Are the Altman Brothers Still With Douglas Elliman?

Are the Altman Brothers Still With Douglas Elliman?


Are the altman brothers still with douglas elliman

Josh Altman and his brother Matt are two of Los Angeles' most successful real estate agents, possessing prime real estate properties throughout the Platinum Triangle: Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Holmby Hills.

Their clients include celebrities, professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals who live life in luxury homes. Leveraging their expertise, extensive experience and valuable connections across the US and abroad, these agents consistently deliver outstanding results for their clients.

What’s the deal?

The Altman Brothers -- stars of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," recently took home the top team award at Douglas Elliman's Ellies awards ceremony. Their triumph over their new Bravo co-star Tracy Tutor Maltas, who took home silver.

The Altman brothers are one of the most successful teams in real estate, selling luxury homes around the country and beyond. Their clients range from entertainers and athletes to high-net-worth individuals.

They specialize in high-end properties, but also list smaller family homes and short sales. Their reputation lies with finding homes with "modern amenities" rather than just big square footage.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Josh and Matt Altman have successfully sold several prestigious estates within the past year. These included representing Ron Meyer and Jan Koum in a $100 million Malibu sale; Petra Ecclestone on an Holmby Hills property; Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Levine on a $45 million Beverly Hills residence; Harry Styles at $7 million Hollywood Hills residence; Bob Evans at Benedict Canyon property; and David Geffen at $30 million Trousdale Estates property.

They have listed several million-dollar homes, such as a $78 million downtown LA residence and $72 million Beverly Hills mansion. Their client list includes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Mila Kunis, "Shark Tank" investor Damon John, and film director Wes Craven.

Joshua Altman and Matt Altman have earned certification in residential real estate by the National Association of Realtors, earning them recognition as one of the top real estate teams in America according to both Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times publications.

In addition to their television success, the Altmans boast a real estate portfolio with more than $1 billion dollars worth of listings. Through their network, the duo is able to identify buyers for these properties so they can re-sell them at a profit.

They specialize in selling commercial real estate. Recently, they were appointed to market The Harland, a luxury condominium development being developed by Faring and DM Development in West Hollywood. Working closely with the developer, they strive to ensure that these condos sell quickly at top prices.

Why did they leave Hilton & Hyland?

Hilton & Hyland is a well-known name in Beverly Hills real estate, boasting clients from the super-wealthy to celebrities. Founded by Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland in 2010, their boutique firm has never outgrown its original philosophy of meeting each client's individual needs.

They have achieved success through their network of over 150 agents dedicated to providing unwavering customer service. Their attention to detail and intimate understanding of Southern California real estate have cemented them as a premier brokerage in the region.

Their list of high-profile clients includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Nicole Richie and Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone. They have assisted in the sale of iconic properties such as Spelling Manor in Holmby Hills and "The Beverly Hillbillies" mansion in Brentwood.

After more than 300 of its top producers left for Carolwood this year, the company faced nine months of uncertainty. Eventually, Rick and Barron Hilton resigned to form Hilton & Hilton and Lori Hyland - wife of co-founder Jeff Hyland - took over as president.

Hilton & Hyland will remain a family-run business and continue to deliver the same exemplary services that have made them so successful for over two decades. Their leadership team boasts 50 years of real estate expertise between them, along with 90 dedicated agents dedicated to providing superior service.

Furthermore, their commitment to the Beverly Hills community is unmatched by any other real estate brokerage. Their unwavering dedication to their clients' needs has earned them a well-deserved reputation as the most reputable, prestigious and knowledgeable luxury brokerage in Los Angeles County.

Their expertise in Beverly Hills has yielded some of the city's most stunning sales and renovations. Additionally, they developed and sold luxury residential and commercial developments such as Brentwood Country Estates - a gated affluent neighborhood where home values exceed $40 million.

Finally, they possess extensive local expertise that can assist their clients through the often complex process of selling or buying real estate in today's rapidly shifting market. Their team has the capacity and capability to manage any type of property in Southern California - from multi-million dollar estates to starter homes.

Are they still with Douglas Elliman?

As Matt Altman transitioned from Hilton & Hyland to become a real estate agent, speculation swirled that the two brothers might move to Douglas Elliman - which has an expansive presence in Beverly Hills. Today, both brothers are part of Douglas Elliman's top-producing team and have been known for selling homes for up to $1 billion annually.

The Altman Brothers are the go-to agents for elite clients, from celebrities and top athletes to international business moguls and high net worth individuals around the world. Notable representation includes Justin Bieber, Gene Simmons, Scooter Braun, Kim Kardashian, James Cameron, Britney Spears and Norman Lear among others.

They are an elite team of luxury real estate specialists dedicated to exceeding their clients' expectations. Their market insight, extensive experience, and established global connections are the keys to their success.

