Below Deck Med Season 4 Cast Members

Below Deck Med Season 4 Cast Members


who is in below deck med season 4

If you've watched Below Deck Season 4 and been wondering who is in it, you're in luck! There are four main players, and all are very important to the show. They include Liz, Lexi, Malia, and Anastasia Surmava. You can check out their profiles below.

Aesha Scott

If you are a fan of Below Deck: Mediterranean, you will want to check out Aesha Scott. After starring on the hit Bravo series, she has since become one of the franchise's most popular characters.

Born in New Zealand, Aesha Scott has spent her career in the yachting industry. She first started as a deckhand before transitioning into an interior role. She joined the crew on season four of the show. Now, she is the chief stew on the spinoff series.

In addition to her love for Below Deck, Aesha Scott also has a love for travel. She recently traveled to Colorado with her boyfriend, Scotty Dobbo.

During season five of the show, Aesha was second in line for the stewardess position. However, she was not in the cast as of the season finale. Instead, she rejoined the cast on Season 5 when Hannah Ferrier was fired.

On the show, Jack Stirrup and Aesha had a boatmance. However, it ended in an argument. They broke up, though, before they could go on to have a romantic relationship.

Another relationship that came from Below Deck: Mediterranean was between Malia White and Wes Walton. This was a love triangle, but it was a fun one.

Anastasia Surmava

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality series that follows the lives of young crew members on charter voyages. The show airs on both Hayu and Bravo.

In season four, Below Deck Med followed the crew of the Sirocco as they made their way through France. Anastasia Surmava joined the cast as a stewardess, but stepped up to the plate when the captain asked her to cook.

After the series ended, Anastasia Surmava continued to work with the Bravo franchise as a cast member on the podcast Below Deck Galley Talk. She's also a writer for long-form content SaaS companies.

As a chef, Anastasia has worked on several smaller boats. But she admits she hasn't had much professional culinary training. She has been working with her friend, Anastasia McLaughlin, on a business that will provide cooking lessons for those looking to enter the yachting industry.

In the meantime, Anastasia Surmava's latest project is opening a yoga and cafe space in Midigama, Sri Lanka. It's a dream job for the Burlington native.

Before joining the cast, Anastasia Surmava had worked as a chef for several smaller yachts. She also had experience in the kitchen of a luxury yacht, but never as a stewardess.

Jack Stirrup

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup met aboard Sirocco during filming of Below Deck Mediterranean season 4. But after two seasons, the boatmance has finally come to a close. It was love at first sight, but the two broke up under less than ideal circumstances.

Although there's been some speculation about whether or not Katie Flood dated Jack Stirrup while filming Below Deck, the pair has since kept in touch and have even traveled to Dubai and Bar Abaco. The couple has also welcomed a baby boy in April of 2020.

In addition to a job as a deckhand, Jack is also a yacht broker. He has a cool accent and a year-round tan.

Jack also has a hefty face tattoo of Katie's on his right arm. They were reportedly together for more than a year and a half, but they broke up because of being too young and passionate.

Jack and Aesha made some pretty cute waves on Below Deck: Mediterranean's fourth season. After spending time together on the yacht, the pair eventually moved in together. While on the boat, the two loved dancing and showing off their affection.

Katie Flood is currently the chief stew on Below Deck: Med. She hasn't publicly spoken about her relationship with Jack Stirrup. However, she did mention to Decider that she had reached out to her ex before joining the crew.


During Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, Lexi is in a heated discussion with Mathew Shea. Chef Mathew reprimanded Lexi for using the 'r word'. It's a pejorative term for mentally disabled people. Apparently, it was used in a casual way on the show, as it replaced the word "retard" after the 1960s.

Before Below Deck Med season 6, Lexi was on Lady Michelle. She also worked as a stewardess. However, she was fired during the charter season. According to Lexi's Instagram story, she had three blowups with chef Mathew Shea, and she's threatened to get a restraining order against him.

In addition to this, Lexi said she'd never asked Katie about Lloyd, and she never reached out to the crew. And she was very unhappy about the fact that Delaney Evans was a stew on the boat.

When she first joined the Lady Michelle crew, Lexi bonded with Courtney Veale. But then she started having problems with the rest of the cast.

Lexi said she lost her father three months before she began her new job, and she was grieving. So, she wanted to get more money. She claimed that her rating was going up, but she's also been accused of having a slow and ineffective understanding of her role on the yacht.


Below Deck Med Season 7 has aired months ago. The season has stirred up some controversy. Some fans have been negative towards the show's cast, while others have praised. It is unclear what the upcoming Season 8 will bring.

Below Deck Mediterranean is one of Bravo's biggest successes. There have been many memorable Yatchmances. One of the best was the relationship between Ben and Emily. They had several dates and spent about a year living together in Fort Lauderdale. However, they broke up in October 2017.

On Below Deck Med, the crew was not always on the same page. One of the biggest problems was the lack of chemistry. Caroline Bedol was one of the weakest workers on the boat. She struggled to deal with a heavy workload. She was also paranoid about Kate and Josiah's relationship.

Another couple on the boat was Rob and Jess. Their relationship started out perfect. However, after returning from Bali, they broke up. In October, they announced their break up. They were also involved in a love triangle.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is filled with a lot of drama, and the cast isn't meshing well. Many people believe that Dani Soares' child is JL's.


When Below Deck Mediterranean season four premiered, it was a big hit. The show's new cast featured a new bosun, Eddie Lucas, who was looking to prove himself to Captain Lee. However, he was still in a rookie role and was not able to take on a larger role on the boat.

The show's chief stewardess was Hannah Ferrier. But she was fired after being caught with a prescription valium on board. It turned out she had a panic attack, which led to the discovery of her drugs. Her co-bunk Malia White photographed her items and took pictures of the prescription.

Another new crew member is Shane McElroy. Shane is a water-toy enthusiast and can tie a proper bowline knot. He also promotes sustainability on his Instagram page.

Shane is not on the show but his presence on the boat has brought some challenges for the other crew members. One of the biggest problems is that he's shown up late for work many times.

