@Miami Dolphins Colors

@Miami Dolphins Colors

Miami Dolphins Colors

You would be forgiven if your first thought went to the Miami Dolphins colors. It's actually the colors of their competitor team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This happened because Miami Dolphins was originally the name of the professional football franchise before they changed it to the Miami Dolphins.



The Dolphins logo and uniforms remained fairly consistent from the team's founding through 2012. The team's colors were originally aqua and coral, with the coral color paying tribute to the Miami Seahawks and to the many natural coral reefs in Biscayne Bay. The team's original logo consisted of a sunburst with a leaping dolphin wearing a football helmet bearing the letter M. At their debut in 1966, a lighter & brighter orange was used instead of the deep coral color. The dolphin's head was near the center of the sunburst. In the 1967 season, the dolphin was centered on the sunburst, but it reverted to the original placement between 1968 and 1973. By 1974, the dolphin's body was centered on the sunburst in a slightly smaller logo than the 1967 version. The uniforms featured white pants with aqua and orange stripes, paired with either a white or aqua jersey. On the white jersey, aqua block numbers and names were outlined in orange, with aqua and orange sleeve stripes. Starting with the 1972 perfect season, these uniforms were used as the primary uniforms for road games and daytime home games, due to the extreme heat of South Florida. The team also had an aqua jersey used mainly for night home games or road games in which the opponent chose to wear white. The aqua jersey featured white block numbers and names with an orange outline, and orange and white sleeve stripes.The logo version, introduced by the club in 1997 was cool and fun, wrapped into a modern and sleek execution. The dolphin and the sun were redrawn in thicker and smoother lines, adding some dark blue touched to the dolphin’s body. The face of the mascot was now more detailed, as well as the helmet on its head. The stripes and the “M” got their contours cleaned and strengthened. The silhouette of the sun was also modernized, and all the thin rays were erased, leaving only a bold circle with pointed elements, which looked minimalist yet confident.

After the club’s rebranding in 2013, the new logo was adopted by Miami Dolphins. Though it is fully based on the original version, the contours of both the sun disk and the dolphin were cleaned and modernized to represent the progress and growth of the club, and add a contemporary touch to its visual identity. The dolphin was now drawn without any helmet and featured a turquoise, blue and white palette, while the sunburst had some of its lines elongated and sharp. License Plate Frame Diecast License Plate Embossed License Plate Frame Car Flag Ambassador Flags Keychain Bottle Opener Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Nylon Stainless steel Aluminium SIZE 4” x 6” 3.4"x4" 6.25"x12.25" 3.15x3 6.25"x12.25" 3.25” x 3.25 License Plate Frame License Plate Frames are perfect for accessorizing your vehicle and showing off your team pride. Real chrome metal keeps them looking great season after season. Eye-catching team name and logo in true colors. Fits perfectly around license plates without covering your registration sticker (if applicable). Size is 12.25" x 6.25". Diecast License Plate Improve the exterior of your vehicle and show everyone who your favorite team is with a stainless steel License Plate. These inlaid license plates look great on your vehicle and are durable through all weather conditions. Four drill holes ensure a safe and secure fit. Embossed License Plate Frame Customize your ride and announce your team spirit with pride. Crafted from durable, long lasting, polished, stainless steel frame for greater durability - it resists the elements regardless of the weather. Features an eye-catching display of your team name and logo stamped on aluminum in true team colors. Fits perfectly around the team inlaid license plate or around your state issued license plate. Car Flag Show off your team pride with Car Flags! Officially licensed with true team colors and easy to install, this product is the perfect for any fan. Read more Chrome Emblem Color Emblem Embossed Truck Emblem 2-pk Molded Chrome Emblem Embossed Color Emblem Embossed Color Emblem 2 Material Metal Metal Aluminium Plastic Aluminium Aluminium SIZE 3.4"x4" 3.4"x4" 3.25” x 3.25” 3” x 3” 12X6 11" x 14" Chrome Emblem Are you an extreme sports fan who wants to show off your team pride, even while driving? Then Emblems from were made for you! Easy to apply on your vehicle, just peel and stick. 3-D molded design. Emblem size is approximately 3" x 3" Color Emblem Are you an extreme sports fan who wants to show off your team pride, even while driving? Then Color Emblems were made for you! Easy to apply on your vehicle, just peel and stick. 3-D molded design. Color Emblem size is approximately 3" x 3" Embossed Truck Emblem 2-pk Decorate your truck with your favorite team using Truck Emblems 2-pk. This full-color emblem is rectangular in shape with unique angles and is designed to complement truck and car manufacturer badges. It fits perfectly on the fenders or the rear of any vehicle and is the perfect way to Show your team allegiance Molded Chrome Emblem No matter what team you are rooting for this season show it off with Plastic Chrome Emblems. This UV-protected emblem is made of plastic with a chrome finish for durability and features a team graphic to display your fan pride. Read more Chrome on Chrome Hitch Cover Chrome on Black Hitch Cover Color on Chrome Hitch Cover Color on Black Hitch Cover Material Chrome Metal Metal with Black Finish Chrome Metal Metal with Black Finish SIZE 1.75” x 8.25” 3.25” x 3.25 3.4"x4" 3x3.15 (Source: www.amazon.com)



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