dangerous patient in the hospital and has escaped from Harrogate, they contact him to try and help them track down this deadly psychopath.

After contacting Andy, Jake realizes that he is the person who called him a month ago about Chucky and he warns them not to tell anyone about it as everyone will think they are going crazy. They also learn that the police are looking for him and that he was in Virginia a month ago.

While he is trying to figure out where he is, Andy reveals that he is a collector of Good Guy dolls and that he had been planning on selling his father's doll to someone. He also claims that he will kill his father for causing the murders.

Nica Dourif

A final girl who demonstrates strength, ingenuity, and resilience against the horrors that befall her.

Nica Pierce is a character who was introduced in Child's Play (1990) and has returned in Curse of Chucky (2013), Cult of Chucky (2017) and Syfy's Chucky (2019). She was possessed by Chucky back in the first movie and continues to be under his spell in 2023.

In Curse of Chucky, Chucky visits the psychiatric hospital where Nica is a patient and chants voodoo to transfer his soul into her body. This allows him to use her paralyzed legs and give him control over her body, causing murders to begin in the asylum.

She also kidnaps Tiffany Valentine in an effort to get away from the hospital, but Tiffany sees through her charade and knocks her out, restrains her and drives her to Charles Lee Ray's childhood home.

Despite her traumatic past, Nica is still defiant and continues to taunt Chucky on her way out of the courtroom. She screams at Chucky for not killing Andy Barclay, but she is only able to hold her own for a short period of time and is eventually killed by Chucky.

The story of Nica in the series follows the same narrative as her appearances in Child's Play and Curse of Chucky, but this time around she becomes a victim of a serial killer instead of a Good Guy doll. She is also a bisexual woman who is fascinated by the idea of a love story between her and a human being that has Chucky's soul.

It's interesting to see how Mancini uses Nica in this new incarnation of the franchise as he fleshes out her character beyond the movies and into the realm of the television series. This characterization of a human being under Chucky's control is very threatening, and it is something fans have never seen in the franchise until now.

Dourif is fantastic as both Nica and Chucky, able to flip between her characters seamlessly. This enables viewers to witness an extremely violent and twisted take on the Chucky character. She is the perfect choice for this role, and will certainly keep audiences on the edge of their seats as she battles Chucky once again.

Charles Lee Ray

From Billy the Puppet in the Saw franchise to Annabelle in the Conjuring series, killer dolls have become a popular horror icon. But of all the countless killer dolls in film and television, the infamous Good Guy Chucky takes the cake.

As a serial killer, Chucky's chops are measured by his ability to blend into his environment without being noticed. This is especially important on Halloween when all the children are trick or treating.

When Chucky was a young boy, he had a double life. One of him was a serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler, and another was a normal boy who went to school.

In the early 1970s, Charles was living at the Burlington County Home for Wayward Boys. He was the sweetest, kindest kid and the best reader of "Peter Pan."

But, when he tried to make friends with a boy named Eddie Caputo, he was rejected by the foster father. After being abused by the man, Charles killed him in a fit of rage and then gave the victim's severed hand to Eddie as a gift.

As a child, Charles was also taught how to voodoo. He was told that if he wanted to change his soul, he needed to find someone else nearby to switch with. This he did with the help of his voodoo instructor John Bishop (Raymond Oliver), using his amulet The Heart of Damballa to transfer his soul into a Good Guy doll, which we now know as Chucky.

With a little time to spare, Charles had to find another way to change his soul before it became too late. He hid in a toy store and used the soul transferring method he had been taught. He was then shot by detective Mike Norris.

The series then cuts back to the present where Jake Wheeler is a new foster parent and he decides to adopt the same method of adoption as Charles. Then the next day, he goes to the local toy store to purchase a Good Guy doll.

While Chucky is still possessed by his original soul, the Good Guy doll now comes with AI that can be controlled by a remote control. This means that Chucky can still possess the Good Guy doll he started with, but can also control the AI to kill anyone who gets too close.

which chucky movie is the best   2023

Which Chucky Movie is the Best 2023?

Since 1988, the homicidal Chucky doll (Brad Dourif) has become an international sensation. He’s had a movie franchise, a TV series, video games and more merch than you can shake a knife at.

While the Child’s Play films are incredibly slasher-y and creepy, they’re also very funny and entertaining. This is partly due to the fantastic characters in each installment.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

The fifth entry in the Child’s Play series, Seed of Chucky continues the franchise’s trend of becoming a self-aware, postmodern horror-comedy. The film is directed by Don Mancini, who created the series and has written all of the movies to date.

