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Curious about what a 401-B was? Or how would the Central Bank of Bolivia work? Well, neither of us really know, but that didn’t stop it from being engrossing. And those are just two of the most recent topics.


Donald Glover does it again. Glover might change mediums on us every few years, but he always comes back with something new that's incredibly fresh. Atlanta won't just make you laugh at the characters' conversations or at incredibly random ATLiens (people from Atlanta), it will also make you think about life, society, race, fame, and other deep topics/issues. I can't testify to whether or not D.G. has truly captured the city of Atlanta in this show (since I've never been there), but I can definitely tell you that we're at least witnessing Glover's Atlanta.

I love how Donald Glover talked about Atlanta (both the city and the show) on Jimmy Fallon and said something along the lines of "Atlanta is a lot like NYC in that every individual has their own very specific philosophy". It's so perfect because other shows will spend an entire season trying to make a character have more depth, but in Atlanta, every character teems with so much personality that you know who they are and what they're about within minutes if not seconds. (Source: www.amazon.com)

www.amazon.com www.amazon.com))ATLANTA is no different. My goodness, this season was a wonderful beginning to a mysterious, funny, socially aware, self-reflective series. The leading cast is awesome, the episodes all have unique stories, and the season finale makes you want more! I am on-board for seDonald Glover had a stellar 2016. Atlanta was right there with his other work. He released his R&B/Soul album, "Awaken, My Love!", he was officially announced as young Lando in the upcoming 2018 film Star Wars movie, "Solo: A Star Wars Story", as well as voicing Simba in a 2019 CG-animated and re-imagined version of the classic The Lion King. (Source:ason 2. (Source:

A show that combines the soul-searing struggle of trying to be a successful artist with the gritty contemporary issues facing black culture into a strange but beautiful mix of bittersweet vibes. Glover does an incredible job making the show feel grounded while at the same time bestowing a kind of stranger than fiction quality to the narrative. For every down there is an up for the characters in Atlanta who stumble but always seem to catch themselves with a dry wit and humour that is all Glover. This show is not for everyone but for those who can relate it is a rare gem. (Source: www.amazon.com Earn (Donald Glover) is a smart, caring screw up always trying to ice skate up hill. In the first few episodes we learn he's dropped out of an Ivy League college up north to return to Atlanta and his parents won't let him in the house. He's always down on his luck-sometimes due to discrimination, sometimes due to growing up poor, others just because of his own poor decision making. But Donald makes the character so human you have to love him, even if you think sometimes he's getting exactly what he deserves. He's trying to figure things out with his on again, off again girl friend whom he has a young daughter with. (Source:www.amazon.com))

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