Best Seduction Movies to Watch

Best Seduction Movies to Watch


best seduction movies

Many sultry movies explore sensuality as an integral aspect of human behavior. Unfortunately, there are also films that solely aim to sell sex.

Films about seduction are one of the most beloved genres in cinema, boasting a passionate following. Here is our selection of some of the best seduction movies that have recently been released.

1. The Last Seduction

The Last Seduction is one of the best seduction movies to watch for some insight on what true seduction looks and feels like. It follows a female character who not only enjoys good sexual encounters but is an accomplished con artist as well.

John Dahl directed this neo-noir classic, featuring excellent acting from Linda Fiorentino as Bridget Gregory - one of the iconic femme fatale characters from the late 1990s. It has a darkly comic tone and some excellent dialogue throughout. John Dahl made his name with 1993 sleeper Red Rock West. This film follows in his footsteps with another dark comedy classic.

She's a well-spoken New Yorker who arrives in Texas with cash her husband Clay (Bill Pullman) acquired through a drug deal and is advised to keep quiet. Instead, she quickly links up with Mike (Peter Berg), an attractive local stud, and uses him for her devious plan.

She can be downright frightening in how she uses him. Her cruelty and determination drive her to manipulate everyone she comes across for her own gain.

She is an incredibly powerful character and her performance is outstanding. It ranks among the finest performances by a woman in years, her wickedness in this role making it impossible to ignore her.

This film was initially marketed as a straight-to-TV movie and, while it did well in theaters, its origins made it difficult to promote. Nonetheless, the film is an excellent classic noir tale and deserves to be seen by those who appreciate this timeless genre.

2. Cruel Intentions

Movies about seduction are popular primarily because they demonstrate how effortless it is for a woman to get her man to sleep with her. These films can be entertaining, and often feature attractive women. Unfortunately, there are some that just plain stink!

This movie follows Louisa, a girl named Steve who meets Steve at a bar and falls in love with him. Steve is an adorable, successful businessman who makes plenty of money. But when Steve disappears, Louisa realizes she has been duped and left with a large debt.

In Cruel Intentions, Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an expert manipulator of men and women alike. As the most popular girl at her high school, she also has a cocaine addiction. Without stable relationships, Kathryn becomes easily distressed when things don't go her way.

Kathryn's deception is a textbook example of borderline personality disorder. She is a self-centered, manipulative woman who takes pride in her accomplishments and lacks any regret for her decisions. Furthermore, Kathryn has suffered from emotional abuse for much of her life.

The movie contains extensive profanity and teen sexual acts. In one scene, Sarah Michelle Gellar engages in a graphic french kiss with another teen.

This movie contains plenty of sexual content and is rated R. There are several inappropriate scenes as well as unconvincing acting from the teenage cast members.

Although this movie is based on a book by Laclos, it tells a totally different tale than its inspiration. It's like a remake of Dangerous Liaisons but with more loose structure and lacking depth like its original did.

It has some captivating characters and some captivating scenes, however the movie moves too slowly with subpar acting and pacing. Furthermore, it lacks the sexiness of its predecessor which made it so successful in theaters.

3. L.A. Seduction

A struggling actress hires a gardener to assist her, but things take an unexpected turn. Soon she discovers he is not who he seems and begins to fall for him.

This film takes place in a remote home in Beverly Hills. The camerawork is mostly clean and modern until the climactic moment when it abruptly switches to an experimental style. While this new look adds something interesting, it comes across as somewhat of an esoteric experiment.

In this film, there is plenty of sex - but it is handled sensitively. Characters pull knives on each other in several scenes; one man gets stabbed in the back while a woman is propositioned for oral sex. There are also some intimate scenes where people get into cars or have intimate experiences in public toilets.

Despite its flaws, the movie remains enjoyable and worth watching. The plotline is straightforward yet plausible, while Kathryn and Ben display great chemistry.

In this movie, Kathryn (Ashley Benson) is a lonely actress who feels unfulfilled in her life. Stuck in her mansion, she feels like there's nothing going for her. When gardener Ben (Shiloh Fernandez) starts working at her house she develops feelings for him and they begin spending time together.

