Among Us Character

Among Us Character

Among Us Character

They were the poorest of the poor, the scum of the scum, the underdogs of the underdogs, but their eyes always shined bright with hope. He had found them one day, sitting on the side of the road, trying to find ways to make money, but nobody wanted to hire them. Their hope was enough to keep them going. Watching over them always made him feel like anything was possible. What made them different when all seemed to be lost? Strange Relationships Character Who do they know in the underworld but won't tell him their.

Here's Every Among Us Character and What We Know About Each of Them

The Among Us characters are, well, among the most iconic in all of gaming. These crewmates of a spaceship gone off the deep end are as mysterious as they are oddly adorable, and their bottomless wardrobe of weird and wild cosmetics makes them all the more unforgettable. (Source: www.pockettactics.com)

Who Are the Among Us Characters?

The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a spaceship invaded by a strange and deadly imposter. They’re humanoid creatures with a portly appearance, and they wear full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. The backpack’s purpose is unclear, though our best guess is that it’s an oxygen tank of some kind. (Source: www.pockettactics.com)

What Are the Among Us Characters Called?

Your Among Us character’s name is decided by you, the player. Changing your name is a simple process and can be done prior to the start of a new round. Simply navigate your way to the ‘Online’ menu, click on ‘Enter Name’, then switch your existing title out for something fresh and exciting. Note that you cannot change your name while you’re partway through a round, as this would allow for all manner of confusing shenanigans. (Source: www.pockettactics.com)



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