Are Julia Roberts and Emma Rose Roberts Related?

Are Julia Roberts and Emma Rose Roberts Related?


Are julia roberts and emma roberts related

Emma Rose Roberts is an actress born in Rhinebeck, New York to actors Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham.

She is also the niece of renowned actress Julia Roberts. Though they have had a strained relationship in the past, Julia stood by her niece's mother Kelly Cunningham when she sought custody after divorcing Eric.

Emma Roberts is the niece of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and Emma Rose Roberts are renowned actors with a devoted fanbase. Both have starred in numerous films as well as being well-known for their appearances on popular TV shows.

Emma Rose Roberts was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck Village, New York to Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. She is the niece of actress Julia Roberts and has been in a relationship with actor Evan Peters since 2012.

Emma spent a lot of time on the sets of movies when she was younger. She had an intense fascination with cinema and wanted to pursue it as a career.

At nine years old, Emma received her first acting job. She played the daughter of Johnny Depp's character in the biographical drama film Blow.

The movie about cocaine smuggler George Jung made a lasting impression on the young actress, inspiring her to attend various castings and auditions.

She was fortunate enough to land several acting roles in movies, but her true ambition was to become a movie star like her aunt Julia. She's featured in some acclaimed films such as Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs.

Her acting talent caught the attention of Nickelodeon executives and she was cast in the series Unfabulous, playing the lead role of Addie Singer. This show cemented her reputation as a household name, earning her many accolades and recognition from around the globe.

Emma has also been a part of the American Horror Story anthology series and featured in several episodes. Additionally, she's acted in the films Aquamarine and Scream 4.

The actress has been a model for numerous cosmetic companies, such as Neutrogena. Additionally, she possesses an impressive singing voice and the ability to play the piano with ease.

Emma has achieved great fame and success, yet she remains humble. She has a beautiful soul who wants to share her happiness with others.

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts

Emma Roberts is the offspring of actor Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham, born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York on February 10. Her parents divorced when she was an infant, so she spent most of her formative years living with her mother while attending Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up, Emma spent a lot of time on the sets of her aunt Julia Roberts' films. This exposure inspired her to pursue acting professionally; she later enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College but left early to focus on honing her craft as an actress.

Her first acting role was in the 2001 crime film Blow. Subsequently, she starred as Addie Singer on Nickelodeon's series Unfabulous (2004) and released a debut album that served as its soundtrack.

After working on Unfabulous, Roberts went on to star in several other projects. She played Nancy Drew (2007), Wild Child (2008) and Hotel for Dogs (2009) as well as appearing in Scream 4 (2011).

Emma continued to appear in various films, often playing lead roles, until she achieved international recognition for her role on Scream Queens (2015-2016). Aside from acting, Emma is also a singer and model.

She attended Archer School for Girls during her childhood and was accepted to Sarah Lawrence College in 2011. However, she put off studying to focus on developing her acting career.

Emma has been an enormous supporter of her cousin Julia Roberts ever since she was a child, especially when the actress's mother attempted to take custody. As such, the two have grown up to be very close since then.

Both parties have experienced difficult relationships in the past, but have since reconciled and rebuilt their connection. Despite all obstacles, both are contented with their current situation.

Therefore, it appears they will be able to further develop their relationship in the future. However, there are a few issues that need to be worked out before that can take place.

The legal issue must be taken care of first, as this must be settled before they can share a living space together. Furthermore, both parties need to agree on how much money they will contribute in order to make ends meet financially.

Emma Roberts is the sister of Lisa Roberts

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham, born in Rhinebeck, New York. She has three siblings: Lisa Roberts Gillan, Julia Roberts, and a half-sister named Nancy Motes.

She is a talented actress who has starred in several films, such as Blow and Wild Child. Nominated for multiple awards, she's become one of Hollywood's most beloved actors.

Her career took off after she earned an Oscar for her role in Pretty Woman (1990). This film became the highest grossing movie of her career and earned her an Oscar nomination. Subsequently, she appeared in Erin Brockovich.

As a child, she spent time on the sets of her aunts' films which inspired her to pursue a career in film. She had an intense bond with her aunts and wanted to be just like them when she grew up.

At nine years old, she made her acting debut in Ted Demme's movie Blow. As the first actress to ever audition for the project, Kristina Jung - daughter of Johnny Depp's character - was cast as Kristina Jung.

After her role in Blow, she continued to audition for other roles. In 2001, she starred in both BigLove and Grand Champion; two films released the same year. Furthermore, she appeared as a teenager in the teen comedy Spymate the following year in 2003.

She continued her career in the film industry, starring in films such as Lymelife (2008) and The Flight Before Christmas(2009). Additionally, she was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2006.

Emma Roberts is an enchanting young actress whose performances have already earned her awards. She's one of Hollywood's most beloved stars and her parents are immensely proud of all that she has accomplished.

She is the youngest of three siblings, with brothers Eric Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan both working as actors. Additionally, her half-sister Nancy Motes passed away in 2014. Her father was an actor and mother works as an acting coach; all are of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh descent.

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Kelly Cunningham

Contrary to popular belief, Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts are not related. However, their parents are.

On February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York, USA, actress and singer Grace was born to Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts. Her parents separated after she was born and remained apart for several years. Subsequently, her mother married musician Kelly Nickels; together they have a daughter named Grace.

Emma was raised by her mother in a small home environment. She attended Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, California and later continued her education at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

At thirteen, she began her career as a child actress by appearing on Nickelodeon series Unfabulous. This show quickly became one of their most-watched programs and earned her both a Teen Choice Award nomination and two Young Artist Awards.

In 2001, she made her film debut in the crime drama Blow, portraying Kristina Jung - daughter of Johnny Depp's character George Jung. Subsequently, she appeared in Nancy Drew (2007) and Hotel for Dogs (2009).

After these movies, she was cast in several TV shows. She made an appearance on the popular teen show Scream Queens and co-founded Belletrist - a book club and literary community.

She was previously cast in the Netflix anthology series Legal ThreaT (2020), and most recently featured in Paradise Hills, a 2019 fantasy drama film.

Her net worth is estimated to be $25 million. Additionally, she has earned numerous awards and nominations for her roles in movies.

She rose to fame during her childhood years playing Addie Singer on the television show Unfabulous, earning both a Teen Choice Award nomination and two YoungArts Award nominations for the series which was later recommissioned for two more seasons.

She then appeared in the movie Aquamarine, co-starring Sara Paxton. Additionally, she contributed a cover of Weezer's 2001 single "Island in the Sun" to its soundtrack.

Emma Roberts began dating Evan Peters in 2014. After divorcing him, she went on to date Christopher Hines before divorcing again in 2016. In 2019, Emma entered into a relationship with Garrett Hedlund and they welcomed their first child - a son named Rhodes - into the world in December 2020.

Is emma roberts related to julia roberts

Is Emma Roberts Related to Julia Roberts?

Emma Roberts is a rising star in Hollywood and she's had plenty of people wondering if she's related to Julia Roberts. Thankfully, no - they are unrelated!

Emma Roberts made her acting debut as a child actress at nine, appearing alongside Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in crime thriller Blow.

Emma Roberts was a frequent visitor to Julia Roberts’ movie locations

Julia Roberts fans will recognize her from films like Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias and Mystic Pizza. As a Hollywood icon who gained notoriety during the 1990s and 2000s for her roles in such hit films as Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias and Mystic Pizza, Julia became an icon to many across America.

Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts, was a regular visitor to her aunt's movie locations during her youth. At nine years old she made her acting debut in Ted Demme's Blow film and has remained part of their family's film business ever since.

She starred in several films, such as Grand Champion and Spymate. Additionally, she guest starred on the hit television show Unfabulous.

In 2007, she starred in the movie adaptation of Nancy Drew, featuring her as the famous girl sleuth. Filming took place primarily around Los Angeles with many scenes taking place at various locations around town.

Other films she starred in included Hotel for Dogs, Aquamarine and Valentine's Day. Additionally, she appeared on television shows such as Ashby and Adult World.

When she's not acting in movies, you can find her spending time with her niece Emma Roberts or new baby son. Recently, she shared an endearing photo of herself wearing a white bathrobe and oversized sunglasses on Instagram.

She is also an avid reader, her favorite book being the Harry Potter series.

She enjoys reading the Bible and takes pleasure in traveling and discovering books about history.

She enjoys visiting snowy places during the wintertime, and has been visiting Canada since 2010. She says that she feels a special connection to Canada's landscape, which is why she chooses to spend her free time exploring it.

She has also been a staple at the Toronto International Film Festival, appearing as guest speaker multiple times.

The 57-year-old star is currently dating actor Garrett Hedlund and they expect their first child in August 2020. They plan to name their son Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

Emma Roberts is the niece of Julia Roberts

Emma Rose Roberts was born on February 10th, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York to actor Eric Roberts and model Kelly Cunningham.

She has become a well-known actress who has appeared on TV shows like American Horror Story, Delirium and Scream Queens for years.

She developed an interest in acting from a young age due to spending a lot of time on film sets with her aunt Julia Roberts. This exposure to the industry helped shape who she became as an actress today.

Her first acting role was in the movie Blow, based on the story of a cocaine smuggler. She co-starred with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in this movie.

She achieved fame when cast as Addie Singer on Nickelodeon series Unfabulous. This show became a huge hit and earned her several Teen Choice Awards and Young Artist Awards.

Since then, she has been involved in many projects. Her roles can be seen in films like Aquamarine, Nancy Drew and Wild Child.

She has been nominated for several Teen Choice Awards and received six Young Artist Awards. Additionally, her artwork has graced the covers of magazines such as ELLE Canada, Allure and Teen Vogue.

She has also featured in fashion campaigns for brands like Aerie and Neutrogena, earning her a reputation for her seductive yet feminine looks.

People will surely notice her trademark smile when she smiles for the camera. Often, this bright and bubbly personality shines through while on set and in front of the camera.

Her stunning looks and warm smile give her a look that she shares with her aunt Julia Roberts, an acclaimed actress whose career has seen tremendous success so far.

Despite her success, she remains unmarried. Recently she split with former lover Evan Peters and has a new boyfriend named Garrett Hedlund.

Emma Rose Roberts is an acclaimed actress with a remarkable net worth of $25 million. She belongs to Hollywood's elite and is considered one of the greatest stars worldwide. Her relationship with her aunt Julia Roberts shows they have shared a special bond since childhood; it's evident they have always had an intensely close bond.

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts

Emma Roberts was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York to parents Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. Immediately after her birth, Roberts' aunt Julia Roberts supported Cunningham during the custody battle that ensued.

As a child, Emma often spent time on the set of her aunt's movies. This eventually inspired her to pursue an acting career of her own.

The 31-year-old actress has starred in a variety of films and TV shows, such as Aquamarine (2006), Nancy Drew (2007), Wild Child (2008), Hotel for Dogs (2009), Valentine's Day (2010), It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010), The Winning Season (2017) and Scream 4 (2017). Additionally, she sings the voice of Amanda Barrington in Netflix series No Country Club for Old Men.

She has undertaken projects of all genres and been nominated for both a Young Artist Award and Teen Choice Award. For her efforts, she has earned herself numerous accolades.

Her first film appearance was in the crime drama Blow, released in 2001. She quickly rose to prominence for her role as Addie Singer on Nickelodeon television's teen sitcom Unfabulous (2004-2007).

After her acting debut, she continued to gain recognition in numerous other films and TV shows. She signed on for the title role of 2007's Nancy Drew and appeared in Rodeo Gal, followed by other projects such as The Blackcoat's Daughter (2017).

She recently became the spokesmodel for Dooney & Bourke and designed a handbag named after her. Additionally, she co-hosted the reality show Punk'd with pop singer Teddy Geiger.

In 2019, she became a mother to Rhodes Roberts Hedlund, her ex-lover. Despite their amicable split, they continue to co-parent their son together.

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Kelly Cunningham

Emma Roberts was born on February 10th 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York to Kelly Cunningham and actor Eric Roberts. She has a half-sister named Grace and works as both a singer and actress.

She made her debut in 2001 with Johnny Depp in the movie Blow. Additionally, she appeared as an actress on Disney's Unfabulous series.

