It's easy to forget that our privacy is likely being shared with the man of our dreams. And that we, in turn, are the product.


Erika Casupanan Biography – She was not that much popular before appearing in the reality TV show. She has just raised fame in the mid of the year 2021 and has not appeared for a personal interview in which she may share about her family affairs. The only thing that she has shared in her interview related to her reality show is that her grandma is her inspiration. Her grandma use to live with her family before her death.

Vincent, Alice (13 October 2017). "Rachel Bloom on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series 3: 'We're using a word for the female anatomy that has never been said on TV before'". Archived from the original on 3 December 2017. Retrieved 2 December 2017 – via www.telegraph.co.uk. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



In the fourth season, Rebecca is released from jail and quits her job at the law firm. Greg returns to town, while Heather and Valencia move away for work and life commitments. With all the main cast members becoming more mature and emotionally healthy, Rebecca feels pressured to choose between romance with Josh, Nathaniel, and Greg. She eventually realizes that she does not yet know who she is, and therefore cannot be truly happy with any of them. She instead spends a year focusing on figuring out her own emotional needs and pursuing her interest in songwriting. The series ends with Rebecca about to perform one of her own songs publicly for the first time.

Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan, the object of Rebecca's affections for much of the series. Josh demonstrates commitment issues in his relationship with Rebecca and is an oblivious person. Like Rebecca, Josh has a tendency to be self-centered and immature. Josh has since improved as a person and had apologized to Rebecca for the mistakes he made in their relationship. He subsequently goes on a journey of self discovery as he tries to find his path and understand what he wants in life. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)




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