Josh and Matt have quickly established themselves as one of the industry's most dynamic and high-performing teams. Recently, they sold Rams coach Sean McVay's Hidden Hills home for $14 million; Milla Jovovich's Beverly Hills compound for $13.4 million; and Britney Spears' Calabasas estate for $11.8 million.

With their extensive network of real estate professionals, the Altman Brothers guarantee their clients' expectations are exceeded throughout every step of the home buying and selling process. Whether representing a luxury, historic, or bespoke property, they are dedicated to helping their clients reach their lifestyle objectives.

Over two decades, they have earned a place of honor as one of Los Angeles' most successful real estate teams. Their impressive sales in the luxury residential market have earned them an international reputation as the go-to real estate experts for some of the world's most renowned clients.

As a highly-experienced full-service agent, they take the time to understand and appreciate their clients' individual lifestyles. They provide exceptional customer service with the utmost respect, honesty and integrity.

The brothers are deeply passionate about giving back to their community. They actively support a variety of causes both locally and abroad, taking a philanthropic approach in business as well.

Will they ever return to reality TV?

Reality TV has become an increasingly popular genre, featuring shows ranging from makeover sagas to celebrity exposes and lifestyle change competitions. While these programs may appear authentic on-screen, many of them are actually highly edited for maximum effect.

One of the most popular reality shows on Bravo is "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles". The show follows various high-end real estate agents as they navigate personal struggles while trying to sell homes, as well as those of their partners like Josh Altman and his wife Heather.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles season 14 is coming to Bravo and ET has an exclusive sneak peek! The show promises to be more intimate than ever with a smaller cast, including Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Tracy Tutor returning as co-stars; Fredrik Eklund, James Harris and David Parnes have all left the series.

This season the Altman brothers must confront even greater hardships as they expand Bond Street Properties into a real estate empire. Meanwhile, their personal issues are beginning to affect their professional life too, creating an intertwined web.

For instance, they are still struggling with Heather's growing feelings for another man and their relationship isn't always harmonious at work or home.

Will the Altman brothers be able to resolve these conflicts, their real estate empire will expand even further. But will they be able to keep their personal dramas under wraps?

Striking this balance can be challenging, but the Altman brothers have been striving towards it for years. At present, they are selling over $120 million worth of properties around Los Angeles and plan on continuing to expand their business.

No matter the obstacles they've had to overcome, the Altman brothers remain dedicated to their goal of becoming the most successful and well-known real estate team worldwide. That dedication has only strengthened over time; that is why their fans follow them so avidly.

Are the altman brothers twins

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Star Matt Altman Has Twins

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Matt Altman recently welcomed twins into his family. His wife Johanna Sicat gave birth to twins recently.

Matt Altman and his brother Josh Altman are real estate agents who own The Altman Brothers Team, a high-end brokerage. They are among Elliman's top luxury sellers with an experienced team of brokers at their disposal.

Matt Altman’s Wife Johanna Sicat

Recently, Million Dollar Listing star Matt Altman's wife Johanna Sicat made headlines for her arrest. On August 6th she was accused of felony domestic violence but released after posting a bond of $50,000 the next day.

Johanna is an economics graduate of the University of Southern California with over 14 years' experience in real estate. Prior to joining Sally Forster Jones Group, Johanna served as agent at Sally Forster Jones Group before being promoted to president at Icon Escrow & Settlement Services. Additionally, Johanna holds a broker's associate position at Coldwell Banker Realty - Brentwood Office according to her Facebook profile.

She and Matt Altman have been married for five years, and together they have three children: Ace David (matthew's son), Alexis 'Lexi' Kerry (Alexis' sister) and a new baby boy born to them earlier this year.

Their relationship is strong, and although it has been challenging lately, they have managed to maintain their love for one another even during this challenging period. They have an incredible support system that they can rely on during this trying time.

Matt's wife Johanna Sicat is an attractive figure who has been in the spotlight ever since she wed the "Million Dollar Listing" star in 2017. On social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, Johanna often posts photos of herself alongside Matt.

Her professional journey has been quite the adventure; her LinkedIn profile indicates she's worked in both finance and real estate. Previously an agent with Sally Forster Jones Group, she is now self-employed in Beverly Hills, California.

Due to her career as a real estate agent, she has amassed an impressive net worth. For over 14 years, she has been helping many people find their ideal home.

The Altman Brothers Team boasts an estimated $5 billion in sales, making them one of the largest luxury real estate teams worldwide. The brothers are renowned for their business acumen and have successfully expanded their businesses internationally.

Matt Altman’s Personal Life

Matt Altman is a real estate investor, businessman, television personality and social media influencer. With his brother Josh at the helm, Matt has been running The Altman Brothers real estate business since 2002.