He's also missed the alarm many times. He's often found napping on the deck during his shift. Whether or not he's actually a good swimmer is unknown.

Shane is still an inexperienced deckhand. He doesn't understand some of the more advanced knots and his knowledge of how to clean the waterline is very limited.


Malia White is the first female Bosun on Below Deck: Mediterranean. She started out as a deckhand in Season two of the show and quickly rose up the ranks to become a leader.

Before joining Below Deck: Med, Malia worked with her father at the boatyard. Her love of the sea began when she was a teenager and she grew up to love yachting.

In season five, Malia and Hannah Ferrier shared a cabin together. After an incident, Malia reported Hannah for bringing undocumented prescription drugs, marijuana, and an illegal vape on the boat. The crew then tipped off captain Sandy, who fired Hannah.

Malia's departure from the show isn't permanent, however. According to her, she wants to move up in the yachting industry and could someday be a captain. Currently, she's taking a break from Below Deck Mediterranean to study for new licenses and work on her podcast.

Malia and Captain Sandy's relationship has been a close one. They both seem to be okay with her bowing out for the season.

However, there are still plenty of questions surrounding Malia's decision to leave the show. It might have something to do with the public backlash she received for firing Hannah.

Below Deck Med Season 4 - Who Gets Fired?

who gets fired below deck med season 4

Who Gets Fired: Season 4 is here! Featuring some of the best chefs in the country, this show has a lot to offer. Whether it's Malia White, Hannah Ferrier, June Stirrup, or Travis Michalzik, it's a show you won't want to miss!

Pete Hunziker

If you watch Below Deck Med on Bravo, you've probably heard the rumors about Pete Hunziker. This former bodybuilder was set to be a major star of the season, but was cut out. It's not the first time Bravo has fired a reality TV star for racist comments. The network recently terminated Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules. But now, Hunziker is the latest to be removed from the show.

Below Deck Med is a Bravo show about an ultra-luxury mega-yacht. It has become a popular show since it debuted in June. But this week, the network pulled the plug on the season's leading deckhand.

On the heels of Hunziker's termination, the show's producers, 51 Minds, announced that they will be editing out some of the season's more racially charged scenes. Specifically, a meme featuring an African American woman in chains was posted on the Deckhand Pete's Instagram account.

As a result, Hunziker's role was trimmed, and his appearance will be minimized in the back half of the season. Still, his character will remain visible in a handful of episodes.

However, he will not be invited to a reunion for Season 5. After the racist post came to light, Captain Sandy reprimanded Hunziker for his sexist remarks.

Before the racist post went viral, Hunziker had been a popular cast member. He's known as "Party Pete" and has a dedicated fan following. His bio describes him as a "quintessential all-American."

Hannah Ferrier

After several seasons on the Below Deck Med, Hannah Ferrier was fired. She was deemed a liability, according to her boss, Captain Sandy Yawn.

It's a shame because Ferrier was one of the best Below Deck actors. And she's still able to work in other franchises, like the Real Love Boat, where she plays Julie McCoy.

The new Below Deck Mediterranean will have new cast members. One of them is the first female chef on the franchise. Mila Kolomeitseva has her hands full.

Malia White, a fan favorite, is also leaving the show. Her departure came as a shock to the seasoned crewmembers. However, she was forced to leave the ship after being reported for drugs.

The new Below Deck Mediterranean will debut on July 11, one week early on Bravo in the US. Fans can also catch the series on Hayu in the UK.

Aside from the obvious - Hannah Ferrier getting fired - there was plenty of other drama. Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 had a difficult guest list, as well as internal drama between crew members. Benny Thompson even wrote an Instagram post expressing his excitement for a new adventure.

As if things weren't bad enough, there was a small matter of controversy as to what actually happened. On the one hand, Ferrier claimed to have sent her boss a gift after announcing her pregnancy. But a closer look revealed she was taking prescription valium aboard the yacht.

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva, a Cordon Bleu trained chef, was the first female chef to work on the hit Bravo show Below Deck Med. Unfortunately, her tenure on the ship was far from great.

The crew was thrilled to have her off the ship. However, her presence did not sit well with Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. She felt that she was being treated as a production plant. Her actions also made it difficult for her to get along with her co-workers.

In addition to serving up bland food, Kolomeitseva did not seem to have a clear cooking strategy. On her first charter, she served up a mix of prepackaged and canned seafood. But on her second cruise, she attempted to make pancakes out of a box.

For her second and third charters, Kolomeitseva was replaced by Anastasia Surmava. Surmava was a former stewardess and quickly moved up to the kitchen. She also had some experience cooking on yachts.

There is more to the story than meets the eye. Chef Mila has been rumored to have cheated on her resume. According to the captain, she lied about her sexuality.

She's also been alleged to have a short fuse. At one point, she popped in and out of meetings to vomit in the bathroom. Considering that she's a siberian, that's probably not a good thing.

Mila's Twitter feed is pretty empty, so there's no way to verify what she's saying. Aside from that, she is a fan of President Vladimir Putin and seems to support the Russian government.

Malia White

Malia White is no longer a part of Below Deck Med. She was fired mid-season. Although this is not the end of her time on the show, she has left a door open for her return.

Season 7 will debut on Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on Bravo. A few of the crew are returning to the boat, including new bosun Raygan Tyler and chef Matt Shea. As a fan, you might be wondering what happened to Malia and why she has left the show. It seems that she was forced out of the show because of her discovery of Hannah Ferrier's prescription medication.

Hannah Ferrier was the chief stewardess on the yacht in the first five seasons. She was fired for bringing unregistered Valium to the boat. Her drug addiction became an issue, and the show took it as a plotline. Later, it was revealed that she was taking a prescription for anxiety.

When Malia was four years old, she was involved in an accident. While she was recovering, she lost a finger. At the age of 17, she met her first cousin, Derek Hale. Since then, Malia and her cousin have been in touch. In September 2020, they will meet up in London.

However, Malia has been busy pursuing other interests outside the yachting franchise. Earlier this year, she started her own podcast. The Total Ship Show podcast is about the yachting industry. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts.

