Best Things to do in California and Visit

Best Things to do in California and Visit

Best Things to do in California and Places to Visits from a local’s perspective

One of the best travel destinations in the United States, California is famous for its glitz, glamour, and top attractions. For international travelers, California is the most popular gateway. Landmarks of California offers something to every visitor. If you want to surround around nature and want to place the happiest place on the earth. California is the best destination for you. With its glitzy resorts and celebrity sightings, California is the best place on this planet.  

Due to the pandemic Covid-19 situation mostly the tourist places are closed however, stay home order was modified in California on May 8, which covers the whole state of California. As of May 8 stay at home order, offices, limited services, and outdoor museums are also permitted to open.

California is the home to some historic landmarks on the west coast.

Go ahead, plan your trip and add California in your bucket list. We have compiled up a fun list of things to do in California. At the end of this article, you can watch a video, 30 things to do in California that may offer some good cooking tips.

Things to Do in California:


Visit Death Valley:

In Eastern California Death valley is a desert valley, in the northern Mojave Desert.  




Disney Land:

If you are planning your trip with your, Disney land will be the best fun spot in California.






Must Visit Venice Beach:

Best Spot to enjoy a sunny day.




Santa Barbara in California: