Are Lexi Hensler and Pierson Wodzynski Still Friends?

Are Lexi Hensler and Pierson Wodzynski Still Friends?


Are lexi hensler and pierson still friends

Lexi hensler and Pierson Wodzynski are two of the most renowned social media stars, best known for their YouTube and TikTok videos.

Pierson and Brent have undertaken many challenges together, as well as some hilarious pranks.

They are best friends and always there for each other, often being featured on one another's videos.

They are seen together on TikTok

TikTok is a social media app and platform that enables users to create short-form video content on any topic. It has become an increasingly popular way for young people to express themselves creatively and entertain themselves, with many celebrities joining the platform in recent times.

TikTok stands out among other social media platforms by not just sharing videos. It is also a community where users connect and form connections on the platform - making it an ideal platform to market your brand as you can build an audience and boost your online visibility.

TikTok boasts over half a billion users worldwide, making it an incredibly popular platform for both brands and celebrities alike. Furthermore, TikTok continues to experience rapid growth, with new features added daily.

It's an excellent source for quality content from various creators and brands. It boasts a vibrant community that provides kids with an outlet to express themselves without worrying about judgement from their parents.

Due to these risks, it's essential for parents to be aware of them and take measures to protect their child's safety. There are various ways you can do this such as limiting screen time, using parental controls, and keeping your child's device secure.

Teenagers make up the majority of TikTok's user base, but there is plenty of wholesome content created by hundreds of creators across all ages. In fact, TikTok has implemented child safety features to protect children from engaging with predators or other inappropriate users on its platform.

This is especially important for kids who may still be using the app when they are still young. Predators could contact them through direct messages (DMs) or comments on their video and potentially convince them to follow them to another app or website.

TikTok boasts a robust community and robust security measures to safeguard users against predators. The company's parent company ByteDance has earned a reputation for taking responsibility for the safety of its users, working closely with law enforcement to resolve any issues.

They are seen together on Instagram

Lexi Hensler and Pierson Wodzynski are two renowned Instagrammers with over 23 million followers each. They often post photos from their recent photoshoots to their social media accounts, as well as having collaborated with numerous fashion brands in the past.

Though they have always been friends, rumors have swirled that they might be dating. The couple first met on the show "Date Takeover," where they picked each other as their winners.

Contrary to their relationship status, the sisters appear to be very supportive of one another. In an interview with ET, they explained how dependent they are on each other when it comes to their social media careers and how difficult it would be for either of them to succeed without one another.

They have been seen hanging out together on several occasions, including a video where they were in Paris. In the clip, both were wearing dresses and looked very contented.

She can be seen with her boyfriend in several videos where they attempt challenges and pranks together. For instance, they did the Chapstick challenge, where they fake kissed each other while using chapstick on their fingers. Furthermore, they were married for 24 Hours in one video.

Both videos have garnered a great deal of interest and appreciation from their viewers, helping them gain notoriety on social media platforms.

In addition to posting on Instagram, they also created a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers. There they regularly upload pranks and challenges for viewers to enjoy.

By 2022, they expect to earn an estimated $3 million due to their success on social media. Furthermore, they have been able to purchase a mansion together in Los Angeles, California.

She is a model and actress with over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Additionally, her YouTube channel has seen plenty of success, featuring in several prank videos.

She has achieved her ambition of becoming a major star through her skills in modeling and acting. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California with her family, she continues to strive for success.

They are seen together on Facebook

If you're a fan of TikTok, chances are that Lexi Hensler and her best friend Pierson Wodzynski have selected a boyfriend on Bestie Picks Bae. But the California girl has been active on social media for some time now; starting her own YouTube channel back in 2013.

She boasts a 7.3 million follower TikTok page and is one of the biggest stars on Amp Studios, an app talent incubator. Through Azelart and the Stokes twins, she's helped bring in other notable names to the platform.

In addition to her work on the app, she's an actress and model. She often posts photos from her photoshoots onto Instagram where she boasts over 3.8 million followers.

Recently, Business Insider reported that she is currently dating fellow social media star Brent Rivera. The two first connected through Twitter where they posed for a photo together in an ad.

They've been dating since 2020 and seem to be very close. From their frequent sightings together to their videos of having fun together, it is clear they enjoy each other's company.

They are known to have a great time offline as well, often seen hanging out at local restaurants or having a drink at the local bar.

She boasts an impressive social media following and often receives sponsored opportunities to appear in promotional videos. Furthermore, she's a philanthropist and cofounder of Anthem Of Hope movement which strives to raise awareness about mental health issues.

She's been in the industry for some time, and her net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Her primary source of income comes from her YouTube channel where she uploads videos about various topics.

