Below Deck Medical Season 4 Updates

Below Deck Medical Season 4 Updates


how many episodes of below deck med season 4

Below Deck Medical season 4 has just launched and the crew is back to their regular routine of surviving life on board a yacht. The season has seen plenty of changes and additions, with some returning from previous seasons, and others coming aboard. As you might expect, there have been no reunion episodes, and you can expect to see more of Hannah Ferrier and Aesha Scott. There has also been the addition of chef Mila Kolomeitseva and Anastasia Surmava to the crew.

Hannah Ferrier and Aesha Scott return

Aesha Scott and Hannah Ferrier are returning to Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean. They met on season four of the show, and have remained close friends since then.

This is a good thing for fans. Fans of the show have been craving a change of pace. Thankfully, a new spinoff series, Below Deck Down Under, is on the way. The new show will feature Hannah, Aesha, and other members of the crew.

Aesha Scott is back in the fold and will be one of the chief stews on the show. She served as a second stew last year, and is now poised to be the top of her game.

Scott was a fan favorite when she appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean. She was also a back-up stewardess during the show's fifth season. However, after the series ended, she took some time off from yachting.

Aesha has also been linked to former Below Deck Med cast member Jack Stirrup. However, they broke up under less than ideal circumstances.

In the meantime, the Below Deck Med cast has moved on to other careers. Several of them are now teaching others to get into the yachting business. One of them even opened her own yachting school.

The new crew is a lot different than the previous cast. There are three new cast members, plus a few recognizable faces that are returning from season four. Also, the ship has been moved to Australia.

Fans can catch the new season of Below Deck: Mediterranean Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. The Peacock subscription is required to view the show.

If you're interested in the new series, you can also check out its predecessor, Below Deck.

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva joins the crew

A new chef will join the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean in season 4. The yacht Sirocco will set sail through the south of France in a burgeoning culinary scene. As expected, the new addition will be classically trained Mila Kolomeitseva, a Cordon Bleu graduate.

In a trailer for Season 4, the first five episodes feature chef Mila. She is seen licking steaks and pouring niblets of corn from a can onto nachos.

During her tenure, Kolomeitseva suffered from food poisoning. Luckily, the crew was able to get her back up to par before her first charter. However, she made several other mistakes.

After a disastrous charter, Kolomeitseva was fired. On the show, she is also known for her homophobic remarks. She said that she didn't want her son to see gay men kissing. But the captain of the ship, Sandy Yawn, is not offended by these remarks.

Kolomeitseva has Cordon Bleu training from the prestigious cooking school in Paris. Before joining the crew, she was a private chef and chef for a restaurant in Russia.

Kolomeitseva has a reputation for being a fiery chef. She has served $100,000 Taco Tuesday fixings. Her foie gras burgers were also very popular. She was also chosen as the chef on season 8 of Top Chef.

Chef Mila has Cordon Bleu training and studied at the world's most renowned cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Some of her famous dishes include raw beef carpaccio and foie gras burgers.

Below Deck Med is returning to Bravo for its fourth season on June 3. The cast will head on a cruise through the French Riviera, where they will make some major cooking mistakes and face drama.

Joao Franco is a deckhand

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality show which follows the crew of a 150-foot super yacht. The show's fourth season premiered on June 3 on Bravo. The new season will feature new cast members and familiar faces.

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Brooke Laughton and Joao Franco. They first met on The Bachelorette, where Laughton was one of the bachelors. She was wooed by a string of men before choosing Franco. However, the pair broke up, and Franco focused on his yachting career.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Monday nights on Bravo. It features the behind-the-scenes lives of a rotating crew aboard a mega-yacht. This season's crew includes former Below Deck star Travis Michalzik and chef Mila Kolomeitseva. Several other familiar faces will make an appearance, including deckhand Jack Stirrup, who is returning to the show after being absent for several seasons.

When Below Deck Mediterranean premiered, viewers were introduced to a new twist on the reality show genre. Instead of following conventional crew, the show featured a "deck team," which would assist the interior of the yacht. Some of the cast members revealed what guests asked for during a charter.

A few weeks after the premiere, Franco and his fellow crewmembers were put in a position where they had to deal with a mysterious guest who wanted to be put out of her misery. Another story involving a deck hand involved an unnamed person who asked for condoms.

In the final episode of season 4, Franco received a job offer. He took the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a captain. His ambition paid off. He passed the Officers of the Watch exam, a feat he achieved in 2021.

There was no reunion episode

During Below Deck Mediterranean's fourth season, fans were disappointed to find out there was no reunion episode. They speculated that the absence of a big event like a reunion meant there would be no season finale or epilogue. However, Bravo has not revealed why there was no reunion.

The Below Deck franchise is known for its drama. Fans have been treated to numerous cast changes, staff changes, and romantic strife. This season has also featured homophobic comments and an untimely departure.

While the below deck med season 4 reunion show has yet to be filmed, it should be ready to go soon. Unlike the Real Housewives of New York, there are no cast members that refused to participate in the reunion.

In fact, Andy Cohen, the Below Deck producer, did not even reveal why there was no Season 4 reunion. Instead, he said that it was a "request". Despite the glaring omission, the producer has not said whether he will do a call-out for questions or a Q&A.

Below Deck Med has had many highs and lows since its launch. Many fans are unhappy with the treatment of female cast members and the lack of diversity.

Although no official announcement was made about the above Deck med's reunion, Bravo's chief stew, Natasha Webb, provided a statement in video format and a written statement. It is unclear if these statements will be incorporated into the show itself or if they will be aired during the show's finale.

Another high points of Below Deck Med's fourth season was the new romances and relationships. Several of the crew members rekindled ties with one another. These include Brittini Burton, Aesha Scott, and Tumi Mhlongo.

Anastasia Surmava joins the crew

Anastasia Surmava is an experienced traveler who joins the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean for season four. She previously worked as a chef on several smaller boats. Now she is bringing her culinary skills to the big stage.