June Stirrup

In Below Deck Mediterranean season 4, June Foster got fired from her job on the yacht. This is a big moment in the show. Hannah Ferrier can relate to June, who gets frustrated with her crew. But, luckily for June, she has someone to turn to - her boss, Colin Macy-O'Toole.

Colin Macy-O'Toole has been in the yachting industry for over 15 years. Originally starting as a deckhand, he has branched out into other areas of the yachting world. He has also been a successful author, as well. And he has his own clothing line.

Jack Stirrup joined the Below Deck Med crew for the fourth season. However, he has slacked off on the show. As a result, he has since moved on to a new life in London.

June McLaughlin is an author. She has also found success in other areas of the yachting world. She has an apparel line with yacht-related items. Aside from writing, she has helped raise funds for non-profit organizations.

The below deck Mediterranean midseason trailer shows four suspects, but only one of them is getting the boot. The reason for this is not clear, but Colin Macy-O'Toole might be leaving the show.

Joao Franco was the lead deckhand on the show. He was replaced by Travis Michalzik for the fourth season. Before working on Below Deck Med, he was a party boy and joker.

Travis Michalzik

If you've watched Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 you might know Travis Michalzik is a snarky joker and a party guy. But he's also got a lot of baggage.

For example, in episode 14 of Below Deck Med Season 4, Michalzik exchanged contact information with a charter guest. Then, during dinner, he passed out. He did not tell the guest the real story, however. So, what really happened? And did Travis get fired from Below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 premiered on Bravo in January 2019. In the new season, Below Deck Mediterranean follows the crew on a sailing yacht, as they navigate the waters of France. Throughout the show, there's plenty of drama.

One of the show's most scandalous moments came when a guest made out with a fellow crew member. This led to an embarrassing moment on the bridge of the yacht. Another time, a crew member was caught drinking.

However, below deck isn't the only way to have fun on a boat. Below Deck Med Season 4 also includes a variety of other adventures. Among them, a group of cougars got out of control. Some of the cast members are embarrassed about their relationships, and there's even a little romance.

Other than that, there's no sign of love on the Instagram account of Travis Barker. That doesn't mean he's single, though.

One thing that he did do in the past was create a Twitter account, which has since been deactivated. Although he may be too young to remember, Michalzik left high school to pursue his dreams.

Below Deck Med - Where Can You Watch Season 4?

where can you watch below deck med season 4

If you have been enjoying season 3 of Below Deck, you may be wondering when season 4 will be released. While Season 4 won't be on television for several months, you can still keep up to date with what is going on with the series by watching the episodes that have been released so far. Here are some of the latest episodes to watch:

Reunion episodes

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality series that has become a staple on Bravo. It chronicles the lives of the crew on a superyacht during the charter season. Many changes have occurred during Season 4.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Season 4 finale will air on September 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. This will be the last chance to see the entire crew together.

Fans of the show are disappointed that the show won't have a Below Deck Med season four reunion. Some have speculated that the decision may have been influenced by the conflicting schedules of the cast and crew.

During Season 4, the crew faced many difficulties and personal issues. Hannah fought with many interior crew members and even a fellow captain. Lara Flumiani and Bugsy also clashed.

One of the most notable changes was the departure of Pete Hunziker, the former lead deckhand of the Wellington superyacht. The former jumped ship after posting a racist meme on social media.

Another member of the crew, Mathew, left during a crew night out, citing a leg injury. While returning, Mathew apologised to the crew.

On the topic of the ol' 'Reunion', Andy Cohen, producer of the Real Housewives franchise, was tapped to host the event. However, it was canceled due to "conflicting schedules."

Andy also denied that he was involved in the decision. He tweeted: "Not my decision." Neither did Bravo. Bustle has asked for comment. A spokesperson for Bravo has not returned our inquiry.

In addition to the reunion show, Below DeckMed also aired early access on Peacock. There have been several alums who have announced engagements.

Whether or not a Below DeckMed Season 4 reunion will ever happen remains to be seen. However, fans of the show will likely be able to catch up with their favorite cast members on the After Deck segment.

Ionian Princess

Below Deck Mediterranean is one of the popular Bravo "Below Deck" franchises. It follows a crew of professional crewmembers on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. This season, we get to know the crew of the Ionian Princess, a charter yacht.

The Ionian Princess is a beautiful luxury yacht that is available for charter. Her sundeck features a Jacuzzi, al fresco dining, and plenty of space for swimming and snorkelling. She is perfect for special occasions.

Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean is on the air, and a new crew member has joined. Hannah Ferrier joins as a new chief stew.

Ben Robinson returns for Season 4 of the series. He starred in the original Below Deck series in the Caribbean. As the chef, he cooks meals for the crew and guests of the Ionian Princess. He also isn't afraid to admit his own exhaustion. However, he's likely to be a bit crankier in the next season.

Captain Mark Howard is the captain of the Ionian Princess. He is a former marine search and rescue and law enforcement officer from California.

The deck crew includes Joao Franco, who is the lead deckhand. Bobby Giancola is the second stewardess, and Tiffany Copeland is the third stewardess.

Several crew members on the Ionian Princess did not grow up in the yachting industry. They were chosen because they were a great fit for the series.

Jack Stirrup was born in Liverpool. He started his career in the Merchant Navy, but then transferred his skills to yachting. Aesha had a love affair with another crewmember.

Nicole Foster had a stint in France before she decided to pursue a career in yachting. Joe Foggia, salesman for the yacht, said the yacht is for charter.


Below Deck Mediterranean follows the crew of a 150-foot mega yacht as they explore the Mediterranean. The crew's adventures include visits to Greece, Italy, Croatia, and France.

A new stewardess is introduced in the season. Aesha Scott has never been a shipboard crew member before. She was born in New Zealand. After a stint working in the health sector, she decided to pursue a career in the yachting industry.

A slew of water toys is available on board. These include jet skis, wakeboards, and inflatable toys for younger guests. Also featured are water slides, which drop passengers into the sea.

There are also plenty of luxury amenities on board. One of the most impressive features of the Sirocco is the jacuzzi on the sundeck. It boasts world-class views and can accommodate 12 people.