What happened to lexi hensler

What Happened to Lexi Hensler?

Lexi Hensler is an accomplished YouTuber, model and social media influencer based in Los Angeles, California.

She is renowned for her comedic videos on YouTube and TikTok, where her prank and challenge videos have earned her millions of followers across both platforms.

Born on December 5, 1997, she was raised in an upper-middle class Christian family and completed her schooling from a local high school in California.

What Happened to Lexi Hensler?

Lexi Hensler is an acclaimed American model and vlogger renowned for her social media content and videos. Her videos often include pranks, challenges, as well as lifestyle content; in addition to this she also has her own YouTube channel.

Lexi is a rising star in the online world, boasting over 3.26 million subscribers. Her success on social media has earned her plenty of money through paid collaborations and sponsorships.

She boasts a massive Instagram following and is renowned for her vlogs, challenges, and pranks. Her videos have amassed millions of views on YouTube alone.

Hensler also has her own clothing line dedicated to her affinity for llamas, featuring t-shirts, hoodies and masks adorned with a tattoo of a llama on her shoulder. Her merchandise sells worldwide.

Hensler is a model for many renowned brands such as Forever 21, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, Zara and American Eagle. She frequently shares modeling photos and videos on her Instagram account.

Hensler relishes her free time by spending it with friends and family. Additionally, she enjoys traveling to new places and meeting new people.

She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. Since high school, she has been an influential model and began acting at 14 years old.

Hensler is an acclaimed American social media influencer, vlogger and actress. Her following on Instagram grows daily as she posts captivating pictures and videos of herself.

Her fans tend to be attractive women who enjoy watching her videos. With over 3.26 million subscribers on YouTube, it's no wonder why she has such a large following.

Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of 2022, with most of her income coming from YouTube and TikTok accounts.

How Did Lexi Hensler Almost Die At 17?

Lexi Hensler is an American influencer and YouTuber renowned for her humorous posts on social media platforms. With a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers and an Instagram account boasting 2.3 million followers, she has amassed an adoring following.

Hensler joined YouTube in 2014 and quickly earned millions of fans. Her videos range from experiments and tasks to lifestyle videos, vlogs and comedic content. Furthermore, she travels around the world while taking part in numerous vlogging challenges.

Before her YouTube success, Hensler was just an average high school student studying and participating in extra-curricular activities. Her interest in entertainment had always been strong and she wanted to pursue it at least once during her life.

She attended college in Los Angeles and quickly built an impressive social media following. Additionally, she's a model, actress, and photographer who enjoys traveling to new places to take pictures.

Hensler suffered from bullying when she was younger, to the extent that she would eat her lunch in the restroom to avoid becoming a target. This bullying eventually lead to her changing high schools due to it.

Despite her struggles, she was able to overcome them and achieve success as a YouTuber and actress. Additionally, she works as a model and photographer, earning an impressive amount of money through her work.

In 2014, the 22-year-old began posting YouTube videos and has since amassed millions of fans. In addition to her YouTube channel, she also has an established Instagram and TikTok presence.

Recently, Hensler revealed that she nearly passed away at 17 years old. Following this revelation, her fans were eager to know what really transpired to her.

What Happened to Lexi Hensler’s Relationship with Christian Wilson?

Lexi Hensler is an acclaimed American social media star and model. Her channels on Instagram and YouTube have amassed a large following, while also endorsing numerous fashion brands such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Zara.

Hensler began her career as a fitness model, but has since transitioned into becoming a social media influencer. She is known for her positive outlook and often posts happy quotes on her Instagram account.

She has also collaborated with Your Mom Cares and created a brand for kids struggling with mental health issues. Through this collaboration, she hopes to assist these individuals in overcoming their problems and enhancing their quality of life.

As a social media influencer, she earns income through her Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as endorsement deals.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million as of 2022. She's a well-known social media personality with over three million followers on Instagram and her own YouTube channel where she uploads entertaining prank and challenge videos for her fans to enjoy.

Despite her successful career in social media, she remains single. She was previously in a relationship with Christian Wilson but their union ended after one and a half years.

Her biography states she is a White American citizen born on December 5, 1997. She was raised in a family where she became an adherent of Christianity religion.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Economics from a private college in Los Angeles and has great respect for the Jewish religion.

She is an accomplished actress and model with a large fan following on both Instagram and YouTube. Passionate about her work, she strives to improve herself daily to become the best version of herself. When not traveling or spending time with friends, she enjoys cooking new cuisines for fun! She also has an avid interest in fitness.

What Happened to Lexi Hensler’s Relationship with Ben Azelart?