Born in Georgia, Anastasia moved to the United States when she was two. She was raised by a single mother who was a chef. As a child, she developed a love of cooking. Later, she became a chef on a yacht.

After years of working as a chef, Surmava was called to serve as the third stew on Below Deck Med. During her first charter on the yacht, she made some terrible mistakes. Fortunately, captain Sandy Yawn saw her talent and promoted her to the chef position.

After that, she was promoted to the executive chef. In this role, she's now working in Sri Lanka. Along with her business partner, she's launching an eco-cafe in the country.

She's also working on a training academy for yachting. The academy is designed to help individuals get their foot in the door. This is where she met Hannah Ferrier, the captain's chief stew. Together they set up Ocean International Training Academy.

Anastasia isn't the only new face that's making an appearance on Below Deck Med. Also joining the show is chef Mila Kolomeitseva. She is a Cordon Bleau graduate from Paris. Her arrival makes her the first female chef in Below Deck's history.

In addition to cooking, Surmava is also a stewardess. Originally from the Republic of Georgia, she has a strong work ethic.

After her time on the Sirocco, she's focusing on building a new business. While the yacht is based in the United States, she plans to relocate to Sri Lanka.

Is There a Below Deck Med Season 4 Reunion?

is there a below deck med season 4 reunion

If you've been waiting for an official Below Deck Season 4 reunion, you're not alone. Fans have been clamoring for an event to take place since the series ended. The latest rumors say that there could be one coming up. So, if you're looking to attend, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Below Deck Med fans may be disappointed with the announcement that the season 4 reunion will not be filmed. After all, there was plenty of drama to go around.

Before the season started, many of the cast members were in conflict. The first to fall out of favor was Second Engineer C.J. LeBeau. He abruptly quit before the end of the season. His successor, Raygan Chandler, was given little experience. In early episodes, he was seen grappling with docking issues.

When Below Deck Med returned to TV, several new cast members were introduced. Among the newcomers were Ben Robinson and Emily Warbuton-Adams. They started a romance and went through a rough patch. This led to an engagement announcement from Bryan Kattenburg.

Below Deck Med Season 4 also saw a lot of drama, including a feud between Hannah and Bugsy. The two had a history of feuding. Their relationship became the focal point of a season-long saga.

A major reason for the absence of the Below Deck Med season 4 reunion is likely due to the busy schedules of the cast and crew. However, this is not the only reason why there was no cast reunion.

Another reason was the appearance of Pete Hunziker on the show. Hunziker was the lead deckhand of "The Wellington" superyacht during Season 5. At the end of the season, he was fired for posting a racist meme on Instagram. It was a reversal of his original behavior, though.

Other possible reasons for the absence of the below deck med season 4 reunion are the busy schedules of the cast and crew or the lack of a good story. However, Bravo has not revealed why the decision was made.

Mila Kolomeitseva's homophobic comments

The Below Deck Med Season 4 reunion isn't what viewers expected it to be. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva supposedly served a great meal, but the crew didn't get much positive feedback.

It seems that the chef wasn't too happy with the outcome of the season. She made some pretty insensitive comments during the show. After some tensions built up between her and the crew, it all came to a head.

Kolomeitseva served canned seafood and nachos with pre-packaged cheese. She also licked a raw steak. These were some of the more outrageous things she'd done on the show.

Aside from the bad food, the cast also had a few other issues. In particular, June Foster was unfairly fired. Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier weren't very nice to each other. They often clashed. And even though Alicia was not allowed to leave the boat, she was known for her appearance-obsessed behavior.

There are rumors that Below Deck Med season 5 will have a reunion. But the show doesn't actually air until September 30th.

One thing that did happen during the show is that Ben Robinson returned to the franchise. He was a deckhand on the previous season. He was later put on the dinner service. His presence on the boat was largely edited out of the later half of the season.

Bravo didn't really give fans a reason for not having a reunion. Although Andy Cohen did tweet that he wasn't involved in the decision.

The crew is also getting to know their new shipmate. Third stewardess Anastasia Surmava is on the job. Her culinary skills were impressive, but she wasn't the best cook.

Fans are still wondering if the below Deck Med season 4 reunion is the real deal.

Dane Jackson

If you've been watching Below Deck Med Season 4, you might have noticed that Dane Jackson left the boat. He was the matelot of the pont in the season before Captain Lee Rosbach took over. But after only four episodes, Dane was fired by Captain Lee.

Dane reportedly drank too much on board the boat and was too aggressive with the crew. After a drunk night off, he returned to the boat with Eddie Lucas, but he got separated from the rest of the crew.

While there hasn't been a Below Deck Med season reunion yet, the show's new boss, Eddie Lucas, has ordered Dane to return to the boat. This time, the crew will be in the Caribbean.

Below Deck Mediterranean has moved to the Canadian Slice network for its next season, and it will feature a crew that includes new characters. The series will also include the return of two former Below Deck crew members.

Before Season 5, Below Deck Mediterranean aired on the Canadian E! Network. When the show was rerun, the producers decided to edit out Pete Hunziker, a crew member who made racist comments and was fired.

Another cast member who wasn't invited to the reunion is matelot Trevor Walker. Prior to Rosbach, Meagher was the boss.

Ben Robinson has also clashed with some other yachties. Despite his disastrous chef experience, he decided to step in and take over the galley.

Meanwhile, Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland have confirmed that they're dating other people. However, they teased fans with Instagram posts that revealed that they are still friends.

Another big departure from the Below Deck crew was Ashton Pienaar. He was the centerpiece of the scariest moment on the show. During filming, the baby's paternity was still up in the air.

Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 had a lot to offer fans. Not only did the crew work hard to create an exceptional show, but the drama surrounding Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier also reached new heights.

Below Deck Mediterranean is the Bravo show that is centered around a crew of stewardess and their adventures on the high seas. The show has been popular ever since it aired. And the Season 5 reunion was no different. It was a chance for the crew to talk about what went wrong and what they could do better next time.

There was a lot of buzz regarding the reunion. One big question was whether Hannah Ferrier would be attending. After her firing from the yacht, she did not want to appear at the show.

