Bruce Willis Xmas Decoration

Bruce Willis Xmas Decoration


bruce willis xmas decoration

Fans of the 1988 action thriller Die Hard might want to add this Christmas decoration to your tree. Inspired by Bruce Willis' iconic scene where he crawls through Nakatomi Plaza, this ornament will surely brighten up your holiday!

Emma Heming Willis shared a series of pictures on Instagram featuring her husband and their daughters getting into the holiday spirit. It serves as an encouraging reminder that even after being diagnosed with aphasia earlier this year, the actor remains an engaged father.

John McClane

Are you searching for a Christmas decoration with some Bruce Willis in it? Look no further than John McClane. This tough-as-nails NYPD detective visits Los Angeles over the holiday to visit his children and rekindle an old-distance relationship with his wife.

John's boisterous lifestyle and sometimes-lonesome ways haven't diminished his good reputation with the police force, however. On the contrary, it has only served to solidify him as one of the top cops in town--often being the only person available when needed most.

He's not without his faults, however. He has borderline alcoholism and an emotionally abusive home life which have contributed to his drinking problem. Although his wife and daughters have forgiven him for his bad behavior, he doesn't feel good about himself for it.

McClane is duped into attending an uninteresting Christmas party on top of Nakatomi Plaza in downtown L.A., so he doesn't expect to become the target of Hans Gruber and his group of terrorists. They've taken control of the building, leaving McClane with no choice but to stop them.

To succeed, McClane must solve a series of challenges and riddles set before him by Simon. If not, Simon threatens to detonate another bomb in the city. Thankfully, he has Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) by his side as an experienced Good Samaritan who helps him tackle difficult problems Simon throws his way.

McClane also gets to play Santa, dressing the dead terrorist's corpse in a Santa hat and sending it down an elevator with a message. But the movie's most unforgettable scene comes when McClane shoots his machine gun into the sky and proclaims himself "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas".

Many fans believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but there are those who disagree. On the 30th anniversary of the film, Hollywood icon Bruce Willis took a stand during a roast on Comedy Central and declared it wasn't. His remarks caused an uproar on social media, leading many to rethink whether Die Hard truly is a festive film.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a cheerful old man who comes to deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve. He draws inspiration from various figures in mythology and history, though he has now become more of a secular icon.

Around the world, people celebrate Christmas with their children and Santa Claus is often seen as a cheerful old spirit who brings joy to children of all ages. His stories have been passed down for centuries in many cultures around the globe.

Saint Nicholas is an ancient figure closely related to Saint Nicholas of Myra in ancient Greece, who served as bishop. As patron of children and renowned for his generosity and kindness, His feast day is observed annually on December 6.

In certain countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Switzerland, the cheerful old elf is known as Father Christmas or Kris Kringle. Meanwhile in France and Spain he's known by his French or Spanish name: Papa Noel or Pere Noel.

The name "Santa Claus" is derived from the Dutch word Sinterklaas, which is an abbreviation for Roman Catholic saint Saint Nicholas. According to legend, in America some mispronounced Sinterklaas when referring to him in the 18th century - thus leading to its current usage.

Characteristically, he is depicted as an immortal being who delivers presents to good children on Christmas Eve and has both friends and foes. His magical sleigh is pulled by flying reindeer, often accompanied by Elves.

His appearance varies, but he usually appears as an elderly man with a long white beard and wearing red clothing including both coat and hat. Usually accompanied by his wife and the associated elf community, he lives near the North Pole.

He is a fictional character created in the 19th century by American writer Charles Dickens and featured as the main character of A Christmas Carol. To this day, many consider him to be an almost mythical figure.

Santa Claus has many different stories, such as one where he's a demon and another modern version featuring him as a gnome. Some people even believe the mythical Santa is actually religious figure who leaves gifts in fireside stockings on Christmas Eve and rewards children for good behavior.


The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to express your style through festive decor and collectibles. A popular option for this is with a snowman-themed xmas decoration. There are plenty of different ornaments to choose from, meaning there's something for everyone in your family.