Below Deck Mediterranean continues to follow the crew of the superyacht Sirocco through the Mediterranean. Watch the show on Bravo Monday nights at 9:00 pm. You can also follow the team on social media.

One of the first feuds of the show involves Hannah and Bugsy. This was followed by an encounter with June Foster, Lara Flumiani, and Kassy Cohen. They each have their own reasons for being on the other side of the fence.

Another newcomer to the crew is Anastasia Surmava. She was a former private chef and studied at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. She has since gone on to become the executive chef of Ajna in Sri Lanka.

While the below deck show does not cover the entire Mediterranean, it does give a good look at the life and work of the crew on a number of large luxury yachts.


Below Deck Med is returning to Bravo in May. The third season of the reality show will feature the charter yacht Talisman Maiton.

This season will have a new cast of characters and the crew will be sailing along the scenic Amalfi Coast. Fans will see the crew develop relationships and learn how to work together on the ship.

In addition to new cast members, the season will feature a familiar captain. Sandy Yawn has been the captain of the Below Deck Mediterranean for seven seasons. He has been holding down the fort while Captain Lee Rosbach gets medical attention. It looks like the captain is ready to teach the next generation.

Season seven of the Below Deck Mediterranean will feature a lot of drama. It will also have some of the show's most popular cast members. One of the most famous cast members is Brooke Laughton. She was introduced on the show in season three, but later fell for Joao Franco.

Lexi Wilson is one of the most disliked cast members. Her character caused a lot of drama and fans hated her. Many fans thought she was better than Delaney Evans. However, she was fired from the show after the season finale.

Another character that caused a lot of drama was Hannah Ross. Hannah was the chief stew from the beginning. However, she was removed from the show after she violated maritime laws.

The newest cast member on the ship is Aesha Scott. She was born in New Zealand, but had never planned on joining the yachting industry. After spending some time working on yachts in France, she decided to get her own yacht.


Below Deck Med season 3 ended in September, but that doesn't mean we won't be treated to some great sailing adventure on Below Deck Mediterranean season 4. It's already been announced that Below Deck Down Under will air in the summer of 2019, and below is the official trailer for Below Deck Med season 4, which will premiere on Monday, June 3, at 9pm ET.

The Below Deck Med season 4 trailer features a slew of new crew members, and some familiar faces are making return appearances. Some of the returning cast include Captain Sandy Yawn, Deckhand Zee Dempers, Chief Stew Natasha Webb, Bosun Raygan Tyler, and chef Dave White. They will all be joined by some dynamic new yachties, including Joao Franco, Travis Michalzik, Anastasia Surmava, and Jack Stirrup.

For the first time in the show's history, there will be a female chef. Mila Kolomeitseva is the first woman to cook on the below deck.

Of course, no Below Deck Med season 4 trailer would be complete without a few scares. One clip shows a imposing storm engulfing the ship. Another shows a Bosun and Chef arguing over who is going to do the best job of feeding the guests.

The official Below Deck Med season 4 trailer also teases the arrival of the latest and greatest captain. Captain Natasha Webb will take over for Sandy Yawn. She will also have a "boatmance" with the star chef, but she will have her work cut out for her.

Not to mention, the crew of the Sirocco will have their hands full with their uphill battle. This is just one of many trailers that have been released for the upcoming season.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 on iView

where to watch below deck mediterranean season 4 nz

If you're looking to watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 on iView, then you've come to the right place. The show is based on the real life adventure of one of Australia's most loved chefs and has gained popularity in New Zealand as well. We have the lowdown on the upcoming season and what to expect from it.

Malia White returns for third time

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is set to air Monday, July 11, at 8/7c on Bravo. It will feature a new cast of characters. Only one returning crew member is back, Malia White. But does she really want to return?

Below Deck Mediterranean, originally launched in 2011, was a show that was all about drama. The crew was known for being out of control, and often getting into fights. There was even a joke that referred to June and Hannah as "June, June, Hannah."

After season two, Below Deck Mediterranean revealed its crew's relationship. Hannah Ferrier and Malia White shared a cabin on the yacht, and there was also a flirtatious relationship between Malia and Tom Checketts. However, the pair broke up.

In season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, Malia and Hannah feuded. They both got fired. This was a result of Malia finding out that Hannah had been taking drugs. She reported the chief stewardess for marijuana and undeclared prescription drugs.

The show then used this to create a plotline about Hannah's illness. Its portrayal of this illness made for a lot of negative feedback.

On the flipside, Below Deck Mediterranean's first female bosun, Malia White, has returned for a third time. Now, she has her sights set on becoming a captain.

When she started working on a yacht, Malia had no experience. She wanted to earn a new license and work her way up to the captain's seat. Since then, she has worked as a bosun on a number of boats, including one in Toulon, France.

Her latest venture has brought her to Total Ship Show, a podcast that dives into the yachting industry. You can download the podcast on Apple Podcasts or iTunes.

Chief Stew clashes with the Chef

Hannah Ferrier was the first Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean. She lasted five seasons on the show before she was sacked by Captain Sandy.

In season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean, a new chief stew has arrived - Natasha Webb. This soft-spoken character doesn't have the charisma to keep the guests happy. The crew is struggling to keep up with demands from charter guests.

One of the best things about the Below Deck franchise is that it has an established formula. Each season is based around a specific theme. Some of the most notable episodes revolve around the relationships between the crew members.

The Chief Stew of the show has been a major character throughout the series. While the cast has changed with each season, the real stars of the show are the chefs. They are the ones who guide the guests through the world of luxury.

There are several different chief stews in the Below Deck universe. Daisy Kelliher, Katie Flood, and Aesha Scott are the most popular. However, these women are only a small sample of the below deck crew.

The below deck crew is made up of a lot of weird people. These people are often incompetent, and they can be annoying. But they also have an important role to play.

The chief stews on the Below Deck Med have been a hot topic in the past. Chief Stews like Malia White, Hannah Ferrier, and even Heather Chase have had their fair share of drama.

One of the most recent issues revolved around a dispute over pita bread. The issue erupted into a full-blown controversy. After some back and forth, the two sides ended up working together.