Hannah also didn't do a great job of establishing a working relationship with Lara. During their first charter together, Lara was disgruntled with her duties as chief stew and didn't do much to get along with Hannah. However, she did do something that other stewardesses did.

The reunion was hosted by Andy Cohen. Andy brought up a few of the most interesting episodes from the season. He also made mention of Pete Hunziker's racist post on Instagram.

There were plenty of other jaw-dropping moments during the season. However, the reunion wasn't able to cover all of the highlights. For instance, Hannah and Lara didn't get back together for the remainder of the season.

There were also a number of new characters who joined the crew this season. Aesha Scott, for example, joined the crew after Lara left. She and Kiko Lorran also bonded over a love of the sea.

Natasha and Jason

Below Deck Med has been one of the most successful shows on Bravo. But now fans are wondering if a Season 4 reunion will be possible.

Natasha Webb was the chief stew of Below Deck Mediterranean, but she didn't appear at the season seven reunion. Instead, Andy Cohen will host the virtual reunion, involving the majority of the crew, including Chef Dave White and former bosun Storm Smith.

Below Deck Med season 7 was the second longest season ever. It was also criticized for the way it dramatized events, but fans still tuned in for new episodes. The finale will air on Bravo in a week's time.

However, Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is not going to be followed by a season four reunion. Fans are confused and disappointed. After all, the show had a tumultuous romance between the chief stew and chef.

In the end, Natasha had to face her past and admit that her personal life had a big impact on her career. She admitted that she needed to answer for her behavior towards others.

However, below deck fans are calling her a liar, coward and a child. And they aren't happy with Bravo's decision. Despite all of the controversy, Below Deck Med is one of the most popular reality television shows.

So, why didn't Bravo decide to go ahead with a Below Deck Med season four reunion? The producer, Andy Cohen, hasn't revealed why. He says that he didn't have any role in the final decision.

On the other hand, the captain of Below Deck Mediterranean, Sandy Yawn, has confirmed that there will not be a Season Four reunion. However, Below Deck Med season seven was the longest and most drama-filled season yet.

Deadliest Race Cast Get a Salary

do below deck cast get a salary

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in the below decks, you'll be glad to know that many of the crew members of the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Race" get a salary. This includes both the Boatswains and Captain Lee Rosbach, who earn an average of $192,000 to $228,000 a year.

Crew members don't get paid for appearing on TV

The following has been culled from the Twitterverse: the aforementioned tweets minus the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned (and aforementioned aforementioned) plus one, three and four minus one, respectively. It's an interesting place, especially when you're smack dab in the middle of a big league baseball team that is eschewing a rino, n'esty, and the likes to the tune of a few hundred dollars a month. That is a price to pay for a beer and some tv screen time. Luckily for the lucky few, this is not a permanent residence, and the aforementioned aforementioned is the only way to get there in the first place. Fortunately for the unsuspecting, no snoops or nanny police have yet to make the aforementioned aforementioned trip to the moon and back. Besides, a swarm of thugs and slackers in the form of unruly slats is the last thing you want. Moreover, if you've got a family of four and have been paying the bills for the past few years, slugging it out on the couch with the fam is not the smartest thing to do.

Boatswains make the highest salaries

Boatswains make some of the highest salaries in the United States. This is due to the unique demands and responsibilities of this role. These jobs require manual dexterity and the ability to be an effective team member. Moreover, Boatswains are in charge of a wide variety of ship maintenance tasks. Consequently, a Boatswain salary is often determined by experience.

The United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard pay the highest Boatswains salaries. For example, United States Navy Boatswains Mates earn $35,000 per year. Meanwhile, United States Coast Guard Boatswains earn $2,806 per month.

Generally, Boatswains Mates are trained through 14 weeks of intensive training. However, some Boatswains are required to undergo more advanced training. They can also participate in boardings of suspicious ships. During the boarding, they will operate small boats.

In addition to their basic salary, Boatswains can also receive a 100% bonus on a regular basis. Additionally, Boatswains receive billet pay, enlisted basic pay based on years of service, and other allowances. Lastly, they can expect to spend more than half of their career at sea.

Although Boatswains salaries may vary greatly by city, the average salary is $62,903. These salaries are based on third party submissions to SimplyHired. Therefore, they are only meant as a general comparison. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to investigate more specific data for your own situation. Likewise, you can use Comparably to find the salaries of similar roles in your area.

Stewardesses make an estimated $9,000 to $10,500 in salary

Below Deck is a television show that follows the crew members aboard luxury yachts during charter season. Although the show only works four months of the year, cast members still earn big money. The average Below Deck cast member makes about $28,000 a year. This includes both salary and tips.

In the past few years, Bravo has created a cult following with its Below Deck television series. Guests on the luxury yachts don't have to pay to watch the show. However, they are still expected to tip heftily.

The big money makers are the captains and chief stewardesses. These individuals are responsible for providing the highest standards of hospitality. A captain is paid based on the size of the boat. Typically, the captain will make up to $200 thousand a year.

Other members of the crew include the deckhands and the bosuns. These individuals are in charge of yacht equipment, as well as performing tasks such as docking the yacht and cleaning up after guests. Bosuns can earn up to $48,000 a year.

There are some other cast members who make big bucks as well, such as the chefs. Chefs are usually qualified from top culinary schools. They may have several years of experience working in smaller yachts. Their average pay is $7000 to $10000 a month, though some of the more famous Below Deck chefs make more.

Crew members put in the equivalent of five days of work to jam-pack the experience with a week of fun

A crew member on a cruise ship is in for a real treat. They'll see the same people every day, which is no small feat considering the number of foreigners aboard. In addition to having a lot of fun, they also get to experience the finer things in life. One such thing is the crew pool. While it might not be the most glamorous of jobs, it's a fun place to relax. The pool is located at the bow of the ship and can hold up to twenty crew members at a time.

