Amanda Leatherman: Rumors of Split of the Poker Tv Host With Daniel Negreanu

Amanda Leatherman: Rumors of Split of the Poker Tv Host With Daniel Negreanu


Amanda Leatherman


Amanda Leatherman is a multiple award winning professional who has dedicated her whole professional career to teaching the importance of self-care. And the healing power of health and wellness by providing the following services: Yoga, Pilates, personal training, meditation, nutrition counseling, and Qigong.

Amanda Leatherman – Poker is a term that we are often acquainted with. The beautiful TV personality Amanda Leatherman holds equal parts in poker. Amanda Leatherman is the young ambassador of the game presently. The cheerful woman has now become the popular hostess and reporter for various media outlets. She started her career in poker as a reporter with Pokerwire in 2006. (Source: casinowithbonus.com)


Daniel looked up from his book in the cozy reading room, then got up and walked over to Amanda. "Hello, Amanda. I hope you don't mind, but I found this chair right here and I was wondering if I could borrow it for a moment".

Amanda Leatherman has also shared her views in an interview. Saying that she is actively enjoying the active poker life, poker strategy discussion, and encouraging the professionals who are entering the arena of poker. (Source: casinowithbonus.com)

Big Player


Amanda sighed as she closed her eyes. She replayed the previous day's events in her mind, constantly running the whole thing back down to the beginning.

The world of poker admires Daniel as the most popular star in the games of poker. Daniel Negreanu officially marked his announcement on Facebook’s Watch channel. He proudly showed how enthusiastic he is about his engagement with Amanda Leatherman. Later on, Negreanu shared the news even on Twitter regarding the host of Friday Night Poker. With that, viewers also got the opportunity to see the engagement ring. The proposal was a beautiful one, as reviewed by the fans of poker. (Source:casinowithbonus.com)


Amanda Leatherman's writing career starts with a stark contrast of interests. With little experience as a writer, she relies on her personal experience to craft short stories that portray real and raw emotions. This shaky start to her writing career led to a successful career spanning across three books and an online literary magazine.



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