Malia White's journey on a superyacht

Malia White's journey on a superyacht has taken her around the world and has helped her to get closer to her goals. She has worked on boats for years and is now a bosun in France.

She has a lot of experience as a bosun and a captain on yachts. Her goal is to become a super yacht captain and work on superyachts.

Malia White has never been shy about making her mark in the male dominated industry. She has worked her way up and has ranked on some of the biggest superyachts in the world. As she has been working on yachts, she has been exposed to the misogyny that is found in the yachting industry.

In addition to sailing, White has worked on dive boats and water sports. She has taught scuba in the Bahamas and Hawaii. Since working on a boat, she has been very active on social media and has over 4,600 followers on Twitter.

Aside from her work on a superyacht, White has also started her own podcast. The Total Ship Show is a podcast that focuses on the yachting industry. It is available on Apple Podcasts.

Below Deck Mediterranean season seven is set to premiere on July 11 at 8/7c on Bravo. This season will feature tons of drama as Chef Mathew walks off the boat and the crew goes through a period of tension with Captain Sandy Yawn.

In the latest season trailer, fans will see explosive fights in the hot tub and drunken kisses. Another trailer promises plenty of drama with the returning cast members. There are also seven new cast members.

With her recent departure from Below Deck: Mediterranean, Malia White has been looking for new opportunities. Although she isn't focusing on Below Deck, she is still involved with fellow yachtie chef Tom Checketts.

Raygan's struggles on a superyacht

Below Deck Mediterranean returns for its seventh season in July. The crew of the 163-foot superyacht HOME will face new challenges. While some of the crew have been promoted, others have had to step up.

The crew is led by Captain Sandy Yawn, who has been helming yachts in the Mediterranean since the first season of Below Deck. He's known for his attention to detail, and is willing to make changes to the crew during charter season.

But the newbie, Bosun Raygan Tyler, finds herself struggling to get her footing. Although she has extensive experience working on smaller boats, she's never helmed a large deck team before. As a result, she's not quite able to handle all the water toys.

Some of the charter guests are frustrated with the staff, and they're hesitant to give good tips. It's a challenge to keep affluent charter guests happy while still providing excellent service. So the crew makes a conscious effort to keep the guests on board.

Another member of the crew, Storm Smith, is in a romantic relationship. Fortunately, he's no stranger to water and has a love of fishing and surfing. But his personal life has taken a turn for the worse.

Mzi 'Zee' Dempers is a longtime friend of Storm and he's facing new challenges as a superyacht crewmember. However, he's also a fan favorite. When his friends arrive late, he puts them in a bind.

Other new faces on the crew include Courtney Veale, who joins the crew during charter season. She's also a deckhand, but has no experience sailing superyachts.

While some fans have suggested that Raygan was a plant, she's actually not. She may have signed up to be the Bosun with the intention of finishing the charter season.

Below Deck: Mediterranean vs Piha Rescue

Below Deck is a reality show that follows the crew of a luxury yacht, as they experience a variety of adventures along the way. The show is known for its romance and flirty guests, but the crew also undergoes a whirlwind of challenges throughout the voyage.

The series has filmed in various locations, including Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. It is a must-watch for fans of the boating franchise.

The show has been a hit on Bravo. It features the lives of a crew of superyacht captains as they navigate the charter season. It has been compared to Love Island and Undercover Boss.

Below Deck has a special place in many viewers' hearts. While the show is not as well-known as shows like Bravo's hit reality franchise Love Island, it is nevertheless one of the more popular shows on the air.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a spin-off of the popular series. Unlike the original, the series takes place on a different superyacht in a different part of the world. This time around, the crew is in Mallorca.

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If you are looking for a great vacation, consider booking a charter with Salamander Voyages. Their crew is friendly, and they have a wide range of itineraries to suit your needs. They even offer private gulets if you are seeking a unique experience.

Watch Below Deck on Monday nights at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo. Check out the series' website to find out more about this exciting new series.

Below Deck Med Season 4 - Is It Worth Watching?

below deck med season 4 chef

Below Deck Med Season 4 is an exciting new series that is taking viewers on an adventure of a lifetime. It is a show that has a lot of different elements, from its characters to its theme. We will take a look at what each episode of the season has to offer, and whether or not it is worth watching.

Adam Glick

If you watch Below Deck, you may have heard of Adam Glick. He's a chef who comes aboard the luxury sailing yacht Parsifal III.

Chef Adam Glick is a California native who has worked on several mega-yachts. Before joining the crew of Below Deck Med, he studied Culinary Management at The Art Institute of California in San Diego. After a decade of sailing, he decided to focus on land-based cooking.

In addition to his work on yachts, Adam also travels the world. His Instagram account features pictures of the beautiful scenery he's seen along the way. He travels with his dog, Tex.

Before joining Below Deck, Adam Glick had a romance with a fellow cast member. Adam and Jenna Macgillivray appeared to get flirty during their charter season. However, they broke up after their relationship became strained.

Adam Glick has been in the spotlight after a series of controversial incidents. One of these incidents was the infamous Oniongate. While he's no longer in a relationship, he's still searching for a special someone.

Fans have questioned what's next for Adam Glick. Having already split from Malia White, he's looking for a new love. Ahead of his return to the Mediterranean, he spoke to Vulture magazine about what's ahead for him.

Adam Glick has also launched a brand called Adventure Chef. The company offers chef tools, videos, and events. It's currently in the process of producing two new digital series. You can watch Below Deck on Netflix.

Although he's known for his adventures as a chef, Adam is also looking for a new home. According to Vulture, he's looking for a "fresh start" in a more traditional setting.

Anastasia Surmava is a Below Deck Med season 4 chef. She was promoted to the chef position after the departure of Mila Kolomeitseva.

Before joining the crew, Surmava had experience in cooking on a number of smaller boats. However, she said that she never expected to cook on Below Deck Mediterranean. Despite this, she was willing to step up to the plate for Captain Sandy Yawn.

Anastasia is a native of the Republic of Georgia. She moved to the United States when she was two years old. Despite the lack of a formal culinary education, she was always looking to learn more. She grew up around her mother, a pastry chef.

