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Buy a ca

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Buying your first car is a monumental moment. Your decision will dictate the shape of your future, and with that weight comes high expectations. So how do you avoid the pit of disappointment when you come face to face with that grim reality?Buying a car can be a daunting task; a vehicle is, for most people, either the biggest or the second biggest purchase of their lives in terms of monetary value. So, it comes as no surprise then that caution is advisable, especially when it comes to a pre-owned/used car.To safeguard yourself, it is important that you comprehensively know about all the important documents before buying a car in Pakistan. After doing your research and selecting a car to buy, be sure to check the following documents before spending your money.


Buy and sell cars online through Pakistan’s #1 automobile website. PakWheels offers motorcars from the most popular makes such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Daihatsu, Mercedes, and BMW. You can choose from thousands of used vehicles and buy your dream car within the right budget. Check out used cars for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and hundreds of other cities. Moreover, Sell Car on PakWheels, Pakistan's best car selling website, and avail the opportunity to meet thousands of potential buyers for your vehicles. Upload pictures, set the right price, put your location and provide all other information without any hassle, and you will be able to sell any car. You can also buy Car Parts and motorcycles online in Pakistan. (Source: www.pakwheels.com)

The Pakistani automotive industry is growing with each coming year. Two new entrants debuted in the local market (Haval and BAIC) in 2021. Others added new models in their car lineups. Overall, we got 15 new cars in 2021, one hatchback, five sedans, seven crossovers and SUVs (one EV, two hybrids), and one jeep. That takes us to […] The post New Cars Coming to Pakistan in 2022 appeared first on PakWheels Blog. Hyundai has moved on to the 4th generation Tucson in European and American markets. But the old 3rd generation model is still on sale in many markets, including Pakistan. The Korean-made 3rd gen Tucson went through the Latin New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) test and failed it horribly. The news is of course sad, but […] The post 3rd Gen Hyundai Tucson Scored Zero Stars In Latin Crash Test [Video] appeared first on PakWheels Blog. (Source: www.pakwheels.com)


An office PC can handle day-to-day tasks just fine, but we’re gunning for a gaming rig here, which means you’ll need to pop in a dedicated graphics card. Again, you’ll want to hunt the used market for the best deals, and this is one area where e-waste centers probably don’t have what you need—but eBay just might.You can go higher up the chain than that, but soon the old CPU in your salvaged computer will likely become a bottleneck, meaning your performance won’t increase enough to make the cost worth it. Plus, at that point, you’re probably better off building a PC from scratch rather than using the old office rig as your base anyway.

Storage: Many of these used PCs won’t come with a hard drive, meaning you’ll have to add one yourself. You have a few choices: you can grab a new 500GB HDD for around $25, though it’ll be a little slow. If you’re efficient with your storage, I’d recommend buying a lower-capacity, higher-speed SSD like this 128GB PNY model for $20. Or, if you have enough money, get one of each: use the SSD for your boot drive, your spinning drive for your files, and live your best life. If you find a tower that does come with storage, make sure to test its health with CrystalDiskInfo—if it’s starting to fail, see if you can negotiate the price down further to make up for the drive you’ll have to buy. (Source: www.popsci.com)



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