Anna Frozen

Anna Frozen

Anna Frozen

ABC has announced the latest blockbuster Disney Channel television show which will be based around the character voiced by Kristen Bell. Anna, the main character in the film, will be the first Disney character to ever have diversity in her story. Fans of the series are definitely excited for what this means for Disney.


Not only that, she was of no relation to Elsa in these stages of the film's production. The filmmakers struggled to find the movie's heart through this version, finding it difficult to have a believable and engaging relationship between the two female leads when they truly have nothing to do with one another. However, one of the filmmakers suggested the two be made siblings, and things quickly changed from there. Anna was made a princess, as well as Elsa, who, in turn, went from a villain to a misunderstood heroine.

In addition to her physical strength, Anna is also shown to be very fast and agile. During "The Next Right Thing", Anna was able to leap from separate ledges several feet apart. She was also able to outmaneuver the Earth Giants, although she was nearly crushed before being rescued by Kristoff. While in the first movie Anna had difficulty climbing she was shown to be able to climb well in the sequel. (Source: disney.fandom.com)

Shortly afterwards the group runs into the Arendelle Royal Guards and the Northuldra tribe led by Yelana who are still at war with each other and blame the other for the fight leading to their imprisonments. After Anna unintentionally points an ice sword made from one of the statues at a familiar looking soldier, Elsa uses her powers to keep the two groups from attacking them. After recovering from their shock, Olaf recaps the first movie and recent events before Anna recognizes the Arendellians' leader as Lieutenant Mattias, King Agnarr's former bodyguard. (Source: disney.fandom.com Anna also makes a very brief appearance alongside Elsa, Olaf, and Sven in an advertisement promoting Sky Movies, where she is seen on the television after the commercial's host family come back into the real world. (Source:disney.fandom.com))

Forest of Shadows takes place three years after the first movie and three months before Frozen II. It highlights certain aspects about Anna and Elsa. Elsa prepares to leave Arendelle to go on a grand tour of other countries and decides to leave Anna to look after Arendelle, though she takes it as her sister not wanting her. When a plague hits Arendelle, Anna attempts to price her worth to Elsa by fixing it after discovering a secret room in the castle with books on magic, but accidentally releases a Nattmara (a Scandinavian spirit in the form of a white wolf that feeds on nightmares) on Arendelle. The Nattmara goes on a rampage through Arendelle, putting everyone in a sleep-like state and continuing to grow. After Anna realizes that the Nattmara is a manifestation of Elsa's fear of not being a good queen, she reassures her sister, helping Elsa overcome her fear and causing the Nattmara to shrink before disappearing completely. Following this, Elsa cancels the tour, deciding that she and Anna need to stay to rule Arendelle together. The book also foreshadows events from the sequel, such as a dream Anna has of the earth giants destroying the dam, and the epilogue contains Anna's thoughts during “Into the Unknown”. (Source: disney.fandom.com)

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