When she was older, Anastasia went to work as a chef on several different boats. In addition, she teamed up with Hannah Ferrier to start an academy that helps people break into the yachting industry. This led to her becoming one of the stars of the Bravo show.

Anastasia is engaged to Will Higginson. They married in Vermont in April 2022. Since filming ended, they have spent time in Sri Lanka and plan to open an eco-cafe.

Below Deck Mediterranean is back with a new season. The crew will be sailing through the French Riviera, where they will be able to experience the best food and sites of the region. Fans can look forward to new characters and relationships during each charter.

Below Deck Med season four will air on Mondays at 9 pm ET on Bravo. You can follow Below Deck Med on the Bravo app or Hayu. During season five, Tom Checketts and Malia White broke up after more than a year of dating.

Travis Michalzik

Travis Michalzik has been a fan favorite since his time on Below Deck Mediterranean. He has been known to use his position on the hit US reality TV show to pass out drunk in budgie smugglers. During the fourth season, Travis has taken on the role of lead deckhand, replacing Franco. His flirtation with Hannah Ferrier may have fizzled out mid-season, but he still managed to get the ladies' attention.

As a part of his new role, Travis was asked to make a toast on the ship's behalf. However, his choice of a champagne bottle was not the most laudable.

Several of the crew members also made a surprisingly large effort to support the LGBTQ+ community. One of them shared a story about a mystery charter guest who asked to be put out of her misery. Another revealed that she once had to get up at 5 a.m. to blot a guest cold sore.

It was also a nice surprise to find out that Jack Stirrup is a free-spirited Brit who spent several years working in the Merchant Navy as an engineer. While he was on the ship, he became a popular mate among the female guests.

In addition to his role as deckhand, Michalzik has been known to take on the role of party boy. The below deck med was not his first experience in the world of yachting, as he has a history of taking on odd jobs before snagging the position.

Despite his success on the boat, Travis has maintained a tough work ethic. Currently, he is sailing the mega yacht Perseus in Italy. You can follow Travis on Twitter and Instagram.

Mila Kolomeits

Mila Kolomeitseva was the first female chef on the hit Bravo show Below Deck Mediterranean. She was also the first chef hired for the head chef position. But she didn't have a stellar tenure. Ultimately, she was let go by Captain Sandy Yawn.

Before Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 began, rumors were swirling around who would replace Mila. It was a mystery until a preview clip showed her preparing meals that looked unappetizing. The crew was not happy with her, and ultimately Captain Sandy fired her.

After a few episodes, Chef Mila was replaced with Anastasia Surmava. While Anastasia was a great cook, she had a different resume. In addition to being a chef, she was also a stewardess. So, she took her cooking skills to another level.

Mila primarily cooks French/Mediterranean cuisine. Her bio on the Bravo website explains that she studied at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

However, she doesn't have a social media presence. According to Distractify, she was living in Monaco during the last time it was active.

In addition, Mila has made a number of food items that weren't appetizing. For instance, she served canned seafood on her second charter. And she tried making pancakes from a box. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't get the batter thick enough.

During the second charter, the chef was shocked by the food she prepared. Apparently she wanted to serve nachos, but she wasn't prepared. Instead of using a jar of salsa, she decided to pour niblets of corn onto the nachos.

This caused a rift in the crew. Some crew members argued with her and others were put off by her cooking.

David White

If you're a fan of Below Deck Mediterranean, you may have a question about Chef Dave White. This British chef has had many adventures since turning his life to yachting and cooking. He's traveled the world, learned international cuisines and worked in some of the most prestigious kitchens in London. Now he's turned his attention to raising money for the charity CALM, which helps prevent suicide in the UK.

Before becoming a chef, David White worked in upscale restaurants and luxury boats in London. He even competed on UK reality show MasterChef: The Professionals. In 2014, he won a gold medal in the British Ski Freestyle.

After the skiing accident, he couldn't make much money and decided to pursue a career in yachting. In December of 2021, he broke his back. Though the injury caused him to postpone his plans to climb Mt. Everest, he plans to get there in 2023.

During his time on the boat, he tried to keep his secret tryst with Natasha secret, but it ended up being a tad too late. But he's learned that he needs to pivot and find solace through his food.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is set to air on July 11th on Bravo. You can watch it a week early on Peacock.

Season 7 features several new crew members, including apprentice chef Malia Sanchez and Chief Stew Natasha Webb. They each have a lot of expectations for their dishes. Despite the high expectations, they struggle to meet them. And, they might not have free reign when it comes to designing their menus.

On Another Below Deck podcast, Dave explained his secret tryst with Natasha. Apparently, he was drunk and had sent derogatory texts to her. But he later apologized for the mistake.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 Cast Announcement

below deck med season 4 cast

Below Deck has returned for its fourth season and it's looking like this time might be a little different from all the others. In fact, this season is the first to include a new cast of characters. The list of stars on this cast includes Mzi "Zee" Dempers, Joao Franco, Travis Michalzik, and Anastasia Surmava.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 cast member Anastasia Surmava has a new vocation. She's a chef and is starting an eco-cafe in Sri Lanka. It's an exciting time for the former yachting professional.

The fourth season of Below Deck Med was filmed in France and is now available on NOWTV and Hayu. In addition to Surmava, the season is packed with talented crew members, including Hannah Ferrier, Jess More, Colin Macy-O'Toole, and Joao Franco.

Before Below Deck Mediterranean, Anastasia was a chef on several smaller boats, and her culinary background helped her get her feet wet. After the show, she worked as an executive chef at Ajna in Sri Lanka. Her love of travel, cooking, and photography also led her to a successful entrepreneur career.

Besides being a chef, Anastasia Surmava was a cast member on Below Deck: Galley Talk. As the third stewardess and chef on the show, she was one of the first stars to break into the Bravo franchise.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 originally aired on the Bravo network in April of 2019. Since then, the series has been featured on Watch What Happens Live. Currently, the Below Deck Mediterranean cast is on the Captain Sandy I Believe Tour.