For example, you can purchase a small inflatable Christmas tree featuring a snowman figure that looks like it was taken straight out of the Die Hard movie. This decoration is ideal for decorating your tree or placing on your mantelpiece and will bring the festive spirit to your home.

There's also the light-up Die Hard Christmas ornament, featuring a shrunk down version of an iconic scene from the film. Additionally, there is a miniature diorama depicting John McClane crawling through air ducts from Nakatomi building made out of plastic that features a light-up Zippo in his hand.

A Snowman ornament not only adds visual interest to your house, but it can be an incredibly thoughtful gift that will be treasured for years. Whether you give it to a special neighbor, teacher or service provider, they are sure to appreciate the thought and craftsmanship put into a quality snowman ornament.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a beloved symbol of the holiday season, and Bruce Willis has made sure his home was decked out for this year's celebration. His wife Emma Heming Willis shared an assortment of photos from her Instagram Story, showing the action star's two daughters Evelyn Penn and Mabel Ray hard at work decorating their home for the festive occasion.

Despite his reported struggles with aphasia, an impairment that affects his speech and cognitive abilities, the actor still managed to find time for decorating his home for Christmas. Surrounded by family and pets throughout this ordeal, it's been a welcome sight to see him smiling alongside them.

Moore, who shares Rumer Willis (34), Scout LaRue Willis (31) and Tallulah Willis(28) with Willis, recently posted Christmas-themed photos featuring their entire family on her Instagram account. She captioned the picture: "We are FAMILY! Getting into the Holiday Spirit!"

The 67-year-old actor hasn't acted since being diagnosed with aphasia in March, but that didn't stop him from celebrating the season with his family. They posed for some beautiful photos together - one group shot featuring all three daughters and another photo featuring Moore smiling while his daughter Tallulah holds Pilaf, Moore's beloved pup.

His wife Emma Heming Willis also posted pictures of themselves and the family gathered around a table for dinner, captioning the image: "We are a family."

In addition to these family-centric photos, Willis' ex-wife Demi Moore shared some pictures of herself. She brought along her two kids Rumer Willis (31), Scout LaRue Willis (31) and Tallulah Willis (28) as well to spend the holiday with their dad.

These images showcase Willis and Moore's family enjoying the festive season, but they also serve as a reminder that despite their recent divorce, they remain close friends. It serves as evidence that their blended family can remain strong even with all the stresses of divorce and aphasia.

bruce willis christmas ornament

Bruce Willis Christmas Ornament

For Die Hard fans, there's no better way to commemorate the holiday season than with this imaginative ornament. It pays homage to an iconic scene in the movie where Bruce Willis crawls through Nakatomi Plaza's ventilation system.

Emma Heming Willis shared photos of her husband, Bruce Willis and daughters Mabel (11) and Evelyn (8), getting in the holiday spirit by decorating their family tree at home. As recently revealed by Willis, he has aphasia but his two girls continue to lift his spirits and bring smiles to his face.

John McClane is an NYPD police officer who bravely attempts to save his estranged wife Holly Gennaro and others held hostage at Nakatomi Plaza. Additionally, he makes the ultimate sacrifice by dropping C4 down an elevator shaft in order to stop two of Hans Gruber's men from firing rockets at a disabled SWAT armored car.

McClane is a hero who will never back down when faced with difficulty, regardless of his own shortcomings. He can be somewhat flippant and arrogant at times, but always puts his head above the parapet for what he believes to be right. Fans will come to love McClane, and this Bruce Willis christmas ornament was designed to capture his essence.

In May 1983, John McClane is an estranged husband and father to two young children named Lucy and John. He hasn't spoken to his wife in over a year, and appears on the brink of becoming an alcoholic.

The series began with a festive Christmas theme, following McClane as he attempted to save his wife Holly Gennaro and other co-workers from being kidnapped by terrorists at Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. This thrilling thriller is definitely worth seeing, and the Bruce Willis christmas tree ornament serves as a lasting memento of this classic tale.

