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Billion-dollar company with a $27 billion valuation. The baby of Suez, American Water has come a long way in a surprisingly short period of time. What did it do to get here, and how did it leverage trends in content marketing to do so?


All California American Water customer service centers will begin reopening on October 4 and will be able to take payments. They had been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please call the Customer Center at 1-888-237-1333 should you have questions about your bill, water service or water conservation. Customers can also log into my water to manage their water account.

With over 20 years dedicated to understanding scaling phenomena through research and development, we have applied our unique understanding of water chemistry to help resolve complex operational issues, and improve membrane pretreatment processes. With the development of an extensive line of RO antiscalants, RO membrane cleaning chemicals and biocides to control and reverse all scales, AWC® has become renowned as one of the most trusted suppliers of membrane chemicals for Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration (NF/UF) and Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration (MF/UF) systems. (Source: www.membranechemicals.com)


Aqua is excited to share that a new, interactive Service Disruptions Map is now available that will provide our customers with more visibility into disruptions that may impact water and wastewater service. This GIS (Geographical Information System) Disruption Map displays activity in our service areas that can be viewed by entering a street address, city, zip code, or by using the location tools available via smart phone. To access this new Service Disruptions Map, please visit our Service Disruptions page found within the Customer Service Center of our website, as well as on the footer of each webpage.

Most of American Water's services are locally-managed utility subsidiaries that are regulated by the U.S. state in which each operates. American Water also owns subsidiaries that manage municipal drinking water and wastewater systems under contract and others that supply businesses and residential communities with water management products and services. In 2003, American Water established the American Water Military Services Group, which serves as a contracted water utility for several military bases in the United States. Its Military Services Group works with the United States Military to treat and supply water and to collect and treat wastewater for military installations all over the country. To date, the American Water Military Services Group provides services to 11 military bases. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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