If you're a fan of Lexi Hensler, you may have been curious what happened to her relationship with Ben Azelart. They were dating between early 2018 and late 2020, and it's evident they have a great deal of affection for one another.

Though their relationship has ended, the two remain close on social media and often post videos together. Plus, they've been seen traveling together to Hawaii and Greece.

The 21-year-old YouTuber and model has amassed an adoring following on social media platforms. Her viewers enjoy watching her videos about dating, pranks, and vlogs.

Modeled for many renowned brands such as Urban Outfitters and Free People, she has also featured on numerous TV shows and movies.

Hensler was born on December 7, 1997 in Huntington Beach, California to a middle-class family.

She is a model, actress and singer renowned for her beautiful features and charming personality that have gained her fans on social media platforms.

Her social media platforms boast an impressive combined audience of 19.5 million subscribers and she boasts 1.7 million followers on Instagram. She often collaborates with other renowned figures from the world of technology, such as Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart.

In high school, she was somewhat of a geek. She enjoyed spending time with her friends and playing video games for fun.

After graduating, she focused on her career and began modeling. She quickly signed with several fashion brands and has endorsed several of them.

Hensler is passionate about her professional career and also has a deep-seated love for dogs. She owns a pet pup named Benji, and enjoys spending time with her furry friends.

What Happened to Lexi Hensler’s Relationship with Michael Sanzone?

Lexi Hensler is a YouTube and Instagram star renowned for posting videos of her everyday life, vlogs, pranks, and more. With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and an enthusiastic fan base on Instagram, she's achieved great success in these platforms.

She is also a model and has worked for some of the top fashion brands, such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Free People.

Hensler is a mental health advocate and created her own brand to support children dealing with mental health issues. She has an upbeat attitude in life, posting motivational and inspirational quotes on her Instagram stories for everyone to see.

As a model, she frequently posts pictures of herself online and her fans love what they see. With an avid following on both Instagram and YouTube, her videos have earned her plenty of money.

According to her Instagram profile, Hensler is dating Michael Sanzone, a TikTok and YouTube star. They had been an item for some time but their relationship didn't pan out.

It appears that Hensler and Sanzone remain friends, though no official confirmation has been given. Nonetheless, their compatibility makes them a perfect match.

Lexi Hensler is an Instagram and YouTube celebrity with a net worth of $3 million. Her huge following on both platforms reflects her success; she's collaborated with several renowned fashion brands. Lexi has an upbeat outlook on life that radiates through her positive personality. Additionally, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends as well as traveling whenever possible.

How old is lexi rivera

Lexi Rivera Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height, Age & More

Are you curious to learn more about Lexi Rivera, the popular YouTube star? Look no further - read on for her personal information, such as her net worth, boyfriend information, height and age.

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to a well-established Christian family. Her parents John Rivera and Laura Rivera raised her alongside three siblings - Blake, Brent, and Brice - as doting parents.

She was born on June 7, 2001

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to John and Laura Rivera of Mexican ancestry. Her father John works as a shop owner while her mother Laura stays home to raise their family.

She is an American social media star with a large following on both Instagram and YouTube. Her videos often feature pranks, challenges, fashion posts, and beauty tips. On Instagram she also shares personal style advice.

She often displays her gymnastics abilities in videos. She began training when she was a child, quickly developing into an expert. Over the years, she has won numerous competitions and now serves as a gymnastics coach to others.

Due to her success on social media, she has achieved global fame. With over 7.3 million followers across her Instagram and TikTok accounts, as well as earning a substantial income from her YouTube career, it's no wonder why she has achieved such success.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million. She earns her income through paid promotions and brand collaborations. With a large fanbase on social media platforms such as YouTube (over 6.45 million subscribers), it's no wonder why this woman has achieved such success.

She exudes charismatic personality, easily captivating audiences. At 5 feet 1 inch tall with a slim figure, blonde hair and brown eyes complete her picture perfect appearance.

According to her social media posts, she and her mother have an extremely close bond. They are like best friends. She loves spending time with her family members as well as siblings.

Lexi is an avid moviegoer and a big Will Ferrell fan. To stay fit and healthy, she hits the gym regularly and eats nutritiously.

One of her biggest passions is dancing. She has competed in competitions before and was part of the dance team at her high school.

She had always had more interest in dancing than academics, and has strived to reach her objectives. To date, she has earned several awards at different competitions and achieved the #1 position at an inter-school competition.

She is a YouTube star

Alexa Brooke Rivera, commonly referred to as Lexi Rivera, is a social media personality and YouTube star. As an accomplished gymnast, she has amassed an extensive fan base across various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Her YouTube channel boasts over 11 million subscribers and her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Additionally, she has collaborated with numerous renowned social media stars and brands.