During the week, the crew is expected to serve as stewards to the ship's guests. They have their own office in the lower decks where they deal with paychecks, room assignments, and the like. It's a good place to start, because the crew doesn't have a ton of free time. After all, they are only on the ship for a few weeks at a time.

While cruising around in a big ship, the crew is bound to run into a few highs and lows. While the above-mentioned might be considered a gimmick, there are several real-world examples of how a crew's safety and well-being is taken seriously. That includes regular tests of their most important tenets. Having a dry, warm place to call home is a luxury, but one that all crew members can appreciate.

Captain Lee Rosbach earns $192,000 to $228,000 per year

Captain Lee Rosbach is the main cast member of the reality show Below Deck. He has been on the show since the show first aired in July 2013. The cast of the show makes a lot of money from tips. In addition to their salaries, the crew also receives a portion of the tips from the wealthy passengers on their charter.

Before working on Below Deck, Rosbach had a career in the restaurant industry. He owned several restaurants in different states. After a few years, he decided to move into the yachting world. At age 35, he tried his hand at boat life.

Aside from his experience in the yachting industry, Rosbach is also the head honcho on the show. His presence has helped raise his profile. Currently, he is living in Florida.

However, his net worth has not been revealed by Bravo. But according to reports, he is worth around $1 million. This includes his salary from the show.

He's been working on yachts for over 35 years. When he first took his job on a sailboat, he became seasick. Later, he earned a captain's license and began working on larger vessels.

The salary of a captain depends on his experience. According to Crewfinder International, the average superyacht captain earns between $150 and $210,000 per year. Depending on the size of the yacht, the captain's salary will also vary.

How Does the Below Deck Cast Change Over Time?

why does below deck cast change

How does the cast of Below Deck change over time? When it comes to this popular Bravo reality show, many of the cast have changed over the years. This includes Peter Hunziker, Malia White, and Trevor Walker. These three have all left the show, as has Kyle Dickard.

Malia White's exit

The Below Deck franchise has faced its share of ups and downs. From major casting changes to close quarters filming, this show is not without its share of drama. However, Malia White's exit from the Below Deck cast has left fans divided. In a recent Instagram story, she gave a few insights into her decision to leave.

While the show's latest season has only featured returning cast members, it was Malia's time to shine. She was the first female bosun on the franchise and she has since made a name for herself in the male-dominated industry.

Before joining the show, Malia worked as a deckhand on dive boats, and she has always had an affinity for the sea. It has been an interesting journey to learn about the yachting industry and her career as a bosun.

She has made her mark in the yachting world and is training for a ticket to become a chief officer. She is also preparing to take a break from the show to focus on her new venture, the Total Ship Show podcast.

She has a new partner in Raygan Tyler, a new bosun on the ship. He has also ruffled a few feathers. After all, he's been giving Sandy a tough time.

Malia is now taking a step back from the series to study for her chief mate's license and other certifications. But she says that the decision to leave the show had nothing to do with Hannah Ferrier.

Peter Hunziker's contract was severed by Bravo shortly after season 5 premiered

Pete Hunziker's contract was terminated by Bravo shortly after Below Deck Mediterranean season five premiered. The season's lead deckhand was fired for posting racist and misogynistic posts on Instagram.

Pete's atypical post-taping firing has been the subject of a lot of buzz. Not only did Bravo cut him from the show, but the company has also taken a strong stance against racism.

After hearing about the post, Bravo immediately terminated Hunziker. The company has since edited the remainder of Below Deck Med's season to minimize the deckhand's appearance.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a popular spinoff of the Bravo franchise. It follows crew members working on yachts in Spain. Season five of the show began in June.

Pete Hunziker has only appeared in three episodes of the show. He will be relegated to a minor role in the back half of the season. A statement released today from Below Deck Mediterranean's official social media accounts confirmed that the cast member had been fired.

Hunziker's contract was terminated a month ago after a racist Instagram post was discovered. The post was of a naked Black woman in chains. Following the release of the post, a screenshot of the offensive Story circulated on social media.

While Pete was not the only Bravo cast member to be fired for racist posts, he was one of the most prominent. He made a series of sexist comments to female costars.

Kyle Dickard resigned from Below Deck Adventure

The Bravo spin-off Below Deck Adventure has been having some drama lately. One of the crew members, Kyle Dickard, was arrested for a prank at a soccer game in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting without violation.

A video shows Dickard running towards the field and reportedly hitting a security guard. According to reports, he also struck an arresting officer. There were at least 17,000 people at the game, which prompted police to lock Dickard up and charge him with bribery of a public servant.

Dickard made his Instagram account private, but he was not afraid to post clips of himself shirtless. His happy-go-lucky attitude seems to have come from his Texas roots. This does not bode well for his future.

While Below Deck Adventure fans may not be happy with Kyle Dickard's behavior, they still have faith in Captain Kerry Titheradge. Titheradge has already made it clear that he does not tolerate aggressive behavior.

Dickard was initially on the deck team, but recently found his way to the yachting scene. He discovered a passion for yachting while in the Bahamas. As a result, he has been a hot topic among Below Deck fans.

Fans of the show have complained about Dickard's actions and behavior, and compared him to former Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Ashley Marti. Although the situation is complicated, it seems that Dickard has had trouble with his co-workers and with his boss.

Trevor Walker's career as a hair model has faded into obscurity

A short list of the cast of Below Deck includes Trevor Walker. The aforementioned reality television buff was a hair model before the cameras rolled. This neophyte was not exactly well behaved and as is the nature of the gig. Although not averse to the occasional swagger and a jovial olfactory he was a tad shady at times. To top it off, he had been living in West Palm Beach, Florida for four years. Probably the biggest drawback was his aloofness. Sadly, he was one of the few contestants who deserved to be smeared. Luckily for him, the good captain was on the case. Despite his lack of a stellar reputation, he has since secured a solid foothold in the yachting world.