Her aunt Julia Roberts played an influential role in her career and inspired her to pursue acting. Whenever Julia visited the set, she'd hide away "in her makeup trailer".

Although her parents divorced when she was an infant, Kelly still took her to visit her aunt regularly. At a young age she began taking acting lessons and soon after was cast in her first film.

Since then, she has starred in multiple films and TV shows such as, Grand Champion, and Spymate. Additionally, she is best known for her role on Netflix's American Horror Story series.

In addition to her acting, she is also a model and singer with an estimated net worth of $25 million.

She and Evan Peters had been dating for two years before ending their relationship in March 2014. Shortly after their breakup, she was arrested in Montreal after getting into an altercation with him; however, she was released shortly afterwards.

Despite these obstacles, she remained close to her mother and is dedicated to the upbringing of Rhodes Roberts Hedlund - whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Garrett Hedlund - through adoption.

Social media posts demonstrate her joyous motherhood and pride in her accomplishments. She has served as an inspiration to both friends and fans alike.

But that doesn't mean she hasn't had her share of disagreements with her mom. Just this week, she called out her mother for sharing a photo of her son's face without asking permission.

The 28-year-old star has also accused her mother of disclosing information about her pregnancy before she had officially confirmed it. It's not the first time this has happened, and the actress doesn't appear to be bothered by it.

Julia Roberts - How Tall is Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts is widely regarded as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women. She has earned endorsements from prestigious brands such as Lancome, Gianfranco Ferre and Nationwide Insurance.

She has been a prominent actress in movies for many years, winning multiple awards for her performances. Additionally, she is known to be an active philanthropist who supports numerous charities.


Julia Roberts is an American actress renowned for her roles in movies such as Mona Lisa Smile (2003), Erin Brockovich (2000) and Charlie Wilson's War (2007). Additionally, Julia Roberts has provided voiceovers to animated films like Ant Bully and Charlotte's Web.

Her height is 175 cm or 5ft 8 in. A native of Georgia, she attended Campbell High School and later Georgia State University before relocating to New York City to pursue an acting career.

Roberts is renowned for her stunning smile and captivating face. She has starred in numerous successful films and earned critical acclaim. For her role as Erin Brockovich, Roberts won both a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award.

When she isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Additionally, she loves traveling and taking luxurious vacations.

She has been married twice and is mother to twins Phineas Walter (in memory of her father) and Hazel Patrisha. Additionally, she has a longstanding affiliation with several charities, most notably UNICEF.

Roberts has been a dedicated disciple of Guru Neem Karoli Baba for more than two decades and practices Hinduism. Additionally, she has collaborated with celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler for over two decades.

She is an advocate for charitable causes, having donated $1 million to a telethon following 9/11 attacks. Additionally, she serves as global brand ambassador for cosmetics company Lancome Paris and has voiced characters in movies like Ant Bully and Charlotte's Web; for this work she was nominated for an Academy Award in Best Supporting Actress.


Julia Roberts is an acclaimed American actress renowned for her remarkable acting talents and awards. She has become a household name in Hollywood and one of the highest paid actresses worldwide. Additionally, Julia has starred in several movies such as 'Erin Brockovich' and 'Ocean Eleven'.

She was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia to Betty Lou Bredemas and her brothers Eric and Lisa. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was young; thus she spent most of her childhood alone.

Her childhood was filled with joy. She loved animals, and her mother taught her how to communicate with them. Growing up, she wished to become a veterinarian.

As an actress, her career took off in 1988 with the movie 'Satisfaction'. This success gave her confidence and spurred her on to pursue acting professionally.

After this, she starred in several films, including 'Pretty Woman'. This role made her famous and earned her her first Oscar nomination. Additionally, she was nominated for both a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for her role as Steel Magnolias.

She is a devotee of guru Neem Karoli Baba and practices Hinduism. She has endorsed numerous brands such as America Online, L'Oreal, Lancome, Nationwide Insurance, Gianfranco Ferre (who received $5 million), Caffe Lavazza, and Givenchy.

Julia Roberts is a loving mother and caring aunt. After her parents divorced, she helped her niece Emma Roberts out when she was homeless; even suggesting that it wouldn't be wise for her to marry Evan Peters at such an early age.

