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The main difference between the words Aunty and Auntie are two, the first one is that Aunty is more frequently used in British English while Auntie is more frequently used in American English. The other is that Aunty is mostly used in a more formal tone while Auntie is considered a less formal word.


the sister of one's father or mother, or the wife of one's uncle. My Aunt Anne died last week; The child went to the circus with her aunt. tante عَمّـه، خالَه، زَوجَة العَم أو الخال леля tia teta die Tante tante θείαtía tädi عمه؛ خاله؛ زن عمو؛ زن دایی täti tanteדודה चाची, मामी, मौसी, फूफी teta nagynéni bibi föður– eða móðursystir; kona föður– eða móðurbróður zia おば 고모, 이모 teta tante; krustmāte mak saudara tantetanteciotka ترور، خاله ØŒ د تره ښځه tia mătuşă тётя teta teta tetka, ujna; strina faster, moster, tant พี่หรือน้องสาวของแม่หรือพ่อ; ป้า น้า อา (หญิง hala, teyze, yenge 姑姑,阿姨,伯母或嬸嬸,舅媽 тітка خالہ ØŒ Ù¾Ú¾Ù¾Ú¾ÛŒ ØŒ Ú†Ú†ÛŒ ،ممانی ØŒ تائی cô 姑母,姨母或伯母,婶母,舅母 (Source: www.thefreedictionary.com)

Auntie Definition and Meaning

Someone's auntie is their aunt. (Source: www.collinsdictionary.com)

Why Are Women Addressed As Aunty? — a Fine Balance Q&a

Kamran Rahman I'm from an Indian/Pakistani family. Auntie/Uncle conveys respect, affection and relationship at the same time. In South Asian culture people are rarely referred to by their names in social situations, especially if they're older than you. It would be considered rude if you didn't add some sort of term of respect or affection to the way you address someone. So, Auntie/Uncle says that you respect the person as a member of an elder generation and that you love them almost as much as a member of your family. (Source: www.goodreads.com)

Please Don't Call Me "aunty" - Best Indian American Magazine

Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan (Source: indiacurrents.com)

Graduates Learn the Perfect Lesson in a Pandemic – Life Is Always an Imperfect Experiment

Desi Roots, Global Wings – a monthly column focused on the Indian immigrant experience. The world today may seem uncertain and scary but that is how it has a (Source: indiacurrents.com)

Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fu

Pacific Electric Picture Company (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Trust No Aunty

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