Joao Franco

Joao Franco is a Below Deck Mediterranean personality. He appeared in seasons three and four. Since then, he has been keeping a low profile. But he recently posted an update on his life on Instagram. In the post, he said he was engaged to Michelle.

Joao Franco is half Portuguese and half Zimbabwean. His parents divorced when he was young. It appears his family was poor. However, he did manage to overcome his rough beginnings. At the age of fifteen, he began working as a deckhand. After a few years, he took an advanced firefighting course.

When he was younger, Joao tried drinking, but eventually stopped. He subsequently got into yachting. He then met Alex Radcliffe, who was in the early stages of his career. The two were introduced by chance.

Before Below Deck Med, Joao had been in a cringeworthy romance with Brooke Laughton. They had broken up before the reunion special was taped. That's when Brooke accepted a job away from Joao. Later, he found out that Brooke had cheated on him.

During Below Deck Med season 4, Joao Franco was the captain. Anastasia Surmava was the chef. She was known for being a perfectionist.

Colin Macy-O'Toole

During the third season of Below Deck Med, Colin Macy-O'Toole was a deckhand. He worked for a ferry company in Fire Island, New York. His love of boats started at a young age, and it hasn't stopped him since.

Now, Macy-O'Toole has become a social media star, and his infectious personality and sense of humor are attracting big brands and collaborations. As a result, his mother's Twitter followers have also increased. In addition to his involvement in Below Deck, he also hosts a podcast called Radio Check with Colin Macy-O'Toole.

Currently, Macy-O'Toole is a resident of Sayville, Long Island, New York. A graduate of Shenandoah University, he is also a music educator. His ties to the yachting industry have been established, as he served as a ferry/port captain for several years.

Macy-O'Toole grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York. After graduating from Sayville High School, he went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Shenandoah. Earlier this year, he appeared on the Below Deck Galley Talk episode.

As the fourth season of Below Deck Mediterranean approaches, Macy-O'Toole will return to the cast as a deckhand. This time, he will be working under bosun Joao Franco.


Aesha Scott joined the Below Deck Mediterranean cast in season four as the second stew. She worked alongside Hannah Ferrier and Anastasia Surmava. Now, she has taken on a new role on Below Deck Down Under.

After a breakup with her first boyfriend Jack Stirrup, Aesha has found love with a new man, Scott Dobson. They live in New Zealand and divide their time between there and Colorado. This couple is set to marry in 2022.

Aesha has a bawdy sense of humor. She loves to have fun and enjoys traveling. She also likes to flirt with eligible bachelors.

Aesha Scott is one of the most popular characters on Below Deck Med. Fans loved her character's positive attitude. Besides being a great cook, she is also known for cutting cheese.

During her first season of Below Deck Down Under, Aesha fell in love with deckhand Jack. When Jack returned home to England, Aesha broke up with him. But not before they had a serious boatmance.

Unlike most other captains, Captain Jason isn't always in the wheelhouse. Instead, he uses music to navigate the rough waters. He wants to improve the boat and its crew. While his crew does their best to make him happy, his demands come with consequences.


If you've been watching Below Deck Mediterranean, you've probably seen Courtney Veale. Her appearance in the Season 6 trailer led to some speculation that she would be a part of the deck crew. But it looks like she's gone. She hasn't appeared in the Season 7 trailer yet.

When Courtney first joined Below Deck Mediterranean, she was considered the second stew. She had the ability to twerk, and she was known for her great work ethic. However, she didn't click with Jason Gaskell. It looked as though he was a little apprehensive about working with Courtney.

But then she met Mzi "Zee" Dempers. The two became friends and started to work together. And then, Courtney got a crush on Zee. They started a romantic rumor, but didn't pursue it.

Courtney Veale's work ethic impressed the chief stew Katie Flood. She was one of the crew members who helped dock the boat. Captain Sandy was impressed with her, and she encouraged Courtney to return as a crew member.

Since her time on the yacht, Courtney has become a social media star. She has a lot of followers on Instagram. In fact, she has over 118,000 followers.

Travis Michalzik is a former deckhand and comedian who landed a gig on the yacht Below Deck Mediterranean. He was one of the stars of the show's fourth season.

Michalzik grew up in Perth, Australia. After graduating high school, he left to pursue his dream of working on a yacht.

Michalzik is a fan favourite. In addition to being known for his sense of humor, he also possesses a work hard, party harder attitude.

Before he was cast on Below Deck Mediterranean, he had a job in the Merchant Navy. His experience with the sea helped him land his first deckhand position on the yacht. This was a career change that led to his promotion to bosun. The yacht's Bosun, Joao Franco, became ill, and Michalzik took over the role.

Since then, Travis has been on the Mediterranean for eight years, and now serves as the show's lead deckhand. But that doesn't mean that his personal life is out of the spotlight. As a matter of fact, Michalzik is dating a fellow crew member.

Travis is currently in Italy. If you want to know more about him, check out his social media accounts. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Mzi "Zee" Dempers

Mzi "Zee" Dempers is back for a new season of Below Deck Med. He was a fan favorite from season six, and now he's returning for another stint with Captain Sandy.

Zee is originally from Durban, South Africa, but grew up in Cape Town. After completing his education, he started working on yachts, following in the footsteps of his two brothers.

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew is an incredibly diverse bunch. In addition to the usual faces, there will be a few new cast members, including a woman named Natasha Webb. Known for her work on yachts, Natasha also runs a yacht recruitment agency.

Another new face in the Below Deck Med crew is a young woman called Storm Smith. Storm worked as a surf guide before getting a job on a yacht. She has worked in the industry since. Her official age is not known, but she's thought to be 27 years old.

There's also a man named Kyle Viljoen, who has worked on a number of private vessels. While he hasn't worked on a superyacht yet, he's experienced a lot of hard work. His experience in the hospitality industry means he's well equipped to deal with demanding charter guests.

Below Deck Med Season 4 Reunion

below deck med season 4 reunion

In the season four finale of Below Deck, the gang came together again to get to the bottom of the mystery. However, there were some surprises. Among them, we learned that Kate Chastain was in a relationship with a woman and that Hannah Ferrier and Lara Flumiani had clashed. And even Mila Kolomeitseva made some homophobic remarks.

