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Brown foxor

Brown fox

In search of food, the brown fox looked round and round, but found nothing but dry leaves and thorny briers. He was now so hungry he could have eaten the thorns and briers, but he was too proud to beg."The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is an English-language pangram—a sentence that contains all of the letters of the alphabet. It is commonly used for touch-typing practice, testing typewriters and computer keyboards, displaying examples of fonts, and other applications involving text where the use of all letters in the alphabet is desired. Owing to its brevity and coherence, it has become widely known.


I am absolutely in love with the invitations Brown Fox Creative made for our destination wedding! As we waited for everything to fall back into place after the pandemic, Kristin was able to schedule us in quickly and rush out the samples - and when I saw them it was meant to be! The color envelopes really made a statement, red envelopes are important to my husband's family culture and it was such a special detail with the white ink addressing. If you are looking for your stationary to have that pop of color or expensive texture, I absolutely recommend!When we first started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted Brown Fox Creative on our planning team! Kristin’s work was so polished and whimsical I knew it was the look I wanted for our big day!

Kristin was wonderful to work with, she took the ideas in my head and brought them to life in ways I never imagined. From the beginning I knew I wanted a crest designed that would be the star element in all our designs and Kristin delivered. She was very easy to work with and was very responsive during our 2-year working relationship! Thank you so much Kristin, we have received countless complements on all our stationary elements and know the crest will be an element our family uses for years to come! Brian Henry is a writer, editor, creative writing instructor, and publisher of the Quick Brown Fox blog. He’s written opinion pieces for the National Post and The Toronto Star. He was also a regular contributor to the (now defunct) Jewish Tribune and the Engage and Harry’s Place websites in the UK. This piece was previously pbublished on TheJ.ca, the Canadian Jewish community's online journal of news and opinion. (Source:www.brownfoxcreative.com)



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