It also stars Jennifer Tilly and rapper Redman. The movie is based on the events of Bride of Chucky and introduces a new kid doll named Glen/Glenda, who is born from the bloodthirsty Chucky and his twisted wife Tiffany.

In the course of a night, Glen/Glenda accidentally transfers the souls of his parents to himself and a new set of human beings. The two sets of people soon start causing trouble.

Cult of Chucky (2006)

The best of the long-running Chucky series, Cult of Chucky is a return to pulpy good fun for the vermillion-follicle'd killer doll. Writer-director Don Mancini keeps the franchise alive and kicking, maintaining continuity while keeping it fresh.

Despite the fact that it's set in an asylum, this film never loses its grip on the audience. It's a slow start, but Mancini soon ratchets up the horror, with electric shock therapy and creepy inmates adding to the suspense and terror.

Despite this, the film is missing two things that make a Chucky movie fun: good kills and funny one-liners. Aside from a rip-out tongue kill, there aren't that many unique or scary scenes, but they're still well done. The acting is solid, and Fiona Dourif's Nica makes a great opponent for Chucky.

Cult of Chucky 2 (2007)

Director Don Mancini brings the franchise back to life with this seventh installment. Unlike its predecessor, this film isn’t a straight-up slasher, but rather a haunted house horror that repurposes Chucky’s powers in a new way.

In Cult of Chucky, Chucky finds himself possessed by multiple dolls. He uses these dolls to torture Nica (Fiona Dourif), who has been living in a mental institution.

The film is a fun and enjoyable entry in the franchise. The special effects are impressive, and the movie has a lot of style.

However, it isn’t as good as its predecessor. The story isn’t as strong and the cast is a bit bland. Still, if you like the Child’s Play series then you should check out Cult of Chucky. It isn’t perfect, but it is a solid entry in the franchise.

Child’s Play 2 (2010)

Despite not having a terribly memorable opening scene or a plot that seems to be based on a real-life event, Child’s Play 2 (2010) is still a surprisingly enjoyable slasher movie. The film has a grandiose, mythical feel to it, and a few key scenes are quite startling in their eeriness.

The premise is that Chucky (Brad Dourif) is the soul of a serial killer who has been reincarnated into a doll. When Andy (Alex Vincent) buys the doll, he’s unaware that it will become a murderous weapon in his hands.

As with the first film, there are some great performances in this sequel - Alex Vincent as Andy and Christine Elise as Kyle are both outstanding. Brad Dourif once again provides the voice of Chucky, bringing some real darkness and sarcasm to his character.

Child’s Play 3 (2011)

A slick little slasher sequel, Child’s Play 3 is a fun, silly affair. While it doesn’t have quite the same level of charm as the first two installments, it still lays out an adequate supply of gruesome Chucky carnage to keep the franchise fresh.

In Child’s Play 3, Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) is shuffled off to a military academy and bullied by a drill sergeant. This puts Chucky in the perfect position to find him again and reclaim his body.

The movie is full of flat stock characters and plot non sequiturs, but it does have enough of the cleverness that made the first two films work to make it a genuinely entertaining entry in the franchise. Fans of the sociopathic killer doll will appreciate this one for its sheer splatter, but it’s also an excellent introduction to the series for anyone who’s just starting to get into the lore.

Child’s Play 4 (2013)

One of the best-loved horror franchises of all time, Child’s Play has long been a gateway into genre storytelling. Originally released in 1988, it’s a classic gimmick slasher that makes you think twice before looking at an innocent-looking doll in the toy aisle.

But it also has a serious message that can help you make sense of the world around you. In the case of Child’s Play, that message is about family.

With each installment, Chucky’s creator Don Mancini veered from the horror basics of his initial creation by adding in dark humor. But in the latest installment, he returns to the basics of his original story with Curse of Chucky, available on VOD this Halloween.

While the slasher elements are lessened here, this is still an excellent entry in the series and it’s a great film to watch if you’re new to the series or looking to get caught up. Its back to horror basics approach, updated effects and Mancini’s Hitchcockian execution are more than enough to recommend it to fans of the series.

Child’s Play 5 (2014)

Child’s Play is a great film that treads a fine line between the frightening and the absurd. It reflects the fear of consumerism and its ability to turn a society into vicious zombies and monsters.

It also reflects the fear of single parenthood and the lack of financial stability that many people face. It shows how the consumerist world can be a dangerous place, especially for those who aren’t as well-off as the wealthy.

