Best 90s movies

Best 90s movies

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Anytime I’m finding myself in need of a little comfort (which, let’s face it, has been often in recent months) I turn to the nostalgic movies of my youth. Ah, the ’90s! This sweetly romanticized era gave us some seriously timeless classics and introduced many of us to iconic filmmakers like Spike Lee, Sofia Coppola, and more. But since I can’t be the only one that finds themselves scrolling endlessly through Netflix on the regular while trying to figure out what to watch, I’ve compiled a list of the best 90s movies that are available on streaming.

Best 90s movies

I find that the 90s turned out some of the most quintessential genre-defining films. It doesn’t get better than a 90s romcom, teen flick, or sappy, yet deeply emotional, drama. I found myself having to force myself to stop at 20, because there are just too many great options to pick from. Your girl spent a lot of time at Blockbuster—she’s seen it all!

You may notice that the list is all over the place, in what I consider to be the best way. There are some Oscar winners that are clearly of the highest filmmaking caliber, but there are others that were basically just superstar vehicles that have become cult-classics not because they’re stellar works of art, but because they’re a part of the cultural lexicon. (Insert all Ben Affleck movies here.)

‘What's Eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993)

Johnny Depp plays Gilbert Grape, an easy young man who includes a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. The film stars Depp as Gilbert Grape's younger brother, a mentally-ill brother, and an obese mom. The movie is about to be released on Netflix at 8 p.m. ET on May 4, 2015. it is not the primary time the film has been released in theaters and is on Blu-Back to the U.S. on December 8, 2015. The film is about in Big Apple and London.

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1. ‘GOOD BURGER’ (1996)

Expect to urge all the laughs during this feel-good classic. The movie follows a highschool student named Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson), who teams up with a kind-hearted (and slightly dim-witted) cashier, Ed (Kel Mitchell), to avoid wasting Good Burger from being stop working by their competitor, Mondo Burger. We can’t tell you the way repeatedly we recited Ed’s classic greeting: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the nice Burger, am i able to take your order?”



Tommy Pickles (E.G. Daily) and therefore the gang are at it again. When Angelica (Cheryl Chase) convinces Tommy that his newborn brother will steal all the eye from his parents, he and his pals try and return his sibling back to the hospital. However, chaos ensues when the group gets lost within the woods.



Based on the real-life story of prodigy participant, Joshua Waitzkin, the drama film follows a young boy named Josh (Max Pomeranc), who develops a rare talent for chess-playing at just seven years old. After winning against his dad, he starts to draw in more attention, prompting his parents to rent knowledgeable tutor to assist hone his craft, However, things get rather complicated when Josh simultaneously takes on a second mentor, a park player named Vinnie (Laurence Fishburne).


4. ‘RUNAWAY BRIDE’ (1999)

Julia Roberts is just about every groom’s worst nightmare during this classic romantic comedy. She plays Maggie Carpenter, AKA the infamous “runaway bride” who has left a minimum of three men at the altar, per journalist Ike Graham (Richard Gere). After Ike gets fired for publishing an inaccurate piece about Maggie, he travels to her hometown with the intention of writing an in-depth article about her. But there’s only one problem—he can’t help falling enamored together with her himself.



Childhood BFFs Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) and Michael O'Neal (Dermot Mulroney) made a deal to tie the knot if they were both still single at 28-years-old. But Julianne is certain quite surprise when Michael announces his engagement just four days before her 28th birthday. Realizing that she’s crazy with him, Julianne sets out on a mission to prevent the marriage from happening.



Meet Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp), a straightforward young man who happens to be carrying over enough responsibilities on his shoulders. other than assisting his obese mom, who’s unable to go away the house, Gilbert keeps busy by caring for his mentally-ill brother, Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio). However, his life takes a rather interesting turn after he starts a replacement job and meets a missy named Becky (Juliette Lewis).



After being framed for the murder of her wealthy husband, Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) is wrongfully imprisoned for the crime. While behind bars, Libby concocts an original commit to reunite along with her son and find the one who framed her.



Set in Ohio, 1984, the rom-com drama follows the poignant coming-out story of a 17-year-old named Eric Hunter. It all unfolds during the time when famous stars like Boy George and Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics boldly sported androgynous looks.


9. ‘CAN’T HARDLY WAIT’ (1998)

Well, it wouldn't be the '90s without your quintessential teen party movie, right? during this film, teens of various social groups gather to celebrate at a highschool graduation party, which takes place at an expensive classmate’s home. Expect plenty of booze, a hook-up and a minimum of one impromptu sing-along. BTW, the incredible ensemble cast includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli and Seth Green.


10. ‘HOOK’ (1991)

Here’s one in every of the numerous films that made us fall gaga with Robin Williams. In Hook, he plays a successful lawyer named Peter Banning. When his two children are suddenly kidnapped by Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman), he has no choice but to revisit his magical past as Peter Pan— although his return to Neverland is much from welcoming.

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