He is a co-host of the popular show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and estimated to have an net worth of $25 million.

Matt Altman is an acclaimed and successful real estate agent who has sold millions of dollars' worth of properties in Los Angeles, making him one of the top realtors worldwide. His success can be attributed to his strong relationships with clients; as a skilled negotiator, he always negotiates the best deals for his customers.

Originating from Boston, Massachusetts, Matt began his career in Hollywood as a talent agent for two major agencies -- Creative Artist and Gersh. While working there, he built strong relationships with high-profile clients and developed an expertise dealing with celebrities. As such, Matt became widely respected within his field.

Matt's real estate business has brought him much success, but his family remains an important part of his life. As a loving husband and father to three, Matt strives to ensure that his family has everything they need. A true provider, Matt ensures his family always has enough.

In August, Johanna Altman's husband stood by her side and showed her support. On Instagram he has posted pictures of their family together as one unit, even celebrating their anniversary together - testament to how much they care for one another. Each post displays the strength and devotion the couple shares for one another.

He and Johanna have three children together: fraternal twins Ashton and London, as well as son Hudson. His social media presence is immense, boasting 149K followers on his official account.

He began his professional career as a talent agent but quickly transitioned into real estate. An expert in the Los Angeles market with an expansive network of clients that can assist him with selling luxury homes.

Matt Altman and his brother Josh have achieved unprecedented success in the Los Angeles high-end real estate market. Thanks to their connections within the industry, they've acquired properties ranging from uptown Los Angeles to Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air.

Matt Altman’s Kids

Matt Altman is a renowned celebrity real estate agent and the co-founder of The Altman Brothers Team, America's premier luxury real estate powerhouse. Along with his brother Josh Altman, they own and operate the business together. Matt serves as an inspiring TV personality, investor, entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

Altman is the proud husband and father of three children. He and his wife Johanna Sicat have twin daughters Ashton and London, as well as a son Hudson. After getting married in August 2017, the couple announced the arrival of their third child earlier this year.

Matt has earned notoriety through his family members and appearances on the reality television show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where he co-hosts alongside his brother. A successful real estate agent, Matt's net worth as of 2022 stands at $25 million.

Though he and his wife have yet to file for divorce, it's possible that their union may soon come to an end. Nonetheless, they seem to enjoy a very loving relationship and are currently celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary.

In August, the couple hosted an unforgettable fairytale-themed baby shower for their soon to be arrival. As evidenced by the photos shared online, it truly looked magical.

Matt has been sharing adorable photos of himself and his kids online ever since. On Thursday, he shared a picture of himself playing with his 4-year-old twins while captioning it, "Fun kids time today with little Munchkins #twinning."

Recent media attention has focused on his wife's arrest, yet she insists her innocence. She was taken into custody on August 4 and released with a bond of $50,000 the following day.

Matt has continued to share pictures of himself and his children on Instagram, demonstrating their importance in his life. Last month he shared a picture of them celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary together.

He is happily married with three children and an active family man. In addition, he has shown tremendous support for his wife during her time in jail, sharing several supportive posts on Instagram.

Matt Altman’s Career

Matt Altman is a renowned real estate agent and screenwriter, best known for his role as the brother of reality television star Josh Altman. He's also married with three children and boasts an impressive net worth of $25 million dollars.

Before becoming famous, Matt worked in the entertainment industry as a talent agent. He developed his talents at two renowned agencies - Creative Artist and Gersh - where he formed close connections with high-profile clients. Following his experience working in entertainment, Matt began his real estate career.

He has sold luxury homes worth more than $5 billion and been named one of the top real estate teams worldwide by The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, he authored Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: The Inside Story in 2013, which was published by HarperCollins.

Through his career, he has amassed an extensive amount of expertise in the real estate industry and become one of America's top agents. With a large social media following and widespread recognition as an influential leader within this space, he continues to achieve great success.

When not selling expensive properties, he enjoys spending time with his wife Johanna and children Ashton, London, and Hudson - all four of whom he is very proud to be dad to.

In August 2017, he and Johanna tied the knot. It's obvious that their three kids mean a great deal to them as they often share pictures of themselves on Instagram and other social media platforms, sharing endearing photos together.

Although their relationship has not always been ideal, it appears they have built a solid foundation and have managed to work things out. Matt appears to have plenty of patience and forgiveness for Johanna at this point; there does not appear any indication that divorce is imminent at present.

Matt and Johanna have been married for five years, but the couple is facing some difficulties. In August 2018, Johanna was arrested for felony domestic violence charges including assault with a deadly weapon at their Los Angeles home; however, specific details surrounding this incident remain unknown to this day.

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