As the movie progresses, it starts to delve into a steamy seduction game between Ben and Kathryn only for it to be cut short. This drains away most of the tension that had been built up throughout the movie, leaving it feeling flat at its conclusion.

The main issue with this movie is its excessive explanation. It rewinds several days to attempt to fill in what was previously missing, leading to a much shorter and more concise film if that had been its intended goal.

In the end, this movie is only average and not particularly captivating when it comes to seduction. It lacks life and moves too slowly. Nevertheless, its cinematography is stunningly beautiful, providing a gorgeous setting for the story; unfortunately however, it fails to make full use of that stunning location.

4. The Grand Seduction

Movies can be sultry for their animal chemistry between actors, or sometimes it's about the mood it elicits. When this occurs, a film truly becomes captivating and intoxicating - such as The Grand Seduction with its charming Canadian fishing village and residents' determination to con an unsuspecting doctor into staying there.

The head of a small Newfoundland fishing village is determined to land a factory contract and recruits an elite plastic surgeon from the big city for one month in their sleepy hamlet. He enlists acting mayor Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) for help in pulling off this scheme which involves everything from posing as the local cricket club's coach to tapping the doctor's phone.

But the scheme is not without its deceptions. When a security agent discovers cocaine in Dr. Lewis' suitcase, Murray manipulates the situation to make it appear that he will simply overlook it and agree to spend time in Tickle Head as part of an attempt to win back his trust. He and his grizzled friend Simon (Gordon Pinsent) then rallie the town residents in an effort to seduce Lewis into staying by any means necessary.

This remake of Jean-Francois Pouliot's 2003 French Canadian tale Seducing Doctor Lewis takes place in a fishing community on the coast of Newfoundland. Although there are many similarities to Pouliot's original, this time around the story is told entirely in English.

Life in Tickle Head can be tough: the cod population has declined drastically and residents must queue up each month for welfare checks. Yet despite these difficulties, residents remain close-knit and eager to welcome Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch), a plastic surgeon with an impressive resume but no history of drug use.

The Grand Seduction stars Irish actor Brendan Gleeson and American star Taylor Kitsch. However, director Don McKellar lacks the wit to elevate this generic tale into anything more than a middlebrow comedic drama that doesn't hold up after repeated viewings.

best coffee greenpoint

Best Coffee Greenpoint

If you work from home or travel frequently and need a place to grab some WiFi-compatible coffee, Greenpoint has plenty of excellent options.

However, finding great coffee after 5 p.m. can be challenging. Here are a few of our top picks that stay open later and serve up some incredible java.


Sweetleaf Coffee's Greenpoint location is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Situated across the Pulaski Bridge from their Long Island City location, it feels like an inviting hideaway with ample space, natural light, and old-world Brooklyn charm. The original wood beam ceiling, distressed brick walls, and antique pieces create an inviting ambience that draws you in from the outside.

Rich Nieto and his crew are constantly roasting some of the finest coffee around. They purchase beans from renowned roasters such as Ritual, Stumptown, Heart, and Handsome before serving them up in espresso-based drinks as well as specialties like Rocket Fuel--a chicory-laced cold brew made with whole milk and maple syrup.

In addition to all that, you can also grab sandwiches (green eggs and cheese, chicken avocado sandwich or Japanese Kani) or croissants fresh out of the oven each morning. For something more substantial, try our breakfast bowl or fried rice; both are fantastic choices.

At this cafe, the roaster is on display for all to see. With a cozy and laid-back atmosphere, it makes for the ideal spot to sit back and enjoy your cup of joe. Besides classic beverages like espresso or mocha, you can try Vietnamese-style cold brew called Voodoo Child or try their Maple Leaf latte that's sweetened with maple syrup and nutmeg.

Sweetleaf's two LIC shops and Greenpoint roastery cafe remain open for to-go orders during COVID-19, while online shoppers can get 25% off whole bean coffees, brewing gear and stylish totes when preordering on their website or Instagram account. Furthermore, the company donates 5 percent of its sales back to restaurant partners.

Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy first opened its doors in Greenpoint in 2005 and quickly earned a reputation as one of the city's premier coffee shops. Now with eight locations throughout NYC and New Jersey, Cafe Grumpy is independently owned by Chris Timbrell and Caroline Bell.

Chris and Caroline founded Cafe Grumpy as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise to focus on sourcing specialty coffee while maintaining healthy relationships with producers at origin through transparency and respect. All their beans are roasted to order using an old Probat roaster for added freshness.

The cafe's selection of single origin and house blend coffees is extensive, with an emphasis on cold brew, Hario V60 pourovers, espresso and cappuccino brewing methods. They also carry specialty teas as well as pastries from local bakeries.

With two full rooms of seating, the cafe exudes a cozy and spacious atmosphere. The decor is light and airy, providing a welcome change from dark spaces often found in Brooklyn's coffee-loving neighborhoods.

Cafe Grumpy is the only location with WiFi, making it perfect for those who like to work while drinking their coffee. Plus, they have a wide range of brewed-to-order beverages with nondairy milk options (oat and almond).

This cold brew is a smooth and sweet drink made with high-quality beans from partner farms after an overnight steep. You'll experience subtle hints of caramel and chocolate in every sip - comes in a 12oz bag! For even more variety, the cafe also sells Momentum: their blend of favorite coffees from Central and South America that can be used for any brew method, from pourover to drip.

Odd Fox

Odd Fox Coffee Greenpoint is a WiFi-friendly cafe perfect for anyone needing coffee or just somewhere to work from. With two locations - one in Greenpoint and one in Bed-Stuy -, Odd Fox has something to suit everyone's needs.

Odd Fox is a charming cafe that combines excellent coffee with an inviting community vibe. The interiors are airy and clean, featuring plenty of tables for solos or small groups to sit at. On warm days, you can take advantage of their outdoor garden for some respite from the solitary environment.

They offer Parlor Coffee brews as well as coffee from other Brooklyn roasters like Heart and Ovenly. Plus they have an impressive selection of espresso, macchiato, cortado and latte options. If you're in search of something refreshing, they also serve iced coffee and ice tea.

They also feature a small yard in the back, where they often host events (like an art exhibit) to enjoy while sipping on your mug. The owners are friendly and it's an ideal spot for people to hang out and get some work done without feeling like you're in a big city. With two locations - Greenpoint at 984 Manhattan Ave and Bed-Stuy at 525 Throop Ave - customers are sure to find one close by.


For an excellent cup of coffee in Greenpoint, look no further than Variety. They have three locations around Brooklyn (one on Graham Avenue and one in Bushwick), each offering their own unique vibe, skilled staff members, quality coffee and an impressive selection of milks. All are worth visiting!

They also have a diner called Three Decker, which recently reopened under new ownership. Gavin Compton and Eduardo Sandoval--the duo behind NYC burger restaurant Blue Collar--renamed it and made some changes to the menu.

In addition to coffee, they offer breakfast pastries and a few other food options. Their new dishes include hard shell tacos and quesadillas.

At Variety Coffee Roasters' Northbridge location, their coffee menu offers a selection of different brews. Additionally, they provide cold brew and smoothies, as well as gluten-free and vegan baked goods.

Their coffee is roasted in a cozy wood-paneled space and sourced from farms around the globe. The roaster takes great pride in finding only the highest-quality varietals, while also striving for sustainability.

Around the world, there are over 2,000 coffee varietals to choose from - each with its own distinct characteristics that contribute to its exquisite taste. Some were genetically engineered while others are carefully cultivated by horticulture professionals for specific uses.

Some of the more sought-after coffee varietals include Typica, Caturra and Bourbon. All are named for their native countries and produce high quality cups of coffee.

Maragogype, a natural mutation of Typica discovered in Brazil in 1870, is another popular coffee varietal. While it produces less cherries than Typica, its higher productivity rate makes it an attractive option for farmers.

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