It’s a smart piece of work that makes Chucky an interesting character, but it still lags far behind the first movie in the series. It’s a shame that this film didn’t make more money, because it had an important message. It reflected the way society indoctrinates kids into capitalism and how it can transform them into killers. That’s something that needs to be addressed more in the future.

Child’s Play 6 (2015)

Child’s Play 6 is a great entry in the Child’s Play series, but it doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Despite the efforts of original Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif, it feels like an uninspired entry in the franchise.

It also lacks the oomph that Cult of Chucky was able to glean from its budget, which makes it a bit more pedestrian in terms of blood and gore. Still, it’s one of the most memorable films in the series.

Fortunately, Scream Factory has made the effort to bring Child’s Play 6 back in 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray form. Along with a new transfer, the release features a variety of bonus materials, including an interview with Dourif and a commentary track by director Don Mancini.

Child’s Play 7 (2016)

Despite its Goonies-like premise, Child’s Play 7 is actually a decent horror movie. It does an excellent job of combining two intriguing horror tropes – kids in danger and dolls – with enough creepiness to make it worth your time.

This time around, Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) is a malfunctioning piece of artificial intelligence inside of a cutting edge smart toy called a Buddi. It’s an interesting twist on the traditional evil doll narrative.

It doesn’t have the eerie tone of the original films, but it still manages to be a lot of fun and is ably directed by Tom Holland. Working from a clever and witty script by Don Mancini, he makes the film both silly and serious at the same time.

The main reason this film stands out is because of the excellent performance from Brad Dourif as Chucky. His portrayal of the demonic killer doll is just so creepy and the facial expressions and movements of the character are very believable. The special effects are also top notch with the CGI used to create the doll being impressively life-like and realistic.

Child’s Play 8 (2017)

It’s a shame that the franchise has spawned five sequels, but Child’s Play 8 is the best of the bunch. It re-imagines the original Child’s Play from 1988 and brings Chucky into the modern age with a little more wit and some smarter scares.

The film introduces us to Chucky, a possessed doll whose soul is trying to break free from his doll body so he can regain human form. It’s a clever, unsettling, and creepy film that’s one of the greatest home invasion movies ever made.

The plot is a bit confusing, but Brad Dourif makes it all work and the acting is good. Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay is also excellent. Mark Hamill provides the voice for Chucky and he’s a really scary homicidal doll.

where to watch chucky season 2  2023

Where to Watch Chucky Season 2 2023 Online

After transferring into a Good Guy doll and taking over the lives of Jake, Devon, and Lexy in season 1 of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray is back to haunt them. Syfy and USA Network's horror series, which is executive produced by Don Mancini, will return for a second season in 2023.

Streaming Services

If you're looking for a new horror series to watch, Chucky is a good place to start. This new spin-off series is based on the Child's Play film franchise and follows the exploits of a possessed doll.

Season 2 will pick up four years after the first season, with Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) attempting to move on with their lives, but it's clear that Chucky's presence still remains strong. After his diabolical plan to invade America's children's hospitals was foiled, Chucky now focuses his evil on the survivors.

In addition to Syfy and USA Network, the new Chucky season will also be streamed on Peacock. This is a service owned and operated by NBCUniversal, and it will release new episodes on a daily basis.

This service is available to users of a valid cable login, and you can stream Chucky on the website or through a third-party app. It costs $4.99 per month on the Premium tier, or you can upgrade to commercial-free viewing for $9.99 per month.

Another streaming option for Chucky season 2 is Sling TV (Blue), which also offers a free trial. You can also stream the show with Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, or YouTube TV.

If you don't have a cable login, or you're not in the US, you can watch the new episodes of Chucky on Sling TV or YouTube TV via a VPN subscription, which will allow you to unblock services that are geo-restricted abroad. This tool changes your IP address to one from your home country, which allows you to access the shows and movies you love.

SYFY & USA Network

The new season of Chucky, the spin-off series that explores the Child's Play franchise, premieres this week on SYFY & USA Network. It's the latest in a string of high-quality horror shows from these networks, including Resident Alien, Reginald the Vampire and more.

This series is a must-watch for fans of the original film franchise, but it's also very accessible for those who aren't familiar with it. It's got a strong commitment to continuity and character building, and it's well worth checking out if you have any interest in horror.

When the show first debuted in October 2021, it was an immediate hit with audiences and critics alike. In fact, it became one of the biggest new cable series of 2021 in the 18-49 demographic and was later renewed for a second season, slated for fall 2022 release.

Now, a third season is in the works for the beloved horror show, and it's set to premiere this fall. The news comes as a surprise to many who were worried that Chucky would be cancelled after the second season ended, but it's good news for all concerned.

