Center of Entertainment History in ancient Rome- Center of Entertainment Arts and Public Entertainment

Center of Entertainment History in ancient Rome- Center of Entertainment Arts and Public Entertainment

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Center of Entertainment is any action that is done for the purpose to entertain the audience and gather their interest. It is the audience that makes the creation and recreation of the content and turn it into Entertainment. The history of entertainment is basically the leisure that revolves around entertainment. The audience plays a vital role in making your content successful or not. If you are planning to deliver a positive message through your play, your audience will leave a positive response through applause. A spontaneous performance leads you to success. These days people are becoming Center of Entertainment by their selves with the help of social media, movies, and music, etc. but in ancient times, the entertainment was basically Theatre plays, dance, and music, which were performed through live sessions.



Roman Entertainment

According to history, Rome was found in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus. Rome is known as the Center of entertainment because of the people of Rome love’s art. People of Rome use Art in almost every field of life. Romans have this faith that entertainment leaves them with good health.

Rome became the largest empire of that ancient era with a population of 50-80 million. Ancient Rome began with Iron Age hunting village in the middle of 8th century BC. Before the political crisesin Rome, Rome was known for its history which is connected with Entertainment, Arts, nature, and entertainment. Typically, Roman history is divided into 3 different eras: Before the rise of Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire.

Entertainment has been a part of our lives from centuries through storytelling, music, drama, dance and different kinds of performances that exists in all cultures, These were supported by the royal court, developed into sophisticated forms and over time made available to the general public.

 Centre of Entertainment in Ancient Rome:

The Roman government in ancient Rome wanted to keep the masses entertained. The major purpose of this was the threat to their empire. A large group of people for a threat to ancient Rome. The Romans typically enjoyed entertainment in many different forms.  There were many theatres in Rome which became the Center of Entertainment For Romans. The theatres were very large that 7000 people can be seated in one single theater. There were many events which get held in the theatre throughout the day. Which became the center of an entertainment family.

The Colosseum was a theatre in Rome in which gladiatorial battles, fights between men and wild animals, executions of Christians by lions. This was the center of home entertainment which was occasionally flooded for a naval battle.