Story Synopsis: John is visiting his wife Holly Gennaro at the headquarters of Nakatomi Corporation in Los Angeles when he runs into terrorists led by Hans Gruber. As they make their way through the building, John becomes trapped among computer terminals and glass-walled offices. Eventually, Gruber gains McClane's trust and passes himself off as an escaped hostage.

McClane is now trapped in a predicament of his own making. He had been given a crap detail by his commanding officer to pick up Matthew Farrell, an FBI person of interest for hacking activities.

Light-Up Ornament

Bruce Willis christmas ornaments are an ideal way to add some humor and fun to your tree this holiday season. The classic movie Die Hard has become a timeless classic, so this Christmas-themed gift will have all of your loved ones laughing out loud.

This ornament is an easy DIY project, making it a great choice for anyone wanting to decorate their own tree for the holidays. Simply follow the steps below to craft your very own light up ornament.

This adorable light up ornament is sure to please any holiday decor enthusiast in your life. Crafted from aluminum foil and paper, it comes complete with a tiny light bulb that shines through the front of the ornament for extra illumination.

It doesn't need to be as complex or time-consuming as you might think, and could make an excellent present for any "Die Hard" fan on your list. Plus, the cost-effective nature of this option makes it ideal for those looking to save money on Christmas gifts this year.

Rob Ritchie designed this light up bruce willis ornament as an ideal decoration for Christmas trees this season. It features a mini replica of the iconic air conditioning shaft scene from the hit action movie.

You can further personalize this ornament by adding a name, date and more. It's an ideal way to show your loved ones that you care about them during this special time of year.

As with any DIY product, there are a few things to consider when crafting this ornament. First and foremost, ensure the light can be turned on and off independently.

Second, ensure you have a sturdy branch to hang it from. Avoid using twigs or thin branches as these can bend easily and won't last during the rigors of winter for your busy tree.

This light up bruce willis ornament is just one of many incredible light up ornaments available on the market. It's ideal for anyone wanting to make an impact this season and it will certainly be a hit among your friends and family members.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Officially Licensed

If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit this season, this light-up Bruce Willis Die Hard Christmas ornament is a must have. Not only is it an eye-catching decoration, but it's officially licensed with its stunning display of red, green and blue LED lights.

No matter if it's considered a Christmas movie or not, Die Hard is an absolute must-see for action fans and this light-up bauble will help you relive the glory days of the 90s while celebrating this holiday in style.

SerGregor, a self-taught craftsman who specializes in custom woodworking and handmade home decor, created this ornament. It boasts the impressive feature of being made in America - making it an ideal present for any Die Hard fan in your life!

Be sure to take a look at our other top picks for the best Die Hard Christmas ornaments. From this budget-friendly option to this luxurious piece, you're sure to find the ideal decoration for your tree - or your friends' trees!

bruce willis ornament

Bruce Willis Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Are you looking to add a festive touch to your tree this Christmas season? Why not get yourself an ornament that pays homage to one of the greatest action movies ever made - Die Hard! This DIY Bruce Willis ornament is ideal for any Die Hard fan!

Nate Higgs instead of investing in an expensive ornament has turned to 3D printing to recreate his scene. Not only is it cost-effective to construct, but it looks remarkably realistic!

Die Hard

This Die Hard light-up ornament, featuring a scaled down version of Nakatomi Plaza from the movie, will surely grace your tree for years to come. While it may not be cheap, its worth every penny as this must-have ornament will surely please all diehard fans in your family. Plus, it comes complete with its own Zippo in a stylish red box for extra safety! Unlike other mazes on Etsy, this one resides safely inside an enclosed compartment; assembly and takeaway are both simple with only slight delay before your tree gets some much-deserved rest! We found this gem on Etsy; one of their top sellers as usual with over one million products available ranging from T-shirts to baby cribs!

The Movie

In 1988, a New York policeman trapped in an L.A. high-rise by terrorists must fight for his life as he attempts to rescue his wife who has been taken hostage and win her back.

