amber marshaall

amber marshaall

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Amber was awarded with the 2013 Fan Choice Award at the Canadian Screen awards and has kept an intimate relationship with her fans through communication on her Social Media pages. A strong actress, she has had regular roles in television series such as Super Rupert, The Power Strikers and Dark Oracle, and has guest appeared on different series, including Twice in a Lifetime and Doc. Heartland, a television series filmed in Alberta has been her dream come true. The contemporary family drama follows Marshall's character, Amy as she works with troubled horses and their owners to find harmony. (Source:

When she was 14, Amber was cast in the title role in The Elizabeth Smart Story, a movie-of-the-week based on the true story of the 2002 abduction of a Utah teenager. Amber’s unique combination of strength and vulnerability shone through this role. People took notice and rewarded her performance with a nomination for the Los Angeles-based Young Artist Award for Best Actress in a Movie. At this point, Amber could clearly see the career path that lay before her and she pursued it with all her being. She made the most of her opportunities to show her range as an actor, appearing is such varied productions as Resident Evil, Doc, Power Strikers and Dark Oracle. It was at this time that the hand of fate brought together her two great passions, horses and acting in her role on Heartland. (Source: www.cbc.ca)



I am currently going into my ninth year playing a leading role on a CBC Canadian television show called Heartland. This is the story of a family ranch set in modern time and follows the Bartlett/Fleming family through the ups and downs of ranching life. My character, Amy Fleming, has inherited her mother’s gift of horse communication. After witnessing the sudden death of her mother in the 1st season, Amy has had a long journey of empowering strength and devotion to help troubled equines just like her mother once did. We film each year from May until December and in that time complete 18 hour-long episodes to complete a season. Having now completed 139 episodes plus a 2-hour movie, Heartland has become the longest running Canadian 1-hour drama.

I was 8 years old when I first joined the OKTC. One of my favourite memories was being able to expose my creative side as a child in an atmosphere where ridiculous creativity among kids my age was not only accepted but also encouraged. There were no wrong ideas, no judgment, just constructive and playful fun. Prior to my days as an Original Kid I would constantly put on solo plays for my poor parents who I would force to sit and watch as I’d ad lib my way through what I’m sure was a painfully long story about nothing. Joining the OKTC gave me a structured outlet to showcase my dramatic side. (Source: originalkids.ca)





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