Atlanta hiking trails

Atlanta hiking trails

Atlanta hiking trails

There are many natural wonders in the Atlanta metro region, but it’s the city’s amazing landscape of hiking trails that are a major draw. Here are our favorite hiking trails in the Greater Atlanta area.


Explore Atlanta’s outdoor beauty, and hike our top 10 favorite Atlanta hiking trails within 40 miles of the city. These hikes explore gorgeous, rolling forest, scenic rivers, historical remains and catch the best, most stunning mountaintop views near Atlanta.

Many of the most popular Georgia hiking trails are less than two hours from Atlanta, including the famed Appalachian Trail and the beautiful waterfalls at Panther Creek Falls. But busy weekends don’t always allow time for a drive to the Appalachians and time on the trail. The local Atlanta area has many hiking trails that equal the adventure on the fantastic hiking trails in the North Georgia mountains. And some local Atlanta hikes provide scenery so visually stunning you’ll be left guessing if you’re even in Georgia, let alone an Atlanta suburb. These are our top ten favorite Atlanta hiking trails. All are within a 40-mile drive of Midtown Atlanta – and a few are even within the I-285 Perimeter loop. (Source: www.atlantatrails.com)

Explore a beautiful, diverse landscape at Arabia Mountain, located just 30 minutes from Midtown Atlanta. Explore Arabia Mountain’s scenic summit on this beginner- and kid-friendly adventure, catching views of Arabia Lake and abundant natural beauty. You’ll be close to Atlanta’s perimeter – but will feel seemingly worlds away. (Source: www.atlantatrails.com www.atlantatrails.com www.atlantatrails.com)))Explore rugged outdoor beauty minutes from Atlanta on the rocky, boulder-lined banks of Sweetwater Creek State Park. Hike our favorite Sweetwater Creek trails through sun-dappled forest, and then follow the sandy and bluff-filled banks of Sweetwater Creek to explore Civil War mill ruins, tumbling whitewater and smaHike the Sope Creek Trail at Sope Creek Park, one of the most popular (and scenic) parks in Atlanta’s Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. The trail meanders through a young forest to a rushing, boulder-filled creek, and explores Civil War paper mill ruins before circling the banks of a glassy pond.

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