Breadman Miami or

Breadman Miami or

Breadman Miami

I had my doubts about this product, so I was looking for answers. I came across a video on YouTube that showed what looked like a blade lodged inside. They took the crescent dough and put the filling in, they then flipped it and the blade just fell in the filling. I feel like my money was wasted on this one.


My boyfriend and I came across this bakery last year and we loved it! Their food was amazing as were their prices. But as of late, any time we order from them via Uber Eats, the orders are incorrect. No matter how many notes I place on the order and/or call them to confirm, the food thats delivered is incorrect. Its gotten to the point that my boyfriend has stop ordering for them altogether. Ive been giving them a chance as I know there is a lot going on in the world in general so details can get lost, but after months of dealing with the same thing and receiving the wrong order just today, I think I am going to stop ordering from them as well. Their food is delicious but there is no attention to detail when you specifically ask for something. It sucks when you order practically the same thing, and the staff knows you by name yet they still send the wrong item. Its frustrating, especially knowing the amount of money we spend there and how much weve enjoyed their food when theyve gotten it right.So yesterday my car broke down in Hialeah I took it to a mechanic around recliner and I come back today Im hungry and looking for something to eat while I wait for them to finish my car my mechanic sends me down to this little Bakery Ive never heard of with the most amazing coquetas and pastries I dont think Ive ever had any this good so far in my life. On top of that the place is absolutely amazing they also have Nutella pastries and for being right in the heart of Hialeah I was extremely surprised how fluent in English everybody here was and how accommodating they were. this place is a must-visit Im definitely going to be back.

Why We Love It: Baking started as a hobby for Cuban-Americans Andy Herrera, 38, and his wife, Jessica, 34 [1]. They started baking breads in their home and taking orders until, overwhelmed, they started looking to open a bakery. Their first location, in Hialeah, opened in 2014, followed by their Westchester bakery last February. They carry traditional Cuban bread – “we can’t tamper with Cuban bread,” Andy says, plus fresh takes on pastelitos, croquetas and typical Cuban desserts, like their custard with dulce de leche [2]. On the menu are Venezuelan tequeños and croquetas de maiz y queso and Colombian pan de bono, items that never would have been in a Cuban bakery a couple of decades ago. “Miami culture has changed, and for the better,” says Andy. Two locations: 8100 SW 8 St., Miami and 5804 W 20 Ave., Hialeah and 8100 SW 8 St., Miami (Source: ediblesouthflorida.ediblecommunities.com)



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