Not to be left out is Trevor Walker's predecessor, the unnamed dreck that is. Aside from a plethora of petty thugs and a sleazy former co-pilot, the ship was a bit on the dry side. While the best part of the experience was a nice relaxing snooze in the sun, it wasn't all that pleasant to be on the receiving end of a sleazy and a less than stellar crew. Hopefully his karma will improve in the coming months and seasons. Besides, the competition has already bitten him a few times in the last few weeks. Hopefully, Trevor can pick up the pieces and continue his merry way.

Shane was fired early on in season 8 for not cutting it with basic deckhand duties

If you're a fan of Below Deck, you've probably seen that Shane Coopersmith was fired last season. He was one of the inexperienced crew members who wasn't cut out for yachting. Although he was trying to spread the message of sustainability, he had little to no experience and wasn't doing it the right way.

Shane was not just a crew member, he was a steward. He made some good points about the environment and his mission to eliminate plastic straws. However, he also had some pretty bad habits. For instance, he slept through an alarm and missed a wake-up call.

Other things that he did wrong included taking naps on the job, failing to follow instructions, and not doing his assigned duties. His performance was not good enough for Captain Lee.

In addition to his failures as a deckhand, Shane did not do his part to help out his fellow crewmates. One example was when he left the lazarette door open overnight. A couple of other things he did to get himself into trouble: he often forgot to radio, and he had a tendency to leave the boat at night.

He also had a habit of sleeping through his alarm. That's a big problem because it meant he had a hard time waking up when he was supposed to. And while the alarm was a nice gesture, he also took a nap whenever he felt tired.

Above Deck spin-offs chronicle the trials and unmitigated disasters

Below Deck is a hit reality television show that follows the lives of a crew aboard luxury mega yachts. The crew must navigate their duties on the vessel and their responsibilities towards the charter guests. It's a show that's both fun and addictive.

A lot of Below Deck cast members have gone on to have celebrity status. Some of the most famous are Kyle Dickard, Kelley Johnson, and Ashton Pienaar. This year, Below Deck has received two Emmy nominations for Best Unstructured Reality Program.

There's also a huge fan base for the series. Bravo says the shows consistently rank in the top five among ad-supported cable programs. And the Below Deck franchise is getting bigger. Two new spin-offs are in the works.

Below Deck Adventure will air on Bravo. It follows the lives of a crew during eight weeks of charter season on a Norwegian Fjord. While the show will be based on the same framework as Before Deck Adventure, the crew will face new challenges during cold weather cruising.

Another Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Down Under, premieres on Peacock on November 21. This installment is filmed in the Australian Whitsunday Islands and promises on-the-water drama. However, the show has had some controversy.

One of the most controversial Below Deck characters is Kyle Dickard. He's the poster child for toxic masculinity, making aggressive comments and racist remarks. In addition, he's got a "cowboy" tattoo on his inner bicep.

Who Are the Guest on Below Deck?

who are the guest on below deck

Are you wondering who are the guests on below deck in the popular sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? If so, you aren't alone. Many celebrities are known to show up and sit at the table during the show's broadcast. These stars include Chandler, McCordia Young, Jemele Hill, Chris Brown, and more. However, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill is the guest on Below Deck tonight on Bravo TV. She's the final charter guest of the season on the motor yacht Valor. Her stint on the charter will be remembered forever.

On the show, she got drunk and had a lot of trouble with the chief stewardess, Kate Chastain. The two of them hit each other behind the scenes. But they had their good moments.

During the season, the crew worked in a toxic environment. At one point, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain nearly physically attacked bosun Ashton Pienaar. As a result, she was exhausted. That left Jemele feeling like Kate wasn't a team player.

The crew also had some problems with Tim Sykes, who took his "students" on a three-day yacht trip. Guests were determined to leave a hefty tip for the crew. But after their first lunch, Mathew's paranoia about the crew's reactions began to compound.

One of the charter guests was Cynthia Bailey. She had previously chartered Eros on Below Deck. However, she never left the dock because of inclement weather. She'd like to return to the Caribbean on Captain Lee's boat.

Another guest on the charter was Ian Wallace. He was born in Detroit and currently resides in California.


Throughout season six of Below Deck, the crew deals with professional and personal issues. Some of these include debaucherous parties and freak accidents with champagne bottles. Other episodes are focused on the characters' love lives, like Caroline and Steve's.

One of the show's recurring characters, Chandler, is a major solipsist. He likes to sleep and he's a terrible planner. It's no wonder his relationships with the other members of the deck crew are so strained.

As the captain of MY Seanna, Lee is not too thrilled with the way Chandler handles the crew. This becomes even more apparent when Brian, the primary charter guest, suffers a knee injury. For all the chaos, the guests seem to be pretty sweet.

Another recurring character, Ashton, has his hands full trying to ingratiate himself with the deck crew. He's not a bad guy, but his personality has a way of getting in the way.

On one occasion, Ashton fails. After an explosive crew night out, Ashton doesn't manage to come back with a bang. But, in the end, Ashton proves to be the ladies' man.

One of the most intriguing moments comes when the crew of My Seanna arrives in Tahiti. The new crew has an opportunity to welcome a group of social media-obsessed Silicon Valley investors.

Chris Brown

One of the most memorable moments of Below Deck Season Five came from the episode entitled "Cool Beans". The title refers to a meme posted by Below Deck Mediterranean deckhand Peter Hunziker during the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the actual episode shows Peter's sexist behavior and misogyny in real life.

The episode starts with a call from Captain Lee Rosbach. He asks what is up with deckhand Chris Brown. He also warns the crew about staffing changes.

The crew includes a chef, a bosun, a cook and a deckhand. They are on board a mega yacht named Valor. Their charter guests include a restaurant owner and a celebrity restaurateur.

Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is in charge of new crew training. She is also a favorite napping deckhand. But she has staffing problems.

In other news, EJ Jansen was added as a bosun. Apparently, he has no idea what he is doing. He left the stern line on the dock and went awry.

Another guest on the charter is Bruno Duarte, a green deckhand. He is all over the place. When he's not at his desk, he's partying on the yacht.

There's also a lot of drama. One of the biggest surprises was the eviction of Hannah. Fans were upset.

