Ben cook guitarist

Ben cook guitarist


Although best called the snarling front man for hardcore favorites No Warning and guitarist for punk monuments Fucked Up, Ben Cook’s indie/power-pop leaning Young Guv project has been steadily releasing records for quite a decade. 2019 is, hands down, his biggest year for the project, with the recent Guv 1 hitting the racks and therefore the forthcoming second volume slated for release in late October.

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Cook’s work with hardcore and punk is well documented, but the musician’s tastes run far deeper into rap, indie and beyond. As such, we asked Ben Cook about some important touchstones and inspiration within power pop, especially within the creation of Young Guv material. Here are his top picks:

1. Ned Doheny

Candy Homeboy can write a song. a small amount more yachty than power pop, but he belongs in this world of Twilleys & Phil Seymours to me, if not only for the song “If you must Fall.” Pacific coastal perfect arrangements, melodically driven with an acoustic backbone which California funky bass.

2. Phil Seymour

self-titled LP on the road with Fucked Up years ago, Damian scoped this out on behalf of me at a record store and that i bought it for a dollar. quite just sat around for a year in my collection until my old roommate put it on and that i heard it from the opposite room. It’s an ideal power pop record. Not a lover of claiming “this is that the best,” but I’m unsure anything can touch this within the genre.

3. Dwight Twilley Band

Twilley Don’t Mind i believe Tom Petty did back ups on this one. is smart. He recognized some legendary hit makers. “Lookin For The Magic” for anyone with even a bit knowledge of these things knows that’s the banger. I’ve tried to emulate the slap delay on those vocals on many of my very own tunes. a small amount more on the rock ‘n roll side of things, but hits all the identical.

4. Tony Molina

– Kill the Lights I’m turning this list into song writers that inspire me with every song and everything they are doing. How Tony pulls up to a show, how he arranges a song, how he does regardless of the f he wants to try and do and rolls with like-minded homies who believe. This album floored me, and I’ll always hear our boy with awe and respect.

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5. Larry Sanders

Child Of December Some yachty, blue-eyed-soul type shit. i've got no idea who this guy is, or if he has the other songs. I found this single on a comp some years ago and it’s a masterful creation. Peep it.

6. Emitt Rhodes

If I wasn’t such a hack musician I’d probably attempt to sound a touch more like this dude.

7. Jesse Johnson

Revue I’m adding this record due to the song “I want my girl”. Prince and every one those MNPLS fools could go poppy pretty easily, ditch a small amount of the funk, go direct into a mixing board with a tele and make tracks better than anyone on this list.

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8. Andre Cymone

Livin within the New Wave this is often an influence pop record, I don’t care what anyone says. “Kelly’s Eyes” is that the track.

9. Prince

Dirty Mind Prince could do anything better than anyone. He probably wrote “When You Were Mine” in 3 minutes, and it’s the most effective power pop song to ever exist. He’s obviously on this list and is that the master of any genre he touches. Respect. Recently visited Paisley Park and took the tour. Kinda sucked. No pancakes.

10. Killjoys

Starry Had to incorporate something Canadian, of course. this can be a small amount more ’90s alt and a bit pop punk sometimes, maybe, but this was my first show after I was 12. Saw them in Hayden at Lee’s palace at a matinee. My mom took me. I did a stage dive front flip off a bar rail, and life was never the identical. Super tight pop power trio arrangements. Very good

Top 5 Ben Cook Bands

Ben Cook is an absurdly busy musician. Outside of his solo band Young Guv and producing work for bands like.

Ben Cook is an absurdly busy musician. Outside of his solo band Young Guv and producing work for bands like Actual Water and Modern Superstitions, singer/guitarist/songwriter has been involved during a bewildering array of musical projects over the years. When does this guy sleep?

1. Fucked Up Ben Cook was a late recruit to Fucked Up, joining in time to record the band’s Polaris Prize-winning sophomore LP The Chemistry Of Common Life (and their myth-making performance/demolition on MTV within the bathroom of the Masonic Temple), but his third guitar directly contributes to the dense, epic sound that has since defined them. consistent with Cook, Fucked Up is currently within the development stage of a brand new record.



2. No Warning Before he was a guitarist in Fucked Up, Ben Cook was the frontman of his own punk band, No Warning. The band’s sophomore album, Ill Blood, just turned 10 years old and is now remembered as a classic of Toronto hardcore. Damian Abraham also recently picked their self-titled record at number two for his NOW list of Top 10 Toronto punk seven-inches ever. But the band’s strangest endorsement came from Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, who attempted to sign No Warning with a message on Cook’s electronic device that used the words “hard” and “phat” verrrry liberally.

3. lodge those that know him primarily from those two seminal hardcore bands will probably be surprised by this latest 80s pop project together with his former No Warning writing partner Matt DeLong, but Ben Cook has always had one foot within the pop world. Cook has formerly ghost-written songs for Sum 41 and Hedley, and says he’s recently been approached by a label to pen a track for a contestant on “one of these So you think that you'll be able to Sing shows.” Yacht Club’s early web-released songs are inspired heavily by 80s stars like George Michael and Prefab Sprout, but he says future releases will explore the entire spectrum of pop “from Top 40 to weirdo Canadian pop from the 90s MuchMusic heyday.”

4. The Bitters Like many of Ben Cook’s bands, this collaboration with Aerin Fogel seems to own been a one-off, but their Wooden Glove EP and East General LP are strong enough put the Bitters on this list. The band mixed dark post-punk with 90s alternative, 50s melodies and a male-female punk vocal style that elicited constant comparisons to X. We haven’t heard much from them within the number of years since, but they did play some local shows, including opening at Parts & Labour.5. Marvelous Darlings Cook’s projects jump everywhere the stylistic map, but if there’s one genre he seems to love best it’s power-pop. other than Young Guv, Marvelous Darlings is that the best showcase of his Brit-inflected 70s-style Undertones/Cheap Trick heavy hook-craft. being attentive to the band’s recently rereleased 2008-2010 singles collection Single Life reveals what you'll have already gleaned from this list: Ben Cook can pump out memorable, catchy songs like they’re nothing.

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