Body Measurements

Julia Roberts has always had a beautiful and toned figure. Ever since her debut in Mystic Pizza, Julia Roberts' flawless figure has been her trademark look - even as she neared 50 years old.

Her stunning figure is the product of over two decades of dedicated fitness to personal trainer Kathy Kaehler. The intense workout regimen she follows includes Pilates, yoga, strength training and aerobics; plus she does intense bodywork (lunges, planks, push-ups and floor exercises) with a partner some days each week.

She strives to eat healthily and steer clear of processed junk food that could lead to weight gain. Furthermore, she attempts to incorporate small meals throughout the day in order to keep her metabolism running strong.

Roberts has earned her place of honor among high-end brands such as Lancome, Gianfranco Ferre and Nationwide Insurance by endorsing them for her role in Erin Brockovich in 2000. Additionally, she received several awards and nominations for her roles in romantic comedies Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias.

At one time, Roberts was a devout Catholic; however, she later converted to Hinduism and now teaches yoga and meditation from her home in Smyrna, Georgia.

The actress is married to Daniel Moder and has three children. It is estimated that her net worth exceeds 140 million dollars.

She was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia to parents of mixed race. Her father was a Baptist and her mother Roman Catholic; as such, she attended Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School, Griffin Middle School and Campbell High School while growing up there.

Bra Size

Julia Roberts is an American actress and producer best known for her roles in films such as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Steel Magnolias and Ocean's Eleven. She has won three Golden Globe Awards and is one of the highest-paid celebrities worldwide.

She stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 58 kgs (127 pounds). To maintain her slim figure, she follows a nutritious diet plan and practices yoga regularly.

She wears a 32B bra size and her bust measures 34 inches, as well as 35-inch hips. She typically wears size 4 dresses.

In addition to acting, she owns Red Om Films production company with her sister Lisa Roberts and Marisa Yeres Gill.

She was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia and is a Roman Catholic and passionate devotee of Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-Ji), an Indian guru. She has three children.

She loves acting, but her true passion lies in knitting. She often creates her own shawls, scarves and other apparel from scratch.

She has strong connections to a number of charity organizations and often donates her resources to them. UNICEF in particular is one of her many favorite causes - an incredible supporter!

As a child, her aspiration was to become a veterinarian. But as an adult, she decided to pursue a career in filmmaking instead.

Her first role was in 1987 in "Blood Red", where she played a farmer's daughter. She was offered the role by her older brother Eric Roberts.

She married Lyle Lovett in 1993 but divorced after two years. After that she began dating Jason Patric in 1995. Later she dated Matthew Perry, Benjamin Bratt and finally Daniel Moder in 2002; together they have three children.


Julia Roberts is a renowned actress who has starred in several movies. She has earned numerous awards for her performances.

Julia Roberts also has an innate philanthropist spirit, often contributing both her wealth and time towards supporting charitable organizations such as UNICEF.

Her acting career has seen her earn several lucrative roles across various genres. She has been nominated for numerous awards such as Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Critics Choice Award; additionally, she won three Golden Globe Awards.

Julia Roberts is a renowned actress renowned for her captivating performances in films. In 2000, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress and her net worth is estimated to be approximately $250 Million.

She has earned the endorsement of many renowned brands, such as Lancome, Gianfranco Ferre and Nationwide Insurance. For her role in 'Erin Brockovich' alone she was paid $20 million dollars - making her the highest-paid actress in Hollywood at that time.

When it comes to shoes, she typically opts for high heels. These have been seen at various events in the past and she's even been known to bare her feet while walking the red carpet - an uncommon move!

At the Cannes Film Festival of 2016, she donned an Armani Prive gown that skimmed the floor and revealed her bare feet. Additionally, at 'Armageddon Time's' 2022 premiere on the red carpet she donned black stiletto heels for added impact.

Julia Roberts has always been a loving and caring mother to her three children, as well as an adoring aunt to her niece Emma Roberts after their divorce. After helping Emma navigate a homeless situation following their split, Julia Roberts became even more supportive of Emma in this regard.

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