McCordia Young

If you're a fan of Below Deck, you know that charter guests are a big part of the show. Some are even featured in their own spinoffs. And if you've seen Below Deck Sailing Yacht, you've probably noticed that one of the main guests is McCordia Young.

McCordia, a Washington DC-based real estate investor, chartered the luxury superyacht Parsifal III with a group of friends. In the premiere, McCordia asked Gabriela a series of personal questions. He also made inappropriate comments.

On the first night of the charter, he approached Gabriela and began asking her questions about her sexual life. He also complimented her appearance. Even after she told him no, he kept making inappropriate comments.

When Gabriela finally had enough of his nonsense, she tried to get him to go to bed. However, he refused. After a short argument, he left.

Later on, McCordia made a number of inappropriate remarks towards Gabriela Barragan. His comments included claiming that she was "sexy," that she was beautiful, and that she had a septum ring. It wasn't until she responded to each of these statements that he realized that she was not at all interested in him.

Captain Sandy

Below Deck Mediterranean is a series of television shows about the yachting industry. It follows the crew of a luxury yacht called The Wellington. They sail to the Mediterranean Sea. During their voyage, they encounter high-maintenance charter guests and deal with various issues.

On the premiere episode, Captain Sandy introduces Chief Officer Ray and Engineer Carlos. As the season continues, the crew battles against the boat's anchors.

In the second episode, the crew meets with a guest who catches them off guard. Despite his apparent lack of talent, the guest is determined to make a good impression. However, it doesn't take long for the guests to see that he's not very skilled at his job.

One of the most interesting things about this Below Deck season is that there are two female captains. Hannah Ferrier and Malia White are both featured in this year's season.

There are also several new staff members. Among them, Mzi "Zee" Dempers is the new deckhand, and Malia returns as the first female bosun. Also on board are Johnny Damon and Kyle Viljoen.

Malia's new role is a challenge for her. She's trying to earn respect from the all-male deck team.

Captain Mathew

On Below Deck Mediterranean, Chef Mathew Shea joins the cast. But his debut charter with the Lady Michelle crew is not without its problems.

Captain Sandy and her crew are dealing with an impossible situation before the season even starts. They are also grappling with the fallout of a messy battle with Lexi and Mathew. And they may have to find a new chef before the charter season begins.

When the crew gets to know each other, they begin to bond. Some of the crew members are developing crushes. Others start to feel pressure from the workload. Ultimately, the deck crew is starting to think about a crew shakeup.

But the biggest question is whether or not Mathew can keep up. He's juggling two major responsibilities, and it's becoming more difficult for him to get everything done.

The upcoming charter with a group of VIPs is a challenge. With six guests and a high maintenance interior, it's going to be tough to please everyone.

But the deck team is able to pull it off. After Katie discovers a surprising fact about the new crew member, they bond over a shared love of reality TV.

Captain Lee

If you've been watching Below Deck, you probably know that Captain Lee is one of the most beloved cast members. He's been a fixture on the show since its debut. Since then, he's made a name for himself as a man of few words, a no-nonsense leader, and a fan favorite.

While his departure had been rumored for a long time, Rosbach officially announced his departure on Monday, due to health problems and mobility issues. It is unclear how long he will be gone from the show.

But the good news is that Captain Lee is preparing to return to the sea. In a recent interview with E!, he revealed that he's got a roundtrip ticket home. And he's launching a program for young men with addictions.

Captain Lee has faced a number of health problems in the past. He was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat, and later had back surgery. Another surgery was performed to repair nerve damage in his left leg. These problems have narrowed the spaces in his spinal column, leaving him at risk for a potentially fatal infection.

But in the meantime, he's still giving his crew everything they need to keep the boat safe. On the show, he uses crutches to get around the yacht.

Below Deck Cast Matt Burns and Mathew Shea Have Something to Prove

below deck cast matt

There's something in the air as to what's going to happen with Matthew Burns and Jessica Chastain's 'Below Deck Med' relationship. But one thing's for certain, we can expect a lot of drama and lots of fun. That's because it's not only Matt Burns who's got some pretty good chemistry with his castmates, including Chef Mathew Shea. And Chef Mathew's culinary skills are something that'll definitely keep the guests entertained.

Chef Mathew Shea's favorite moment on 'Below Deck Med'

There are a lot of highs and lows that Chef Mathew Shea has had during his time on Below Deck Mediterranean. He's been involved in two departures, has been in a relationship, and has even suffered from a knee injury. However, he still hasn't managed to completely walk away from the show, and he's recently revealed what he believes to be his favorite moment from the show's sixth season.

Chef Mathew joined the cast in the very first episode of the show. His culinary talent and work ethic were on full display as he cooked meals for guests on the boat. After working on vessels in St. Barths, New England, and Rhode Island, he decided to make a move to Boston. Since the original Bravo show, he has been in a relationship, has updated his personal life, and now works as a private chef in Boston.

Chef Mathew is currently in a relationship with Joanna "Joey" Adams. They met while he was on the boat. As of now, they haven't made it official, but they are currently in a relationship.

Chef Mathew was also a chef on Lady Michelle. He was born in the sailing hub of Rhode Island, and his mother ran a macrobiotic cooking school in the 1980s. From a young age, he wanted to be a chef.

Mathew Shea was a controversial figure on Lady Michelle. Though he was a brilliant cook, he also had some rocky moments. One of them occurred during his first charter, in which he injured his knee while preparing food. At the time, he didn't even realize that his body had caught fire.

Chef Mathew Shea's culinary skills kept the guests happy on 'Below Deck Med'

Matthew Shea, the chef of Below Deck Mediterranean, is known for his culinary skills and ability to impress guests. However, there have been a few hiccups along the way.

After all, there are no guarantees that everyone will enjoy the food served on a charter yacht. In fact, a recent charter of the Lady Michelle left some of the crew feeling disgruntled. Fortunately, Shea was given a second chance to prove himself.

Chef Mat has cooked for high-end guests including Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch. He also worked on Greenpeace boats and for a classically trained French chef. His passion for cooking was honed while working on a boat with the environmental group.

