Cast of one day at a time

Cast of one day at a time

Cast of one day at a time

Some days I walk ten miles, others I stand in front of my sink and sing. One thing I can’t do without though, is taking care of those around me. Every day I give one person my love, trust, and forgiveness. It may not seem like much, but it helps me move on from yesterday and my pain. Keep your focus on the good things in life, and you won’t need self-help books to understand your struggles.After ABC cancelled the Roseanne revival, a gently satiric advertisement* connected to Netflix for this program was posted (*"Reminder: One Day at a Time is a sitcom about a tight-knit, working class family that tackles extremely topical social issues in a smart and innovative way.


after reading reviews on here, i am just totally flabbergasted. the first review that came up was horrible. this show is amazing. it is hilarious, and heart wrenching. the comedy is well timed and funny, the serious parts are meaningful and relate to my childhood. i can say that this show is worth watching and beautiful. i don't understand why anyone would discredit it. i cant wait for more. it is so meaningful and soulful. it shows love and family and a hilarious humor. i can only imagine that if someone gives this show a bad review, that they don't understand its underlying meaning and that makes me sad for them. it is one of the best shows i have seen in a long time and i will be anxiously awaiting the next season.

How can a four year old remember the pilot episode of a show? I don't know, but I do. Groundbreaking at the time, it actually featured a divorced mother with her two kids. Very topical, and sedate by today's standards, this show was a huge hit. Of all the people on this show who would have thought Valerie Bertenelli would have the biggest career? And who knew McKenzie Phillips was on heroin? Totally watched during the seventies but everyone pretty much was over it by the early eighties. Still one of the coolest shows of the seventies. (Source:www.imdb.com)


“I wish I could say otherwise, but sadly, ODAAT’s time has come to an end,” wrote Royce. “The only silver lining about not doing a show anymore is that nobody can take away the show you already did. 4 seasons that will forever exist for people to watch. I’m so proud of ‘One Day at a Time,’ our cast, our writers, our crew, and while I’m sad today, I’ll forever be grateful for the amazing experience and honor it was to work on it. I am especially thankful to our spirit guide Norman Lear, and to my cohort upon whom I am forever codependent, Gloria Calderon Kellett. And the biggest thank you is to the ODDAT fans, who gave us more love than we know what to do with.”

As it did after One Day At a Time‘s first cancellation almost two years ago, series producer Sony Pictures TV tried hard to find a new home for the praised reimagining of Norman Lear’s beloved 1970s sitcom. The effort — considered a long shot — was not successful, and the cast and crew were informed today that the show has come to an end. One Day at a Time co-creators/exec producers/showrunners Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce shared the news with the show’s fans on Twitter. (Source:deadline.com)





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