The film has become a beloved Christmas tradition and inspired thousands of holiday-themed ornaments. However, some criticize it as not truly being a Christmas movie - an issue that has stirred controversy for years.

Some criticize Die Hard as not truly a Christmas movie, while others contend it shares many elements with classic holiday films. It includes an epic Christmas party scene, hostages being taken hostage, and explosions - exactly the kind of story to get you in the holiday spirit!

Action film legend Bruce Willis stars as John McClane, an iconic combination of arrogance and bravery. A smartass who doesn't take orders but still strives to protect those he cares about.

As a result, the film has become so popular that it was recently the most watched movie across several states, such as Washington, Wisconsin and Virginia. Furthermore, it can be streamed on Netflix in those same states.

Despite some controversy, the movie is widely considered one of the greatest action flicks ever. It also holds the distinction of being both highest-grosing action film and live action movie ever released.

No matter your opinion, this holiday season add our iconic Die Hard ornament to your tree as a tribute to the film that has become timeless classic. It's a scaled down version of that famous scene where McClane crawls through an air duct with his Zippo lighter in hand, illuminating his path. Makes an ideal present for movie buffs in your life and sure to bring smiles all around this Christmas!

The Ornaments

In the 1990s, Willis played a variety of contradictory characters: cranky and brutal in Yojimbo (as a rogue samurai); sensitive yet haunted in 12 Monkeys; tough yet kind-hearted in Armageddon. He wasn't afraid to portray an over-the-top thug like Die Hard, yet didn't want to be defined by him either.

He had the raw charisma of Jack Nicholson or Robert Duvall, yet his performances were always nuanced in both good and bad ways. Too intelligent to be a buffoon and wise enough not to go over the top, his roles often tested him beyond his capabilities; as such, the more masculine roles proved challenging for him.

Over the next decade, Willis put his star power to use as an off-brand actor, taking roles that didn't require his usual bravado like Breakfast of Champions; Hart's War; Alpha Dog; Fast Food Nation; and The Astronaut Farmer. These performances would earn him nominations in regular competition and perhaps even some Oscar nominations.

Willis began to falter as he worked on several off-brand films. His lack of charismatic acting ability and filmmakers who wanted him to "ham it up" proved too much for him to handle comfortably, leading them to demand that he take each role as it came without much preparation or emotion.

It's understandable why his performance began to wane as he began showing signs of cognitive decline. Without the artistic standards necessary for an engaging performance, he became less inclined to take chances and less confident onstage.

Willis spent the '90s working as a character actor. He starred in some big studio action movies, but most of his work was smaller-scale and independent. He appeared in films such as Hudson Hawk, Peter Fallow's The Bonfire of the Vanities, Jimmy Tudeski's The Whole Nine Yards, Addison Brooks (starring Maria de Medeiros), Addison Brooks (TV movie), Addison Brooks (TV movie) - where he costarred with Maria de Medeiros playing an unidentified vigilante character who could be sexy or sexist, sensitive or chivalrous; even Marx Brothers-style wordplay).

The Story

In 1988, action movie fans worldwide were amazed by Die Hard. Directed by John McTiernan and starring Bruce Willis as New York cop John McClane and Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber, it is considered one of the greatest action movies ever made and helped launch Willis' superstar status.

The movie adaptation of Bruce Thorp's novel follows McClane, a high-flying detective taken hostage by terrorists in an office building in Los Angeles. He must fight his way to safety and save his wife Holly (with a Christmas-themed name!) and their two children.

It's an excellent film that stands the test of time. But it's more than just an action flick; it also includes plenty of festive holiday spirit and some truly heartwarming scenes.

No surprise then that this film has become a beloved holiday classic. Even this year, when it rereleases again, many people will be including it on their annual holiday movie lists.

Therefore, it's no shock that someone in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, has created the most amazing Christmas ornament inspired by Die Hard. Rob Ritchie recreated a model of McClane crawling through an air vent from the original film - so impressive that it even won him an award at work!

This ornament is an excellent demonstration of what can be accomplished at home with just a few supplies. Not only was it 3D printed, but he even added LED lights for illumination!

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