For his first charter, Mathew had a rough start. Initially, he opted to leave the boat because of a knee injury, but Captain Sandy Yawn gave him another chance. This time, he was able to show guests that he was the master of all trades.

Another challenge for Chef Mat was a dietary restriction that some of the guests had. When local produce was limited in Croatia, he had to improvise. However, he is also aware that the preferences of the guests are paramount.

Aside from the culinary aspects of his job, Mathew Shea was known for his interactions with the crew. He had a number of heated arguments with his crewmates. One of them even involved a crush on a female crew member.

Chef Mathew Shea's cuisine sounds like it'll be interesting on his own

If you haven't been keeping up with Below Deck Mediterranean, you're probably missing out. Season 7 is already in the books, but you might not know that this season has a new chef, as well as several new cast members. And it looks like the crew has a bit of mixed feelings about their new addition.

The first season of Below Deck Med featured a few memorable stars. Courtney Veale was back for Season 7, but Mathew Shea was also in the mix. Those two were certainly not the only newcomers this season, as Mzi Dempers made his return. However, there was one major surprise in store for viewers: Mzi's paddle boards disappeared on his first day. Fortunately, Captain Sandy noticed it.

Chef Mat has been in the kitchen since he was young, washing dishes, and he has some experience with Below Deck Med food requests. He says that his cooking skills developed while working on the Greenpeace boat. He also demonstrates how he makes a pavlova.

Chef Mat Shea has done some interesting things in his career, including preparing a wedding cake on a limited amount of time. On the other hand, he has also had to improvise when guests didn't like local food.

While the menus on Below Deck Med were impressive, it's worth noting that the kitchen itself is not an easy place to work. There are several different things that have to be considered, including the time of day, the weather, and even the food's availability.

Matthew Burns' culinary skills kept the guests happy on 'Below Deck Med'

A new Bravo show Below Deck Mediterranean is on the scene and it seems that the cast and crew have something to prove. As the name suggests, this isn't a culinary competition, but a social one. The crew has a lot to prove and their guests have a lot to earn, which makes for interesting viewing. In the process, there are plenty of blunders to be had. While the crew is a close knit group, some of the drama abounds. This season has featured a handful of memorable charters, including one featuring a man on a mission. And the crew of the Wellington was a polarizing bunch, to say the least. Keeping everyone happy is no small feat, but it's not an impossible task.

As of last night, there are still four more episodes to come. Check out Bravo's Facebook page for more info. Watch the show on Mondays at 9pm ET/PT. You can even stream the show one week early on Peacock. Until then, catch up on all your favorites at the link below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! We'll be back to the rig in the coming weeks with the latest and greatest! Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter! You never know when we'll be sending you our most recent aftside scoops! Keep in mind, we are constantly updating this list as we learn of more newbies.

Matthew Burns' relationship with Jessica Chastain on 'Below Deck Med'

Below Deck is a reality TV series that airs on Bravo. It follows a crew of crewmembers on a luxury yacht. The crew tries to give unparalleled service to wealthy guests. But the reality of the show is that their jobs can be a bit of a nightmare.

One of the show's main stars is the captain of the ship, Lee Rosbach. He and his team are in charge of a 153-foot mega yacht in the British Virgin Islands. While he's at the helm, the crew must deal with rough seas.

Another star is the Chief Stewardess, Kate Chastain. She is in charge of staffing the vessel and training new crew members.

Other than the usual commotion, Kate also has an off-boat adventure with a handsome sailor. Her other duty is working on the yacht and dealing with her family's tough situation at home.

On the show's fifth season, the chef gets his share of scrutiny. He's nervous about serving sushi. His fellow Mediterranean chef, Mathew Shea, is in support of him. Having a chef in your corner can go a long way. However, providing great food and a top-notch service to a spry and demanding guest can sometimes be a struggle.

Aside from the star chef, a lot of attention is focused on the crew, including the chief stewardess, Kate Chastain. Besides being a shrewd business woman, she's also a fun person to be around.

Matthew Burns' relationship with Sandy Dobson on 'Below Deck Med'

One of the lesser known chefs on Below Deck was Matthew Burns. He appeared in Season 5 but didn't make it to the full season. However, he does have a great personality and is very good at what he does.

A former star of Below Deck, Ben Robinson was one of the show's original chefs. His style was to cook with ingredients and let them shine. After his first season, he became a fan favorite. It was his personality and spitty hair that got him a lot of attention. Now, he regularly makes appearances on Below Deck Galley Talk.

Another Below Deck veteran who has left is Ben Ross. After two seasons on the Mediterranean, he's moved on. For one season, he worked for Adrian Marin, but it was more of a personal thing. He's also been a guest star on Below Deck Season 6.

Matt Burns is one of the few Below Deck chefs who didn't get a full season. He appeared on Seasons 1 through 4. He was hired only for that one season, but he wasn't the only chef to leave. There was also a fire in the galley, which led to the departure of Leon Walker.

When he wasn't busy on the yacht, he was a fan of baseball. He attended many games with his wife and son. Then, he tried to get back with his ex-girlfriend, Brianna Adekeye, but they failed.

Who is Below Deck Cast?

who is below deck cast

Below Deck is a popular show that has won a lot of fans, but a lot of people are not familiar with the cast. We've compiled a list of who the actors are and what they do.

Ben Willoughby

Ben Willoughby is a Gold Coast native who recently made his debut on Below Deck. He will be joining the cast of the show as a deckhand on the luxurious St. David, the largest motor yacht in Below Deck history.

In the past, Willoughby has served as a deckhand on several yachts. Originally from Australia, he lived on the Gold Coast, where he discovered his love for the outdoors at a young age.

Willoughby is an avid sports enthusiast. He likes to go to the gym, play soccer, and snowboard. The former deckhand also enjoys traveling and hanging out with friends.

Before joining the crew of a luxury boat, he spent three years as a personal trainer on a large yacht in France. His passion for fitness and the sea inspired him to pursue a career in the marine industry.