She is a Christian who has been active on social media since she was young. As a content creator for various platforms, she's fostered relationships with her fans through emails, fan mails, WhatsApp conversations and Facetime sessions.

She not only has a YouTube channel, but she also has an active TikTok account with 19.1 million followers and 414.7 million likes on her page. On both platforms, she posts numerous videos and vlogs. With such an expansive following across social media platforms, it comes as no surprise that she receives many supportive comments from those who follow along the way.

In 2018, she made an appearance in the web series Brobot and several YouTube videos. Born in Huntington Beach, California to John Rivera and Laura Rivera, she has a diverse background that makes her unique.

Despite her success on social media, she credits her mother as her greatest inspiration. Additionally, she enjoys a close relationship with her brothers - especially Brent Rivera, another prominent social media star.

Lexi is a fun-loving individual who doesn't let negative comments ruin her reputation. Instead, she maintains an active online presence and responds with positivity and charm.

She's renowned for her YouTube channel featuring pranks, 24 hour challenges and gymnast-related videos. Additionally, she boasts an enormous fan base on Instagram where she posts photos of everyday life as well as bikini shots and fashion shoots.

Her favorite color is white, and she enjoys spending time outdoors in the sunlight. Ultimately, her dream job would be to become a physician's assistant.

She began her YouTube career making Vine videos alongside her brothers. However, as the popularity of their channel grew exponentially, she began creating original content. Over the years she's collaborated with numerous social media stars such as Ben Azelart, Andrew Davila, Caleb Burton, Stokes Twins, Dominic Brack and Pierson Wodzynski to name a few.

She is a gymnast

Lexi Rivera is an accomplished gymnast who showcases her abilities on Instagram and YouTube. Her success has earned her the title of social media star with an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

She was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California and is the youngest of four siblings. Her parents are John and Laura Rivera; her three elder brothers are Blake, Brice, and Brent.

Her father is a shop owner and her mother a housewife. They reside in California with her siblings.

Growing up, she began taking gymnastics lessons with her older brother. Soon enough, she was an accomplished pro and won several competitions.

She had always been active and enjoyed exercising. Additionally, she developed an interest in ballet.

She was an excellent swimmer, though she gave up after some time due to fear of drowning. That didn't stop her from becoming a gymnast though!

Her favorite hobby is gymnastics, and she excels at freestyle maneuvers. She loves tumbling and balancing on beams as well as floor exercises, and has even competed in several gymnastics competitions.

In her free moments, she enjoys watching YouTube videos featuring David Dobrik and Nicolette Durazzo. Additionally, she loves spending time with friends.

Since she launched her YouTube channel in January 2019, she has received many compliments from viewers. Her videos have helped her generate an estimated $18 thousand per month from ads and sponsored posts.

When she's not balancing on the beam or tumbling, she studies at Westside High School in Huntington Beach and attends a local gym for exercise.

She graduated from high school in June 2019 and plans on attending a university. Ideally, she hopes to study at a college that has an excellent sports program.

Young but already athletic, she enjoys spending time with her family and is particularly close to her mother.

Her brother Blake is an accomplished hockey player. He recently participated in the national championship with the Jr. Ducks team.

She has a boyfriend

Lexi Rivera is a renowned social media personality with millions of followers across both Instagram and YouTube. Her videos often feature her family members, while she also pursues gymnastics professionally and has won multiple competitions.

Rivera hails from Huntington Beach, California and was born on June 7, 2001. She is the younger sister of YouTuber and Instagram star Brent Rivera and has three brothers; the eldest brother Blake plays hockey and has become an influential social media figure.

She started making videos on YouTube and TikTok when she was young, quickly becoming popular on both platforms with her pranks, challenges, tutorials, and vlogs posted to her channel. Her audience is growing rapidly thanks to these platforms!

Her most renowned videos include I SURVIVED 24 HOURS IN A FISH TANK! and several 24-hour challenges which she successfully completed.

She has been dating Ben Azelart, a YouTuber and TikTok star, since 2018, and their relationship has created quite some stir on social media platforms.

Though their relationship status remains unknown, it appears they're content together. They have shared numerous pictures on social media with one another showing off their close bond.

Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart, despite their relationship status, remain close friends. The duo has been friends for years, often working together on videos or TikToks together.

Though they split in 2022, there have been persistent rumors that Rivera and Azelart may be back together. Recently, they posted a photo on Instagram which gave fans reason to believe they were once again an item.

However, they quickly shot down the rumor and confirmed they aren't romantically involved. Additionally, they stated they are just good friends.

Her popularity as a vlogger and influencer has grown rapidly, with over 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She offers an expansive library of content across both platforms, earning a comfortable income from her work.

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