Mila Kolomeitseva's homophobic comments

As the Below Deck Med Season 4 finale aired, Mila Kolomeitseva made some homophobic comments that drew some attention. The 'biggest' one was a statement about a Russian President's rigid policy on recognizing homosexuality. However, Kolomeitseva hasn't responded publicly to the controversy.

Bravo hasn't announced a season 4 reunion yet. It appears as though it won't happen this year. But it seems that this isn't because of a scheduling issue. In fact, Below Deck Med has been running high ratings ever since its debut, even after its recent reboot.

The Below Deck Med crew is likely to be pleasantly surprised when Mila Kolomeitseva finally leaves the boat. They will also be relieved that she was fired for her homophobic remarks.

Kolomeitseva has had some bad publicity on social media. She is accused of promoting her own business, and she has been criticized for making inappropriate comments on the boat. Her cooking skills were questioned, but she had an impressive resume.

She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. She also has a job at a Monaco hotel, and she has an Instagram page full of delicious-looking recipes. Yet, the biggest reason that she isn't a Below Deck Med favorite is that she makes insensitive statements about homosexuality.

One of the most impressive feats that Kolomeitseva did during the show was making a taco from a store-bought shell. Another big accomplishment was licking a steak. Still, she wasn't able to impress the other chefs on the ship.

A lot of below deck med fans were wondering if there was going to be a below deck med season 4 reunion. There is no confirmation about this, but Below Deck producer Andy Cohen has stated that there won't be. He claims not to have had any role in the final decision.

For the most part, the below deck med season 4 reunion will be a lot more low-key than the Real Housewives of New York reunion. It will air on Mondays at 9PM ET on Bravo. So, you're still likely to see the rest of the crew, especially Captain Sandy.

Colin Macy-O'Toole's attitude helped him earn a plane ticket

One of the first cast members to make it back to the dock was Colin Macy-O'Toole. The Shenandoah University music education major is a fanboy at heart, but that's not to say he's not one of the crew. In addition to being a jack of all trades, Macy-O'Toole is a philanthropist at heart, donating a few hundred dollars for a charitable cause each year. Not bad for a college grad on a dime. After a harrowing season on the high seas, Macy-O'Toole returned to his beloved ship a changed man. Of course, his plight didn't end there, but that's another story. A good samaritan and a few thousand miles away from the tumultuous waters of Bermuda, Macy-O'Toole has found a warm welcome among fellow crewmembers and crew mates. He hasn't exactly been the most reliable of stalwarts, but the show he's been glued to is certainly more amenable than he has been in the past.

While Colin was at sea, he was on the lookout for the next big thing in the yachting department, but not in the aforementioned sex department. While he was at sea, Macy-O'Toole took the time to scope out the best locales for his sextape, a worthy endeavor on any yacht.

Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier clashed

Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier didn't seem to get along on Below Deck Mediterranean. They didn't even make it to the reunion, but they got a little help from Andy Cohen.

The two had a meeting to try to work out their issues. At first, Lara refused to follow Hannah's orders. However, they both agreed to start fresh and move forward in a positive direction.

In addition to a new captain, the crew also introduced several new crew members. Captain Sandy Yawn is a renowned superyacht captain. She brings a new level of leadership to the franchise. And Hannah is eager to get the job done with a strong interior crew.

There were a lot of hot topics in the below deck med season 5 reunion. Some of them included Lara and Hannah's relationship. Other topics covered were Pete Hunziker's racist post and the firing of Captain Lee.

Before getting the job on Below Deck Mediterranean, Lara worked on a boat in the south of France. She was also a second stew on another luxury yacht. While she was working there, she decided to try her hand at yachting.

It was clear that Lara boarded the boat with a chip on her shoulder. Her behavior was unbecoming. When she didn't want to work, she refused to do what was expected of her.

Lara and Hannah were never on the best of terms. They clashed over a number of issues, including provisions and laundry. Both women were looking for an opportunity to get on better terms. But choppy waters could end up threatening their redemption.

Lara was also a huge complainer. Hannah was not impressed with her attitude. A few episodes later, she decided to leave. Clearly, she wasn't happy to be on the Bravo show.

Apparently, Lara was upset that she wasn't invited to the reunion. But she did not miss the chance to apologize to Hannah for her behavior. Luckily, she got another chance to do it.

According to sources, Lara plans to go to the Canary Islands when her contract expires.

Kate Chastain's relationship with a woman

A woman named Ro Hernandez visited the Below Deck crew last season. After an argument, she was bitten on her forearm by Chastain. It seems that her behavior caused Chastain to change her image on the show.

Chastain is a former yacht chef and stewardess. She has worked on yachts in New England, Central America, and the Caribbean. Her career spanned over 10 years.

Below Deck is a reality television show that follows the lives of superyacht crew members who are working on a charter. The show airs Monday nights on Bravo. Season 6 of the show ended with a reunion episode that aired on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Before the reunion episode, Kate Chastain announced her departure from the show. Chastain had been dating a woman on Below Deck. Although she was not a lesbian, her relationship did cause some problems. However, charges against her were dropped.

Before joining the show, Chastain dated a man named Ben Robinson. They dated for a few seasons, but then broke up. After the break up, she began dating a woman named Kyle. When she found out that Kyle was gay, she was surprised.

Kate Chastain is not afraid of the spotlight. In fact, she has appeared on several reality shows, including The Real Housewives of New York City and Below Deck.

In addition to her work on Below Deck, Kate also narrates the spinoff series Below Deck Mediterranean. She has a dog. She has been known to entertain celebrities and business tycoons.

Although Kate's relationship with Ro Hernandez has not gone down well with fans, she has maintained her innocence. In fact, she did not think to date women before she met Ro.

When Ro Hernandez visited the crew on the M/Y Seanna, she was not looking for a girlfriend. Throughout the season, she was engaged in heated arguments with her colleagues. This was one of the reasons that she ended the relationship.

The Below Deck crew has dealt with a variety of personal issues, which have led to a lot of drama on the show. The main problem with Ro's relationship was that her behavior was very public.

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