He is a world traveler. His family encouraged him to follow his dreams. Aside from his job as a deckhand, he also hosts the popular podcast Word On The Teak - SuperYacht Crew.

Ben Willoughby's Instagram is mostly filled with amazing pictures of travels. It's rare that he posts about his personal life. He has about 2,300 followers.

Below Deck fans will be excited to see him as a new member of the cast. He will add a lot of fun to the charter season in Saint Lucia.

Below Deck Season 10 is set to premiere on Bravo in less than a week. Fans will get to see new recruits as well as a few old favorites.

Courtney Chastain

If you've seen Below Deck, you may have noticed that there are some familiar faces among the crew. In season seven, there was a reunion of sorts, with the cast coming together in a two-part episode at the Whitby Hotel. One of those familiar faces was Courtney Chastain, who joined the crew in season two.

Chastain worked on several yachts in the Caribbean and Central America, and she eventually became one of the most accomplished stewardess. She was well-traveled, entertaining royals and business tycoons throughout her career.

On Below Deck, Courtney has been known to complain about almost every task she has to do. However, she's also been known to have a sardonic take on yachting. As a result, she has fans who are loyal to her.

When Below Deck premiered, it introduced viewers to a cast that had all different work ethics. The crew was led by Eddie Lucas and Rocky Dakota, who had a strict guideline for their work.

Season three featured a whirlwind romance between the chief stew and a bosun. It was a romance that seemed to break everyone up. Later, it was revealed that the relationship was not just an act of friendship. Several of the other stewardess and deckhands found themselves at odds with her.

After the season, Courtney took a break from yachting. She hasn't returned to Below Deck since then, but she has spoken about possible returns.

Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas is an original cast member on Below Deck. He appeared in the first series of the show and helped launch the franchise. Since then, Lucas has been part of the Bravo team in various roles.

Although he has never officially stated it, it's likely that Lucas has returned to Below Deck for at least one episode. That is, if he isn't already on the payroll.

The "Below Deck" franchise was a hit with viewers and earned more viewers than any other show on the network. Eddie Lucas was an integral part of the show's success and became one of the most popular characters on the series. However, fans are still clamoring for the return of a certain "OG face" to the show.

As it turns out, Lucas isn't ready to give up his role on the show just yet. In fact, he recently announced on Instagram that he has finally become the captain of a harbor tug. Fortunately for him, his new gig will allow him to be close to his family and take the occasional trip to his beloved Baltimore.

In addition to his work on Below Deck, Lucas also spends time with his girlfriend, Natalie. They bought a dog together this year. She keeps her social media presence mostly private.

Whether or not he'll be returning to the show is unknown. After all, Eddie hasn't been asked to renew his contract.

Gabriela Barragan

Gabriela Barragan is a San Diego-born, California-based, yachtie. She's known to be one of the stars of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a reality TV show that follows the crew on a luxury yacht during the charter season.

Before she made her appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Barragan worked as a deckhand and stewardess. She's also an advocate for diversity in yachting.

When she first appeared on the show, she had a great attitude. However, she found herself dealing with a few unpleasant professional issues. For example, Gabriela complained about a series of sexually explicit pictures she received from former cast members.

But after a few episodes, it seemed that things improved. After Gabriela got to know Daisy Kelliher better, she seemed to be confident about her role on the ship.

In the meantime, Gabriela was also making plans for a career in yachting. She's also a passionate human rights activist. She's currently pursuing a degree in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Santa Monica College.

It seems that Gabriela's parents aren't exactly the most supportive. Benito Navarro Barragan, her father, passed away in 2007. Benito Jr, Gabriela's older brother, died in 2016. Despite the sad news, Barragan is still single.

She's a passionate traveler, and loves exploring new places. As a result, she spends a lot of time on social media documenting her travel experiences. Her Instagram account has over 3700 followers.

Simone Tanner

Tanner and Simone are two of the newest additions to the Below Deck crew. Simone is a South African yachtie and television personality. Before she joined Below Deck, she was a fashion model and worked on her own YouTube channel.

Tanner and Simone's romance is not the only budding one on the show. Courtney Skippon is joining the crew this season, and she's also interested in Tanner.

While the two didn't have sexual relations, they did make out in the crew mess. It's a nice touch.

Simone and Tanner aren't the best of friends, but they get along well. The two have a close relationship with their mothers and siblings. In fact, they go on family trips to Florida and the Bahamas. They have a couple of dogs.

Tanner is a big fan of golf. He's also interested in spear fishing. And he's got a pretty serious girlfriend. However, he's having a hard time regulating his moods.

Below Deck is known for its drama. One of the cast members was nearly killed by a car, and there are plenty of other stories to tell. Also, there are many fans of the series who are disappointed with the lack of new cast members.

But, they're looking forward to season 8! After all, Below Deck season 7 was renewed for the fall of 2019. So, there's hope for another year of action and drama.

Wes O'Dell

Wes O'Dell is the newest addition to the Below Deck cast. He was introduced as a deckhand on the show. During season 9, he was a great addition to the crew. However, his personality was not enough to keep the drama at bay.

Wes is a mixed race with a white parent and one black sibling. He was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. His career in the yachting industry began in 2013. As a captain at Classic Cruises in Newport, he assisted with snorkel excursions. In 2016, he was promoted to captain at Breakaway charters.

Wes has been working on a sailboat in the Caribbean since 2013. He recently bought his own boat. In 2017, he took part in the Three Sheets Regatta.

Wes has kept his personal life very private. He has a private Instagram account, but he has not been very active online.

Wes has two brothers. One is Zachary James Laughlin, and the other is Derek Kincaid. Rick O'Dell is his uncle. The family moved to Saint Thomas, the US Virgin Islands, when he was young.

Wes O'Dell is a very experienced sailor. In fact, he has been on two sailing vessels in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. At one point, he even took a job as a first mate for another sailing yacht.

He has been spotted on social media a couple times. Gabriela Barragan has also been seen with him. It is believed that the couple is still dating. They have even been photographed together.

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