Despite being a PG-13 rated show, there are plenty of slasher-style moments and jump scares. And there's a lot of blood and gore to be had, so it's definitely a must-watch for any fan of the franchise.

In addition to being available on the USA Network and SYFY websites/apps, new episodes of Chucky can also be watched on fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and DIRECTV Stream. All of these services offer free trials and you can also watch new episodes of Chucky on demand if you have a subscription.


When Jake (Zackary Arthur) buys a Good Guy doll at a yard sale, it becomes possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. As he tries to figure out how to get rid of Chucky, the young teen learns that he's gay and that the killer has no problem with him being genderfluid.

After Chucky's diabolical plan to invade children's hospitals is foiled, he turns his attention to the surviving teens, including Jake's foster brothers Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) and Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind). Along with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Valentine, now his sworn enemy, the evil murderer attempts to take down the kids and their new religious boarding school.

To wreak havoc on the kids, Chucky enlists the help of Father Bryce (Devon Sawa), a former child who is determined to become headmaster at the new boarding school. As the boys fight off Chucky's attempts to kill them, they also learn that the dolls that survived the truck crash were not all killed, and they are still out there.

Despite this, they attempt to spend Christmas with Lexy's mother and sister Caroline in a peaceful manner, but when Gary arrives at their home, Chucky comes out of the chimney, threatening them with his chainsaw. The two girls are able to escape and return to their home, but as soon as they do, Chucky's army of dolls come out to fight them off again.

It's now up to Jake and his foster brother Devon to find Chucky before he can kill them. As he struggles to cope with being part of a group of teenagers and facing a brand-new threat from his sociopathic ex-girlfriend, he's not sure if he can trust himself or his new friends at the boarding school. In the meantime, the arrival of enemies and allies from his past threatens to expose the truth behind the killings and bring his untold origins to light.

Amazon Prime Video

After Chucky’s plans to invade America’s children’s hospitals are foiled in the end of season one, he’s now set on revenge. He’s determined to kill surviving teens Jake, Devon, and Lexy, along with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany.

In the new Chucky series, Jake buys a doll from a yard sale and quickly learns that it’s actually possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The doll begins to kill people with lethal intent, and Jake’s hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey, is turned into a murder-filled nightmare.

The series focuses on teenage protagonists Jake Wheeler, Devon Evans, and Lexy Cross, who are all forced to live in a reformatory school where they learn to live without Chucky’s evil influence. It also deals with issues such as bullying and adolescent mental health, which can be difficult to navigate when you’re young.

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you can watch all eight episodes of Chucky season 2 online from the comfort of your home. In addition, the service also offers a variety of other movies and television shows.

Whether you’re looking for a horror series, thriller, or comedy, there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s easy to watch with a VPN on your device.

It’s recommended to get a VPN account if you’re planning to watch the entire series of Chucky season 2 from abroad. It will keep you secure and anonymous while you’re streaming content from a different country, and the money-back guarantee means you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

The best VPN for Chucky season 2 is ExpressVPN, which has a money-back guarantee and also provides a 3-month free trial. You can sign up for a plan on the official website. It’s just a few minutes to get started.


If you’re a fan of horror, then you won’t want to miss the return of Chucky, the notorious doll from the Child’s Play franchise. The slasher-horror series is a spin-off of the original movie, and it’s sure to satisfy fans with its gruesome violence and terrifying plot twists.

In season one, Chucky’s diabolical plan to invade children’s hospitals was foiled, but he’s still out for blood. Now he’s seeking revenge on the teens who he blames for his crimes: surviving teen Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), along with his ex-lover Tiffany, now a sworn enemy.

This time around, the adolescent survivors are sent off to a catholic reformatory school where they must face new challenges — not to mention a deadly onslaught from the demon doll. With Chucky’s power now far greater than before, it’s up to Jake and his friends to survive and come to terms with their new lives in the real world — all while the evil doll continues to stalk them from afar.

To watch Chucky on iTunes, you’ll need to have a valid Apple ID and password. The show is available for digital purchase or rental from the app, and you can also buy or rent the film on other digital platforms.

The first episode of Chucky season 2 is set to air on Wednesday, October 5th at 9pm on Syfy and USA Network. Each new episode of the series will continue airing on these networks until 2022.

You can watch Chucky season 2 on these platforms, or you can download the free NBCU streaming app to watch it on-demand. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and you can stream the episodes in high definition on a widescreen TV. If you’re interested in trying out this new service, you can sign up for a free trial.

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